10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV

10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV

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Our 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV list will take a look at the 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV Pluto TV. Pluto TV is a free streaming service that has movies and TV shows. The streaming service has been around since 2013. The streaming service has over 64 million users. Pluto TV airs movies live and on-demand. If you and your partner are in the mood to watch a movie without having to pay for it, you can check out the Most Romantic moves on Pluto TV. This 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV list will feature the most romantic movies on Pluto TV.

# 10 – Stuck in Love

The first movie on our 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV list is Stuck in Love. The movie stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nate Wolff, Kristen Bell, Logan Lerman, Liana Liberato and Michael Goodwin. The romantic drama is an ensemble movie about the Borgens. William (Greg Kinnear) is a writer who hasn’t been able to write since his ex-wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) left him for another man. He spies on her while she is with her boyfriend. Erica wants him to move on with his life, but that is easier said than done. In addition to watching his wife, he has an affair with his married neighbor Trisha (Kristen Bell). William and Erica aren’t the only ones dealing with relationship issues.

Their children are going through it too. Samantha (Lily Collins) published her first book. She wants to avoid falling in love. She has seen what happened to her parents so she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her. She may not get her wish when she meets Lou (Logan Lerman). He is interested in her and will stop at nothing to get her. Rusty (Nate Wolff) wants to be a writer too. He wants to experience life. He falls for Kate (Liana Liberato). This is the first time he has fallen in love. Will it work out or will he end up with a broken heart?

This movie is an interesting story about love and second chances. The movie may restore your faith in relationships. The storyline between William and Erica is relatable to anyone who has dealt with the end of a relationship. Have you been in a relationship that you didn’t want to end? If you have, you can relate to William’s situation. William and Erica may not be together, but they have romantic chemistry with each other.

They are a Romantic couple you want to see get back together. Erica isn’t completely sure she made the right decision to leave so William still has a chance to get her back. The writers made the wise decision of making this a story for people of different age groups. The parents and the children are going through different situations when it concerns love and romance. .

# 9 – The Overnight

The next movie on our 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV list is The Overnight. The movie stars Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, RJ Hermes, Judith Godreche and Jason Schwartzman. This comedy is about Alex (Adam Scott), Emily (Taylor Schilling) and RJ (RJ Hermes). They are new in town. They happen to be in a park when they meet Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), Charlotte (Judith Godreche) and their son. They decide to have a play date and it gets interesting as the night goes on. Alex and Emily are in store for a wild night of partying and romance.

This romantic comedy is different from others you might have seen. This comedy involves swingers trying to include an unsuspecting couple into their mix. With a movie like this, you would expect to see a lot of romance. Their clothes come off a lot so if you are into that type of movie, you will not be disappointed. Needless to say, the swingers try their best to seduce Alex and Emily. Alex and Emily don’t know what’s going on, but they seem to be enjoying it until things get too far. The movie is funny and provocative.

# 8 – Caught

The thriller/drama stars Anna Camp, Stefani Scott, Samuel Page, Mary B. McCann, Amelia Rose Blaire and Nick Roux. The movie is about a housewife named Sabrina (Anna Camp) who finds out that her husband Justin (Samuel Page) is having an affair with a teenager named Allie (Stefanie Scott). Sabrina enlists the help of Paige (Amelia Rose Blaire) to pull a prank on Allie. The plan was to scare Allie, but things go too far. Sabrina ends up holding Allie captive. Allie has to fight for her life in order to escape Sabrina’s wrath.

This is a different take on getting revenge. In most movies about infidelity, the lover is the one who becomes the stalker. This time around, the wife is the stalker. She wants to make the mistress pay for cheating with her husband. The writers made an interesting choice of having the wife be the bad guy when the husband is the cheater. This thriller will have you and your partner on the edge of your seat. It will also have you questioning who you think is the bad one in the movie.

