10 Sexiest TV Shows On Amazon Prime

10 Sexiest TV Shows On Amazon Prime

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Did you know that Amazon Prime is among the most popular streaming services right now? It is giving intense competition to other streaming networks like Hulu and Netflix. Apart from producing content in English, Amazon Prime has also expanded its networks globally. It is now creating content in many other languages throughout the world. Amazon Prime has various TV genres, including adventure, action, romantic comedies, period dramas, and science fiction, to keep up with subscribers’ needs. For now, you are looking for adult-themed TV series, and Amazon Prime will not disappoint you. Amazon Prime has some of the best shows that take pride in having exclusive, explicit, implicit, and hot scenes. We did our research and came up with the following list of the ten sexiest TV shows on Amazon Prime right now.


10th on our list is ‘The Affair’ from Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem. It is an American drama TV series that premiered in October 2014 on Showtime and ran for five complete seasons, including 53 episodes. You may agree that being a family person requires even participation from both parties. So, whenever a relationship lacks an equal amount of obligation from both partners, problems become inevitable. That is the exact situation in this TV series. Here, the two subjects are Alison, a waitress, and Noah, a teacher. The show’s main plot focuses on the affair’s aftermath between the two characters. Most scenes in the series feature Alison and Ruth. The show’s sexiest parts are the critical revelations that sometimes happen in the middle of the act.

Noah ends his relationship with Alison after learning that Cole, Alison, and the rest are dealing with drugs. He then takes his family and returns to Brooklyn. In the second season, Noah’s fame is rising in NYC. The third season features an attempted murder mystery on Noah. Season four ends with Cole hoping to get through a calm funeral. However, he sees Alison’s mother setting a beach ceremony for scattering ashes after cremating her daughter. In season five, Noah leads his ex-wife away from a wildfire, and she experiences a rattlesnake bite along the way.


Our list of the sexiest TV series on Amazon Prime wouldn’t be complete without this 7-seasons American comedy-drama TV series. The show’s title is sexually suggestive, like the characters and the entire storyline. The show features Hank Moody as the main character who appears to be a drunkard and womanizer who abuses drugs, thus complicating his relationship with Karen, his longtime lover, and Becca, their daughter. What makes this show one of the sexiest is its recurring themes of sex, rock and roll, and drug abuse. Hank goes from sleeping with a university’s dean, his students, his lawyer, and even an underage girl. For this reason, it has won multiple awards, including one Golden Globe Award and two Emmy Awards.

The initial season begins with a basic introduction to Hank’s life as a father to child Becca and a former boyfriend to Karen. He is a struggling sex-crazed and alcoholic writer. Karen and Hank’s relationship seems to be heading in the right direction in season two. The third season features Hank struggling to execute his obligations as a single father as Becca becomes more rebellious. While facing the consequences of his actions in season four, Hank also has to try and make Becca and Karen forgive him. The show proceeds to season 7, where Levon and Hank assist Julia in celebrating her new position.


Even the show’s title tells it all. Please don’t say you didn’t laugh after reading the title and comprehending what it means. ‘I Love Dick’ is our 8th sexiest show that you can stream on Amazon Prime. It is an American TV series that aired from 2016 to 2017. Creators Sarah Gubbins and Joey Soloway based the show’s storyline on Chris Kraus’ novel of a similar name. Following the story of Chris and Dick, this show features nudity and sex in plenty. The show’s director might have avoided applying voyeuristic glimpses when shooting the sex scenes. But what is evident is that it explores more on the chemistry between the two protagonists during intimacy.

Since the series faced cancellation before renewing for a second season, it only has one season with eight episodes. The episodes begin with Chris moving to Marfa, Texas, to attend her husband’s fellowship work. Instead, she ends up falling for Dick, the fellowship sponsor. Initially, Chris keeps her feelings a secret while writing sexual-arousing letters for Dick. She holds the notes to herself too.


At number seven, we have ‘Made in Heaven,’ a fantastic Indian romantic web series that also has some touch of drama. It premiered in March 2019 on Amazon Video, featuring two wedding planners in Delhi, Karan, and Tara, as they go about their lives. The entire nine episodes in the miniseries are beautifully directed and authentic, making it fun to watch. That’s not all. The show includes complex storylines, layered characters, and super performances that are entirely worth your precious time. The only issue is that the nine episodes end just when you fall in love with the storyline. It incorporates multiple intimacy scenes, probably why it received an MDB rating of 8.3.

This miniseries’ plot is a perfect manifestation of the modern India, where modern ambitions are in apprehension. The show’s character tales play out opposing the expensive and lavish weddings’ backdrop. According to critics, this miniseries exposed the more significant social dynamics and human nature in Delhi.


Although this TV series follows a non-nudity policy concerning depicting its sexual activities, it includes performances and an atmosphere that is enough to soar the temperatures in your watching room. ‘Sex in the City’ is an American comedy-drama and romantic TV show that Darren Star created for HBO. It is generally an adaptation of a 1997 Candace Bushnell’s book of a similar title. The series revolves around the lives of four women who, despite manifesting varying ever-changing sex lives and natures, still maintain a strong friendship. All the show’s topics relate to sex in one way or another. You don’t want to miss this incredible sexy TV show this time around. Head over to Amazon Prime and start streaming.

