10 Sexiest TV Shows On The CW

Sexiest TV Shows On The CW

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Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list will take a look at the sexiest shows on the CW. The CW was initially WPIX. It changed to the WB Network. In 2006, it changed to the CW. CBS and Warner Brothers merged to create the CW Network. It was a network that was supposed to compete with ABC, CBS and NBC. The difference with this network is the target audience is people between the ages of 18 – 34.

The CW has shows from DC Comics, nighttime dramas and mysteries. The CW has aired a lot of sexy shows over the years. The goal was to appeal to a younger audience, but they still managed to maintain sexiness on the shows. They never went too far with the sex scenes on the shows. It was enough for teens to watch and enticing enough for adults to enjoy. The sexiness on these shows doesn’t just stop with their sex scenes. It can be about the cast or even the wardrobe. They also have breathtaking locations for you to enjoy.

This Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list will feature the sexiest shows on the network. The list will feature shows from the past as well as shows that are still on the air. Which show do you think will be number one on our list?

# 10 – Black Lightning

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list is Black Lightning. This show is from the DC Universe. This drama is about a retired superhero that gets back into the game. He deals with racism, inequality, violence, terror as well as other drama. Black Lightning is a family man. His daughters also have superhero powers. This is the first show to feature an African American superhero so it is groundbreaking. The show is a compelling story about trying to do the right thing in the world. This alone adds to the sexiness of the show. Superheroes are mysterious so there is always something sexy about them. You don’t know who they are underneath their masks.

Black Lightning looks sexy in his costume. It shows off his muscular build, which is very sexually appealing. Watching his fight scenes are cool and sexy. Women enjoy watching a man fight for justice. He is a hero and there’s nothing sexier than watching a hero help others. Black Lightning isn’t the only sexy one on the cast. The other cast members are also great to look at. His daughters are very beautiful and have nice bodies so guys will definitely have something to enjoy while watching them on screen. Women can enjoy looking at the men on the show. They are built like wrestlers. If muscles aren’t your cup of tea, there are fuller figured people for you to admire. The wardrobe is pretty good. They don’t wear revealing clothes. Their clothes are hip and trendy.

# 9 – Melrose Place

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list is Melrose Place. The show aired from 2009 to 2010. This is a reboot of the original show. As you may or may not know, Melrose Place originally aired on the FOX Network. 90210 was successful so the CW decided to reboot Melrose Place. The soapy drama is about young people living in an apartment complex. The plot is similar to the original show.

This time around, the show is centered on a murder. Sydney is murdered at the apartment complex. They try to figure out who killed her. They all become suspects in her murder. Soap operas are sexy and mysteries are sexy so combining the two genres was explosive. The show had juicy storylines. There was a lot of intrigue because each person was linked to Sydney and could have killed her. There were enough red herrings to please mystery fans. There were love triangles and lust to please soap opera fans. The writers deserved credit for including members of the original Melrose Place.

The cast members were physically appealing. They look like the type you would expect to see living in California. They had good tans and sexy bodies. The women had beautiful hair. Their makeup was flawless. Let’s get to the sizzling hot sex scenes. There was a lot of bed hopping on the show. It happened on the original Melrose Place so there was no surprise that it happened on this version. The show may not have lasted long, but it was very sexy and entertaining.

# 8 – Supernatural

This fantasy drama was one of the longest running shows on the CW. It aired for 15 seasons. It is about two brothers named Sam and Dean. They hunt demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings. They dealt with a devastating blow when they lost their mother when they were kids. They were raised by their father who taught them how to fight supernatural beings. Don’t let the premise of the show fool you. It’s not all about fighting ghosts and monsters. They also deal with relationship issues.

The show was innovative and captivating. Supernatural was a perfect mix of horror, humor and brilliant storytelling. The show drove teens as well as adults wild with each episode. The brothers were enough eye candy to keep females of all ages interested in the show. Even if you didn’t care for the storylines, you could get lost watching the sexy brothers on screen. They made fighting supernatural beings look hot and sexy. They weren’t just heroic and good-looking. They were funny too. A funny man can be just as sexy as a good-looking one. You get the best of both worlds with the brothers since they were sexy and funny.