The movie does have intimate scenes between Justin and Allie. They flirt with each other until it leads to passion. You also get a chance to see Anna Camp play a vixen when she goes after her husband’s lover. It’s easy too how Allie could have fallen for Justin because he is good looking and told her everything she wanted to hear. It is also easy to see why Sabrina would want to fight for him. He is good looking and charming.

# 7 – Two Night Stand

The movie stars Miles Teller, Analeigh “Lio” Tipton, Jessica Szohr, Kid Cudi, Leven Rambin and Josh Salatin. The romantic comedy is about two people named Alec (Miles Teller) and Megan (Lio Tipton) who meet each other online. They have a one-night stand with each other. They don’t expect to see each other again because they didn’t get along with each other, but fate intervenes. Maybe cupid stepped in to help them. They end up trapped in a snowstorm together. Since they have no way out, they choose that time to get to know each other. It is not easy for them to get to know each other when they don’t get along.

The writers gave Alec and Megan a huge obstacle in order for them to get to know each other. Their relationship starts off backwards. Relationships don’t usually start off that way. Alec and Megan are awkward with each other as they get to know each other. They have spicy chemistry with each other. This movie is geared more towards women, but you can watch it with your male partner.  That should hold their interest until the end of the movie. Since this is a rom com, it shouldn’t surprise you how it ends. We won’t spoil the movie for you.

# 6 – Showgirls

The movie stars Elizabeth Berkley, Gina Gershon, Kyle MacLachlan, Gina Ravera, Rena Riffel and Glen Plummer. The romantic drama is about a woman named Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley). She is alone in the world. She decides to travel to Vegas to make a name for herself as a dancer. She wants to put her past behind her. When she gets to Vegas, she gets a job at the Cheetah Club because it is the only job she could get. She meets Molly (Gina Ravera) who ends up being her only true friend.

Molly helps Nomi meet Cristal (Gina Gershon). Nomi tries her best to become like Cristal. Nomi gets a job working with Molly and Cristal as a stripper. While working at the club, Nomi meets Cristal’s boyfriend Zack (Kyle MacLachlan). He is an entertainment director. She thinks he will help her make her dreams come true. She also meets James (Glen Plummer) who is a struggling choreographer. He becomes attracted to her and wants her to stop dancing. Nomi ends up finding out that all that glitters isn’t gold in Vegas.

If you have heard of this movie, you should know there is a lot of dance scenes. It will give you a chance to see Elizabeth Berkley like you have never seen her before. She was known for playing good girl Jessie Spano on Saved By The Bell. She shocked the world when she took on the role. The movie was critically panned, but it gained a cult following.

It is actually about a woman trying to fulfill her dream of being a dancer. With that said, this movie will satisfy your romantic appetite. The producers of this movie did Basic Instinct so it is not a surprise that there are a lot of cool scenes in this film. There are a lot of dancers in the movie. They have to be physically fit to pull it off.

# 5 – The Love Witch

The next movie on our 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV list The Love Witch. The movie stars Samantha Robinson, Laura Waddell, Gian Keys, Robert Seeley, Jared Sanford and Jeffrey Vincent. The horror-comedy is about a woman named Elaine (Samantha Robinson). She is a  witch. She wants to find a man to love her. She creates spells and potions to lure men to her. Once she finds the men, she seduces them. Her potions work a little too well and she ends up with a lot of men in her life. She is desperate to find the man of her dreams. When she thinks she has found the right one, it will drive her to insanity and murder.

There may be other people out there like Elaine who wish they could conjure up potions to get the people they want. The only problem is that you may get more than you bargained for. The writers managed to make a witch rootable because she is doing something that we would all want.  You would think she could have any man she wanted without having to put a spell on them. The movie plays like a B movie, but it has an interesting plot. You will get a chance to see woman do anything she can to get the man she wants. The woman gets to be the seducer instead of the other way around.

