10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults

Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults

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Our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults lists will take a look at the best adult shows on the streaming service. Disney+ is the home for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic as well as other movies and shows. The streaming service features new releases as well as classic TV shows and movies. The streaming service launched in November 2019. It was originally a sports streaming service in 2015. Disney+ became a popular streaming service during the pandemic. The streaming service has over 100 million subscribers. The subscribers continue to grow every day.

When you think of Disney, you may think it is a channel for children. Don’t let the name of the streaming service fool you. There may be a lot of shows geared towards children, but there is programming for adults to enjoy. You can watch the programming for children if you want a reminder of your childhood or you can enjoy the TV shows that are for adults. Our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list will feature the best shows for adults to watch.

# 10 – The Mandalorian

The first show on our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list is The Mandalorian. This space western is based on The Star Wars series. Fans of Star Wars should be familiar with the show. This is one of the most popular shows on Disney+. It takes place five years after The Return to Jedi. This show is about a gunfighter named The Mandalorian who is hired to capture the child. After a while he finds himself wanting to protect him instead of turning him over to the people who hired him. The Mandalorian wants to reunite the child with his family.

They are pursued by Moff Gideon. Moff Gideon wants to stop the child from going back to his family. He wants to get the child from the Mandalorian. The show has a lot of action for fans of the Star Wars franchise. You will never be bored because there are so many action scenes throughout the episodes. The show is engaging so you will see a lot of emotional scenes between the characters.

The show has a lot of emotional scenes between the Mandalorian and the child. He grows attached to the child as he fights to protect him. The show has won awards for its writing and visual effects. The cast does an excellent job with the material. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you will enjoy the show.

# 9 – The World According to Jeff Goldblum

The next show on our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list is The World According to Jeff Goldblum. The docuseries is about Jeff Goldblum exploring things. He explores things that people are familiar with. He tries to find out the history about these things. It is a fascinating show about things people love. It will make you look at these things differently. He has a funny take on ordinary things. It could be something simple like shoes and ice cream. He will find a way to look at the history of the objects and explains it in a way that will make you understand it better. You can learn a lot about the show because it is educational.

You may never look at these objects in the same way again. Jeff Goldblum is the host of the enigmatic show. He has a great personality for the show. He is funny and entertaining. He will make you think while you are watching the series. Jeff Goldblum is charismatic and has a lot of energy. He interviews people while learning about different topics. It will keep your attention throughout the show. You can watch it with adults or you can watch it with kids. It is the perfect show for all ages.

# 8 – Loki

This action-adventure series is based off the Avengers: Endgame movie. Tony and Scott try to capture the tesseract. Their plan is ruined because Loki ends up with it instead. Loki is a man of mischief. He tries to step out of his brother’s shadow and have adventures of his own. He is taken into the mysterious time variance authority. It is a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time as well as space. The organization gives him a choice.

He can be erased from existence because he is a time variant or help fix the timeline. The group wants him to help stop a threat to their organization. Loki becomes stuck traveling through time. The insightful show will teach you about who we really are. It will show you whether people will learn from their mistakes or keep repeating them. It will give you something to think about.

The show has a lot of action to keep fans of the Marvel series interested. It also has some intrigue since Loki is an anti-hero so you can have fun watching him make mistakes. There are times when an anti-hero is more interesting than a hero. The show isn’t just filled with action. It has humor that will keep you laughing. There are plot twists that will keep you engaged with the show. There is also romance if you are a fan of romantic things.

# 7 – Among The Stars

The docuseries is about an astronaut named Captain Chris Cassidy. He puts on his spacesuit for one more mission. His goal is to repair expensive equipment. He doesn’t travel on his own. The series follows other astronauts as they accomplish their goals. Luca Pamitano and Drew Morgan accept missions to go to space. They are not only astronauts, but they are humans.

The show will focus on their human side. The series gives you an inside look at what happens on a spaceship. You get to be a fly on the wall as they discuss their missions. The show is educational and excellently produced. The show will give you an inside look at what astronauts go through while they are traveling through space. You will get to see how they struggle to complete their mission.

The show is a character-driven series. Chris Cassidy is the standout character in the series. He is an intense person who is the backbone of the mission. This is one of his last missions, but he sticks to it like it is his first mission. This is the kind of show that doesn’t have villains. It only features heroes who complete their tasks. If you are a fan of astronauts and love learning about the space program, this show is for you. You will learn a lot about what astronauts go through on a daily basis.

# 6 – Hawkeye

This action-adventure series takes place after Avengers: Endgame. This is another Marvel series on our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list. The series follows Kate as she becomes a skilled and trained fighter. She doesn’t want to feel helpless, so she trains to get stronger. She teams up with Clint and gets into trouble. He is her mentor who helps her along the way.

The show explores Kate and Clint’s pasts. He saves her and teaches her how to survive. She wants to be like him. The writers do an excellent job of showing Clint’s vulnerable side. He is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage because he lost his friend. He still grieves the loss of his friend until he meets Kate. She helps him grow as a person, so he feels like he is more than just a killer. The writers make it possible to enjoy the show even if you are not a Marvel fan.

The show has fight scenes that will impress Marvel fans, but the emotional scenes will draw in people who don’t follow the Marvel Universe. The show will make you laugh as well as leave you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between Clint and Kate will keep you engaged with the characters. It’s as if they have known each other for years. The rest of the characters on the show are cool and funny.

