Succession Season One Review

Succession Season One Review

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Succession, which aired on HBO on June 3, 2018, was created by Jesse Armstrong and executive produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The show follows Logan Roy, the family patriarch, and his four children Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan, who aren’t content with being affluent. They want a piece of the power that Logan refuses to give up, and their failure to take it away from him is both amusing and devastating at times.

Other cast members in the series include Siobhan’s spouse and Waystar executive Tom Wambsgans, Logan’s grandnephew Greg Hirsch, and Logan’s wife, Marcia Roy. Arian Moayed, Dagmara Domiczyk, J. Smith-Cameron, David Rasche, Justine Lupe, and Fisher Stevens appear in recurring roles before becoming the main cast, as do Natalie Gold, Peter Friedman, and Rob Yang.

The drama delivers on its promise of soapy encounters amongst family members whose lives have been muddled by money. Kendall Roy, the second son of Logan Roy, keeps his brothers, his rivals, at ease and comfortable, while Siobhan Roy’s planned marriage to Matthew is overshadowed by the uncertainty of whether that’s a love match or a mutually satisfactory corporate union.

The 10 episode show is at its greatest and most purely pleasurable when it goes beyond the desire to be fun on its own. Each household member follows in their own demented manner, especially Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s fiancé, who adds an atmosphere of danger and the stink of impostor’s flop perspiration to each act. This show’s primary audience, those who revel in the wrongdoing of the mighty, is sure to discover and adore it, just as many others have. However, I wish this season would provide a little more nourishment at the table.

Awards & Nominations

Succession has gotten a lot of praise, especially for its writing, acting, soundtrack, and production aspects. Many awards and nominations have been awarded, including:

The British Academy Television Award for Best International Programme.

The Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama.

The Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Strong won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Cox won the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Television Series Drama.

Season’s Recap & Synopsis

The Roy family, proprietors of media empire Waystar RoyCo, is the next in line. Logan Roy, the family patriarch, has deteriorated in health. His four children, oldest son Connor, Roman, Kendall, and politically astute Siobhan, all with different degrees of relationship to the business, begin to plan for a future without their father, Logan Roy. Each of them starts contending for popularity within the business.

Logan Roy had a stroke and fell into a coma in the season premiere. Kendall becomes the helm of the company. Logan Roy wants to go back to work after waking up from his coma, but he acts strangely. Greg Hirsch, a nephew of Logan Roy, shows up for a family gathering and wants a position in the company. Siobhan “Shiv” Roy’s boyfriend, Tom, and Greg become buddies. Kendall seeks to get the company’s board to vote his dad out in a snap election but is unable to do so due to traffic. While Tom takes over the cruise liner and amusement park divisions, he learns of sexual abuse and conspiracy to murder that the corporation suppressed. He plans to have Greg dispose of the information, but Greg keeps some. Following the board meeting, the family gathers at Connor’s New Mexico property in an attempt to demonstrate family unity as a publicity hoax. Kendall arrives high and inebriated, abandoning his sobriety.

Logan attempts a second time to acquire control of the corporation. He tries to get an acquisition from Stewy Hosseini and rival Sandy Furness, but the press gets wind of it. Kendall is compelled to tell Shiv and Tom’s family at their wedding. Siobhan works as a liberal political adviser, not in the family company. She also works for a Bernie Sanders-type politician named Gil Eavis, and after debating whether or not to expose her family’s involvement in the cruise scheme, Shiv decides to assist in negotiating a peace accord between her dad and Gil Eavis. As a result, she is in a strong position to challenge both ends.

When Roman Roy attempts to take the right steps by supervising a rocket launch, it goes wrong. As a result, he finds himself in some little legal difficulties. Without wanting to be left out, Connor Roy chooses to run for President. Kendall tries to get drugs with a waiter during Siobhan and Tom’s wedding and ends up in an accident. Later, Roy offers to handle the matter if Kendall agrees to cancel the transaction. Kendall looks pretty good under his father’s control as the season comes to a close.

The Best Episodes to Watch

Succession has a lot of amazing episodes, but which ones stand out the most? The show masterfully mixes corporate and family drama worlds. Succession was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series, and it’s easy to see why. Almost every part of the series has received positive feedback from both fans and critics. Here are some of the show’s episodes to never miss.

I Went to Market: S01, E05

Kendall begins to prepare a vote of no confidence against his father after hearing Logan’s plan to expand to local TV. Greg transports his rambunctious grandfather from Canada to New York for a Thanksgiving reconciliation with Logan. Tom becomes increasingly anxious about the conditions of his prenuptial agreement with Siobhan and enlists Greg in a covert mission. At Thanksgiving dinner, the family is taken aback by Connor’s choice of date.

Which Side Are You On?: S01, E06

Roman tries to influence a neutral board member with Logan’s no-confidence vote coming while Kendall scrambles to shore up his “yea” votes. Logan Roy arrives in Washington for a meeting with the president, but he is concerned that he has been overlooked due to a last-minute cancellation. Tom treats Greg to fancy dining after successfully averting a potential scandal, while Siobhan investigates her choices in D.C.

Prague: S01, E08

In this episode, Kendall is considering a new business venture with a pair of optimistic businesspeople. Roman is attempting to strike a deal with his father’s long-time adversary in order to secure a deal for local TV stations. Logan assigns Greg to be Kendall’s babysitter at Tom’s party. Siobhan and Gil are ambushed while conducting a television interview on a Waystar network.

Nobody Is Ever Missing: S01, E10

As knowledge of the Waystar takeover attempt spreads, Logan and his staff are forced to defend themselves amid Tom and Shiv’s wedding festivities. As the situation escalates, Kendall seeks an escape route, while Tom uses his new wife’s candor to get rid of an undesirable guest.


As the future seasons of Succession unfold, I find myself eagerly anticipating spending extra time with almost the same characters once I wouldn’t say I liked being confined with. Several Roys have stayed notably unexplored, leaving up questions for future episodes to address. Roman’s gender fluidity and Logan’s third wife, Marcia, never-ending issues. It’s reassuring to see a show like Succession given the benefit of the doubt and chance to flourish.

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