Best Romantic Foods For Two

Romantic Foods For Two

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Romance is in the air and you and your special someone plan to have an event to remember that starts with your bellies. Perhaps it’s not just the ambiance of romantic vibes steaming up the hour but a special meal for two. The question is, what’s on the menu? Whether it’s a special breakfast that features a heart-shaped omelet, a picnic brunch to be enjoyed outdoors, or a succulent dish to devour by candlelight, there is nothing in the rulebook which dictates when is the best time of the day to enjoy romantic food. Match that special breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner with some music to set the mood and you have yourself the perfect recipe for an awesome experience worthy of remembrance.

The Romantic Breakfast Club

According to some food gurus, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. As far as a romantic occasion goes, movies and television often portray a scene of one lover preparing a special breakfast for the other. Sometimes the scene shows the breakfast served in bed while other times the second of the two to wake up in the morning walks into the kitchen and sees the culinary creation that’s been prepared for them. On almost every occasion, eggs are the core ingredient to serve as a foodie’s answer to officially start the day. That, plus coffee. What’s awesome about eggs is that the cook doesn’t have to be a certified Red Seal Chef in order to put together a romantic breakfast to remember.

However, eggs aren’t the only food choice to use as an ingredient to put together a romantic breakfast. We will, for argument’s sake, start the breakfast list off with what seems to be the favorite ingredient among many foodies. Hey, while you’re at it, if you want some great music to go with that romantic breakfast for two, “Good Morning Beautiful” from Steve Holy could possibly set the tone of a romantic morning on the right foot.


Romantic Foods

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Putting an omelet together is almost like working with a pizza. The only difference is that the toppings are mixed in with the eggs instead of placed on top of a prepared crust. What makes omelets a sure-fire hit is the versatility to either make it a vegetarian option where meat is kept out of the equation or you can load it up with as many meaty options as you wish to put into it. Just like that pizza, whatever you feel makes the best addition to turn the omelet into a “wow” experience, go for it.

Depending on how talented you are with your culinary skills, you can even go as far as shaping that omelet to look like a heart or whatever object you desire as a photo-worthy masterpiece. There are even heart-shaped frying pans to cater to such an occasion.

Belgian Waffles

Romantic Foods

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There’s a reason why Belgian waffles remain a huge hit. Not only can they serve as a great breakfast option but also has the ability to come across as an epic dessert to remember. If you happen to have the talent to make the waffles from scratch and have one of those small gadgets to cook it up with the Belgian design, great. If not, these can be bought frozen. Should you go the frozen route, my recommendation is to microwave it for no more than 10 seconds before placing it on the surface of a lightly buttered frying pan or griddle. On each side, cook at medium-high heat for no more than a minute.

Speaking as a former breakfast cook for a restaurant located inside a hotel favored by newlyweds, I can personally vouch for the Belgian waffle experience when done right. Usually, these waffles can be broken up into four pieces that each have a triangular shape and can be lined up in a manner to make it easy to doll it up with some favorite breakfast options such as fresh berries. Top it off with some whipped topping and you have yourself the perfect breakfast presentation. Oh, and if you wish to drizzle a bit of chocolate, there’s no harm in that either. If you’d rather keep the Belgian waffle uncut and simply top it off as a thing of beauty, that works too. If you really want to kick up the romantic appearance of a Belgian waffle up a notch, there are heart-shaped waffle-making gadgets that tend to sell like hotcakes.


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Speaking of hotcakes, leaving out this breakfast favorite would be unthinkable. Just like eggs, pancakes are notoriously mentioned in movies and television shows as a favorite breakfast option to be shared as the first meal of the day after spending a romantic night together. The beauty behind pancakes is that they don’t always have to be prepared as plain. Among the most talented culinary artists, sometimes they’re known for throwing in blueberries, chocolate chips, or some cinnamon in an effort to take something from ordinary to extraordinary. What’s fun about pancakes is they can also be heart-shaped, whether it’s by the cook’s own personal talent to pull it off or with the assistance of a pan that’s been designed for the romantic occasion.

Brunching Out

Perhaps breakfast for two in the morning is a bit too early. Instead, you’d rather enjoy a romantic brunch that isn’t quite a full-blown breakfast but doesn’t exactly qualify as a typical lunch, either. Brunch is usually the most favored option among families to celebrate Mother’s Day as that seems to be that one particular day restaurants are filled up with customers who want to treat the most important lady of the hour to a meal where she isn’t the one that has to cook it and isn’t the one having to deal with the dirty dishes in the end. Among romantics, sometimes brunch is just the ticket to enjoy a late morning together, along with the genius of just the right food to cater to the occasion.


Romantic Fondue

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The beauty behind a fondue is that this can be treated as a lighter fare dining experience or a dessert option to finish off a meal. Cheese fondues are a huge hit and there is nothing in the rules that dictate what flavor of cheese you need to go with. It’s your event, your taste buds, and your tummy. You go with what works but it is recommended to make sure whatever cheese you choose is easily meltable and can work with the recommended food items of artisan pieces of bread, breadsticks, cold cut meats, crackers, pickles, and vegetables. Cheese fondues don’t necessarily have to be a brunch thing. It can be something enjoyed at pretty much any given time. If you throw celery in as a vegetable option, it is a known aphrodisiac, as is asparagus.