# 4 –  A Guide To 2nd Date

The movies stars George McKay, Alexandra Roach, Emma Rigby, Kae Alexander, Michael Socha and Holli Dempsey. The movie is about Laura (Alexandra Roach) and Ryan (George McKay). They are perfect for each other. They have things in common including being burned by relationships. Neither one of them know what they are supposed to do on a second date. They agree that they want to be different from how they were in the past. They want to be able to get a relationship right. They decide to go out on a date with each other. They want to know what it is like to be on a second date, so they go out on another date. They realize it couldn’t be bad to try to date a second time. Ryan and Laura are dealing with the awkwardness of getting to know each other as well as his ex-girlfriend who wants him back.

This comedy is unique. There aren’t too many movies where a couple struggles to get to know each other on a second date. Usually, the couples are together or they live happily ever after. We rarely get the chance to see them struggle through the awkwardness of a second date.

# 3 – The Babysitters

The movie stars Katherine Waterston, John Leguizamo, Lauren Birkell, Chira Cassel and Alexandra Daddario. The drama is about a teenager named Shirley (Katherine Waterson) who works as a babysitter to get money. She wants to go to college and needs the money. She decides to start a babysitting service. It is not the kind of babysitting service you may be thinking. She runs a call girl service for fathers of young children. During the movie we find out why she decided to start a call girl service. Shirley started the business because she babysat for Michael (John Leguizamo). She had a relationship with Michael which is what started the business. Things take a turn when the girls in the business don’t want to be in it anymore. One of the girls wants to go out on her own. Shirley isn’t happy about it. Shirley is afraid that someone is going to tell about the business. Michael gets jealous over Shirley being with other men even though he is married.

# 2 – A Boy. A Girl. A Dream: Love on Election Night

The romantic drama stars Omari Hardwick, Meagan Good, Kris D. Lofton, Jay Ellis, Wesley Jonathan and Bresha Webb. The movie is about a man named Cass (Omari Hardwick) who gets to know a woman named Frida (Meagan Good). She challenges him to get his life together. She tries to help him with his broken dreams. He helps her too. He helps her realize her dreams can come true.

This movie is for romantics who believe in love. It will restore your faith in love. Cass and Frida have a will they won’t they type of relationship. They don’t get along very well when they first meet each other, but their feelings for each other change throughout the movie. Their relationship feels like a real relationship and not just a cinematic one. They are meant to be together. They have chemistry with each other. They are both physically attractive so it was only natural that they would fall for each other. Watching them argue with each other is fun because you know they are attracted to each other.

There’s nothing more romantic than a couple having a passionate argument with each other because we know where passionate arguments will lead. Cass shows that he is her knight in shining armor when two aggressive men approach her. The female audience will love him even more after he risks getting in trouble to help her. He has to deal with the police going after him instead of the attackers. Ladies may want to reach through the TV and give him a hug.

# 1 – Things Never Said

The number one movie on our 10 Most Romantic Movies On Pluto TV is Things Never Said. The movie stars Omari Hardwick, Shanola Hampton, Elimu Nelson, Tamela Jones, Michael Beach and Charlayne Woodward. The drama is about a poet named Kalindra (Shanola Hampton). She is someone who has no trouble telling what is on her mind. Unfortunately, she is an artist who has yet to find her voice. She wants to be a poet in New York. She is dealing with a terrible loss. She had a miscarriage. She also deals with a husband named Ronnie (Elimu Nelson) who has no goals in life. He used to be an athlete who had to deal with an injury that changed his life. He had to settle with working menial jobs. He is a violent man. She does what it takes to find her poetic voice. She ends up meeting Curtis (Omar Hardwick). He helps her find her voice. He is going through something in his life and uses poetry to get through it.

This drama plays like a soap opera. There is a triangle between Kalindra, Ronnie and Curtis. This is something that happens on soap operas. Kalindra is torn between two men. She can’t find her poetic voice with her husband, but she can find it with another man. It is intriguing to see her being torn between two men. Normally people wouldn’t root for an affair, but Kalindra and Curtis have sizzling chemistry with each other. They bring out the best in each other. They both battle demons, but they get through it by being with each other.

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