10 Best Amazon Prime Reality Shows To Binge in 2022

 Amazon Prime Reality Shows To Binge in 2022

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A penny for your thoughts, do you have a list of reality shows TV personalities you find fun to watch? Do you have those who you find highly irritating to watch? Amazon Prime Video has tons of reality TV programs. So, which ones are the best? Which ones incorporate your favorite TV personalities? With so many choices, it can be difficult for anyone to decide which show to binge on in 2022. People have different preferences. With some, they can spend their entire binge-time revisiting old reality shows. Others wouldn’t get enough of the memorable recent reality TV series. With our ten best Amazon Prime reality shows, you can get away from that late-evening decompress session or that weekend marathon. So keep reading and discover the best real-life drama, excellent competition shows, and general reality TV shows.

#10 – The Simple Life

If you love following up on socialites’ lifestyles, then we have what you have been searching for. “The Simple Life” is our 10th best reality TV show that you can binge on in 2022. Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim came up with the idea of this show that follows up the personal and professional lives of two wealthy American socialites. The two socialites are Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. We find it one of the best reality shows to binge on partly because it ironically depicts the lives of these wealthy socialites struggling with low-paying jobs like farm-work cleaning services, serving meals, and providing camp counseling. The five seasons also make it an ideal show to binge on for an extended time.

The first season begins with the two socialites agreeing to forget about their high-end social status and move in with the Lending family for thirty days. The two socialites travel through America using a pink pickup truck attached to an airstream trailer in the second season. ‘Interns’ is the title of the third season. It features Nicole and Paris working as interns in various companies on America’s East Coast. The fourth season attracted 1.3 viewers. The two socialites took the roles of wives for different families in each episode. The fifth season sees the duo as camp counselors.

#9 – 60 Days In

“60 Days In” is today’s 9th best reality show that you can binge on this year on Amazon Prime. It is a docuseries and somehow a reality version of the legendary “Prison Break.” Its international audience refers to it as “The Jail: 60 Days In.” Since the first season premiered in March 2016, it has been airing in more than 100 countries, making it a legendary docuseries that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Prison undercover shows are always fun to watch. Whether scripted or not, they always have a certain kind of suspense that is thrilling and addictive. Therefore, we place this reality series among the best to binge on this year as it features volunteers who are confined as undercover prisoners for sixty days. It also inspired the release of a spin-off titled “60 Days In: Narcoland” in July 2019, the more reason we believe it is worth your precious binge-time in 2022.

The first season begins with the confinement of seven volunteers in Indiana’s Clark County Jail. The primary aim was to eradicate corruption and crime. In the second season, Indiana’s County Jail receives new undercover inmates. Among them are a young lawyer, a former corrections officer, and a bounty hunter. Season three focuses on Atlanta’s Fulton County Jain as new undercover joins them. In the fourth season, the participants’ safety becomes compromised when two are already inside and three on their way into the jail. The undercover operations continue to season six when the newly-elected Sheriff Jonathan reforms the Etowah County Detention Center.

#8 – Little Women: LA

Now, if you want to see how dramatic women living with dwarfism can be, watch Terra Jole’s “Little Women: LA.” This series is an American reality TV program that features the personal lives of a group of ladies. All these ladies are dwarfs residing in Los Angeles. So, the series is all about friendships, drama, and how they relate daily. It is one of the best shows for binge-watching this year due to its alarming success rate. It has gone to the extent of inspiring the release of four other Little Women spin-offs like “Little Women: Terra’s Little Family,” “Little Women: NY,” “Little Women: Dallas,” and “Little Women: Atlanta.” Additionally, the 42-minutes long episodes throughout the eight seasons are perfect for a whole weekend binge-watching experience.

The first season begins with Elena and Terra mending their tense relationship. The second season features Tonya, Traci, and Terra performing a background check on Briana’s new fiancé. Season three turns sour as the ‘Little women’ are on a Los Angeles tour. The drama and relationship issues continue to the last season (season 8) as Tonya realizes her broken relationship with Terra.

#7- My Strange Addiction

Would you imagine watching a show which involves people eating non-food items like camphor, gasoline, and broken glass? “My Strange Addiction” is such a show where you will see people with all these behaviors. It is an American documentary TV program that first premiered its debut season in December 2010. The series features strange behaviors of strange people, like consuming irrational non-food items. Also, participants manifest weird beliefs and fixations, not forgetting the performance of ceremonial activities. These unique activities, concerts, and sentiments make this program one of the most-watched shows and ideal to binge on in 2022.

This documentary TV program is in its sixth season. The first season profiles four addicts. They include a shopaholic, an obsessive runner, a chalk eater, and an excessive tanner. The second season begins with Jazz, whose fingernails are long, attaining a 24 inches length. She has been growing them for more than 22 years. You won’t believe what happens in the third season. Nathaniel has been in an intimate relationship with his car. He admits that he has been taking ‘Chase’ (his car) out on dates. The documentary proceeds to the sixth season that features men dressing up in rubber masks and suits to resemble shapely, life-sized female dolls.

#6 – My Five Wives

“My Five Wives” American reality TV show takes the sixth position on our ten best Amazon Prime reality shows to binge on in 2022. It is a captivating and entertaining show to watch as it revolves around the life of patriarch Brady Willams, a polygamist, and his five wives. This series also follows their twenty-five children’s lives. The 42-minutes long 20 episodes throughout the two seasons will make your binge-watching more entertaining as they uncover the relationships, beliefs, and challenges that polygamist families face. So, we believe this TV program is one of the best for people curious to know what happens inside a polygamist family.

