10 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Dallas, Texas

Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Dallas, Texas

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Our 10 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Dallas, Texas list presents some amazing restaurants in the great city of Dallas for foodies who love Tex-Mex. The proliferation of Tex-Mex Restaurants in the past ten years has really exploded in the major cities of Texas as people who always loved Mexican Food but count not always handle the spices have gravitated towards the more gentler spice of Tex-Mex. In cities like Houston, Austin, and of course Dallas, Texas, Tex-Mex is just as big as the BBQ and Steakhouses. Of course, many places offer all three food styles. However, there are those that specialize in just pure Tex-Mex. Here are ten of the best in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas.

# 10 – E Bar Tex-Mex

Outside there’s a small seating area where people can sit and eat their food to get away from the crowd that’s inside. Inside the bar, it’s a completely different experience. It’s busy and filled with customers laughing, talking, and taking photos of their experiences. It’s nice to have a place close to home where you can go and have a drink if you’ve had a bad day or hang out with friends and family.

The positive atmosphere shines through the food too because it looks amazing. One of the dishes you can purchase is chicken enchiladas. You can also purchase beef or cheese enchiladas. The chicken enchiladas are topped with sour cream, and they are served with rice and refried beans. Another familiar option to order is the soft tacos. You can choose to order soft tacos with shredded chicken or ground beef. These tacos are served with rice and refried beans.

Address: 1901 North Haskell Avenue #120, Dallas, TX 75204

Website: www.ebartexmex.com

# 9 – Mia’s Tex Mex

The inside of this restaurant has a very fun and exciting atmosphere. It’s full of life with the bright colors and the decorations on the walls. The Christmas lights hanging up in the restaurant gives the place extra lights and extra color. Even the table cloths on the tables have an exciting atmosphere.  The outside looks casual and makes you think you’re walking into a diner.

Their menu has a wide selection of menu items and a lot of appetizers, but we’ll mention a couple of their main dishes. One of those main dishes includes Mama’s lemon chicken. The chicken has been breaded in flour and special seasonings, and then it has been placed in the fryer to complete the cooking process. There is a lemon butter sauce that has been poured over the chicken for extra flavor. The meal comes with three sides, such as white rice, a salad, and refried beans. Mama’s quesadillas are another one of their specialties. You will receive two quesadillas and both of them will be filled with shredded chicken breast that has been grilled. Monterey Jack cheese, poblano peppers, and onion can also be found in the quesadillas. This dish comes with two sides, rice, and black beans.

Address: 4322 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Website: www.miastexmex.com

# 8 – Las Palmas Tex Mex

When you’re walking in the restaurant, it looks like you’re walking in an upscale house. It’s elegant on the outside and inside. On the inside, it appears there is a second floor. Also, there’s a large dining area plus a full bar. If you think this place looks elegant during regular dinner service, just imagine what it could look like if you rent out the whole place for a wedding reception or another kind of event. The lights are dimmed, but there are extra lights that make the walls look purple. There’s plenty of room for dancing if you choose to host an event at this restaurant.

There are two choices that come highly recommended. One of those choices is the tacos. As you take a bite out of your taco, you will taste the lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and the asadero. You could order these crispy, so they have a little bit of a crunch to them. You could also order soft tacos without the crunch. The other popular choice is the burrito. The pico de gallo, beans, avocado, sour cream, and cheese are all rolled into one burrito so you can taste a little bit of everything with each bite you take.

Address: 2708 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Website: www.laspalmasdallas.com

# 7 – Casita Tex Mex

The staff of this restaurant will make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in their doors. Casita Tex Mex seems more casual than the other restaurants previously mentioned. It’s a great place for parents to bring young children without being afraid that they might break something because this restaurant is kid-friendly. People rave about their customer service and how great the food is.

One of the great things about this place is that they’re open for breakfast. The chef prepares outstanding breakfast items and one of those happens to be the breakfast burrito plate. You can choose either two slices of bacon, potato, or chorizo in your breakfast burrito. One of those choices will be mixed in with the delicious eggs they have prepared for you. You will get a side of rice and refried beans to go with the burrito. The food is so good that the children love it too. The chicken tenders and the quesadilla seem to be popular choices for the young children you’re tagging along.

Address: 5807 Blackwell St, Dallas, TX 75231

Website: www.casitatexmex.com

# 6 – Manny’s Uptown Tex-Mex

The outside of the restaurant looks elegant with the brick design on the front of the building. This restaurant makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as you walk inside. You can sit at the bar stools and chat with the staff while they’re working. The bright lights make the place seem brighter and cheerful. The restaurant may be a little smaller but it’s someplace that reminds you of home. Plus, this is also a good restaurant that you can bring your children to and get them excited about the Tex-Mex cuisine.

Their menu includes a sampler platter, so you can sample a little bit of a few different items on their menu. This way next time you come back, you’ll know what to order. You will receive around 4 cheese quesadillas, around 2 chicken flautitas, around 2 chicken nachos, and around 2 brisket nachos. On your plate, you will also see guacamole, crema, and jalapenos. If you’re looking for elegance, try the Mexican shrimp ceviche. It has shrimp, mango, and cucumber. Also on this plate, you will see a side of pico de gallo and avocado slices.

