18 Best Comedy Shows On Hulu

Best Comedy Shows On Hulu

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This 18 Best Comedy Shows On Hulu article will have you strapping on you couch seatbelts and binging for hours and hours. What are you up to as the end of this fall season approaches? Maybe it might be the perfect moment for some indoor fun as you prepare for the onset of the winter season. But, staying indoors is never fun without a basket full of TV series, new and returning for binge-watching. So, this time you might want to take a break from the action scene and binge on some fun comedy series. If you have a Hulu subscription, there are many comedy TV series for binge-streaming that will tickle your funny rib and hook you to the screen the entire time. Not all of these are original Hulu shows but they are all streaming on the channel waiting for you to binge binge binge……


At the eighteenth spot is ‘Mr Inbetween,’ a 30 minutes comedy series that premiered in the United States of America in September 2018 on the FX network. Scott Ryan, the writer and starring of ‘The Magician,’ a cult film, is also occupied a lead role in the writing and creation of ‘Mr Inbetween.’ So, why do we consider this TV series a comedy binge-watching material in Hulu? Binge-watching is all about making yourself comfortable on your sofa and having endless episode after episode viewing. This TV series has three seasons with 26 episodes. That’s pretty good for a night. Besides, Ray’s humor is on another level as he balances his personal and social life. In 2018 and 2019, Ryan Scott won the AACTA Awards.

The first season begins as an introduction to Ray Shoesmith’s life as a hitman for hire. He struggles to balance between fulfilling his obligations to family and friends and his criminal business. The creators did a fantastic job perching two genres, drama and comedy, together in the second season. The third season has a sad ending as it focuses on Ray’s death, marking the end of the TV series.

# 17 – WILFRED

‘Wilfred.’ The 2011 Australian-American comedy TV show takes the eighth-best spot on our ten best Hulu comedy shows to binge on in 2021. You might ask why we considered it as one of the best. First, this TV series bases its storyline on the famous Australian SBS One TV series with similar identification. Secondly, who would ever think a dog would show someone the secrets of overcoming fear and anxiety? It is only in a movie. And this time, it is in a comedy TV series. Watch Ryan’s entire journey with the dog guiding him through a series of existential and comedic adventures. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, the show’s debut season received many positive critical reviews.

The first season begins with Ryan as an ex-attorney. He tries to overdose on pills in an attempt to take his life. Season two, which aired four months later, featured Ryan having a weird dream of him in a mental hospital and Wilfred sitting in a wheelchair. The 13-episodes season three featured Wilfred returning to a lazy groove. In the fourth season, the show depicts Wilfred as the subject of scientific research, whereby the results turn out to be disturbing.


At number sixteen on our ten best Hulu comedy shows is ‘Animaniacs,’ a 2020 American animated comedy TV show. The musical part of it is so amazing, and it complements well with the scenes. Being a new series that started airing in the wake of the pandemic and its rise to popularity can only be magical. The show’s debut season premiered in November 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. It still managed to become the second most famous comic children’s series. That’s not all. This animated comedy TV show is on its first season, expecting the second season to premiere in November 2021. For those reasons, we find it a quality binge-watching comedy show for both kids and adults.

The first season features Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen, and Jess Harnell. The plot focuses on the Warner siblings wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives.

# 15- LEGIT

There is absolutely no way we would have missed including ‘Legit’ on our 18 best hulu comedy shows for binge-watching in 2021. It is a funny American sitcom from the innovative creations of the famous Jim Jefferies and Peter O’Fallon. Although FXX canceled the series’ third season, the first and second seasons had received positive critical approvals. For that reason, we find it worth your time and subscription investment. Additionally, the series portrays Jim as an Australian foul-mouthed comic struggling to legitimize his career and life. Steve, his neurotic best friend, and roommate make the show more hilarious as he always tries to support Jim in his quest. Wait until you meet Billy, another funny lad who must use a wheelchair due to his muscular dystrophy condition.

The first season started airing in January 2013 on FX American cable TV starring the three main protagonists, Jim, Steve, and Billy. The thirteen episodes show started with a reunion between Jim and Billy. In the second season, Jim seems to be struggling with sexual addiction. So he decided to attend a self-help group following an embarrassing appearance on a radio show.

# 14 – STAGED

‘Staged’ comes fourteenth on our 18 best comedy shows to binge-watch on Hulu in 2021. It is a new British TV comedy series. Against all odds, Phin Glynn and Simon Evans managed to set this comedy series during the Covid-19 pandemic period, a period that had shut down the world. They set and filmed it in the United Kingdom using video-conferencing modern technology. On 10th June 2020, the debut season premiered on BBC One. Later in January 2021, the second season was released with eight episodes. ‘The Independent’ rated the show with a four-star. Additionally, the show’s average Tomatometer and audience scores are 89% and 93%, respectively, more reason we find it one of the best.

