10 Best Hulu Action Shows

Hulu Action Shows

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Our 10 Best Hulu Action Shows To Binge presents a review of the best action Hulu shows to watch and binge on the Hulu Streaming service. Most people think they need sleep after a long day at work or when they are off-duty. However, sometimes a little entertainment is what your body, soul and mind need. So, if you are into action shows and have a Hulu subscription, why don’t you start your weekend with some binge-watching? Watching and following some of the most impressive storylines of action shows will for a moment take you to another world where you least worry about work-related or school-related concerns. We have compiled this article as a guide to help you pick the best Hulu action shows and get the best out of your binge-watching. So keep reading.

#10 – 9-1-1

‘9-1-1’ is an American action and medical TV series that premiered on 3rd January 2018. If you love action shows, you will love this one. We consider this series among the best for binge-watching on Hulu because it is an action-packed show. The firefighters, paramedics and the police find themselves under high-pressure circumstances. Think of any emergency that might prompt you to call the 911 personnel. The emergency departments have to deal with all these emergencies, even those that never crossed your mind. Interestingly, or ironically, although the main characters save people’s lives, their personal lives appear to be messed up. The five-season show is fun to watch; the more reason we have it on our list.

The first season introduces us to the personal lives and careers of emergency responders. These people practically put their lives at stake to ensure others are safe from life-threatening situations. In the second season, the storyline remains captivating. Bobby and the 188 respond to a fire emergency at a prison. Then the unpredictable happens. They get trapped in a fatal riot within the prison perimeters. The third season begins with Buck and Christopher (Eddie’s son) having fun at the beach. Season four ends with Eddie surviving a gun wound on the chest and Athena apprehending the sniper. The show’s last season features the events following a series of ransomware attacking specific computer systems.

#9 – The Killing

More than ten years ago, creator Veena Sud came up with a banger action series, “The Killing.” This TV series was shot and set in Seattle, Washington, USA. Sud’s inspiration to create this thriller came from “Forbrydelsen,” a Danish TV series. If you are in the binge-watching mode, it means you have lots of free time. So, we thought it would only be fair to suggest a long action show. “The Killing” has four seasons and 44 episodes. That’s pretty good for full-time indulgence and one of the reasons we rate it among the best. Additionally, an action show wouldn’t be complete without gunfire scenes, investigations and crimes. So, since this television series features homicide detectives undertaking a series of murder investigations, it qualifies to be an action show worth your prestigious binge-time.

The show’s first season incorporates three primary plots, which take place within two weeks of murder investigations. In the second season, the storyline continues with the underway investigations of the alleged murder of Rosie Larsen, a local teenager. In season three, the two central homicide detectives are looking for a fugitive serial killer whose primary target is runaway teenagers. Sarah and Stephen seem to be dealing with their actions’ fallout in season four.

#8 – Jack Ryan

If you have read Tom Clancy’s fictional novel ‘Ryanverse,’ you probably know that “Jack Ryan” is one of the greatest political action thrillers in the United States of America. The show’s debut season premiered on 30th august 2018 on Amazon Prime Video. Today, you can stream the show live on different networks, including Hulu. Although it has two seasons and a cumulative 16 episodes, we still find the show a binge-watching type. The primary reason is its unique plot of a CIA agent who finds himself trapped in a dangerous phenomenon while on an assignment. The idea of the CIA combating terrorism is on another level. Furthermore, the show’s casts have won several awards, including the Visual Effects Society Awards and the Location Managers Guild Awards.

In the first season, Jack’s contribution and role in bringing down Mousa bin Suleiman earn him the head of T-FAD position. Previously, he was an analyst. Season two even gets better as Jack Ryan, a CIA officer, travels to South America to investigate the alleged shipment of suspicious illegal arms.

#7- Prison Break

Picture this scenario. Your brother gets framed for a crime that he didn’t commit. So, you deliberately commit a crime to be taken to prison, only to break out of the prison with him to save his life since he had already received a death sentence. Prison break is the number 7 best action show on our list because it has so far influenced millions of viewers globally to follow the storyline. As the name suggests, creator Paul Scheuring came up with this American serial drama and action TV series in the most unimaginable way. It features crime conspiracies that lead to two brothers (Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows) breaking out of prison. Together with several other prisoners, the two end up being fugitives for the rest of their lives. This unique plot is the primary reason it has earned global viewing. That’s not all. The five seasons and 90 episodes are what we term ideal for binge-watching.

The first season begins with Michael planning to rescue his brother after being framed for killing the vice president’s brother, Terrence Steadman. Season two starts with the events that follow the escape of the eight detainees from prison, including the two brothers. The third season surprised many viewers as the two brothers were on different sides, Michael in Sona Prison and Lincoln in Panama. The primary plot is about Don Self, a Homeland Security agent recruiting a team to obtain Scylla in season four. The series finale is rather sad, mainly due to Michael’s death and burial.

#6 – Vikings

It is easy and fun to watch a modern action show, but have you ever thought of trying a historical action TV series? We are sure if you haven’t watched Michael Hirst’s “Vikings,” you are going to love it, especially if you are into brave seafaring warriors and fantasies. It is one of the best shows that also feature fierce battles and action scenes. The historical setting depicts the Viking conquest life through Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Viking warrior. That’s not all. Being a six-season series with 89 episodes makes it a long series, what we consider perfect for binge-watching.