# 5 – Turner and Hooch

The next show on our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list is Turner and Hooch. The comedy is based on the movie of the same name. The show follows the same premise as the movie. An uptight U.S. Marshall is partnered with a dog he doesn’t want. The dog turns out to be the partner he needs in life.

Scott Turner is the son of Scott Turner from the movie. This buddy comedy is about a cop who works with a dog in order to solve crimes. In addition to the crimes they solve together, Scott finds out that his father’s death wasn’t an accident. His father was possibly murdered. The show has a lot of humor and action. The interaction between the characters is amazing. Watching Scott interact with the other characters is hilarious.

The writers deserve credit for showing Hooch get trained. The training sessions leave the door open for comedy pratfalls. This show is full of pratfalls. Watching Scott get closer to Hooch will tug at your heartstrings. You don’t see too many love/hate relationships between people and animals on television. There is also a budding romance between Scott and Erika. Erika is his sassy partner.

It is intriguing watching them act as if they don’t have feelings for each other. You don’t have to be a fan of the movie in order to enjoy the show. The show stands apart from the movie. The show catches you up from the movie, so you don’t have to watch it to enjoy the series.

# 4 – Big Shot

The comedy drama is about a disgruntled college basketball coach who gets fired from his job. He ends up having to take a job as a coach at a girl’s private high school. This is a different type of show for John Stamos who plays Marvyn Korn on the show. He is known for his role as Jessie on Full House. He is in familiar territory because he is helping girls and shaping their lives as he did on Full House, but this time he is a coach instead of a singer.

He learns things from them the same way they learn from him. It is a feel-good comedy that is very well written. Laughter ensues as he tries to relate to his female players. The characters are written in a realistic way. They make it easy to root for them. The writers took great effort to show Marvyn teach the girls how to play basketball. In other sports shows and movies, the coaches rarely take the time to coach the teams.

They mostly give inspirational speeches and that is it. In this show, Marvyn is shown teaching the girls about basketball. The show isn’t just about basketball. It also explores the girls’ personal lives. It gives you a chance to see something other than basketball if you’re not into the sport. There are numerous plotlines to keep viewers interested in the show. If you are a John Stamos fan, you won’t be disappointed by the show.

# 3 – Snowdrop

The romantic soap opera takes place in 1987. It is about a girl named Eun Young-ro who goes to college. She helps Soo Ho after he gets hurt. He is bleeding and she helps take care of him. She doesn’t know that he has a secret life. He is not who she thinks he is. She has to hide him from the government. As the story progresses, Eun Young-ro and Soo Ho fall for each other.

This is a romantic drama about teenagers who sacrifice for love. It turns out that Soo Ho is a North Korean spy. Eun Young-ro tries to convince him to be a pro-democracy activist. She and her friends hide him from the government. The government is looking to capture him. The show was controversial because critics thought this was a true story and thought that they were changing the history of what happened in South Korea.

The show is actually a fictional love story between two people from different worlds. If you can get past the controversy, it is a pretty good show. It is well written. The show features smart and rootable characters. The characters have chemistry with each other. This is Jisoo Kim’s (Eun Young-ro) first role. It’s hard to believe that it’s her first role because she is so sweet and charming. She will melt the hearts of the viewers watching her on screen. The chemistry between them is amazing.

The lead characters aren’t the only interesting people on the show. The supporting characters have exciting storyline arcs. The storylines will keep you on the edge of your seat.

# 2 –Weekend Family

The French comedy is about a blended family that gets together every weekend. When Fred (the father) gets involved with another woman named Emmanuelle, things change. Emmanuelle has to get along with his kids as well as the mothers of his kids. She is an intelligent woman who likes to read books. She has to learn to enjoy life without relying on books in order to have a relationship with the children as well as the mothers. This show is unique.

There aren’t too many shows where a woman has to get along with her new boyfriend’s kids as well as all of his baby mothers. It gives the viewers a reason to tune into to the show. The characters have amazing chemistry with each other. Fred and Emmanuelle have great chemistry with each other. He dates her for six months and wants her to live with him.

Not only do they have chemistry, but he also has chemistry with his children as well as his exes. Fred and Emmanuelle have an obstacle to overcome. His daughter Romy tries to come between them. She does things to keep them from getting closer together. She even goes so far as to pretend to be her father so she could break up with Emmanuelle. It sounds like something that would happen on a soap opera. The writing is excellent. The storylines will keep you invested in the show.

# 1 – WandaVision

The number one show on our Top 10 Best Disney+ TV Shows For Adults list is WandaVision. This drama is based on characters from the Marvel comics. The show sets up the plot for the movie Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The show is about Wanda and Vision living the perfect life in suburbia. Their lives are based on sitcom tropes through different decades.

Things change when they realize things aren’t exactly how they seem. The plot of the show leads to different twists and turns as they try to figure out why they keep moving from decade to decade. This is a cleverly written show. The viewers get a chance to watch some of their favorite sitcoms being relived. The show stays true to the tropes that happened during the 20th and 21st centuries.

There are Easter eggs hidden throughout the episodes for fans to enjoy. The characters are memorable and have excellent character development. The villain of the show is Tyler Hayward. He is someone you will love to hate. The rest of the characters try to imitate the characters from the shows they are spoofing. The villains on the show are just as interesting as the heroes. The storyline is impeccable and fits within the movies Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

The writers deserve credit for creating such an original show like this one. There is nothing else like this show. The writers managed to find a way to add different characters from the Marvel Universe to the show.

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