During the show’s first season, the show depicts the Williams polygamist as a progressive. They seem to believe more in commitment and love rather than religion. Despite all that, they still face destitution within their neighborhood. The second season follows a vacation to Washington as the whole family visits Brady’s parents. This vacation is Brady’s attempt to create a more united family.

#5 – RuPaul’s Drag Race

How can our ten best Amazon Prime reality shows be complete without “RuPaul’s Drag Race?” This series is an American reality competition TV series. The series is the first in the Drag Race Franchise. The show entails a group of contestants who go through various challenges every week. As the show’s mentor and host, RuPaul also heads a team of judges, including Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, and Carson Kressley. The show is one of the best reality competition shows as it has had thirteen winners throughout the thirteen seasons since it started.

Additionally, it has inspired the spin-off shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars and RuPaul’s Drag U, making it one of the year’s best shows. That’s not all. This TV series has an international airing making it the highest-rated TV show on Logo TV. Since 2016 to date, RuPaul has received six consecutive Emmy Awards through the show. We have endless reasons to believe this television series is one of the best.

The first season’s winner was BeBe Zahara Benet. Nina closely followed BeBe in the runner-up position. In the second season, RuPaul announced Tyra Sanchez as the winner. The third season took the audience by surprise after Raja was crowned the winner. The competitions proceeded to the thirteenth season, which ended on 23rd April 2021. The winner was Symone, and Kandy Muse took the runner-up position.

#4 – The Amazing Race

Here comes our fourth best Amazon Prime reality show from creators Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. “The Amazing Race” is also an American reality competition television series. However, what makes it unique and stand out from the rest is that it is an adventurous show, thus attracting vast numbers of viewers. The show’s plot entails teams of two people from all over the world competing with each other. People love watching adventurous challenges because they are fun to watch, and it is difficult to predict which team is likely to win. The show’s creators split the race into legs, whereby all participating teams have to go through several challenges. These challenges include figuring out clues, navigating through foreign lands, interacting with residents, and other psychological and physical difficulties. The race ends with the teams’ arrival at designated Pit Stops, where the first team to arrive becomes the winner.

Eighty-three teams have already won the prizes in the show’s several international versions. This TV series has more than 14 franchises in different regions like Asia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Israel, Latin amerce, Norway, Philippines, Ukraine, the United States of America, and Vietnam. Therefore, in each region, the program is in different seasons. So, The Amazing Race Australia 5 has been the most recent to crown Jackson Dening and Brendon Crawley as the winners in the 5th season.

#3 – Making the Cut

Amazon Prime Video has just sorted you out if you are into new and recently launched reality shows. “Making the Cut” is one of the most famous American reality shows streaming on Amazon Prime. Creators Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum knew what they were doing by integrating some of the most reputable television personalities into this show. We find it one of the best reality shows for the fans of Nicole Richie and Naomi Campbell. Also, we think it is worth your binge time as it incorporates some of the most innovative and trending fashions you can find. The fact that it has two seasons and eighteen episodes also makes it a perfect binge-type. Also, the long 50 to 69 minutes running time per episode will keep you engaged throughout the day. If you love fashion and design, there is no way that you will miss watching this competitive show.

Its debut season premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 27th March 2020. Due to the vast reception, Amazon Prime renewed the show for the second season, which premiered in July 2021. The first season ends with the judges branding Jonny Cota from Los Angeles, California, the winner. In the second season, Garry Graham (the runner-up) follows Andrea Pitter closely. From Brooklyn, New York, Andrea takes the lead for the most outstanding fashion and design.

#2- Last One Laughing

Second, on our list is “Last One Laughing.” How would you like a comedy and reality TV show? Is it a great combination? LOL is an international comedy format that streams on the Amazon Prime Video network. Since the birth of the show’s concept in Japan, this comedy and reality television series has been adapted in several other countries. These countries include Germany, Australia, France, Mexico, India, Spain, and Italy.

For this reason, we find it among the best reality TV shows on Amazon Prime that you can binge in 2022. Since these countries adapted the show’s format, it has gained a large audience and following, making it one of the most popular reality shows. The fact that it features professional comedians also makes it stand out.

In Mexico, it is in its second season. The first season was released in 2018 and the second in 2019, each with six episodes. The Japanese format has had nine seasons since its first season launch in 2018. The comedians in this unscripted variety series have to follow particular rules to win the cash prize. Each comedian has to make the other comedians laugh while refraining from laughing. The winner is the one who avoids laughing while making others laugh first.

#1 – The Grand Tour

“The Grand Tour” is our top-ranking Amazon Prime reality show to binge on in 2021. It is a British motoring reality TV series doing well since its debut season on 18th November 2016. Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, and Andy Wilman created this show exclusively for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. Many people love vehicles. So, incorporating actual occurrences in the motoring industry makes the show more entertaining. For instance, following Top Gear’s format, the program includes motoring challenges, time laps, and exclusive car reviews in its initial seasons. The incorporation of studio segments and celebrity guests within the show makes it more fun to watch. That’s not all. It has received positive reviews since the launch of the first season. On Rotten Tomatoes, its initial season had an 86% fresh rating from 7 reviews, obtaining an average rating of 8.0/10.

This motoring reality TV series is in its fourth season. The first season follows the trio’s journey to Eduard Bohlen’s shipwreck and through the Namib Desert. The second season is rather sad as Richard Hammond is airlifted to hospital after being involved in a car crash in Switzerland. The third season’s episodes feature the show’s participants going on a road trip across Mongolia. The team explores the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam in the fourth season, which was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Final Word

We hope you have picked several Amazon Prime reality TV series that deserve a place on your radar. If we didn’t incorporate your best, you can add it and make this list more extensive.

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