10 Best Amazon Prime Comedy TV Shows To Binge In 2022

Amazon Prime Comedy TV Shows To Binge In 2022

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Did you know that Amazon Prime has tons of hilarious content that can keep you busy laughing throughout the day and night? If you want complete legacy series, they have an endless list. Whether it is first seasons, their list is also endless. What about exciting new originals? No reason to worry. Amazon Prime has tons of them. With Amazon, there is always something new. However, you may have to filter through their endless list of comedy series to identify what you can watch with a base subscription. Also, identify what you can watch with a secondary subscription. Our task is to make the process simpler and easier for you. We have compiled this already filtered list of the ten best Amazon Prime comedy series to binge on in 2022 with a prime base subscription. So keep reading.

#10 – How I Met Your Mother

How do you find a comedy series with a touch of romance here and there? It sounds like a captivating deal. Craig Thomas’ and Carter Bays’ “How I Met Your Mother” is our 10th best comedy show on this list. This 2005 show features cast such as Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, and more. It is one of the most successful comedy shows of 2005, one of the reasons it is in its 9th season. If you have watched and liked “Ha-ave you met Ted,” you will also love this show. This show consists of a comedy gold ensemble cast, making it one of the best shows to binge on this year. Also, its incorporation of 9 seasons with 208 episodes makes it a perfect choice for binge-watching.

Ted Mosby, the main character, gathers his kids, Penny and Luke, in its debut season. He tells them the events that led to meeting their mother. The show’s second season is as hilarious as the first. It features the unveiling of a family secret at brunch. Ted is stunned. Also, the third season features the return of Robin from Argentina. Ted has no choice but to adjust to life like her friend. In the fourth season, a wedding between Ted and Stella takes place. This wedding makes Robin resign from his new job, return to New York to attend the wedding. The comics and romance proceed to season nine that features Robin’s and Barney’s divorce.

#9 – 30 Rock

On the 9th position is Tina Fay’s “30 Rock.” The show’s cast includes Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, and Jane Krakowski. It is a satirical sitcom whose creation resulted from Tina Fey’s experiences as a Saturday Night Live show’s head writer. This seven-season satirical show has seven seasons and has been able to earn nominations on the astounding 103 Primetime Emmy Awards. Throughout the seven running seasons of the show, it has won the wards sixteen times. Isn’t that great? These are the reasons we had to incorporate it as one of the best comedies available on Amazon Prime.

Its debut season premiered on NBC from 2006 to 2007. It featured Carie, a character who gets married to a guy she has known for only three months. Liz, on the other hand, isn’t comfortable with Carie’s decision. In the second season, Liz in the company of the TGS crew returns from the summer hiatus. Jack’s hilariousness is evident in season three as he attempts to claim back his job and promotion. In the fourth season, Liz Pete has to look for new talent without the knowledge of the writers. The fifth season continues as Liz gets into a relationship with Carol. In the sixth season, Jack is mad after learning of Avery’s emotional affair. The seventh season is the last, and it features Lutz’s urge for vengeance after being mistreated for seven years.

#8- Modern Love

Another excellent comedy series is “Modern Love.” It comes at number eight on our ten best Amazon Prime comedy series. It is one of the best choices of returning comedy, and romance series to watch this year. The main reason is that its first two seasons feature a remarkable cast that consists of A-list actors. That’s not all. If you read The New York Times, you will realize that show resembles a particular weekly column in the newspaper. Its creation was due to inspiration from the newspaper’s weekly column. Based on 64 reviews, its first season received a 75% positive score and an average rating of 6.60/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. It has also received nominations for various awards.

Its debut season begins on a hilarious note as Guzman disapproves of all the men that Maggie brings home. These events happen in New York City as Maggie tries her best to navigate through the dating scene. All goes well until Maggie learns of her pregnancy despite her breakup with the father’s child. The second season features the meeting of two strangers, Kit Harrington and Lucy Boynton, on a train. However, the onset of the pandemic disrupts their plan and intention to meet again on that similar spot.