For the dessert experience, chocolate fondues can also pull off the brunch effect as fruit is usually a breakfast favorite. Combine items such as bananas, cherries, oranges, and strawberries and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a romantic culinary moment. Bananas and strawberries are notoriously known as members of the food group to stimulate the mood for romance, as is the very thing this stuff is supposed to get dipped into. Fondues are fun as you can turn this dining opportunity into a little game where you can feed each other. Have you tried this blindfolded? Make sure the eater is the one with the eye covered and not the feeder. You don’t want an accident to ruin the mood.

Fruit and Nuts

If you haven’t tried this as a brunch option before, I highly recommend doing so. When you group up the nutty family of almonds, pine nuts, and walnuts with the fruity family of apples, avocados, cherries, figs, pomegranates, strawberries, and watermelon, you will have yourself one of the most powerful recipes for the ultimate aphrodisiac payload. Each ingredient mentioned here is known for boosting the libido and when grouped together this is a wonderfully colorful and appetizing work of genius that’s definitely worth the effort. However, if you’d rather simplify it, go with what works. The flavor mix of the nuts and the fruit is fantastic and filling without the bloaty effect. If you really want to capitalize on this romantic culinary option, have some really good red wine to go with it. That too is an aphrodisiac and it also does the mind and body a world of good.

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is also a known aphrodisiac and can either replace the regular potato for any meal occasion. As a brunch option serve it with salmon and truffles and you will triple the impact of what may not be a well-known late morning culinary option but it is effective. This combination can just as easily work as a breakfast option, as well as during lunch, and even for supper. Should you go the supper route and want a bit more added to the plate, go with arugula as your salad option, drizzled with a hint of olive oil. These are also known for their special stimulants that will certainly do their part as a means to give the mood of romance a wonderful boost.

Let’s Do Lunch

As a romantic lunch option, many diners tend to favor something lighter. When the bellies feel like it has mistakenly overindulged, nothing puts the brakes on an opportunity for romance faster than having to deal with the consequences of consuming too much. Among the foodies who want a real lunch that doesn’t look too much like a typical breakfast option, usually, the all-time favorite is simply packing up a basket and finding a scenic picnic spot somewhere. With this in mind, there are some ideas one can work with for such an occasion.


While sandwiches may not come to mind as a member of the romantic food group, it’s more about what’s put into them and how they can be shaped that can turn something so simple into a work of genius. It’s not uncommon to learn about sandwich creations to be shaped like hearts by simply using the knife to carve out the unwanted parts in order to make the desired shape. Whatever you put between the bread is up to you, but if you favor the idea of aphrodisiacs, then go with a salmon salad sandwich, seasoned with a hint of basil, garlic, and preferably an olive oil-based mayonnaise, then you have yourself a powerful piece of edible art.

Each of the ingredients involved are known for turning a mundane moment into something at least a bit more magical. Pair the sandwiches up with a salad featuring arugula, asparagus, almonds, truffles, and olive oil and you have yourself a tag team of culinary splendor. If seafood isn’t your thing, replace the salmon with chicken or egg instead. However, if you go there, replace the basil and garlic with diced celery instead.

Sweet Potato Fries w/Hot Chili Dip

Although sweet potatoes were already mentioned in the brunch category, serving this up like french fries and a specially prepared dip featuring spicy hot chilies takes a step out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, hot chili peppers are among the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the food group there is. This is probably because the peppers increase the heart rate and release endorphins that put the sex drive into a mode that demands to be satisfied.

The best dip for sweet potato fries to add to the romantic mood is a recipe I will share as an avid fan, as well as a cook who figured this out while working at a hotel known for “wowing” honeymooners. Mix together a tablespoon of brown sugar with a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of ground ginger, a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of honey, and either a ground-up red hot chili pepper or the desired amount of dashes of red hot chili pepper flakes. From there, add in half a cup of either light sour cream or yogurt and half a cup of mayonnaise. When that dip is mixed up properly, this is a fantastic condiment to pair up with the sweet potato fries. Minus the dairy and mayo parts of the dip, each ingredient thrown into this recipe is labeled as powerful aphrodisiacs.

Sultry Oysters

Oysters have been a consistent member of the aphrodisiac food group for good reason. The story has it Casanova used oysters as a means to win over a virgin’s heart at least enough to cave into his appetite for romantic interludes. This particular food item has also been recommended as a dietary option to boost sperm count among men when there happens to be a couple struggling to bring a baby into their lives. It also increases testosterone and has high concentrations of zinc. The dopamine content in oysters is a stimulant that causes the brain to demand desire fulfillment, so when it comes to sculpting that perfect romantic meal for two, this seems to be the “it” choice as far as food groups go. Consuming these on their own can be at its best when the seasonings of basil, garlic, and olive oil are applied to the oysters, then smoked to enhance the flavoring. The option to eat this as-is straight off the shell is usually the favorite.