The first season begins with David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing their fictionalized accounts. They seem to be attempting to practice Luigi Pirandello’s six protagonists’ performance. The second season is already making waves in Hollywood as the two bickering actors create drama out of a predicament. The show’s third season was halted due to the pandemic.


If you are a parent, this TV series is a must-watch. The third best Hulu comedy show for binge-watching in 2021 is ‘Breeders,’ an innovative creation from a trio, Chris Addison, Martin Freeman, and Simon Blackwell. This American-British TV series is a parental comedy show that depicts parents’ struggles in raising their children. The creators partially based the plot on Freeman’s real parental journey. As a parent, have you ever been overprotective of your children but sometimes felt like you would kill them? What a paradox. That’s what this show is all about. The fact that most parents can relate to it makes us consider it among the best comedy shows to stream on Hulu in 2021.

Currently, this parental comedy series is on the second season with 20 episodes. Each episode has 30 minutes running time. The first season introduces us to Paul as a caring father but later discovers that he is not the man he always wanted to be. Ally is Paul’s partner, running a recording studio. She can also read their children a story while she is asleep. That’s funny. The second season ends with a dramatic episode as Luke punches Paul in the face following his online chat with his friend.


Do you love watching clown characters in comedy series? If yes, we have what will serve you right during this fall season. ‘Baskets’ is an American comedy-drama TV series that mainly features Chip Baskets as a go-getter as he pursues his lifetime dream of becoming a classically trained clown. The main stars of the series are Louie Anderson, Zach Galifianakis, and Martha Kelly. Watch as Baskets fails to become a professional clown in Paris and instead becomes a rodeo clown in his local area in California. This series has continually received multiple positive acclaims with a 70% approval rating from 36 reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website. In 2016, Louie Anderson won the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Additionally, four seasons with forty 25-minutes long episodes are ideal for a fun binge-watching experience.

The first season debuted in January 2016. It starts with an introduction to Chip Baskets’ life as he pursues his professional clown dream but fails. The second season ends with Christine pondering how to assist her family post-inheritance. Season three starts with a rodeo clown business beginning to backup. Chip Baskets may be a middle-aged man in the fourth season but is ultimately beginning to grow up.

# 11- CASUAL

Here comes the long-awaited comedy show that nearly everyone can relate to. ‘Casual’ is an American comedy-drama TV series from the innovative creations of Zander Lehmann. The series revolves around three main protagonists Alex Cole, Valerie, and Laura. We have all been in a dating pool trying to find our life partner at one point in our lives. However, sometimes things don’t turn out according to our plans. That’s all this show is about. Valerie is a newly divorced single lady trying to have a comeback into the love scene. On the other side, Alex is somehow a stereotypical bachelor, dating different women for fun. Lastly, Valerie’s daughter is a teenage girl trying to dip her toes into the dating world. It turns out that they are all having casual relationships, hence the show’s name. Better still, the four seasons with forty-four episodes is something worth watching.

Season one premiered in October 2015. It begins with both Valerie and Alex going on dates after achieving matches on a dating website. In season two, Alex has a worrying new obsession that makes Valerie decide to take action. The third season ends with Valerie trying to mend her relationship with her daughter. The 2018 fourth season begins with Laura’s return trip from a foreign country. Then, Valerie discovers that mending her relationship with Laura might be more challenging.

# 10- It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

From creator Rob McElhenney, “Its always Sunny in Philadelphia” takes position ten of our ten best comedy shows of 2021 on hulu. Unlike other sitcoms, this show has stayed relevant from the first episode (The Gang Gets Racist) to the last episode. Why is that? The reason is that from its debut season, the show has exhibited a continuous commitment to its primary characters. Throughout the fourteen seasons, the team has maintained consistency, clarity, and creativity in condemning the same behavior they are creating. The characters are never “right,” and they never “win.” You will always find them matching onto any social situation that comes along and then sneak out for an extra beer.

The first season introduces us to the main protagonists of the full Gang. The Gang unintentionally turns Paddy’s pub into a gay pub. These events happen following one member of the Sweet Dee’s acting class decision to invite his gay friends for a couple of drinks. The comedy continues in season two as the Gang enhances their efforts on the scheming front. In the third season of the show, the Gang’s selfishness gets out of control. Season four highlights Frank’s plight of securing the bar’s new billboard model through a contest. In season five, the show highlights how clueless and self-centered the Gang is by tackling the global recession. The comics continue until the fourteenth last season, when the Gang is torn between helping and not helping a suicidal man who threatens to jump off Paddy’s pub.

