10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC

10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC

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Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list will feature the sexist shows on ABC. The ABC network has had quite a few shows on its lineup. Do you like to watch shows that are sexy and steaming hot? ABC has had a lot of shows that will satisfy you. The network has sexy scripted shows as well as reality shows that will please anyone craving seductive viewing.

The network has something for everyone. The channel isn’t filled with dirty and inappropriate sex. It is tastefully done. The shows have titillating moments that will make you wish you were part of the show. Do you like sexy dramas? ABC has shows that will satisfy your love of drama. Do you like sexy reality shows? You don’t have to worry. You will be able to find one that will keep you glued to your seat. The network provides a variety of shows for fans of all types of TV shows.

Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list will take a look at you guessed it. The sexiest shows on the ABC network. Which shows do you think made our list?

# 10 – Scandal

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list is Scandal. The name of the show says it all. It lets you know that something sexy and juicy is going to happen. The sexy drama used to air on ABC for several years before it was canceled. It is about a fixer named Olivia who worked for the President of the United States. Olivia had a solicitous affair with President Fitzgerald. The affair was scandalous because he was married. Their sexy chemistry was off the charts. They had a steamy love affair with each other. Normally infidelity wouldn’t be sexy, but these two broke the rule on that.

The writers tried to have her move on from the affair, but Olivia and Fitz were meant to be. They were a sexy couple despite their obstacles. They weren’t in their 20s, but they were considered a sexy couple. She was a sexy woman who carried herself with class. She didn’t go out of her way to seduce him by wearing sexy clothes. She was a smart businesswoman who dressed in style. She was sexy without even trying. The rest of the female characters dressed in class as well. They were also sexy without trying. The men were also handsome and dressed in style. They all wore suits and didn’t expose themselves.

# 9 – Station 19

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list is Station 19. This is a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy. This show is about people who work in a fire station. These firefighters make putting out fires look sexy. Most of the firefighters are physically fit so they fit the prototype for being sexually appealing. There is nothing sexier than someone being brave enough to save your life. Firefighting is a brave and dangerous profession. The characters on this show make it look glamorous.

They do more than just put out fires. They start fires. Some of them have fiery romances. There are couples who shouldn’t be together, but they are. The couples do have intimate moments, but they aren’t graphic. It is enough to keep you glued in to watch the passion between the characters. They don’t exclude same-sex couples on the show.

They are allowed to fall in love and be intimate with each other. There are some shows that tend to exclude same-sex couples, but this show isn’t one of them. The characters wear casual clothes that are sexy and fashionable. They don’t dress like they are going to a fancy gala. They dress like everyday citizens.

# 8 – Ugly Betty

This telenovela aired for four seasons on ABC. The show is about a plain jane who works for a fashion magazine. She wants to be a writer, but she is hired as an assistant. She is smart and hardworking, but she doesn’t look like a fashion model. She doesn’t look like anyone who would work at a fashion magazine. She wears glasses and has braces. She isn’t considered stereotypically beautiful. This adds to her sex appeal because she isn’t in-your-face sexy. Her clothes aren’t fashionable either. She carries herself with dignity. She has confidence in herself despite not being considered beautiful. She can be an inspiration to viewers who are also considered “ugly Betty’s.”

She manages to have relationships on the show despite her looks. One of her relationships was with her boss Daniel. They had a forbidden romance that was alluring. They were from two different worlds. He was rich while she was poor. Their relationship was sexy because they had a will they or won’t they romance. He didn’t date anyone who looked like Betty. He dated model types. There are characters on the show that fit the model stereotype. They were sexy, but they weren’t considered good people. They were the bad characters on the show. They did wear fierce outfits that were to die for. Viewers may not be able to buy any of the clothes, but they were worth checking out.

# 7 – The Rookie

This drama is about a man in his 40s who is a rookie cop. He had an epiphany and wanted to become a police officer. He is the oldest rookie in the academy, so he has to prove himself. John has soap opera looks. He is in good shape. He has chiseled looks and makes a sexy cop. He looks good in his uniform. He is definitely eye candy for the ladies. He is like a fine wine who gets better with age. John is proof that you can be sexy in your 40s.

The other characters are also physically fit and attractive. They look like models in uniform. They don’t look like your average police officer. They look like they could be in movies. When they are not in uniform, they dress like everyday citizens which can also be sexy. You don’t always have to wear a gown or a tuxedo in order to look sexy. The show is not about their looks. The show is about them helping out everyday citizens, but they manage to look good while doing it. In addition to solving crimes, they have steamy romances on the show. Watching the couples on the show will make you feel as if you are watching a love scene on a soap opera. The chemistry between the characters is electrifying which adds to the sex appeal.

# 6 – The Bachelorette

This reality show is a spinoff to The Bachelor. It is about a woman who gets courted by 25 men. Each season is about a different woman. She has to choose which one she wants to marry. This is a girl’s dream come true to have multiple men coming after her. The show will make you feel like a princess. It’s not every day a woman gets to have 25 men pursue her. The show screams sexy. The women are beautiful and sexy. They usually have regular jobs even though they look like models or actresses.

The men come from different walks of life. They also look like models and actors. They look handsome in their suits. They have six-packs when they take their clothes off. They are every woman’s fantasy. Things get heated when they start fighting over her. The men have steamy romances with the leading lady. They don’t go overboard with the intimate scenes. They don’t show them having sex, but things get hot and sexy between them. They have steamy make-out sessions that will make your mouth water.

