10 Best Netflix Comedy TV Shows of 2022

Best Netflix Comedy TV Shows of 2022

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Do you feel like being in the mood for laughing and being happy? A good Netflix comedy show will serve the purpose. From the likes of ‘One Day at a Time,’ ‘Documentary Now,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ and ‘Sex Education,’ we got you covered for the entire weekend or vacation. The good thing about Netflix is that it incorporates various feature films, documentaries, animations, TV shows, Netflix originals, and much more. Luckily, each of these film categories integrates shows with significant portions of humor, jokes, and dramas that will tickle your funny bone throughout the entire session. With that said, our list of ten best Netflix comedy shows of 2021 focuses on new and returning shows that are both funny and dramatic. So keep reading.

# 10- Lovesick

Ushering us into the ten best 2022 comedy shows on Netflix is Lovesick, a popular Netflix comedy show initially ran in 2014 and still has new episodes in 2021. It revolves around the themes of sex, and relationships with a significant part of it integrating humor. This series is one of the best because it incorporates well-defined characters that are funny and professional. The featuring of new protagonists and environments in each episode also makes the show more elaborate. This way, the show keeps its audience alert by its occasional episode surprises. During the first season of Lovesick, the drama begins with Dylan, one of the main characters in the show, who has to reach out to all his previous girlfriends that he had sex with. The intention of reaching out to all of them is to inform them that he had Chlamydia. Therefore, he begins by having flashbacks of three years ago when he met Abigail. Dylan met Abigail during the wedding ceremony of Angus.

During the third season, the protagonists bring out the drama in the show by accompanying Abigail to a literary festival. At the festival, Luke uses his poetry to attempt to persuade women. That’s not all, as it is in this season that Holly and Angus find out their differences. So far, Netflix has not officially renewed this comedy show for season four, although it has not officially canceled the show.

# 9 – One Day At A Time

On our ten best Netflix comedy shows of 2022 comes ‘One Day at a Time’ at position nine. This comedy show first appeared in 2017. The show features stars such as Todd Grinnell, Stephen Tobolowsky, Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, and Marcel Ruiz. What makes this show one of the best shows in 2022 is that it throws back to the 1970s defining comedies on that it has modified the comedy into a modern twist. This show’s main agendas and themes include wage inequality, teenage sexuality, post-traumatic stress disorder, Cuban heritage, and generational variances. The debut season features a perfect depiction of a typical Cuban-American family lifestyle. The characters in the first season strive to discover their journey. The season follows the story of Penelope Alvarez and her return to civilian lifestyle after serving as a veteran United States Army Nurse Corps.

In season two, the show continues to expose what it looks like to be a member of the Alvares family. The real struggles and triumphs that the single mom goes through, from dealing with Elena, the teen daughter who is on the verge of discovering the meaning of being gay, to handling her enthusiastic mother and enrolling in a nursing school program.

Although the third season of this Schneider’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, it is evident that the season has a perfect way of delivering a legitimate and honest depiction of the issue of addiction. The season ends, depicting how addiction affected each character’s life. The show is currently in its fourth season, where the Alvarez family is left reflecting on the future of their relationships after a census taker visits them.

# 8 – Arrested Development

‘Arrested Development’ is one of the craziest, most intelligent, silliest, and funniest sitcoms that featured stories that were ahead of their time in its debut season of 2013. Although the show went through an early cancelation due to an incredibly different wry, wit sense of humor at the time, the show qualifies to be among the ten best Netflix comedy shows of 2021 because its sense of humor articulates well with the modern genre. Arrested development’s debut season features the main protagonist George Sr who faces the hand of the law after being involved in a thievery incident at the Bluth Company. Also, when Tobias and Lindsay return to California, they go through a series of material issues. That’s not all, as in the first season, the show portrays teenage emotions through two cousins, Maeby and George Michael, who reunite.

