10 Best Seafood Restaurants In Houston, Texas

Best Seafood Restaurants In Houston, Texas

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Our 10 Best Seafood Restaurants In Houston, Texas is a helpful guide in showcasing the best places to find high-quality Seafood in the wonderful city of Houston, Texas. Whether it’s a quick fix for some great clam chowder or some fried shrimp or you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere and to bring a friend or the entire family, we have some great picks to choose from below. From fried finger foods to extraordinary seafood dishes, let us help you find the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants In Houston, Texas.

# 10 – Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab

After dark, you’re pulling up to a little luxury. The spotlights on the restaurant walls look like you’re stepping into an area of luxury, which is a great feeling. The atmosphere of this restaurant is elegant, especially with the candles burning on each table. The lights go dim after dark to make the atmosphere feel more intimate. While you wait for your food, you can admire the art on the walls. There is more than one dining area for guests to enjoy their experience. Customers can be seated in a smaller area, but not too small, and it’s located near the wine bottles. This restaurant has been voted by its customers as one of the best places to dine at.

If you’re planning on attending dinner at this restaurant for date night with your significant other, the shared options are always popular. You can share the lobster macaroni and cheese. It’s a great dish that is homemade with a fresh lobster or two on top. You may find bits and pieces of lobster mixed in with the macaroni too. If you’re vegan, they have options for you too. The vegan meatballs are amazing. They are cooked with ground beef and rolled around in a frying pan, and then they’re finished off in the oven. The meatballs are smothered in smoked tomato sauce and seasoned with all your favorite Italian spices.

Address: 5350 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

Website: www.trulucks.com

# 9 – Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Wow! This is an impressive restaurant. Everything in the dining room flows together. Everything looks like it belongs and everything is in its place. The solid light brown walls mixed in with the blue colors demonstrate a cool and relaxing experience. The chair covers also go with the room and makes you feel comfortable. If you call ahead of time and let your waiter or waitress know that you’re celebrating something special, such as an anniversary, they will decorate the table for you as a surprise when you come in for your reservation.

The food matches the decor of the restaurant, relaxing and elegant. The Mediterranean Branzino is an excellent dish. The sea bass is roasted in the oven with artichokes. Oven-dried tomatoes and olive tapenade are beautifully arranged on top of the sea bass. The chef has a couple of specialties that they want to highlight. The 8 oz filet mignon and South African lobster tail are out-of-this-world delicious. The filet mignon is a small steak that is grilled how you like it, and it comes with a lobster tail. The lobster tail has a squeeze of lemon dripping over it and is cooked in butter for a creamy finish.

Address: 12848 Queensbury Ln, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77024

Website: www.eddiev.com

# 8 – Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

This restaurant is a well-known restaurant. People come from all over the world to try this seafood restaurant, and they like to have their pictures taken in front of the place. It’s a casual-style restaurant from the outside to the inside. The chandeliers are crazy beautiful. It’s no wonder why people take lots of pictures of those lamps. The chandeliers look like it came from the set of an old movie. It has that antique feel to the place. With the antique feel and casual atmosphere, you are set to enjoy your dining experience with no added pressure.

Not only is the restaurant impressive, but the food is impressive as well. One entree you must try is the filet mignon oscar. This food is double the fun to eat with the 10 oz filet mignon, and you have the oscar. The oscar is a jumbo crab so it’s pretty big. The crab is cooked in a light wine cream sauce, and the filet mignon is seasoned well and cooked perfectly. You also will receive a baked potato. You can choose to order it plain with just butter or you can order it with everything. The sauteed spinach is a match made in heaven with this dish. All the flavors blend in well together. Another dish to try is the live Maine lobster. This lobster is alive before the chefs prepare it. The lobster is steamed by the pound in melted butter. Underneath the lobster, you will find some tasty linguine pasta in a creamy sauce.

