10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC

Sexiest Shows On NBC

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Our Top 10 List of Sexiest TV Shows On NBC shows is about sexist shows on NBC. NBC is a channel known for comedies, dramas, soap operas, game shows, and reality shows. The network has plenty of shows to satisfy your taste. The network became so popular for its comedies on Thursday nights that it became known as “must-see TV.” It’s the only network that was given this title. Audiences loved these shows because they were smart, sexy, and funny.

Speaking of sexy shows, NBC is full of them. Sexy can be described in different ways and NBC has tapped into them. As we mentioned, the network had quite a few soap operas. The sexiest thing to watch is a couple falling in love. It happened on all of the soaps. There are sexy comedies on the network as well. The comedies may be known for providing laughs for us, but they have their sexy moments too. We will talk about that in our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC list. If you want to watch a sexy drama, you can check them out on NBC. The actors and locations will blow your mind. There are plenty of sizzling dramas to check out. We had to narrow down the list but there are plenty to choose from.

# 10 – Law & Order SVU

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC list is Law & Order SVU. The crime drama is about a SVU (Special Victims Unit) team who investigate sexual crimes. Some of the stories are ripped from the headlines. This show is part of the Law & Order franchise. The other Law & Order shows deal with murder investigations while this one has the victims solve the case.

What is sexy about the show is that the detectives help the victims in their time of need. Sexy doesn’t have to be in your face obvious. It could be about security. Since the victims are getting helped, they have a sense of security. Heroism is always sexy. The show has a lot of enticing drama because it has he said/she said plots. There is a mystery element because the detectives have to find out if the accused are guilty of rape. The show isn’t just about procedural drama. The show does include romance as part of the series.

They don’t go overboard showing the intimate scenes, but they do fall in love. If you think about the plot of the show, rape wouldn’t be considered sexy. What is sexy is watching the detectives solve the cases. They are every day heroes. Some of the characters look like every day citizens while others look glamorous. The wardrobe is something you could see yourselves wearing. Their sexiness is understated.

# 9 – Chicago Med

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC list is Chicago Med. This show is part of the “Chicago” franchise. The medical drama is about a team of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff who save lives while dealing with their personal relationships. They are highly skilled and trained professionals. They deal with drama of saving their patients. This show is more emotional than our previous entry because they are working closely with their patients. A lot of the patients have life-threatening problems, which take a toll on the medical staff. The show doesn’t just focus on the medical aspect of the plot. If you’re not familiar with medical procedures, there is still something for you to enjoy.

You can enjoy the sexy romances of the characters. The characters get together with each other. It adds to the hot drama on the show. Some of them have to work together while being involved with each other. What isn’t sexy about that? They get to sneak around with each other at the workplace. They look at each other longingly while doing their jobs. They get the chance to have fun together after work when they hook up with each other. The writers did the right thing by not just focusing on the medical aspect of the show. It gives you a chance to see a softer side. The writers created smart and sexy characters, which is always a pleasure. It is always good to see characters that are hot with a brain.

# 8 – Chicago PD

This crime drama focuses on Chicago’s finest. This is another show in the “Chicago” franchise. This show is about police who investigate a myriad of cases. They deal with drug trafficking, murder, mobsters and other types of crimes. You name it they solve the cases for it. The team is determined to protect their city at all costs. There is nothing sexier than seeing police officers risk their lives to save people in need. They are ridding the streets of criminals.

They are heroes because they want to prevent criminals from hurting people. The show is filled with exciting drama. You get the chance to see the cops investigating high-profile criminals as well as dealing with their personal issues. The majority of the characters are physically fit. They look like actors instead of police officers. They look sexy in their uniforms. The powers-that-be did an excellent job by adding people of different races and cultures. It gives the audience a chance to see a variety of sexy people. There is something for everyone to enjoy seeing. The characters don’t just solve crimes. They deal with their love lives.

Partners fall in love with each other. The love scenes are alluring without being explicit. They show enough to entice you, but they don’t go too far with their love scenes. The show is on network television so there is only so much you can see. The scenes are sexy without being gratuitous.

