10 Sexiest TV Shows On Hulu

10 Sexiest TV Shows On Hulu

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Are you looking for something a little more sexy to watch on Hulu? Don’t worry. We always got your back. Honestly, Hulu has no shortage of captivating and yummy TV shows, the way you always want. From the likes of ‘Power’ to ‘High Fidelity,’ Hulu has the sexiest returning and new shows that will keep you entertained throughout your off-days or holiday season. Remember, all of these Hulu TV shows are PG-rated. So, that means you should not watch them in the company of minors as they incorporate both explicit and implicit graphic content. As always, your wishes are our demands. So, after the cross-examination and analysis of all the TV series on Hulu, the following are the ten TV shows that we found to be the juiciest and sexiest.


Last is ‘Premature’ from writers Rashaad Ernesto Green and Zora Howard. The show’s original release was back in 2019. Through Ayanna, this coming-of-age sexy movie essentially highlights teenage anxiety, more of it being love issues. It features an adorable storyline of the newest couple in town going through a typical rollercoaster relationship. The show’s hottest parts are apparent. The type of sex that Ayanna had with Isaiah is out of this world. From head-rolling, bedsheets gripping to steamy showers. Imagine it all. You can stream it on Hulu.

The season begins with Ayanna, a young  poet, during her last days at home before heading to college. Ayanna meets Isaiah in Harlem on a summer night. Isaiah is a music producer with a charming personality, and he is new to the city. It doesn’t take long before Ayanna and Isaiah begin being intimate initially through a passionate summer romance. The series proceeds to highlight suspicion and jealousy as the effects of young love.



With only one season and ten episodes, ‘High Fidelity’ is an American romantic TV series that debuted in February 2020 on Hulu. The creators of this witty show based its storyline on the 1995 novel bearing the exact identification. The show is one of our sexiest TV shows on Hulu due to its emotionally charging effects that will give you a charming and joyous feeling. Jake Lacy and Zoe Kravitz are the main starring of the show. Also, the fact that this series features pop culture proves how perfect music and romance can merge to form exciting scenes.

The only season begins with Robyn Brooks, a record store owner. Breaking rules in her five failed relationships with memorable scares are evident in the first season. The second episode introduces us to Simon and Cherise taking Rob to watch a show in the club. It comes to light that Mac is dating another woman. The third episode features more drama as Rob tries spoiling Lily in Frose bar where they had a ‘good time.’ In episode four, Rob discovers that Liam is much younger than her and leaves immediately. Kevin Ballista dates Hannah and discovers the other side of her.


The moment a female teacher starts an illegal affair with one of her male students, it is apparent that she will be in control of the relationship. However, it is interesting how the power shifts with time, and the teacher may be no longer in control. ‘A Teacher’ is an American drama TV miniseries that premiered in November 2020 on FX on Hulu. Hannah Fidell created this show. She based its plot on her previous film with a similar name. So, it is one of the sexiest right now on Hulu due to the love that turns into a dangerous and potentially harmful obsession. The miniseries generally received positive reviews with a 72% approval rating from 29 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since it is a new series, it currently has ten episodes. The first episode features Claire Wilson starting her new job as an English teacher at Westerbrook high school. In the second episode, Eric joins his friend Logan at a party and hooks up with Alison, his ex. Generally, the rest of the episodes centers on Claire Wilson engaging in an illegal sexual relationship with Eric Walker, the 18-year-old student. The show features the complexities and consequences they experience in their relationship.


‘Normal People,’ a 2020 Irish drama TV series from Element Pictures for Hulu and BBC three, is seventh. The show is a BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s bestseller novel that left most viewers obsessed and weak. It is one of the sexiest TV show you can watch on Hulu due to its juicy storyline centering on an Irish couple. Marianne and Connell weave in and out of each other from when they were in high school through college. Additionally, it highlights various themes, including mental illness, abuse, and class, making it super sexy.

The series begins with a friendship between Connell and Marianne. The friendship develops into a romance. In the second episode, the relationship expands with sexual contact bringing them close. It is betrayal and regrets that displays in episode three.

The fourth episode tables are overturned with Marianne becoming popular while Connell friendless loner. Having moved on with Gareth, Marianne has hooked back to Connell. The love drama between the three proceeds to the final episode. Connell receives an offer to study in New York. The chance gives a chance for them to focus on the future together.


Soap operas have always been trendy and sexy since the 20th century. And Hulu has the sexiest soap operas that you could ever imagine. ‘Mistresses’ takes the fourth position. It is an American soap opera TV series with a touch of mystery. The creators of this show based its plot on the 2018 to 2010 United Kingdom series with a similar name. We have ranked it as one of the ten sexiest TV shows to watch on Hulu because of its thrilling plot. It features four female friends as they involve themselves in an array of complex and illicit relationships.

The season begins with Savi and her husband Harry unsuccessfully trying to get a kid. Afterward, Sari is pregnant and unable to tell the father. In the second season, Justine Hartley signed up for the responsibility of Scot. Season three lays the movie’s climax with the scandalous life of the four girlfriends. Each of them seems to be on the road to self-discovery through sexual acts. Season four features more feelings, romance, and drama with Wilson Cruz as the guest star. The season has all you would wish to see in a sexy film.

#5 – PLAN B

If you want to see a touch of romance in a comedy series, ‘Plan B’ should be your next watch. It is a new American comedy-romance TV series with some touch of drama. The show started airing on Hulu in May 2021, starring Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles. An approval rating of 96% from 47 reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is an indication that the show was people’s favorite. Sunny and Hunter are the main protagonists that make the show as sexy as possible. Sunny manifests a massive crush on Hunter. So, from throwing a party to losing her virginity, it is all sexy but in a humorous way.