Dinner Date

Romantic Foods

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For some, the temptation to engage in a candlelit dinner is just too much to resist. This is a very difficult culinary occasion to beat as the ambiance of such an occasion can be so intense that romantics may forget to eat altogether. However, among couples who understand the value of a good meal shared with good company, the need to have that perfect meal to accommodate the special event deserves to receive just as much attention. Up to this point, most of the food items mentioned are known for their unique qualities that earn them the right to be called aphrodisiacs. Now with dinner as the focus, let’s share some ideas of what would make the perfect meal for two.

Finger Foods

The fun behind finger foods is that there are so many options to play with that the only thing holding you back is your imagination. That and perhaps some common sense and taste as you lay out what can be a playful experience. Depending entirely on what you and your loved one can handle, you can creatively color-coordinate the platter with contrasts that are eye-appealing or simply go with what you know works as far as culinary preferences go. As fun as finger foods can be, the less messy the foods used in this party platter for two the better. Unless, of course, the mess is simply part of the fun.

Whatever the finger food options happen to be, accommodating it with a great dip that would work will definitely serve up as an awesome kick to boost the experience. Ranch seems to be the all-time favorite, which can be kicked up a bit with a hint of hot chili pepper flakes if that is your wish. If you want a dip out of the ordinary, mixing mayonnaise with a bit of ketchup, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce together has proven to be nothing short of awesome. The tanginess heightens the tastebuds, which tends to trigger the mind to look for more pleasure.

Sensational Salmon

Salmon is phenomenal and as a steak option, pair this up with a brilliantly prepared sweet potato concoction and an arugula-based salad and you will have a romantic dinner experience for the ages. Speaking as a cook who knows her stuff, lightly coat that salmon steak with a wee bit of olive oil before either grilling it, frying it, or roasting it will help it not stick to whatever surface you’re cooking this on. Once the salmon is cooked properly, garnish it with a gentle drizzle of basil accompanied with a lemon slice or wedge and this alone is a thing of beauty. As for the sweet potato, you can either go with the fries route for the “fish and chips” experience or quarter them up like wedges and have them take a bath in olive oil before either frying them up in a pan or roasting them in the oven. If you’re into garlic, definitely add the garlic according to taste.

As a means to really create an awesome plate that could turn Red Seal chefs green with envy, accompany the salmon steak and the sweet potatoes with the mix of asparagus, a few threads of saffron, and olive oil that’s been gently fried up in a skillet. Saffron is another powerful aphrodisiac that also has enough medicinal benefits that should really become a staple diet in the lives of people as a means to keep stress levels down. If you find the asparagus option too bland, season it according to taste. If asparagus isn’t your thing, replace it with celery. That will work too.


It seems spaghetti seems to be the top food choice when one takes it upon themselves to prepare that special meal they’re sure the recipient will appreciate. In the 1955 Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp, the scene of the two dogs working on the same spaghetti noodle is probably what made a big impression on cooks to use this particular meal as a romantic meal staple.

There have been so many filmed scenes of men cooking up spaghetti as a means to impress their love interest that in some ways it came across as boring. However, there’s a reason why this highly popular food item deserves to be called a romantic meal and why Italian restaurants are among the all-time favorites for couples to run off and enjoy a night out on the town together. Interestingly enough, it’s not the pasta that serves up as the key ingredient but rather the seasonings involved, especially in the sauce used to turn what would otherwise be a bland dish. The best culinary chefs in the trade use basil and garlic in the sauce featured in almost every dish they work with. Whether the core ingredient is pasta or not, expecting Greeks and Italians to cook without basil and garlic is like expecting the sun to stop rising up each morning. It simply won’t happen.

Normally among culinary experts, the sauce used in something like spaghetti will either be meat-based or tomato-based. Tomatoes are in both, but not everybody in the Mediterranean is known to be heavy-duty meat-eaters. They do know their tomatoes, though. There are some chefs who are known to grind up oysters and put that into the spaghetti sauce, as well as arugula, celery, olive oil, and truffles. The more expensive restaurants will have the truffles while the ones that are easier on the wallet keep it out. When taking into consideration the ingredients mentioned are each known for their libido qualities, it’s understandable why spaghetti is a favorite meal of choice to cater to the tone of a romantic dinner for two.

Just Desserts

Romantic Foods

Assuming there is enough room in the bellies for dessert, going with chocolate is usually a no-brainer as this is probably the best-known aphrodisiac among romantics who know a thing or two about how certain foods work. A simple bowl of cut strawberries, plus a healthy dollop of whipped topping, and a drizzle of chocolate on top is a sure bet as all three not only taste incredible but deliver a triple impact on the desire to make the most out of a romantic evening for two. Also, don’t forget to pop open a bottle of champagne or red wine as both of these beverages are best suited for the occasion.

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