# 7 – Chicago Fire

The drama is about Chicago’s bravest. This is the first of the “Chicago” franchise. This is about firefighters, rescue teams and paramedics working hard to save people’s lives. Their choices make the difference between people living or dying. The lifesavers become a family because of dealing with the pressure of saving lives. They would do anything to help each other out.

The show has a lot of energy and action that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The show also gives you a chance to peek into the lives of the lifesavers that make it their mission to save lives. The characters are like every day citizens who take on the dangerous tasks of saving strangers. The firefighters take the risk of getting hurt while saving others. The idea of them risking their lives is dangerous and sexy.

There is nothing more arousing than seeing the characters do whatever they have to do to save lives. We want to make something clear. Seeing people caught in fires isn’t sexy, but it is sexy to watch the heroes save them. It is heart pumping to watch them face challenges to save the victims. There is always a chance that they won’t save them so it adds to the adrenaline of the show. The characters look like they could be models or actors. They have nice bodies and look incredible in their clothes. They give you some eye candy to look at while enjoying the drama.

# 6 – Grand Chew

This comedy is about five young professionals living in Los Angeles. The show is about the characters’ dating and professional lives. Noah is a hopeless romantic who wants to settle down. His sister Nicky wants to live her best life. Sherman is a smart guy who is a player. Anthony is career driven. Wyatt is a happily married man who is thankful he doesn’t have to date anymore. No matter how hard things get, they always make time for each other. They like to meet at their local hangout and have fun. If you have seen comedy shows that are centered on friendships than you will enjoy this show.

The characters represent different looks. They are not all pencil thin. They are curvy and sexy. The writers show that you don’t have to be a size zero in order to be considered sexy. The writers made full figured characters the main characters instead of supporting characters. The bar is hip and trendy. The bar is eye catching. It makes you want to go out and spend time with your friends. The wardrobe is hip and appealing. The clothes look like something you could actually buy for yourself. The chemistry among the cast is off the charts.

They look like they would be friends with each other. Sometimes you can tell when a cast doesn’t get along, but they seem to enjoy working together. It is always sexy to see a cast have fun with each other. You can forget that they are just acting because they seem as if they genuinely like each other.

# 5 – A Different World

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC is A Different World. This show is a spin-off of The Cosby Show. A Different World originally aired in 1987 and lasted for six seasons. It was a part of the Must-See TV lineup. It is a comedy about what goes on at an African American college. It made history for focusing on an African American college. It wasn’t just about what goes on at the college. The show was originally about Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show going to college. When she left the show, it became an ensemble comedy. It centered on the characters’ love lives.

The main couple on the show was Whitley and Dwayne. Their relationship was a fiery roller coaster ride. They are from two different worlds. She was rich and beautiful while he was smart and middle class. Their chemistry was off the charts. It was enticing to see if and when they were going to get together. There were also love triangles throughout the seasons that were appealing. You would think a show about college wouldn’t feature sexy triangles, but they did a good job. They never pushed the envelope and showed any of the intimate moments.

The teasing was sexy without being graphic. The characters represented different looks. Some of the actors and actresses were light-skinned and some were dark-skinned. Some of them were thin while others were full-figured and curvy. They were all treated as if they were sexy and beautiful.

# 4 – L.A. Law

The legal drama is about lawyers in L.A. The show originally aired in 1986 and lasted for eight seasons. It is one of the first ensemble legal dramas to air on television. The show centers on lawyers who represented different criminal and civil cases. They also dealt with drama at the law firm as well as romance. The characters got in heated battles in and out of the courtroom. They had to compete with each other because a lot of them wanted to be partners at the law firm.

The lawyers were involved with each other. There were triangles on the show. A married couple dealt with sexual intimacy issues and adultery. There was an interracial couple on the show. All of this had the makings of a juicy soap opera. They proved that the drama wasn’t just in the courtroom. There was a lot of bed-hopping going on throughout the years. Arnie Becker went through his share of lovers throughout the years. They showed enticing love scenes, but they never went overboard with the sex scenes. They showed just enough to whet your appetite.