#7- Bones

This 2005 show is a blend of comedy, drama, and crime genres. The American TV series originated from Hart Hanson’s creativity in creating such shows. The versatility of this television series in offering entertainment at various angles and combining them makes the show worth the bill. What makes the show even better for binge-watching is the dozen seasons available. Although every episode deals with a different FBI case, the storyline revolves around the main protagonists’ personal lives. That makes it more fun to watch and follow. In September 2005, “Bones” attracted more than 8.9 million views in the United States of America for its debut season. The TV series is still rolling in Amazon Prime with millions of views.

The first season features Dr. Temperance Brennan’s return to Washington. This renowned forensic anthropologist’s return is to help in FBI investigations on a set of bones. The second season centers on the investigation of Brianna Swanson’s death. Gormogon’s story features in season three. He plays a cannibalistic serial killer. Booth, Brennan, and Sweets find themselves in trouble after ruling out suicide in the fourth season. The comics, crime, and drama continue in season five with a wedding and the critical decisions that Booth and Bones must make. Throughout the entire twelve seasons, the series takes us through Kathy Reichs’ life and her novels. Watching this series to the end gives you a new perception of the current debates and the intersection between empirical evidence and science.

#6 – Upload

The sixth best show on our ten best Amazon Prime comedy series is creator Greg Daniels’ “Upload.” It is a perfect combination of comedy, science fiction, and mystery. Also, its primary casts are Andy Allo, Robbie Amell, and Zainab Johnson. This American television series first premiered on Amazon Prime Video in May 2020. The network renewed the show’s second season one week later. Since its release, a large percentage of fans of comedy-drama shows have received the series positively. “Upload” has an 88% approval rating based on 56 critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Its average score of 6.93/10 has also been remarkable. Therefore, it’s one of the new shows you don’t want to miss.

Currently, “Upload” is in its debut season, featuring how people who are almost dying in 2033 would be ‘uploaded’ into an afterlife of virtual reality. The virtual reality choice, however, depends on the individual’s selection. Six technological firms are in control of these virtual reality afterlives. After being involved in a car crash, Nathan’s girlfriend ‘uploads’ him into a VR afterlife consisting of a lavish Lakeview.

#5 – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

From creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, here comes our 5th best comedy TV series currently on Amazon Prime. If you love a blend of comedy and drama, this American period comedy-drama will be worth an investment. The show’s first season was aired on Amazon Prime Video in March 2017. Since then, it has had a series of positive responses. For the first season, it was a hit as it received a 94% approval rating according to 81 reviews with an average rating of 7.43 out f the possible ten on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the approval rating declined for the subsequent second and third seasons (91% and 80%, respectively), the show is still one of the best sitcoms on Amazon Prime Video It has won several awards. In 2021, Ron Bochar, Mathew Price, George A. Lara, Stewart Lerman, and David Boulton won the Cinema Audio Society Awards in the “Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Television Series” category.

The first season begins with an introduction to Miriam Maisel’s life. She is an American Jewish housewife belonging to the upper class of society. Additionally, Miriam resides in Manhattan. Her husband works at a plastics company. The second season proceeds with the same characters in season one. Weissman’s family move to Paris, and Midge somehow has moved on from Joel. In the third and last season, Midge ends her engagement with Benjamin. Also, she ends the awkward relationship she put herself after a one-night-stand with Joel.

#4 – Monk

At the fourth position on our list is Andy Brekman’s “Monk.” It is an American comedy show that integrates dramatic scenes. It is one of the best comedy shows you can binge on in 2021 due to various reasons. First, the show comprises eight seasons, thus a relatively longer series to watch throughout the day and night. Also, it has been the winner of the Emmy Awards eight times and appeared in many nominations. This American comedy-drama show has also won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and one Golden Globe Award. It also stars some of the great actors, including Tony Shalhoub, who plays Adrian Monk.