The women on the show aren’t too shabby either. They were attractive and physically fit. Most of the cast members looked as if they were on the covers of magazines. The show was targeted toward a teen audience, but they cast actors from different age groups. The eye candy wasn’t just the younger actors. The older actors were distinguished and sexy as well.

# 7 – The Vampire Diaries

This supernatural drama originally aired in 2009 and lasted for eight seasons. Kevin Williamson created the show. It is based on the book of the same name. The show is about vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. and the people who love them. Vampires never looked sexier than they did on this show. If you were a fan of the Twilight series, this show is for you. It may as well have been Twilight on the small screen. The show isn’t just about vampires and wolves fighting. The back story is a love triangle that would fit on a soap opera.

Elena is torn between two brothers who are vampires. Elena falls in love with Stefan first and then becomes attracted to Damon. Damon has a grudge against his brother for making him become a vampire. The brothers want to protect Elena from the villains in the town. Elena looks like a vampire that the brothers were in love with in the past. Unfortunately, she is one of the villains in the town. The show is creative because it combines romance with supernatural storylines. Teens went crazy over this show. Females were torn between Stefan and Damon.

It is easy to see why females were torn because they were both good looking. You could get lost looking in Damon’s beautiful blue eyes. They were both physically fit and incredibly sexy. Male fans had their eye candy with Elena. She is a beautiful woman with a nice figure. She is the type of woman guys would want to date and females would want to befriend. The rest of the cast can satisfy your eye candy quota. The majority of them are in good shape and look good.

# 6 – Dynasty

This is the second reboot on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list. This is a reboot of the classic primetime soap Dynasty. The reboot follows the Colbys and the Carringtons. They fight for control of their money as well as their children. Like the original Dynasty, this reboot is glamorous and glitzy. This has all the makings of a great soap opera. This version has more minorities than the 80s version. Cristal Carrington and her nephew are Hispanic while the Colbys are African American. The writers had a blend of ethnicities come together to create one show.

The show is a perfect example of a sizzling hot primetime soap opera. It has everything that you look for in a soap opera. If you are looking for rich families, hot love scenes, family feuds, business takeovers, etc., this is the right show for you. The cast wears fancy clothes that you can only dream of wearing. They are very stylish and glamorous. The cast is of a variety of ages. They are not just 20 somethings. Their ages vary to target all age groups. The main characters are physically fit and have sexy bodies.

The chemistry among the characters is red hot. The chemistry between the characters makes it exciting to watch the love scenes. There are plenty of love scenes to keep you entertained. The characters give in to their lust, but it isn’t graphic. It is just enough to make you want to watch. Unlike Melrose Place, none of the original cast members appear on this reboot. This reboot won’t make you forget about the original Dynasty, but it is worth checking out.

# 5 – All American

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On CW list is All American. This is a diverse drama about a character named Spencer James. He is a football player from South L.A. who gets recruited to play in Beverly Hills high school. The coach has plans for him to be successful. The coach decides to allow Spencer to move into his home so he can live in the district. Spencer is a fish out of water. The rich kids don’t want him around. His old friends think he is changing.

The writers of this show let you see that you can have problems regardless of your address. The rich kids have abandonment and addiction issues. The kids from South L.A. are dealing with gang life. The drama on this show is compelling and moving. There is a plot line on this show for everyone. Spencer is torn between his old life and his new life. Let’s talk about the cast. The cast is mostly unknown with the exception of some actors. They look like people you would see in teen magazines. They have gorgeous hair.

They have physically fit bodies that are worth checking out. The football players look good in their uniforms. Taye Diggs plays the coach. He is handsome and looks sexy with a bald head. His enticing voice will hypnotize you. This is a show that isn’t focused on looks. They just happen to look good playing their parts. If you are a fan of football and drama, this show is for you.

# 4 – 90210

This is another reboot on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list. The drama originally aired on the CW Network in 2008. It lasted for five seasons. This is a reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 which aired on the FOX Network. The reboot is about a group of friends living the glamorous life in West Beverly. The group of friends went through relationship issues. Their loyalty to each other was tested due to drama amongst each other. They also went through typical teen drama involving going to college. It was basically everything that happened on the original show.