The debut season features a sheltered Indian teenager who has to throw a party due to the pressure she gets from her outgoing friend. She gives in, hoping to seduce and impress Hunter, her all-time crush. Receiving disappointments from Emma, who leaves with Hunter, she has sex with Kyle, a devoted Christian. Sunny and Lupe decide to visit a cousin who is a drug dealer. They get fake IDs in exchange for oral sex. The show ends when Sunny and Lupe get back and face an altercation with their parents. Lupe is surprised by the father’s concern and affirmation of his unconditional love for her, giving bond for reconnection. On the other hand, Sunny admits the need for a morning-after pill that her mother quickly brings to her.


Coming at number four is this American romantic comedy-drama that Stephen Falk created in July 2014 and its renewal in September 2015. ‘You are the worst’ is one of the shows that laid a platform for modern romantic films. Due to the extraordinary sharpness and authenticity, the performance gives you all the reasons to watch it. The storyline is also on another level as it follows two main protagonists, Jimmy and Gretchen. Jimmy is a self-involved writer. On the other side, Gretchen works as a self-destructive PR executive. Alongside Edgar and Lindsay, the two try a relationship full of romance at first.

The series begins as Jimmy and Gretchen meet at a wedding ceremony between Becca and Vernons. In the second season, Killian’s parents part ways, and he hangs out in Jimmy’s house. The third season features the introduction of Allen Maldonado to Sam as a friend. Killian tells them how the father left home for no reason. In season four, Honeynutz meets his dismissal from the trio (him, Sam, and Shitstain) after the others discover that he is 45 years of age. In season five, Lindsay starts a sexual relationship with Jonell Kennedy offering a satirizing romantic comedy, thus ending the show.


Our list of the sexiest TV shows on Hulu could not be complete without ‘The Escort.’ It is an American romantic comedy-drama TV series that premiered in 2015. Starring in the show are Lyndsy Fonseca and Michael Doneger. Doneger plays as Mitch. After losing his job at a newspaper firm, Mitch, a sex-addicted journalist, searches for his next big story. So, he decided to dive into the world of escorts. Watch as Mitch and Natalie go for a wild ride of humiliating men for money. Least expectedly, the two end up falling in love. You cannot get enough of the steamy sex that the two regularly have. All the scenes the journalist makes women feel on top of this world are simply hot and our favorite.

The debut season begins featuring a sex-addicted journalist called Mitch, who gets fired from his job. He applies for a job with a magazine that demands him to write an exciting article than his competitors. The article describes how he met a Stanford-educated escort called Natalie. She was a math tutor. He met her accidentally. She had no interest in him, but after an incident with a client, Mitch agreed to provide security to her. Natalie later learns of his addiction, and they decide to be friends. She accompanies him to his home. When his father condemns him for underachieving, Natalie stands up for him. She explains how she experienced cyberbullying and could not get a regular job. That night they have sex. Mitch is jealous of her and even picks up a fight with one of her clients. She is furious and refuses to reconcile with him after confessing his feelings for her.

Mitch loses interest in his article. The editor is thrilled by his story and encourages him to continue with the article. He is hired. His father is happy about him again. Natalie gives up prostitution. They reunite and fall in love. What a romantic and sexy series!


The second in line is ‘Casual,’ an American TV comedy-drama show that debuted in October 2015. The epitome of the series, Valerie is a newly divorced mother, lives with her brother Alex and her daughter Laura. With only four seasons, the show’s storyline focuses on controversial relationships that Valerie, Alex, and Laura get into as they try to find their soul mates. The show’s humor and drama are a plus. So, if you are looking for something that will keep you laughing while also getting serious with sex and intimacy, this is the show for you.

The show’s introductory scene is about laying down the rules of casual sex. Season two features troubles that Alex caused until Laura joined high school. Valeria reunites with her old friends, makes discoveries, and leaves Alex’s house. In season three, Alex and Valeria adjust to a new life after the death of Charles. Harboring confrontation toward Dawn, Valeria tries to mend the relationship with Laura. Season four features a sudden death touching and changing the lives of Val, Alex, and Jeff. Alex’s first date with Rae takes a different course while rigid John tries Vals’ patience. Laura gets clarity in her love life. The season ends with Leia and Leon reconciling and Alex departing to Austin with Rae. It is a beautiful movie to watch with such an excellent flow of events. Stream it all now on Hulu.

#1 – POWER

At the top of the list is everyone’s favorite show. Power! Power is an American crime-drama TV series that is also sexy, explaining why millions of people are in love with it. As if that is not enough, the show features some of the most renowned celebrities, the likes of 50 Cent. 50 Cent plays Curtis Jackson throughout the entire six seasons. After the show’s release, it received multiple positive reviews for its atmosphere, acting, and pacing. You never know what will happen in the next episode with this show, from controversial relationships to drug trafficking. If you haven’t watched it, make it the first on your binge-watching list and get to know why it is an all-inclusive TV show.

Season one begins as an introduction to Ghost St. Patrick and his childhood friend Tommy, a true nightclub enthusiast. Ghost and Tommy live a luxurious life with pleasure, enjoying the women around them. In the second season, Tasha has an affair with Ghost’s driver Shwan, Kanan’s son. Season three puts all drama in black and white, with Kanan befriending Tariq. Ghost criminal activities come into the police’s limelight. Angela gets back to Greg. Watching season four is more exciting. Tariq hides while his twin sister Raina confronts Ray and is shot. The season links up to the many heart-broken drug addict shady characters to the end. It ends with more killings out of love and jealousy, making the movie one outstanding piece.


All the above series are steamy hot and may need you to watch them in the privacy of your room or late at night when the kids are asleep. Besides that, there are many other sexy TV series on Hulu that you can binge on. If you feel we have left out one of your favorites, you can add it and make this list even more extensive.


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