10 Best Reality Shows On Hulu

best reality shows on Hulu

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Do you feel the desire to satisfy your reality TV guilty pleasures as the end of this season approaches? Well, you are in the right place. Here, we will enlighten you with some of the best Hulu reality shows that you can binge-watch. Drama and action shows can be entertaining to watch. But did you know that the reality versions of drama and action can even be more entertaining to watch? Hulu has multiple binge-worthy reality series that can take away all your stress by keeping you engaged and entertained all the way. From the likes of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ to ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Face Off,’ we have a list of great reality shows lined up for you. So pick your favorite and start binge-watching right away.


Last but not least is ‘The D’Amelio Show’ for the fans of TikTok teens and the struggles of rising to fame while remaining normal. Have you previously watched Dixie D’Amelio and Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok videos on your mobile device and thought you would want to see their extended versions? The good news is that the Gen Z-beloved sisters recently launched their reality show. Interestingly, this reality TV show focuses on young people, who are today’s highest population on social media. At one point, you might feel empathetic for these young stars. Anyways, you cannot have your cake and eat it. So, watch how these girls maneuver around sudden rise to fame and how they handle the challenges that come with fame.

The eight-episode 2020 American reality show features several top social media personalities. They include Charli D’Amelio, Pascal D’Amelio, Pascal D’Amelio, Marc D’Amelio, Dixie D’Ameio and Heidi D’Amelio. The eight episodes mainly feature Charli, who has steadily grown from being an average teenager in 2019 to having over 125 million followers on TikTok. Since 2020, the series has received several awards, including Streamy Awards, multiple Guinness World Records, and kids’ choice awards.


‘The Real Housewives Franchise’ TV series occupies the ninth spot on our ten best Hulu reality TV shows to binge on in 2021. Like most reality shows, this one also features the lavish personal and professional lives of wealthy homemakers residing in different places in America. If you are bored and would love to familiarize yourself with the lifestyles of rich women, this reality show may as well boost your moods. So, check it out on Hulu. This TV show has garnered enormous viewership across the United States of America despite receiving high criticism for somehow endorsing consumerism. With that said, we consider it among the best reality shows for binge-watching in 2021.

In America, the show is composed of 11 series and 15 series internationally. Throughout this series, we see how the main cast goes on bountiful vacations and eats expensive meals. The main stars of the series are Andrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, and Kyle Richards. The original version started airing in 2006. Today, the reality show is still running alongside multiple spin-off series such as the ‘Vanderpump Rules.’


If you have a Hulu account subscription and love watching reality TV series, you have absolutely no reason to miss out on this one. From the United States of America, ‘Face Off’ is one of the most uniquely produced reality TV series. The show’s main aim was to recognize and celebrate makeup artists’ creative works through competition. If you have previously watched fantasy, science fiction, and horror films and wondered how they arrived at such attractive and scary prosthetics, 3D designs, and sculpting, start binge-watching this series to learn more about the makeup tricks. The contestants will mesmerize you with their mind games of innovative special effects. And for those reasons, we consider it among the best reality TV shows you can watch on Hulu.

The 2011 debut season received an average of 1.4 million views per episode. The winner was Conor McCullagh from Orlando, Florida. In the second season, Idaho’s Rayce Bird flew the flag high after becoming the winner. The competitions continue to season 13 as an all-star edition comprising of past favorites. Matt Valentine was the winner of this special edition of the series. So, with 13 seasons and over 160 episodes, you may have to stock your fridge with your favorite snacks so that nothing will interfere with your binge-watching.


The seventh-best Hulu reality show to binge on in 2021 is ‘Forged in Fire’ by directors Michael Pearlman and Alfonso Trinidad. Starring in the series is David Lain Baker, Wil Willis, and Doug Marcaida. The series is an American competition program that may appear to be a dull bladesmithing reality show to some people but the majority who have watched it attest to its intriguing competition series. Knives and swords are some of the authentic weaponry that requires high expertise in bladesmith. So, this reality television series consists of four-blade manufacturers participating in a live competition. The contestants must forge the best-bladed sword or knife and pass it through multiple knife challenges. After analysis from a master blade makers’ panel, the developed-in fire winner gets to take home $10,000. The eight-season show with over 196 episodes is worth binge-watching.

In the debut season that premiered in June 2015, Ben Abbott won the series championship. In the second season, Ben Abbott was the Forged in Fire champion for the second time. From West Mountain, Utah, Shayne Carter took the lead in the show’s third season. Dave Parthemore was the show’s fourth season winner. The competitions continued to the eighth season, where Andrew Hall survived the highly competitive play and won the show’s championship title and a cash prize of $10,000.


Are you an entrepreneur and have been waiting for a show that matches your thinking and ideas? We have good news for you. Hulu has one of the best reality TV shows for young geniuses sharing their exceptional business start-up ideas with a refreshing pitch. That’s all ‘Shark Tank’ is about. The panel consists of several celebrity investors who refer to themselves as ‘Sharks.’ They allow each contestant with a business idea a chance to present their entrepreneurial ideas. Based on how they like the concepts, they decide whether or not to invest in the participants’ projects and then negotiate on shares breakdown and distribution. Since we live in an era where entrepreneurs are steadily increasing, we thought this show might be the way to go during this indoor fall season.