In the second season, the drama and humor continue as George escapes from prison and spends the entire season as a fugitive. His hiding place is the family’s attic. The third season of this sitcom portrays George Sr.’s funny and dramatic character when he grows impatient and tries to escape again from his house arrest. The drama continues as the Bluths discover more of their family secrets, and finally, Buster falls in love. You can’t help but keep laughing at the show’s sense of humor as George Sr. and her wife are both in custody. The wife attempts to be in control of the family business while in jail. While on house arrest, she announces her plan to divorce her husband. The show is currently in its fifth season, where Lucille Austero’s mysterious disappearance in the middle of her congressional campaign leaves the audience surprised. This last season also features the cast being together often than in the other previous seasons.

# 7 – Documentary Now!

‘Documentary Now!’ takes the seventh position on our list of the ten best Netflix comedy shows of 2022. If you are a cinephile persuasion, there is no doubt that you will agree that this comedy show’s famous and innovative documentary genre blended with Armisen’s and Hader’s comedy treatment is a great deal. The bottom line is that ‘Documentary Now!’ is a plain, simple, and must-watch series due to its incredible VICE-spoofing installment magnum opus. The first season begins on a high note that acknowledges the doc format through six varying stories and stylistic advancements. The stunning and on-point Salesmen and Stop Making Sense documentary parodies get sharper in the second season. Season three of this comedy show strives to strike an ideal balance between humanism and formalism.

# 6 – BoJack Horseman

The ten best comedy shows of 2022 from Netflix would not have been complete without the ‘BoJack Horseman.’ This Raphael Bob-Waksberg comedy show incorporates BoJack Horseman’s animated personage, which feels potently compassionate like never before. What makes the show one of the best shows so far is that it strives to balance the blue and painful thematic apprehension using an energetic animation style and a sense of humor from varying characters. The first season recounts the reconnection between BoJack and an old friend who creates a pandemonium after moving into BoJack’s house. The season culminates with a detour of BoJack’s and Diane’s business trip and a scam that lands Todd in trouble. The second season of the ‘BoJack Horseman’ comedy show features BoJack and how he draws close to Wanda, who has been in a thirty-year comma, thus has no idea of the happenings.

The third season continues to feature BoJack’s main character, but BoJack is on a mission to find Kelsey this time. He, therefore, embarks on an underwater tour to the Pacific Ocean Film Festival. In this season, Princess Carolyn also decides to pursue love through a sequence of blind dates. The entire fourth season revolves around BoJack as he strives to bring his grandfather’s house to a renovation. The hilarious season five revolves around BoJack’s series of unfortunate events like the death of his mother and past mistakes of almost sleeping with a teenager. All these happen as he attempts to get better. Finally, in the sixth season, BoJack finds himself in a rehabilitation center where he struggles with Sarah Lynn’s death memories.

# 5 – Trailer Park Boys

Although ‘Trailer Park Boys’ is on our list of the best 2022 Netflix comedy shows, we would like to put a disclaimer that you might like or dislike this show. In its pioneering seasons, its improvisational dialogue and minimalistic camera handling styles are somehow jerky. However, the show gets better in the following seasons, growing into a strangely Meta world. Additionally, ‘Trailer Park Boys’ is one of the best shows of 2022 since it has successfully aired ten seasons, a live tour, and three movies. The 2001 first season featured main protagonists such as Julian, Ricky, and Cyrus. After their release from prison, Julian and Ricky head to their residence in Sunnyvale Trailer Park, where Julian discovers that Cyrus is in charge of his trailer and the Park.

The story continues in season two, with Sunnyvale in a state of disaster. Randy is now fully involved with Lucy after leaving Lahey, who develops insobriety and depression. The story of family, love, and friendship carries on in season three, with drama unfolding now and then in the fictional Park. Season four of this Mike Clattenburg’s Canadian mockumentary features Rick’s story as the new Trailer Park supervisor. Rick and Bubbles spend the rest of the season playing hash hockey in Julian’s trailer. The show ends on its twelfth season during Ricky’s and Julian’s huge stag bash that turns into an escape fight after the local police show up.