The 1998 debut season begins featuring Carrie Bradshaw living in Manhattan and discussing with her friends about having sex with men without emotional attachments. Season two still focuses on Carrie’s sexual life dating a baseball player and later breaking it off after realizing she is not over Big. In the third season, Carrie starts dating a politician while Steve and Miranda move in together. Carrie convinces Aidan to restart their relationship while Trey and Charlotte continue having marital relations despite them living apart. The series ends in season 6 as Carrie starts dating Jack Berger. Miranda still has feelings for Steve, and Samantha starts dating Jerry Jerrod, a younger waiter.


This is an Indian streaming TV series on Amazon Prime Video that revolves around the lives of four new-age women from India going through life’s ups and downs. Although they try living independently, they are constantly supporting each other. The four girls include Maanvi Gagroo, Gurbani Judge, Sayani Gupta, and Kirti Kulhari. In the show, each girl represents a specific social pressure that women go through. Sexuality, such as bisexuality, is among the social forces featured in the series. For these four girls, sex is a liberty symbol. Although some of the sex scenes here sometimes look quite forced, it is a lovely romantic Indian series to watch.

The series has 20 episodes incorporated in two seasons. The debut season begins with the board of directors giving Damini a request to develop a new strategy after her legal defamation cases pile. Umang reaches out to Damini and Anjana in the second season after Siddhi frantically calls her. The girls rush to Istanbul to look for Siddhi and are finally full of relief after finding her. However, they are angry because they almost developed a heart attack.

# 4 – GIRLS

If you didn’t know that comedy series can be romantic and sexy too, then you probably haven’t watched ‘Girls.’ It is an American comedy-drama TV series from creator and the show’s main protagonist, Lena Dunham. Dunham created this show from his own life experiences. So, among other things, this TV series features what Dunham was going through, from becoming a writer after financial isolation from her father and mother to making stupid decisions. As it features the story of four girls, nudity and sex are critical components of this series. The show reveals each of these girls’ personalities through their sex scenes. ‘Girls’ is as good as it sounds, with many people falling in love with it to the extent of bagging the Golden Globe Award in 2013 for the best TV series.

The 2012 debut season premiered on HBO with ten episodes. The season mainly featured Hannah living in New York, working as an unpaid intern at a publishing firm. To her shock, her parents visit her, telling her that they will no longer offer her financial support as they did since she graduated. In the second season, Hannah is happy as she finally works as a paid writer and spices up the theme by taking coke from a neighboring friend. Season three events happen several months after the previous season’s events. It features Hannah combating her OCD with Zoloft. The series ends in season 6 as Marnie finally decides to move in with Hannah to help her take care of baby Grover.


If you need something sexually-stimulating, this is the show to watch. The creators of this series came up with its plot in 2011, basing it on the independent film of a similar name. It focuses on the lives of two modern ladies and their sexual adventures. The first woman finds a man to have sex with him without any attached feelings, and the second woman meets a third woman with similar life goals. However, the three ladies ultimately develop feelings for their partners with time. So, what had begun as extremely sexual ended up quite romantic and heartfelt. This show takes pride in having some of the hottest sex scenes integrated with some life facts on life and love. It is, therefore, a great watch.

The 2011 TV miniseries has one season. And as explained above, it is more of an introspective look at love and sex. So, throughout the entire season, it is more of an exploration of the modern dating world and balancing romance, career, and friendship challenges.


Do you feel like being in the mood to watch some modern homosexuality? Then ‘The L Word’ is the show for you. The series is an accurate depiction of how modern homosexual women live. Therefore, it follows the lives of a group of bisexual and lesbian women residing in West Hollywood, California. This American-Canadian TV series was the first to feature an ensemble cast of bisexual and lesbian female characters. So, they must receive all the accolades they deserve. At the time of its release (2004), it was groundbreaking in portraying lesbianism. The multiple steamy sex scenes, primarily among women, are among the show’s sexiest parts.

The initial season introduces us to Tina Kennard and Bette Porter, a 7-years relationship couple trying to have a child. We get to know Carmen, a DJ who joins the love triangle with Jenny and Shane in season two. Tina and Bette’s relationship begin to deteriorate again in season three, leading to Tina’s decision to enter into a fake relationship with another man to help win a possible custody fight. The season finally ends in season six, focusing on Jenny’s murder.


If there is a woman in the entertainment scene that never hesitates to speak her mind it is Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She will do so even when satisfying her fierce sexual appetite. She is among the brilliant voices you have ever heard of in the comedic world. She is the creator behind ‘Fleabag,’ a TV series that millions of viewers are now considering to be a masterpiece that levels with the likes of ‘The Office.’ Besides being the show’s creator and writer, she also plays a leading character. ‘Fleabag’ is a show that you probably have never seen before. Its fresh approach and appeal to comedy are also on another level. Make sure to catch this juicy show on Amazon Prime.

The first season begins with Fleabag having a one-night stand with Arsehole. She then picks up Bus Rodent, another guy she meets on the bus. The second season is even hotter. After returning after a year to join a family dinner, Fleabag finds the priest in her father’s engagement party intriguing. After Fleabag spends a pleasant day with the priest, she rejects his attempt to help her with her troubles while knowing her more.


We hope that this list of the sexiest TV shows on Amazon Prime has been helpful to you. since you now know what to watch, remember to always watch such shows in the privacy of your room or when the children are away or asleep. The sex scenes are not appropriate for kids.

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