Its 2002 debut season featured Monk investigating a police detective’s murder besides him suffering from vertigo. The second season centers on the death of a ruthless CEO and his wife. The third season began airing in June 2004. It has 16 episodes that major on Monk’s prescription of a new drug that compromises his solving crime abilities. The fourth season features Monk solving a Halloween crime mystery as they (with his brother) wait for the return of their long-lost father. We get to know a prominent actor who was almost close to Monk’s investigations in the fifth season. The TV series continues to season eight as Monk is excited about being the bodyguard of a former child star whose life was in danger.

#3 – The Tick

We have something great for you if you love comedy shows, but you also love adventures and action. At our third position is Ben Edlund’s “The Tick.” It is a 2016 American comic and fictional series. Edlund picked this series’ character from his comic book’s character who has a similar identification—the show’s first season premiered on Amazon Prime Video in august 2016. Since its release, it has received a remarkable positive response from fans. For instance, it received a 90% approval rating based on 63 critical reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregation website. An average rating of 7.4/10 on the same website was also a sign the show was the favorite for many. Its accolades history is also remarkable as it has appeared in the Saturn Awards and Emmy Awards nominations.

Currently, “The Tick” has two complete seasons. The first season begins with Arthur traumatized as he remembers his father’s death when he was still young. The Terror, the superhero responsible for Arthur’s father’s death, is allegedly dead, and Arthur is busy pursuing evidence of a theory that he might not be dead. The second season begins as the AEGIS show their interest in Arthur and Tick after involving themselves in a battle against bank robbers.

#2 – Scrubs

Streaming networks have many medical TV series. However, it is rare to find one that integrates comedy and the drama of the medics and other hospital staff. “Scrubs” is an American returning medical comedy-drama television series that stands out from more serious medical dramas. Bill Lawrence is the creator of this show which first premiered on NBC in March 2010. It is one of the best TV series to binge on this year as it entails nine sizeable seasons, all of which will tickle your funny bone. This TV show is one of the best since it has won several awards, including the Humanitas Award and Peabody Awards. This comedy-drama series will hook you to your screen as it takes you through the comedic look of how hospital administrators, nurses, medical interns, and hospital janitors live.

This film’s first season starts with the admission of Jordan’s brother at Sacred Heart after experiencing an incident with a nail gun. Season two focuses on Dr. John Dorian. He is a second-year student at Sacred Heart practicing medicine. Dramas unfold in season three as Cox develops a crush on Dr. Miller and Sean Kelly starts a relationship with Elliot. In season four, Sacred Heart experiences several changes, and JD goes to live on his own. The comedy and drama continue until the last season (season 9) as the Winston University medical students ultimately have something to be grateful for.

#1 – Catastrophe

Ushering us into the first best Amazon Prime comedy series is “Catastrophe,” a British TV sitcom whose first episode of season one aired in January 2015. The show is a result of the beautiful work of creators and writers Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. The two are also the main casts of this TV series. The show is entirely a comedy show as it features the two casts meeting and falling in love with each other in London. It’s funny how the two protagonists end up in a weekend affair that unexpectedly turns out to be a long-term commitment. This sitcom is also one of the best due to the series of award nominations that it has received. The sitcom has also won a series of awards since its launch.

The first season begins on a funny note as Sharon, an Irish teacher, meets Rob, a recovering alcoholic. In the second season, it is funny how Rob and Sharon keep on arguing. In the middle of their argument, they get intimate. Frankie, their son, interrupts them. The third season begins with a confrontation. Rob raises the issue of the morning after-pill as he becomes suspicious. Unfortunately, Rob gets arrested and serves a community service sentence after his involvement in drinking and driving.


We hope that your binge experience with our ten best Amazon Prime comedy series will be fantastic. As long as you have an Amazon Prime subscription, nothing prevents you from laughing alone or with friends and family. If we did not mention any of your favorites in our list, feel free to add them.

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