10 Sexiest TV Shows On HBO

10 Sexiest TV Shows On HBO

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Whether you have an HBO or HBO Max subscription, you can binge on the leading sexiest TV shows streaming on the platform right now. HBO has been serving us with all kinds of genre TV shows for a long time. But if you are in an enticing mood, alone or with your partner, why not binge on some of the most well produced sexy TV shows? And yes, HBO has some of the sexiest content you probably have never seen before, even on other streaming platforms like Netflix. There is much content to watch on HBO, from the likes of ‘Game of thrones’ to ‘The Fight Attendant .’ After extensive research, we compiled the following ten sexiest TV shows on HBO for you.


When a TV show starts to make headlines for how explicit it s, know that it deserves the ‘provocative’ title. And ‘Euphoria’ is such a show. The show stars Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, and other supporting casts, making ‘Euphoria’ a leading competitor for the sexiest TV shows ever on TV. We are sure none can forget Barbie Ferreira’s kinky plot for those who have already watched the show. And we also can’t wait for the release of the second season. Although some critics found excessive nudity and sexual content usage in the show, it received many positive reviews praising its story, cinematography, performances, score, and approach to the mature subject matter.

In its initial season, ‘ Euphoria’ starts with Rue Bennett’s storyline, growing up with several mental disorders. She ultimately finds herself in drug addiction in her teenage years. The second episode begins by featuring Nate discovering that his father has a collection of self-made videos of him being intimate with Trans women and young gay men. The tenth episode features many things, including Jules confiding that she still loves Tyler.


If you enjoy seeing people spank each other on your screen, then this TV series is for you. Mrs. Fletcher is an American comedy miniseries that involves great deals of spanking. One of our favorites in this show is Kathryn Hahn’s titular role. She perfectly portrays what a midlife sexual awakening should look like. The show features near-constant sexual content. That includes nudity, sex talk, sex acts, simulated sex, and actual audio and visual pornography representations.

This one-season and seven episodes show focuses on Mrs. Fletcher as the main protagonist. She is a divorcee undergoing a mid-life crisis that makes her decide to be longer her old self. It happens when she finally sends Brendan, her son, to college as a freshman. Throughout the series, Mrs. Fletcher experiences sexual fulfillment and reawakening as she bonds with a younger man and the man’s friends. On the other side, Brendan is undergoing his sexual troubles while navigating college life’s complexities.


‘Veneno’ should be at the top of your must-watch show list when it comes to the sexiest TV shows on HBO. This series was the 2020’s Latinx hit. We consider it among the sexiest TV series you can ever watch on HBO because of the perfect way it narrates the story of La Veneno, the sexy trans icon. After watching this series, you will better comprehend Christina Ortiz Rodriguez’s life as a transgender television personality and singer.

The one-season and eight-episode series focus on Valeria Vegas’s journalism student storyline. She never understood why many people used to refer her by a name that wasn’t hers, a similar occurrence that Christina also experienced. You may not realize how sexy this series is until you start binge-watching it.


Many lovers of teen dramas have all the reasons to be grateful for Cecily von Ziegesar’s creative writing of the ‘Gossip Girl’ novel series. This novel series gave birth to ‘Gossip Girl,’ the American teen drama TV show that debuted on 19th September 2007. Since then, this show has set the bar for boundary-pushing teen drama shows. This show’s iconic cast, including the likes of Blake Lively, has remained loyal with their fans for years now- without forgetting the breathtaking juicy sex scenes that they get themselves into in almost every episode.

The debut season begins featuring Serena Van der Woodsen’s sudden return after a mysterious disappearance. The second season primarily focuses on Chuck and Blair’s relationship as they initially deny what they were feeling for each other. In the third season, Dan starts dating Olivia Burke, the movie star, after joining New York University with Vanessa and Blair. The drama continues to the sixth season as Serena pursues a relationship with an older person who also happens to have a 17-year-old daughter. However, the daughter, Sage, do anything possible to split the two up.


Do you feel like you want to stare at sexy people for eight episodes nonstop? We understand what you want. That’s why we are recommending this Kaley Cuoco’s Golden Globe-nominated TV show. ‘The Flight Attendant’ is among the sexiest TV series on HBO primarily because of a thrilling plotline, the luxury hotels, and booze. Additionally, this show often emphasizes the ‘hot’ part of a hot mess. There is no doubt that the show’s romance plus its mystery-thriller side will keep you on your seat’s edge.