Address: 10499 I-10 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024

Website: www.pappadeaux.com

# 7 – State of Grace

When you go to a restaurant, usually you feel like the bar is a part of the dining area. In this restaurant, the bar is separate from the dining area and in its own section. The lights give away an elegant atmosphere by the way they’re hanging from the ceiling. The bar is conveniently located next to the wine glasses to make it easier for bartenders to get new glasses if they need to. You can tell that this restaurant keeps things organized so the staff doesn’t look flustered. The marble countertops along the bar countertop make things look elegant, and it feels right. The rest of the dining area also introduces an elegant vibe to the restaurant and it fits.

Their menus are always changing so be sure to check their website to see the most updated copy and make sure they are still cooking your favorite dishes. The twice-fried quail is an excellent choice if you have never had it before. The quail is cooked in a ginger glaze as it’s cooking, and they may put some of it on the side if you request it. The quail is topped with yuzu, pickled spring onions, and cucumbers. Another great choice is to choose the “good breed” half chicken. The chicken is served over a scrumptious potato puree. You will find charred lemon and capers covering the chicken so all the flavors will run through the dish together.

Address: 3258 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

Website: www.stateofgracetx.com

# 6 – Pappas Seafood House

Pappas Seafood House is a casual restaurant and all the customers seem to have a great time when dining here. Once you walk up to the restaurant for the first time, you’ll notice they have a few brief items that are cooked there on a daily basis. It can be hard finding a restaurant that you’ve never been to after dark, which is why they keep the front of the building lit up after dark so you can see it from a mile away. They have a nice outdoor seating area and you can walk around for a bit before sitting down to eat. If you’re bringing small children with you to this place, they carry booster seats so your child can sit comfortably in their seat.

The seafood cobb salad is a classic, and it can be ordered as an entree. On top of the leafy greens from the salad, it comes with bacon bits, bleu cheese, egg, avocado, red onion, tomato, and vinaigrette, and you get to choose the dressing. The dressing options will be provided to you when you order the meal. Pay attention because this item has different prices. You can either ord the shrimp or the shrimp and jumbo lump crab to be placed on top of your salad. Both of them are excellent choices and are a few dollars apart when it comes to the price difference. Another main dish is the shrimp and crab pappardelle pasta. This dish has fettuccine pasta cooked in a parmesan cream sauce. On top of the pasta, spinach and shallots are spread throughout the dish.

Address: 11301 I-45 N, Houston, TX 77037

Website: www.pappasseafood.com

# 5 – Willie G’s Seafood

By going to this restaurant, you will get an interesting experience. There are a few select spots where you can watch the chef cook in front of you. The unique chandelier is lit up making the experience even more special. The wine bottles in the restaurant present a glow about them, and it looks classy with a little bit of elegance. The rest of the dining area has the same type of atmosphere. The cone-shaped lights light up the area and the candles make the place brighter even in the daytime. The bar is extravagant. The red lights make the place look red, and it makes the room look unique and cool.

The New Orleans BBQ gulf shrimp is a classic, and it’s a popular dish with all the customers. The shrimp is tossed in BBQ sauce once it’s cooked, and it comes with a side of garlic bread. It’s a perfect pairing to even out the flavors. The bacon-wrapped shrimp is also a fan favorite mostly because you can’t find it anywhere else. The shrimp is wrapped in bacon and is covered in pepper jack cheese. Once it’s cooked, it is tossed in a chipotle bbq glaze, which adds a little bit of spice to your meal. On the side, you will be served an order of cheesy corn grits.

Address: 1640 West Loop S The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston, Houston, TX 77027

Website: www.williegs.com

# 4 – The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Friends and family may have recommended this place for you to try. When you hear the name, why wouldn’t you want to try it? The name itself sounds elegant so you can’t wait to step inside the restaurant and take a look around. When you step into this restaurant, it makes you feel like you’re at the beach. The floor’s design looks like the waves in the ocean, and the blue colors demonstrate the color of the ocean. The pictures on the walls remind you that you’re at the beach. Wearing shorts and a tank top to this restaurant is acceptable since you’re dining in a casual dining experience. Don’t let the name throw you off thinking you need to dress up. This restaurant will also give you the best customer service. The chefs may come to your table to do a table-side service or they may see how you like the food.