The characters looked glamorous and looked like they could have been lawyers. They wore amazing outfits. Their suits looked tailored. They always looked classy and stylish. The characters had sizzling chemistry with each other. The scenery in the background scenes was breathtaking. The law firm was nice. It made you want to work there.

# 3 – This Is Us

This dramedy is about the Pearson family. It is a time travel show. They show scenes from the past, present and future. The show centers on Jack and Rebecca. They raised three children together. The show also centers around the Big three (Randal, Kevin and Kate). Kevin is an actor who struggles with committing to women. The only ones he is committed to are his mother and sister. Randal is a family man raising three kids with his wife. He also deals with the loss of his biological family.

He was abandoned by his biological parents and adopted by the Pearsons. Kate is a wannabe singer who deals with weight issues. She is also married with children. It is a family show, but it does have exciting drama. Jack and Rebecca’s relationship is the epitome of sexy and sweet. Jack and Rebecca were from two different worlds. Rebecca came from a suburban family while Jack came from an abusive family. They are a couple you want to see together because they love and care about each other. Jack came from an abusive home, but he managed to treat his wife with love and respect. He is a nice looking man and his romantic side makes him even sexier.

They are the type of couple that makes you believe in love. Randal and Beth’s relationship is sexy and sassy. Beth is sassy and keeps Randal in line. Randal is romantic like Jack which makes him just as sexy. He loves Beth and is supportive of her dreams. He is also eye candy who is worth checking out. He has a sexy body women will appreciate.

# 2 – Friends

This comedy originally aired in 1994. It lasted for 10 seasons. The comedy was one of the most popular sitcoms on NBC. It has been off the air for years, but it still just as popular as it was during its original run. Friends is about six friends who live in New York. They face life and love together. They go through career issues as well as relationship issues. They all have different personalities from each other, but they manage to make their friendship work.

They tease each other but are there for each other when they are down and in time of need. They help each other with their dating lives. Ross and Rachel were one of the show’s super couples. They had sexy chemistry with each other. The chemistry heightened once they got together. They broke up bitterly, but still maintained their chemistry. Monica and Chandler were another super couple on the show. Their fiery romance came out of the blue. They got together because of a blow to her ego.

They started sneaking around with each other until their relationship was revealed. Watching the pair sneak around was hot and spicy. He wasn’t her prince charming, but she fell for him anyway. The females on the show were physically fit. They looked like they could be models. Rachel had beautiful hair that everyone tried to copy. Monica had in-your-face beauty. Phoebe was quirky and had earthy looks, which was intriguing. The males on the show didn’t have in-your-face sexiness. They were average looking men, but something about them made them sexy in their own way.

# 1 – Days Of Our Lives

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC is Days Of Our Lives. This is NBC’s longest running soap opera. The network was known for soap operas, but the majority of them were canceled. Days Of Our Lives managed to survive the cut. The sexy soap opera centers on the people of Salem. It deals with their professional and personal lives. There are stories for everyone to love. This soap opera is known for its sexy supercouples.

They deal with love triangles, adultery, weddings, amnesia, kidnappings, people coming back from the dead, as well as other juicy storylines. The show has exciting adventures that take the characters to exotic places. The location scenes will take your breath away. During the show’s heyday, the characters traveled to different countries for weddings. The weddings were romantic. The women looked like princesses in their wedding gowns. The men looked regal in their tuxedos. The scenery was always exotic.

The characters on the show look glamorous. The majority of the characters have sexy bodies and aren’t afraid to show them. The show is known for its love scenes. Some of the scenes are tender and romantic while others are hot and lustful. The sex scenes aren’t graphic, but they are appealing to the audience. The couples have fantastic chemistry with each other. Some of them look like they were made for each other. The writers know the right people to pair up with when they create their love stories. This is the only soap opera on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On NBC list, but it deserves the number one spot on the list.


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