The first and the only season so far primarily features Cassie Bowden (Cuoco), a titular service worker. She gets herself thrust into a massive conspiracy after falling in love with Alex, a passenger on one of her flights. She then wakes up next to the passenger’s bloody corpse.


Even the name itself can tell it all. ‘Insecure’ is an American comedy-drama TV show from the fantastic creations of Larry Wilmore and Issa Rae. This show’s storyline primarily revolves around a contemporary African-American woman’s awkward experiences, making it raise the flag high for its high level of sexiness. What more can we say about this show? Issa Rae and her talented cast always have millions of viewers coming back for more servings. And many of this series’ followers are still waiting for Issa and her cast to lead that Coachella scene.

The series starts on a disappointing note for Issa Dee on her 29th birthday. She starts being skeptical about the intimate relationship with Lawrence, her unemployed boyfriend. Issa fantasizes about reconciling with Lawrence in the second season, but she goes on random dates through dating applications. The series ends in season five featuring Issa and Nathan’s breakup. Issa then gets back together with her ex-lover, Laurence.


On our list today, the fourth sexiest TV series is ‘Game of Thrones,’ an American fantasy drama TV series from the fantastic creations of D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for HBO. Besides being one of the best shows on HBO, it is also a TV series full of hot characters walking around the entire series with little clothing on them. Since the first season’s release in 2011, this TV series has been getting as much concentration for the amount of ‘disrobing’ in it as it does for being outstanding.

The 8 season show begins with the first steamy sex scene involving Khal Drogo and Daenerys in the second episode of season one. The second season features multiple steamy scenes, but Talisa and Robb’s Stark is the sexiest. Season three is no different as the beautiful Ygritte and the handsome John Snow share an intimate time. Throughout the series, John Snow seems to be the sex alpha. In season 7, he again gets intimate with a different woman, Daenerys.


When talking about sex on HBO, we cannot fail to mention ‘Girls.’ ‘Girls’ might be an American comedy-drama TV show, but many people also like it for how it depicts human sexuality in a humorous but mature way. When it comes to sex, ‘Girls’ has always been up there. The show revolves around more than 20 women living their lives the way they want. And that’s why you can’t stop watching Allison Williams, Adam Driver, and Lena Dunham doing what they do best. As some may put it, ‘Girls’ incorporates the sweetest sex scenes on the funniest TV program.

The debut season features Hannah’s parents stopping sending her money after losing her internship, trying to convert it into a profitable job. But Marnie is not satisfied with Hannah’s relationship with Charlie. In season two, none of the show’s female characters seem to break away from the idea of the men in their lives defining them. The season finale primarily focused on someone childish, forcing herself to grow up and start showing love to her child.


If you are in your corsets, loosen them, and if you are wearing your warm clothes, it’s time to take them off because ‘Gentleman Jack’ is the TV show that will sweat you out. It is a perfect lesbian drama TV show for this modern era. There is always a way that Sophie Rundle and Suranne Jones make all the clothing layers in the set extra hot for viewers. Since 2019, the show has won multiple awards, including TVTimes Awards and Royal Television Society Awards.

The one-season and eight episodes TV show starts in an 1832 setting featuring Anne Lister’s return to Halifax after Vere Hobart, her ex-lover, leaves her to marry a man. In the second episode, John Booth assists Eugenie in concealing her secret after learning of her pregnancy.


At the top of our list of sexiest TV shows on HBO is ‘Big Little Lies,’ an American drama TV show based on Liane Moriarty’s 2014 novel. The series premiered in February 2017 for its first season on HBO. From mayhem affairs to murder, this TV series is nothing short of juicy and steamy. You are sure you are in for some mouthwatering ride whenever you see Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, and Laura Dern.

The debut season of this show is a series of flashbacks, slowly moving toward that night, leaving the audience with pieces of puzzles. But it is eventually clear that the mysterious death belongs to Perry, also Celeste’s abusive husband. As promised, the face-off between Kidman’s Celeste and Streep’s Mary was explosive after Celeste threw her mother-in-law off guard.


We hope you understand that the above shows have some of the most implicit and explicit content. Such content may not be appropriate for kids. So the recommendation is to watch such programs during the night as they are busy catching up with their sleep. You can also watch them during the day but ensure no kids are around.

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