Unlike some of the other shows on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list, this one is based on looks. In addition to the sexy looks, there are exotic locations to catch your eye. The beaches are breathtaking. It gives you something to stare at besides the sexy people. It will also make you wish you were there.

# 5 – The Bachelor

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list is The Bachelor. This reality show is similar to The Bachelorette. It is about a man who chooses among 25 women to be his wife. Similar to The Bachelorette, each season features a different man who has to choose among 25 women. This is every man’s fantasy to have different women competing for his love and attention. He is a man who gets to date different women and they don’t get mad at him. What man wouldn’t want beautiful women chasing after him?

All the bachelors have regular jobs. They look like they would be on the cover of magazines. They are physically fit and seductive. The women also have regular jobs. They look like model types. They are also physically fit. They wear fancy clothes throughout the seasons. They look glamorous all the time. The dresses they wear are beautiful and appealing. They make you wish that you could go out and buy one of their outfits. They may not always act classy, but they look it. They make trashy look sexy every time.

The bachelor has intimate moments with all the contestants, but they don’t take things too far. They do just enough to arouse the audience. They are sexy without going overboard. The locations are exotic and enticing. They will take your breath away.

# 4 – Grey’s Anatomy

This medical drama is about doctors who work at a hospital. It is an ensemble drama about a group of doctors who work at Seatle Grace Mercy Hospital. They started their careers as interns. The show centers around Meredith Grey. She is the daughter of a famous surgeon, and she wants to live up to his name. It explores the professional and personal lives of the doctors. These doctors bring sexy to the hospital.

The show is like a medical soap opera since the show has a lot of drama. When you think of hospitals, you wouldn’t think of sexy, but this show makes it look alluring. The characters have steamy relationships with each other. They all have multiple partners as if they are on a soap opera. They have sexy love scenes with each other. They don’t go overboard with the sex scenes, but they give just enough to entice the viewers. They love to leave the viewers wanting more and that is just as sexy as showing everything. They know how to tease the audience with just enough lust to keep the viewers interested.

All the female characters on the show don’t look like supermodels. A couple of them are voluptuous which is just as sexy as a size 0. If you want to be honest, the voluptuous ones are sexier because they have curves. The men on the show are physically fit. One of the character’s nicknames is McDreamy while the other is named McSteamy. The men are eye candy for female viewers.

# 3 – Desperate Housewives

This nighttime soap opera was on ABC for eight seasons. It followed the lives of five women and their families. They lived in a small town called Wisteria Lane. They are friends with each other, but they come together because of the death of their neighbor Mary Alice who was also a member of their group. The town is filled with scandalous secrets. This is a soap opera fan’s dream. It has mystery, romance, scandalous affairs as well as anything else you’re looking for in a juicy drama. The women have sizzling affairs with numerous men on the show.

Two characters named Gabi and Edie had in-your-face sexiness. They looked like supermodel types. They wore sexy clothes that would make women envious of their bodies and their wardrobe. They would also turn men on with their sexuality. The other women on the show were sexy, but it was understated. They looked like housewives. They added to the realism of the show. They didn’t dress scantily the way the other two did, but they had subtle sex appeal. They looked like they could be your next-door neighbors.

They are the type of women that male viewers could actually get. Gabi and Edie are the ones men can dream about. Let’s talk about the men on the show. They weren’t all model types, but they were good-looking in their own way. They had sexy bodies that women would desire. They were eye candy for the ladies. This show was known for its sexy love scenes. They managed to never go too far with the racy scenes. It was enough to entice the fans without getting slapped with a censor warning.

# 2 – Queens

This drama is about four former hip-hop stars who reunite with each other to regain the fame they had 20 years ago. The show is like a hip-hop soap opera. It features women who play characters who are in their 40s. This show is about the music business and there is always something sexy about what goes on in the music business. There are two characters who had a sexual relationship with the group’s manager. There’s a who’s the daddy storyline on the show. One of the characters leaves her husband to be with her girlfriend. Her coming out of the closet doesn’t go as she hoped. Everyone isn’t thrilled with her decision to come out as a lesbian. The actresses have youthful appearances which are sexy.

They show that you don’t have to be in your 20s to be sexy. You can be grown and sexy in your 40s. They are an inspiration to women over 40 that you can keep it cute and sexy without having to be in your 20s. In addition to their looks, their clothes are seductive. Female viewers would want to buy their clothes because they are stylish. Their clothes flatter their bodies in the right places without being too racy. The leading male actor is also appealing. He is grown and sexy. He is extra proof that men can be sexy at any age. He has a style that would be sexy to women who are into bad boys.

# 1 – General Hospital

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On ABC list is General Hospital. This daytime drama has been on ABC for decades and it doesn’t get any better than this sexy drama. Soap operas are known for their steamy love scenes and sexy actors/actresses. This daytime drama has both. Most of the actors/actresses on the show look like movie stars. Most of them have perfect bodies and perfectly styled hair. The women’s makeup always looks flawless. They are the type of women you wish you could look like.

The men on the show are suave and sophisticated. They are physically fit and will melt the hearts of female viewers. Some of them have six-packs that will leave your mouth watering. The love scenes are done in a classy way. The characters make love on the show. They don’t just have gratuitous sex. They treat sex in a special way. They have music playing while the characters are making love. The location scenes are breathtaking. The mansions are beautiful and make you wish you lived in one of them. The characters’ clothes are stylish and fashionable.

They wear glamorous clothes for the Nurses’ Ball. The dresses are sparkly and eye-catching. They look like princesses while they are wearing their gowns. The men look sophisticated in their tuxedos. They are the epitome of sexy without being trashy.


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