# 4 – The Russian Doll

‘Russian Doll’ has gained global recognition, especially for comedy lovers, with some integration of some scary elements and a sci-fi twist. Leslye Headland, Army Poehler, and Natasha Lyonne created this brilliant tale of mortality and morality. The expertise of the creators of this show to balance between cutting comedy, sincerity, and wild genre flourish is definitely on another level, the reason why it could not miss on our ten best comedy shows list. The premiering season of this show begins on a relatively high pitch as both Nadia and Alan are reliving their death repeatedly, which leads to their connection. Season two of ‘Russian Doll’ is yet to be released.

# 3- Sex Education

Number three on our ten best Netflix comedy shows of 2022 is Laurie Nunn’s ‘Sex Education.’ Everyone who has been through the teenage stage of development can attest that being a teenager is a mixture of confusion, weirdness, awkwardness, and randomness. That’s what ‘Sex Education’ is all about, and the reason behind the show’s success since every adult can relate to the stories and themes. The integration of a sense of humor in the show cuts across teenagers at high school and adults.

The debut season of the ‘Sex Education’ show features Otis Milburn, a secondary school student at the Moordale School. While schooling, Otis and Maeve set up a sex therapy business that solves other students’ sexual problems. However, conflict arises when Otis shows his affection towards Maeve. The second season is about Otis and Maeve as the main characters going through a series of relationship confusions that leads to the end of the sex clinic. Season three stops as Maeve attempts to regain her mother’s trust. When her mission is almost successful, Isaac disrupts everything.

# 2 – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From Robert Carlock and Tina Fey, the official showrunners of ’30 Rock’ is our second best 2022 comedy show currently on Netflix. Do you remember ’30 Rock?’ Did you find its goofy sensibility and offbeat funny enough to the extent of tickling your funny bone? If yes, the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ is a must-watch. Throughout its four seasons, this show has combined outrageous tales and fast-paced jokes, an attribute that has seen the show being one of the best in Netflix so far.

The first season is about Kimmy falling in love with Dong, testifying against the Reverend in court, and realizing the world’s significant transformation in her fifteen years of captivity. The second season of this show manifests the unfortunate end of Dong and Kimmy’s relationship. Fortunately, Kimmy secures herself a good job. The show’s third season still focuses on Kimmy’s life as she is ready to join college after attaining her GED. The twelve-episode season four of the show churns out big laughs through Kimmy’s dream job at a startup company turning into a nightmare. Kimmy realizes that some of her co-workers did not like the fact that she was over-enthusiastic about shoulder rubs and T-shirt guns.

# 1- Schitt’s Creek

Eugene Levy’s and Daniel Levy’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is today’s number one comedy show on Netflix. Many comedy lovers like this show because it incorporates a storyline and casts that are hilarious, thus creating a warm and happy mood. Several reasons make us believe that this is the best show of the year, including the fact that it is an Emmy-Winning comedy series in Canada. Also, the show features a particular focus on humanity, the more reason it is an ideal feel-good TV show.

The 2015 first season of this show features Johnny Rose and his family’s relocation to Schitt’s Creek after going broke. In the show’s second season, the previously rich Johnny’s family realizes that their stay in the depressing old town would be longer than expected. Season three focuses on Johnny’s struggles and quests to get his family out of Creek. Luckily, he finds a new project that is capable of restoring purpose into his life. The drama unfolds in the fourth season as Moira suspects that she might be involved in the death of their motel guest. On the other side, Patrick officiates his romance. Also, Johnny suspects that Alexis might be pregnant. Season five and six are hilarious because of a new family member, while Patrick and David are at it again, trying to advance their relationship.


We hope that we have taken care of your need to laugh through our above list of the ten best 2021 comedy shows on Netflix. It is important to note that there are several other Netflix comedy shows that we may not have included in this article. Therefore, feel free to add your favorite ones that you think we may have left out.

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