10 Best Drama TV Shows On Hulu In 2022

Drama TV Shows On Hulu

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Our ten best Hulu drama shows incorporate some of the most binge-worthy TV shows that you can find out there. They are also certainly among the most celebrated series. So, if you have a Hulu subscription and have been looking for excellent drama shows for binge-watching, you are in the right place. The good news is that our Hulu list now incorporates the FX series, thanks to the addition of FX on Hulu. Considering that numerous Hulu shows have now attained the buzz-worthy title for their prestigious programs, you will stay glued on your couch the entire time. From the likes of “Snowfall” to “This Way Up,” we have come up with an all-hit-wonder list that will make your home stay more entertaining. So keep reading to the end.

#10 – Snowfall

Do you love watching crime drama TV series? John Singleton’s “Snowfall” is our 10th best drama series that you can stream live on Hulu in 2022. The American crime drama series first ruled the airwaves in July 2017 through the FX network. The scenes are set in the Los Angeles 1983 era, focusing on how the first crack epidemic affected the city. We find this show interesting because the protagonists strive against all odds to achieve their long-term power, money, and influence goals. Additionally, the 41-58 minutes long episodes throughout the 40 episodes are what we consider ideal for binge-watching. So, if you love crime and drama shows, you can get the best of both worlds with this one.

This TV series is currently in its fourth season. The first season of “Snowfall” concentrates on real estate, police brutality, America’s politics, media influence, secret wars, and more. Franklin’s uncle helps him spearhead a drug empire in South Central Los Angeles in the second season. In season three, Franklin rejects a girl that approaches him at a primarily white university. The fourth season features Irene Abe’s news which spread like wildfire. We also get to see the fallout from Skully, which puts everyone on edge.

#9 – The First

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we thought it would be an excellent idea to reveal how a science fiction drama series can be captivating and entertaining. Beau Willimon created this TV series with a creativity that is out of this world. He managed to integrate two genres in one film in a way that it received a 68% approval rating based on 59 reviews in Rotten Tomatoes. For this reason, we believe it is one of the best drama series you can find on Hulu. A crew of astronauts is on a mission to colonize Mars. They encounter multiple life-threatening situations along the way. Some even have to go through personal sacrifices to make the dream a reality. The incorporation of Sean Penn, an Oscar-winning actor at the helm of the show’s mission, makes this television series a must-watch.

The show is currently in its first season, which started airing in September 2018. Although the season only has eight 45 to 48 minutes long episodes, the drama is out of this world and will wow you to the last episode. The season begins in New Orleans, and the year is 2033. The Providence 1 crew is on its debut mission to Mars.

#8- A Teacher

A Teacher takes the eighth position on our ten best Hulu drama shows to binge on in 2022.  The series features Claire, an English teacher, who gave her previous marriage the cold shoulder after meeting Eric. Erick is a student in her English class and also the school’s soccer team’s captain. This film is a new series, part of why we consider it one of the best in Hulu to binge on for people who prefer new shows to returning shows. Also, it received positive critical reception since many viewers considered it an improved version of a previous film with a similar identity.

FX produced this one-season new show and handed it over to FX on Hulu, the sister streaming network. So it began airing on Hulu in November 2020. Claire Wilson, a 32-year-old lady, starts the show as an AP English teacher at Westbrook High School. However, the season ends with a lack of closure and in a rushed manner. Still, we consider it among the best this year.

#7- Harlots

Harlots is a British-American drama TV series that is number seven on this 10 Best Hulu Drama Shows To Binge In 2022 list. Moira Buffini and Alison Newman, the creators of this television series, got the inspiration to come up with this show’s idea from “The Covenant Garden Ladies.” There is always something iconic about films set in the 18th century. The plot centers on Margaret Wells’ struggle to bring up her daughters through brothel business profits. Unfortunately, Lydia Quigley, a ruthless rival, attacks Margaret’s business, an incident that marks the start of a war between the two. Still, Margaret seems ready to throw caution to the wind to ensure her business is safe. Such an eye-catching plot and scenes position this series among the best binge-type this year.

In its debut season, which premiered in March 2017, Margaret, the main protagonist and a brothel owner, plans to own a house in Greek Street. The second season focuses on vengeance as the Wells family plans to revenge Margaret’s untimely death. But, madam Quigley disrupts and sabotages their efforts. In season three, Charlotte’s premature death leaves tragedy behind as other Harlots mourn their beloved member.

#6 – Marvel’s Runaways

The sixth best drama show on our list is “Marvel’s Runaways,” an American teen drama TV series. Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz created this series to stream on Hulu. The debut season premiered on Hulu in November 2017 and is currently in its third season with a cumulative 33 episodes. It incorporates a fascinating plot of teenagers uncovering their respective parents’ dirty secrets. Watch the teens burn bridges in their relationships with their parents and get the best binge-watching experience. The endless drama (what we wouldn’t expect in real life) also contributes to this show’s greatness. Besides, apart from it receiving accolades recognition through several awards nominations, it has won the ‘Golden Issue Awards’ and the ‘Saturn Awards.’