Address: 6465 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75214

Website: www.mannysuptowntexmex.com

# 5 – Gabriela & Sofia’s Tex-Mex

Once the sun goes down, the lights go down inside the restaurant and you will be happy to glance at brighter lights that are fun and engaging for customers. It will be a flashy pink and purple color that makes you feel comfortable. When the sun is up, the lights go up. It will go from hip and retro to cool and calm during the daylight. The booths are big enough that you can seat maybe 3 people on each side, and the tables are big enough so you can put all your food on the table and still have enough room to eat.

It’s best to get in some leafy greens into your diet, so why wouldn’t you try the Fajita salad. You can choose whether you want chicken or beef. Both choices are grilled for a little bit before it is placed on the salad. Once the chefs have prepared the meat, they will wrap it up and place it in the salad. These wraps will be surrounded by lettuce, bacon, cheese, sliced avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, and tortilla strips. You can order one of their appetizers and make it an entree. That appetizer is Sofia’s platter. With Sofia’s platter, you will get chicken quesadillas, chicken nachos, and beef nachos. These items are served with sides of guacamole and sour cream.

Address: 10455 N Central Expy Suite 117, Dallas, TX 75231

Website: www.gabriela-sofias.com

# 4 – Meso Maya Comida y Copas

If you’ve never been here before, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the place with the bright lights indicating where they are located. The inside is very organized. When you sit at the bar, you’ll notice that the bartenders clean up after every drink. Everything behind the bar is organized too. When the staff is organized, it makes you feel confident knowing that the staff will take care of you and treat you like a member of their family.

There are lots of food choices to choose from. One of them is the carne asada. This is a skirt steak type of meal. The steak is placed on the grill to your favorite temperature. While it’s sitting on the grilled, it’s being brushed with their marinade so it can cook in the steak making it juicy and flavorful. This dish is also served with refried beans. If you’re a fish lover, then you’ll love the salmon de coco dish. The salmon is grilled for a few minutes, and it’s served with coconut rice, vegetables, queso fresco, and salsa.

Address: 1611 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75202

Website: www.mesomaya.com

# 3 – El Fenix Famous Mexican Restaurant

This place looks beautiful on the inside and out. The children love looking at the murals and seeing what they could find. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling give an elegant mix with a casual atmosphere. The dining area is large. It’s almost as if you were sitting down to eat at the food court at the mall. When it gets darker outside, the place will seem brighter and more vibrant. They’ll have to overcompensate by adding more light. You should still have them dim the lights a little bit so that it’s; not too dark.

One of the food choices we’ll go over is the cheese nachos. You can also get them with bacon and cheese. All the nachos, including this one, are served with a side of jalapenos. Another popular choice is the quesadillas. You could order regular quesadillas and the fajita quesadillas. The chef will sprinkle some cheese on the tortillas and place them on the grill but not for long. You have a choice to choose between mushrooms or green chilies as your side.

Address: 1601 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75202

Website: www.elfenix.com

# 2 – Veracruz Cafe

This restaurant is impressive. The chandeliers look like a fire is burning in the bulbs. It makes the place look classy. It looks like the dining area has a red tint to it when the light bounces off the chandeliers and to the red curtains over the windows. The rustic hardwood floors show you that the place has an antique feel to it too. The outside of the building is the same atmosphere as the inside. It looks classy, but it also has an antique feel to the place.

The food is anything but ancient. It’s delivered in a perfect setting on your plate, and it tastes delicious. One menu item is the brisket tacos. The brisket is smoked before being shredding a put in the three flour tacos you receive. On top of the brisket, you’ll notice that there are onions that have been grilled for a couple of minutes and bell peppers. Guacamole and pico de gallo are also layered on top but you can choose to have those added to the side. Served on the side are rice and black beans. Another popular entree is the Peace Pipe. This flour tortilla is a foot-long and is filled with grilled chicken or beef. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, and guacamole are layered on top of the meat. It’s topped with a red sauce and queso fundido. It’s served with rice and black beans to complete the dish.

Address: 408 N Bishop Ave Ste 107, Dallas, TX 75208

Website: www.veracruzdallas.com

# 1 – Taco Joint

This is a great place to go to without feeling the pressure of having to dress up in elegant restaurants. This restaurant gives you a casual atmosphere. You can go up to the counter to order your food, grab a table, and then go back up to the counter once your name has been called for your order. While you wait for your food or as you’re eating, you can admire the pictures on the ceiling and on the walls. When you go up to the counter to order your food, you can look at the large chalkboard in the front and see their daily specials and menu items.

Everything on their menu is affordable. One of their menu items is a fajita taco. The beef or chicken of your choosing has been marinated and seasoned to perfection. Layered on top of the meat are grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. If you’re really hungry, you can order one of their combo meals. One of their combo meals is a soft taco combo. You get three tacos in warm flour tortillas layered with seasoned ground sirloin, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The combo meal includes rice, refried beans, and a drink.

Address: 911 N Peak St, Dallas, TX 75204

Website: www.thetacojoint.com

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