The reboot was a trendier version. There was a lot of spicy drama to keep you interested in the show. There was always something happening with the friends so there was always a reason to tune in every week. If the storylines weren’t enough to keep you invested in the show, the attractive cast mates were. They all looked like they were models or actors. They had a mix of different nationalities on the show so there were different races represented on the show.

The females always wore trendy and hip clothes that were always fashionable. The men also wore trendy and hip clothes. The show also had steamy love scenes. They were never gratuitous, but they were hot and inviting. The location scenes were worth watching. The scenes were exotic and always worth watching. It made you want to be there with them.

# 3 – Riverdale

Did you think that a mystery/drama featuring Archie from the comic book could be sexy? The CW Network thought it was possible. The writers created a suspenseful show based on the characters from the Archie comic book. Riverdale is about Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. They deal with life in high school. Archie is a jock who wants to get involved in the music business. He had a forbidden love affair with his music teacher. Jughead is dealing with a bad home life. His father is in a gang and he was trying to avoid becoming a member of it.

Veronica is the new girl in town. She comes from a wealthy family that’s filled with secrets. Betty’s dealing with family drama and her family has a lot of secrets. The teens also deal with murders that take place in the town of Riverdale. The show is loaded with twists and turns. Just when you think you’ve figured out the twists, there are plenty more of them. This show is very popular with teenagers because of the sexy actors on the cast. The show is appealing for adults too. The show focuses on the parents of the main characters so there’s eye candy for adults too.

The teens are hot in their own way. Archie is your typical jock so he’s in great shape. He has the reddest hair you have ever seen. His hair is so appealing that you will want to run your fingers through it. There is no surprise that he has been involved with different women on the show. Jughead isn’t popular, but he has a mysterious look about him. He screams sexiness because he is someone who will keep you guessing. Archie and Jughead are definitely a reason for females to watch the show. Veronica and Betty will give guys a reason to check out the show. They are beautiful girls who are in excellent shape.

The adults are sexy and are like fine wine. They are sexiness personified. They are in fantastic shape and they are sexually appealing. The sexiness doesn’t just stop at their looks. They have fiery love scenes that will blow you away. You would never know that they are teens characters involved in the love scenes. They are hot like they are from a soap opera.

# 2 – Gossip Girl

When you think of the CW Network and primetime soap operas, Gossip Girl would be one of the first shows you would think of. It was a popular show during its original run. The teen drama originally aired in 2007. It lasted for six seasons. The popular show was about privileged students who go to a prep school. There is a mystery surrounding who is Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl knows everything that goes on in Manhattan.

The mystery of the show is intriguing. Gossip Girl was known for its bed hopping. There were numerous romances among the cast. There wouldn’t be an episode that went by where there wasn’t a sensual love scene or two. There wasn’t any nudity, but there were a lot of sensual moments on the show. The cast members were all model type actors. They looked like you would expect the characters to look like. The females had perfect hairstyles and stylish clothes. They had great bodies that they weren’t afraid to show off.

The males also had great bodies that they weren’t afraid to show off. The cast had chemistry with each other. They had a lot of passionate arguments with each other during their heated battles with each other. The location scenes were gorgeous to look at. It was nice to see how the elite lived. It made you wish you were living with them. If you love spicy drama with enticing love scenes, Gossip Girl is the show for you.

# 1 – One Tree Hill

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CW list is One Tree Hill. The dramatic teen drama originally aired in 2003. The show lasted for nine seasons. The soapy drama was about two brothers named Lucas and Nathan who were from two different worlds. The only thing they had in common was the same father. The show was also about their friends dealing with family issues, school, sports, careers as well as other issues. The show also went through an infamous time jump that didn’t happen often on TV shows at the time.

This show had a lot of drama to keep viewers interested. There were plenty of love scenes for fans who love to watch love scenes. The scenes were hot and passionate. The writers had characters together you wanted to root for to get together. The cast had amazing chemistry with each other. You would think they knew each other forever. Speaking of the cast, it was like a revolving door. The show had a lot of people on the cast. It gave the audience a chance to see a variety of sexy bodies on the show. The majority of the cast ages ranged from teenagers to adults.

The younger cast members weren’t the only attractive ones on the show. The adults were attractive as well. They were also involved in juicy storylines so it wasn’t just limited to the teens. If you are a fan of primetime soaps with a lot of drama, One Tree Hill is the show for you.

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