The first season introduces us to the Vikings’ lifestyle, especially legendary Ragnar Lothbrok and his dream of heading west. Ragnar rises from an Earl to a King in the second season and leads the Vikings to England. Season three features several storylines. It follows the growth of Ragnar Lothbrok’s family. Also, the Vikings found themselves more involved in the affairs of the English government. The fourth season started airing in February 2016. It primarily featured the end of Ragnar Lothbrok as he died at the hands of the English government. Ivar and Bjorn, Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons, disagree on who should be the rightful ruler of Kattegat. The season finale features the arrival of King Hakon and Jarl Hrolf to Kattegat. Bjorn is slowly dying from the severity of his wound.

#5 – Watchmen

Our ten best Hulu action shows for binge-watching in 2021 wouldn’t be complete without “Watchmen.” “Watchmen” is an American superhero action show that incorporates other genres, including drama and dystopia. It got its inspiration from a DC Comic series of 1986 bearing a similar identification. So, why is it one of the best action show to binge-watch despite it having one season? It tries to break new ground after embracing the nostalgia of the original revolutionary 1986 comic series, making it outstanding. Additionally, the miniseries has received widespread acclaim for its visuals, performances, score and writing. Also, the fact that it has received several awards and nominations makes it one of the best new action shows for binge-watching in 2021.

It started airing in October 2019 on the HBO network and is currently available for streaming in various networks, including Hulu. The season begins following the aftermath of the 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre, where a black child loses both parents. The second episode takes us back to World War I with OB as a soldier in the US Army.

#4 – Titans

“Titans” takes the honor of being the fourth best action series to binge on in 2021. There are multiple reasons you should include “Titans” in your binge-watching list this year. First, we found it exciting and fit for people who are not afraid of watching superheroes battling against evil. Secondly, it features members of the eponymous Titans whose acting skills are out of this world. Also, the point that’s it is in its third season with more than 35 episodes makes it fit for a long uninterrupted watching experience. Having won awards and received nominations is also a sign of how influential the show has been since its release.

The first season is the show’s introduction featuring a group of young heroes who realize they can fight evil. The exhibit depicts the evil as strange darkness that has possessed Rachel Roth, a young girl. In the second season, Dick initiates the reformation of the Titans after their encounter with Trigon. Season three ends with ‘Purple Rain’ and features the end of Scarecrow’s reign over the city of Gotham.

#3 – THIEF

“Thief” is a 2006 crime drama miniseries based in the United States of America. It features Andre Braugher playing Nick Atwater, a professional heist crew leader who has mastered everything to do with thievery. Despite this miniseries running for only one season, it has all the features of an actual action show. Watch as Nick Atwater tries to balance his personal life and heisting. Furthermore, it received several critical acclaims for its performance, thrilling acting, among other things. The miniseries feature a different song in each episode from Anthony Hamilton, a multiple Grammy Award nominee, making it more entertaining.

As mentioned above, the plot revolves around Nick Atwater, a professional thief. A crooked police officer and Chinese gangsters begin targeting Nick after an assignment goes bad. That’s not all. There seem to be too many complications in Nick’s personal life following the recent death of his wife. His wife’s death leaves him with a stepdaughter. But he knows little about her stepdaughter.

#2- Justified

“Justified” comes second in our ten best Hulu action shows to binge on in 2021. It is an American crime drama TV series that first aired on the FX network in march 2010. Currently, it is available on various other platforms, Hulu being one of them. Of course, it is one of the best-returning shows because it is a long television series with up to six seasons and 78 episodes. That means you will get endless action, crime and drama scenes incorporated in a well-figured storyline. Additionally, this long series has received critical acclaim throughout its run due to its outstanding directing, writing, performances, acting, and many more. Since its release, t has received several Award nominations and won multiple of them.

The debut season begins focusing its story arc on the Crowder family’s series of crimes. The second season focuses more on the Bennett clan’s criminal doings. Robert Quarles of Detroit is the new primary villain in season three. The fourth season features a 30-years mystery. The fifth season is more of the alligator-farming Crowe family and their series of crimes. The season finale features several storylines, the main one being the end of the rivalry between Boyd and Ryan.

#1 – Hard Sun

Here comes the number one Hulu action show from the makers of cop series “Luther.” “Hard Sun” is a British crime drama TV series starring Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn as the primary protagonists. Incorporating different genres, including action, crime, drama, and science fiction, makes it more thrilling, captivating, and entertaining to watch. Although the series received cancellation after its first season, it incorporates the best storyline and action scenes that everyone would want in an action series. Make this miniseries the first in your binge-watching list and discover how the government plays a role in preventing anarchy due to suspicions of a possible forthcoming mysterious cosmic event.

The show’s storyline revolves around mismatched police officers Elaine Renko and Charlie Hicks. They come across proof of a possible end of the planet earth due to a forthcoming strange cosmic event. As soon as the government learns of the duo’s findings, it tries its best to ensure the information does not leak to the general public due to fear of anarchy. The events lead M15 operatives to pursue the two characters to silence them forever.


We know what it’s like to have lots of binge-watching time but with no idea of the best shows that can make your rest period memorable. That’s why we decided to chip in and compile a list that will keep you entertained throughout. With that said, we hope our ten best Hulu Action shows to binge on in 2021 has been of much help.


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