The first season begins with the six Los Angeles teenagers uncovering the terrible secrets their parents have been hiding for a long time. In the second season, the Runaways decide to live independently after leaving their homes with their ‘evil parents’ behind. As the teens worriedly look for their kidnapped friends in the third season, they engage in a head-to-head battle with a relentless enemy.

#5 – 11.22.63

Now, if you have been looking for an all-in-one show, “11.22.63” is fit for the purpose. It has eight complete episodes. Apart from being dramatic, “11.22.63” incorporates other genres such as mystery and science fiction. Also, if you love thrilling shows, the show has lots of breathtaking scenes that will keep you awake throughout the viewing time. These features make it one of the best shows to binge on in 2021.

Additionally, the film received positive critics in February 2016 when it premiered on the Hulu streaming service. That’s not all. It won the ‘Saturn Awards’ in the ‘Best Television Presentation’ category.

The debut episode starts as AI Templeton requests Jake to travel back to the historical moment when USA’s president John F. Kennedy was assassinated and prevent the assassination from taking place. The season ends with Jake and Sadie struggling against the past as they face head-on with Oswald.

#4 – This Way Up

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this British comedy-drama TV series. This returning show is this year’s binge-watching deal. If you want to kill both birds (comedy and drama) with one stone, this is the show for you. For that reason, we found it one of the best for those who don’t mind watching the two genres in one series. Sharon Horgan and Aisling Bea wrote “This Way Up” TV series and set it in London. These two are also the show’s executive producers and the starring too. The debut season received a 90% approval rating based on 20 critics on Rotten Tomatoes. That was one of the show’s most significant breakthroughs and an additional reason we believe it is binge-watching material. Besides, Aisling Bea won the ‘Break-through Talent Award’ at the 2020 BAFTA Television Craft Awards.

The show’s debut season started airing in 2019 and the second in 2021. Hulu is the official distributor of the series in the United States of America. The show’s plot is about a single young teacher attempting to recover from a nervous breakdown. The first season begins with Aine and Shona leaving an Archway rehabilitation center, disappointed due to its lack of facilities and most residents experiencing substance use disorders. In the second season, Richard and Aine get intimate on their first date as Shona puts excellent effort into settling in the new house.

#3- Damages

Now, if you love drama shows that relate more to court cases and filing of lawsuits, we recommend that you give “Damages” a try. It is an American legal thriller TV series and the third-best on our ten best Hulu drama shows. This series is among the best binge-watching shows due to its season-long cases incorporated in the 39 to 63 minutes long episodes. Additionally, it includes technical writing merit and practical application of non-linear narrative and plot twists, thanks to the trio creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman. That’s not all. Since its debut season, the film has received multiple award nominations and critical acclaim.

The first season begins with Ellen as a young woman running half-naked through the streets with blood all over her body. The police locate her and begin investigations. The series’ second season features the return of Rose Byrne, Glenn Close, and Tate Donovan as regulars. In season three, Patty is involved in a car crash. The fourth season begins with a big reveal of Ellen’s new job at a new law firm. The fifth season, the last season so far, manifests Ellen’s and Patty’s showdown.

#2- Terriers

“Terries is one of the best drama shows to have aired. Although FX canceled it in December 2010 after its debut season, we believe it stands out from several other drama shows on Hulu. One of the reasons is that apart from incorporating comedy and drama genres, the plot gets more serious with crime plots that may be thrilling and captivating. Besides, this film featured in the top ten best television shows based on the rankings of ‘Time’s James Poniewozik.’ Alan Sepinwall and Jace Lacob also featured the film in their top 10 best 2010 new shows.

The first and only season was released on 8th September 2010 and is still relevant to date. The season features Hank Dilworth, a former cop, and Britt Pollack, his best friend teaming up to launch their private investigation agency. The lack of licenses seems not to worry them as they strive to solve crimes.

#1- Looking For Alaska

At the top of our list is creator Josh Schwartz’s “Looking For Alaska” American teen drama miniseries. It sources its inspiration from John Green’s 2005 novel bearing a similar name. Paramount Pictures repeatedly delayed the adaptation of this show, which subsequently led to Hulu finalizing a deal with the show. Hulu ordered the eight-episode show and later began airing it on 18th October 2019. We consider this miniseries the best Hulu drama show for binge-watching in 2021 due to the writing creativity of its plot. Also, it entails a high-end acting faithfulness to its inspiration novel source. That’s not all. Performances of Froseth, Plummer, and Love are out of this world. The soundtrack and visuals are also on point. It received a 92% approval rating from 36 critical reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The average rating was 8.60/10.

The eight-episode miniseries features the story of Miles Halter, who is obsessed with gaining life’s deeper perspective. Therefore, he enrolls in a boarding school where he meets a group of friends who turn out to be loyal. As time passes, he falls in love with one of the group members, Alaska Young. Unfortunately, the strike of an unexpected tragedy leaves the close-knit friends regrouping to uncover what they have gone through.



After giving you the ten best Hulu Drama shows to binge on in 2022, the ball now is in your court to decide which ones are worth your prestigious binge-watching time. You can always add more shows to make this list more extensive.


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