5 Best Restaurants In Chicago

5 Best Restaurants In Chicago

Chicago might be known for its pizza but they have something for every kind of taste, you can find all sorts of different cuisine being cooked and served in the city and it’s one of the best places to be if you get hungry because you will not run short of places to go for something to eat. From pizza and sandwiches to soup, salads, tacos, and hot dogs, whatever you might be craving, it is probably being served up somewhere in Chicago right now and there are many different restaurants that you don’t want to miss the chance to check out if you are ever in the area. We have helped to put together a list for you to get started with 5 of the best restaurants in Chicago.

5. Smoque BBQ

Everything is smoky here at Smoque BBQ, even the delicious baked beans that they are serving. It is a top barbecue restaurant if you are looking for some good meat dishes, you will find all of the favorites like brisket, ribs, pulled pork etc. Don’t miss the chance to try any of their meats, it’s all delicious from the chicken to the pulled pork.

You cannot find better barbecue than this in Chicago, they are a top favorite and somewhat of a hidden secret, you have to know where to go. Along with their delicious meats they are serving coleslaw, beans, mac and cheese, cornbread, and peach cobbler, you will find all of your American favorites right here in Chicago. Great prices and atmosphere, come here for the food and you won’t be sorry.

4. DMK Burger Bar

The DMK Burger Bar is a hamburger restaurant located in Chicago, where you will find a cool and trendy vibe, along with delicious and unique burgers being served with house-made sodas. They’ve got a variety of craft cocktails and beer options, it’s the perfect place to spend a Friday or Saturday night with friends in the city. Looking for a date night option? DMK Burger Bar would be perfect too.

These are some of the best burgers that you can find in Chicago and best of all they’ve got grass-fed options. Go for their grass-fed Bison burger that’s got fresh goat cheese, pickled red onion, and blueberry BBQ sauce. It might just be the most incredible burger you have ever tasted. They might be serving burgers but they aren’t like any other burgers in the city that you are going to find.

3. Tre Kronor

This is a very unique Chicago restaurant because they serve Scandinavian dishes in a traditional rustic setting. They have been serving the community for years now, since back in 1992, and they been doing a wonderful job of it. You will receive friendly service here and find dishes that you might not have known existed and might not have the opportunity to try again. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they are happy to serve you.

For breakfast you can find delicious options like the Belgian waffle, or Pannekaker, and for lunch they’ve got cheeseburgers, a Norwegian meatball sandwich, or honey mustard chicken salad. For dinner they will be serving dishes like potato pancakes, crab cakes, and Swedish meatballs. They really have a great variety here and the prices are the best around for what you are getting.

2. Chilam Balam

This is a farm-to-table Mexican restaurant that is unique because it is located in a basement setting, where else can you find a restaurant that has been set-up in what’s practically a basement? This might be a first for some and it’s certainly got charm. At Chilam Balam you can find a top Mexican restaurant in Chicago that is offering a variety of fantastic Mexican dishes, including options like grilled pork ribs, chunky guacamole, shiitake mushroom empanadas, corn masa memelas, steamed swordfish, and grilled flank steak.

Guests can bring their own liquor here too, and it literally feels like an undiscovered hideaway but they are serving some of the most amazing and delicious Mexican food that can be found in the city. Because this place is incredible you should be prepared to wait a little bit, they can see long lines especially on Friday or Saturday. If you are a meat-eater, we suggest trying the flautas stuffed with chicken thigh and rajas that come with chipotle sauce, and pickled cabbage, because it’s an amazing dish if you can handle a little chipotle spice.

Save some room after you are done with dinner too because they have delicious desserts like their hibiscus flan, and sweet empanadas with peanut butter filling. For a cozy and unique Mexican experience, you can find cuisine here like you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Chicago.

1. BIG & Little’s Restaurant

This is an incredibly unique restaurant located in the Chicago area, that is serving everything from burgers and fish to gourmet fries and amazing tacos. Once you try their tacos you won’t just want to go here on Taco Tuesday, you’ll want to go here every single day of the week. BIG & little’s restaurant happens to be a cash-only spot, so you will want to make sure that you have more to pay with than just your card. The tacos are incredible here, and they have a wide variety for taco lovers to choose from.

You can get different fish tacos like the Samurai which is fried whitefish with pickled jalapeno, or the blackened whitefish taco with onion, romaine, cilantro and lime juice. They’ve got the Mexican beef favorite that comes with shredded short rib, along with cilantro, onion, and queso fresco and tomatillo sauce. If you want lamb or pork tacos, they’ve got that too. Along with burger options, Po’boys, burritos, sandwiches.

There is something for anyone and everyone here, the prices are fantastic for what you get and the food is incredibly amazing. You might be looking to spend less than $20 for lunch and it’ll be the best lunch you’ve ever had. Don’t miss out on a chance to visit this beloved community favorite that’s also become a taco favorite with tourists too, they now have several locations in Chicago that you can visit.

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