# 9- The Great

Creator Tony McNamara’s “The Great” comedy show takes the 9th position on our top comedy shows on Hulu in 2021. This genre-bending show with anti-historical attributes was first released on Hulu in May 2020. The series is one of the best shows on Hulu right now. Despite being a new show, it has won several awards, including the Satellite Awards, Casting Society of America Awards, and Winters Guild of America Awards. The show has also been nominated in multiple other categories since its debut season in 2020. Also, based on 83 critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the show currently holds an approval rating of 88%.

Since it is a new comic show, it only consists of one season with ten episodes. In this debut season, the show takes us back to the Russian 17th century, where Elle Fanning, playing Catherine the Great, marries a Russian Emperor, Peter III. During her stay in Russia, Catherine the Great plans a coup to take Russia from her husband.

#8- Rick and Morty

Our ten best Hulu comedy shows of 2021 would not be complete without this sci-fi sitcom. The show is one of the few sitcoms that is out of this world. When watching this Adult Swim comedy, you ought to ensure that you are at the edge of the seat because you can’t stop laughing at the adventures across the galaxy to Rick’s savage one-liners. If you liked Dan Harmon’s “Rick and Morty” you will also love this show. The show was a big deal when released in 2013 primarily because fans could associate it with “Community” because of what they have in common (Dan Harmon is the creator of both shows).

“Rick and Morty” has five seasons so far. This American animated TV series first season premiered in 2013 with eleven complete episodes. The season begins with Rick in a drunken state. In the company of his son Morty, they take a ride on Rick’s flying car. Rich has a plan to wipe out the earth’s living things using a neutrino bomb. In the second season, comprising ten complete episodes, Morty steals his father’s portal gun and escapes, leaving his father with Ice-T. In the third season of “Rick and Morty,” Rick takes Summer and Morty to a post-apocalyptic dimension. Here they re-evaluate their relationship with Jerry. However, to evade the family therapy, Rick turns himself into a pickle. The fourth season focuses on Rick’s disregard for other life forms as he aimlessly shoots other protagonists for personal gain. The show’s last season is about Rick concluding his killing life as he crash-lands onto a Beth Variant’s garage.

# 7- 30 Rock

Whether you have watched this show or not, the fact is that the chances are high that you have heard of it from friends or relatives. That’s one of the reasons why we could not leave out this fictional sketch comedy show. If you haven’t watched the show yet, it’s time to grab your favorite flavored popcorn and enjoy the hilarious chaos it incorporates. From its creator Tina Fey, the show has managed to outlive Studio 60 and further went ahead to become one of the most successful and iconic sitcoms that the 21st-century generation has ever had.

The show is currently on its 7th season. The first season focuses on Tracy Jordan with TGS. Also, Liz Lemon, the head writer, is torn between choosing her personal life or career. The second season premiered in 2007 and features a series of events as Liz, together with the rest of TGS’s crew, finds themselves in many problems after returning from summer hiatus. The drama and comedy in this American television comedy series continue to its season finale, where Lutz seeks vengeance after being mistreated for seven years. To date, the show is still one of the funniest on TV.

# 6 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

At the sixth position of our ten best Hulu comedy shows of 2021 is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” We would not have omitted it in this list because of the fame and love from fans all over the American continent and overseas. I mean, which show receives cancellation from its original network and then shows up in another network due to high demand from fans? It’s definitely “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Despite FOX (the show’s original network) canceling the show, NBC picked it and continued to air it simply because fans could not get enough of the show. If you have not watched it, you should include it on your binge watch list, and you will get why it’s on our list.

The show consists of eight complete seasons. The debut season was first released in 2013, and it integrated 22 episodes. The season features different turns of events. Jake finds himself in a slump due to a backlog of unsolved cases. Also, Amy becomes takes charge of the Junior Police Program. In the second season, Jake is seen returning to the precinct with the sole mission of assisting in destroying the mafia. The third season is about the Nine-Nine getting a new captain who later dies of a heart attack after encountering Amy and Jake kissing. Season four features convicts’ mass escape from a prison van. The eighth and final season of the show centers on the squad, which joins hands to concentrate on an essential high-stake case.

# 5- Happiest Season

Have you ever watched a show that blends romance and comedy? If not, the “Happiest Season” should be your next pick. From director Clea DuVall and writers Mary Holland and DuVall, the show was a success in 2020 as it received positive reviews from critics. Millions of fans praised the show for incorporating a great cast. That’s not all. Today, the show is one of the biggest romantic comedy-drama in the United States of America since it has already won the GLAAD Media Award in an event early this year (2021). During the award, the show was in the “Outstanding Film-Wide Release” category.