We are sure that through the ideas’ cross-fertilization, the response of the ‘Sharks,’ and the unique pitch styles will steal your attention the entire time. The debut season premiered on ABC Network in august 2009, and on May 2021, the ABC Network renewed the show’s thirteenth series. So, 13 seasons with more than 274 episodes is a whole load of stock for binge-watching. Some of the show’s international versions include Shark Tank Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Viet Nam, India, and Nepal.

#5 – 90 DAY FIANCE

Do you think ninety days are adequate to choose your long-term fiancé in a foreign country? Well, if you feel it is not possible, start binge-watching this series and see the impossible happen. At number five is ’90 Day Fiance,’ an American reality series that debuted in January 2014 and has continuously received renewals up to the eighth season that premiered on December 2020. The series stars Mike Youngquist, Natalie Podiakova, and Nicole Nafziger. So, the show’s rules are pretty simple. One participant must travel to the United States of America on Fiance Visa. They must then live with their partner while overcoming the language and cultural barriers.

But here is the thing, though. The couple is also in a race against time. The Fiance Visa has a limited 90 valid days. Thus the new couple must complete all their engagement and wedding plans within the 90 days window period. We, therefore, believe this is an excellent start for those who love watching such shows.

In the first season, the show’s couples were Paola and Russ, Kirlyam and Alan, Aya and Louis, and Aziza and Mike. The second season began with Yamir and Chelsea, then proceeded to Mohamed and Danielle, Evelin and Justin, Daya and Brett, Cassia and Jason, and Danny and Amy. Season eight was a heated series as couples Amira and Andrew, Brandon and Julia, Yara and Jovi, Natalie and Mike, Zied and Rebecca, Ryan and Stephanie, and Hazel and Tarik took the pleasure of competing against each other.


At number four on our ten best Hulu reality shows to binge on in 2021 is ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ an American reality game-show cooking competition. Its first season started airing in May 2005 on Fox. Media personality and celebrity Gordon Ramsay hosts the cooking competitions. Gordon is also the creator of a previous British version with a similar name, part of the reasons we believe this show is among the best, especially for his fans and the lovers of cooking. Gordon makes the series more exciting and entertaining with his tricks of beating the hell out of participants. Two chef teams face each other struggling to become the head chef at a prominent city restaurant. The elimination process is progressive as each episode has to eliminate one contestant until one chef remains the winner.

With 20 seasons and 314 episodes, ‘HELL’S KITCHEN’ is a must-watch if you have lots of binge-watching time. The 2005 debut season’s winner was Michael Wray, and Heather West was the second season’s winner for his determination. Trenton Garvey is the latest September 2021 show winner for his passion, drive, and creativity.


Who wouldn’t love to have an up-close and inside view of the Kardashians family, a family that is famous for being famous? ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ an American reality TV show, takes the third spot on our ten best reality shows to binge on in Hulu in 2021. Often abbreviated as KUWTK, this series is all about the Kardashians’ personal and professional lives. After premiering in October 2007 on the E! cable network, this series had a 20-seasons non-stop run. It became among the longest-running reality TV series in the United States of America. The show’s latest season premiered early this year (March 2021).

From controversies to fame consequences, recurrent odds, and on-and-off Kardashian/Jenner siblings’ relationships, the Kardashian sisters have been in steady limelight of fame and fast life-changing experiences. Whether you love or hate this family, you cannot avoid watching the day-to-day drama of such a wealthy eccentric family. So, for those reasons, we consider this series among the best so far.


This list would not be complete without incorporating ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ the first series in the Drag Race Franchise. It is an American game-show reality TV series starring Michelle Visage, Santino Rice, and RuPaul. The show is like a package of competition shows amalgamated into a single play. In the performances, queens battle against each other by participating in a series of games. The ultimate prize for the winner is the crown of Drag Superstar. Some of the challenges include celebrity snatch games, lip sync battles, modeling, dancing, singing, and acting competitions. With these competition categories, the show has reached a wider global audience because they are what people love nowadays. Additionally, with 175 episodes in 13 seasons, this series is good enough for binge-watching.

In the first season, which debuted in February 2009 on Logo Television, nine participants got the privilege of competing. The winner won several things, including a cash prize of $20000, a lifetime supply of MAC cosmetics, and appeared in multiple campaigns and tours. In the second season, the contestants competed for NYX cosmetics’ lifetime supply, among other prizes. The thirteenth season began airing in January 2021, and the winner was Symone.


‘Making It’ is at the top of our list today for the lovers of creative competitions. If you are also a fan of Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, you will love this show. They are a comedic duo that makes the show more entertaining and engaging. That’s not all. The hand-made culture, the artistic outdoor setting, and positivity stand out throughout the entire series. After watching this American reality TV competition, it will inspire you with the contestants’ fantastic out-of-the-box innovative imaginations and ideas. In the show, Offerman and Poehler ask the best crafters from all corners of the United States of America to use specific given objects to create exceptional hand-made items. The competition gets more challenging in each episode as the judges eliminate one maker every week.

The three-season show has 22 episodes. The first 2018 season begins with an episode titled ‘Meet Your Makers.’ Here the makers have to create independent crafts that tell their ‘Secret Beast.’ In the second season, ten makers are competing against each other to develop three-dimension arts reflecting their true identity. Season three, which premiered in 2021, features eight episodes. The first episode is titled ‘One in a Million.’


Now that you have a general idea of what to stock in your Hulu reality shows basket, you can pick the best based on your preferences. However, we consider all of them good enough to keep you engaged throughout your long weekend or holiday. So, stock your fridge with some snacks and get comfortable on your couch, ready for lots of fun.


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