The show’s first season introduces us to Kristen Stewart, one of the main protagonists, who conveys her robust comic turn to be in an intimate relationship in Clea DuVall’s winning charmer, Mackenzie. On the other hand, Mackenzie is portrayed as a young woman who makes her parents believe that she is her girlfriend’s straight roommate to please her conservative family. The humor in the longtime lesbian couple is just on another level.

#4- Better things

At the fourth position of our top Hulu Comedy shows of 2021 is Louis C.K and Pamela Adlon’s American comedy-drama TV series “Better Things.” The show became a TV and internet sensation in September 2016 when the first season premiered on FX. Since then, the show has received positive reviews, and its fifth and final season is set to premiere in 2022. This American series features Adlon, a divorced actress who brings up her three daughters independently. The show’s popularity and success led to the nomination of Adlon for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2017 and 2018 consecutively. That’s not all, as the show itself received a Peabody Award in 2017. If you haven’t watched this brutally funny and bittersweet series, we assure you that you will love it.

The show’s first season introduces us to Sam Fox, a working actress and a mother of three daughters. The second season is full of unfolding events centered on Sam’s life, from working to fighting with her two older daughters. In the third season, Sam becomes out of control which physically manifests from the first scene. The fourth and final season ends with Sam, Rich, and Phyllis spending time in Sam’s neighbor’s pool. On the other hand, Adlon’s three daughters spend the day together at the beach.

#3- Archer

If you are a sitcom lover and would wish to see Daniel Craig smile from time to time, “Archer” is the show to watch. You can stream this American adult animated sitcom on Hulu. It has won multiple awards like NewNowNext Awards, comedy Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. Since 2010, the show has also been nominated for numerous other awards. That’s not all. In its debut album, this sitcom received a 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating in 20 reviews. The second season received a 100% rating in 14 reviews.

“Archer” currently has 12 seasons. The debut season, which premiered in 2009, starts with Sterling Archer’s mother and boss questioning his expense account’s inconsistencies. The second season reveals Archer’s fake cancer medication, which leads to a fierce storm against the Irish mob. In the third season, Archer’s tribulations persist as pirates capture him, and he later emerges as Pirate King. The show’s fourth season is about Archer and his former best ally in a Vermont wilderness, attempting to come out victorious. The action-packed and office-space humor in this sitcom continues to the last season, premiered on August 2021, where Archer says goodbye to Jessica Walter.

#2- Atlanta

The second position of our ten best Hulu comedy shows of 2021 is Donald Glover’s 2016 “Atlanta.” This American comedy and drama TV series is a deeply funny show that highlights social commentary. Through the show, creator Donald Glover has managed to effortlessly feel and capture unique expertise with precision and wit through casting a black actor as Justin Bieber, production of freaking but great rap songs, and social media obsession. The show is among the best returning comic shows on Hulu right now due to its popularity. It has also won several awards, including American Film Institute Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Gotham Independent Film Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and many more.

In its debut season, the show focuses on Earn Marks and his rapper, cousin Alfred. Earn Marks attempts to convince his cousin to allow him to be his music manager. The “Crabs in a Barrel” season finale ended with Van and Earn surprised that Lottie, their young daughter, has a gift. These occurrences happen when Van and Earn attend a parent conference for their daughter. The teacher, who also sees the gift in Lottie, recommends that she joins an expensive private school to develop her talent fully.

# 1- Bob’s Burgers

At the 1st position is the “Bob’s Burgers” show from creator Loren Bouchard. The show is one sensational and hilarious piece full of funny characters and a storyline. Each episode is filled with oddball jokes, original soundtracks, and kids’ trivial nonsense plots throughout the twelve seasons. Perhaps that’s one of the multiple reasons this hilarious cartoon has been ruling the airwaves since its debut season in 2011 until today. Furthermore, the popular cartoon series doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

In its first 13 episodes season, the show starts on a funny note with Louise spreading rumors at her school that Bob’s hamburgers incorporate weird ingredients like human flesh. The rumor forces health inspector Hugo to visit and inspect the restaurant. The second season begins with the kids’ exploration of an abandoned taffy factory on its demolition day. On the other side, Linda and Bob are busy looking for the kids’ whereabouts before it’s too late. The third season gets hilarious as bob hires Mickey, the bank robber, as one of his restaurant’s employees. Season four has a series of events from Linda attending her school reunion and singing to the family attempting to produce a local Super Bowl advertisement. The fifth season of the comedy show is about Teddy and Bob becoming buddies, and Bob realizes that Teddy’s poor health results from eating the burgers. You won’t get bored watching this epic comic until the 12th season as Louise attends Pixie Princess Promenade as a way of paying a debt to Millie.


We hope that our list of 18 best Hulu comedy shows of 2021, both new and returning, will sort you out during this period when you are at home. Whether alone, with family or friends, these comedy shows will make you laugh out loud, live longer, and have unlimited fun.


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