The chefs have a few specialties they like to highlight on their menu. One of those specialties is their chicken fried lobster. If you like spicy foods, this is a great dish for you to order. The batter is mixed with some honey and then fried in their deep fryer. You will receive a little spice when you dip your chicken fried lobster in the hot sauce. On the side, some cheesy grits will be served with your lobster. Another one of the chefs’ specialties is the shellfish mixed grill. This platter will have a mixture of a few of your favorite types of seafood. The dish has a 5 oz lobster tail, crab cake, and shrimp cooked on their grill. You will receive some tasty asparagus on the side to go with your seafood platter.

Address: 5061 Westheimer Rd, Suite 8050, Houston, TX 77056

Website: www.theoceanaire.com

# 3 – Tommy’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Wow! This restaurant is incredible. When you step foot inside, you won’t want to sit down. Everything from the bar to the floors to the entrance way to the ceiling is all lightly colored and brings out how casual this setting is. The color mixture sets the tone for the whole restaurant as white and light gray. It’s welcoming and inviting, and you will want to come back. There’s plenty of room at the bar for you to relax after a long day and have a drink or two. Since this restaurant promotes a casual atmosphere, you can come here with a group of friends for ladies’ night or for an afternoon get-together with friends.

If you’re really hungry or you feel like sharing with your friends and family, then you can order the broiled seafood platter. Has a few different types of seafood that is included in this platter. You don’t have to make a choice with this menu selection. The rainbow trout and the shrimp are grilled for a few minutes so it’s crispy and has a grilled texture to the food. The fish is fresh and broiled for a few minutes, and the stuffed shrimp is baked in the oven. There’s one more seafood left on this platter, which is the blackened tuna served fresh. This platter is served with a lemon cream sauce for dipping so you can keep the food from drying out. Another one of their entrees is their crispy salmon. This salmon is stuffed with spinach and has some spicy ginger coconut sauce poured on top. Both entrees come with a baked potato, but you can substitute with vegetables for an additional fee.

Address: 2555 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058

Website: www.tommys.com

# 2 – Redfish Seafood Grill

By dining at the Redfish Seafood Grill, you will get a casual dining experience. The bar is set up very nice and casual but you’re not able to sit at the bar and meet other people or have a drink or two. If you want to have a drink, you will have to order it from the menu and your waiter or waitress will bring it to you. The fish tank that’s in the dining area sets the mood for the restaurant, and it looks classy. It will give children something to do while they wait for their food. They can point out the fish and what its colors are.

There are a couple of items on their lunch menu that is popular. One of those menu items is for people that crave spicy foods. That meal is called their cajun chicken meal. The chicken breast is rubbed with cajun spices on the chicken breast before it is cooked. It is served with a side of Masque Choux sauce, and it is served with garlic mashed potatoes. Another popular dish for lunch is fried shrimp with french fries. The children will like this meal as well. The shrimp is dipped in the batter with seasonings, and it’s put in their fryer to cook for a few seconds before it’s ready to be served to you. The french fries are also put in their fryer and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Address: 19550 State Highway 249, Houston, TX 77070

Website: www.redfishhouston.com

# 1 – Captain Tom’s Seafood & Oyster

This is another restaurant where the bar is massive. There are at least three bartenders walking around the same space pouring alcohol for their customers. It’s good for a bar to be huge like that so they have plenty of room. That’s one thing that’s great about this restaurant, the staff is safe from tripping and falling. All the customers and employees that dine in this restaurant are surrounded by a positive atmosphere. It’s a fun and casual environment to be eating in, and the customers leave happy and full.

The food here is some of the best. One of the most popular entrees is fried shrimp. You can order either six or nine of them. Each one has its own price. The shrimp is fresh and dipped in a seasoned batter for frying. If you are really hungry, then you can order the seafood platter. This seems to be a popular menu item across all seafood restaurants because you get a little bit of everything. This seafood platter comes with two catfish filets, one stuffed crab, two shrimp, and two oysters. Both of these tasty entrees are served with seasoned french fries and you can also get a side of tarter sauce to complete your meal. Don’t forget to order your drinks.

Address: 9651 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, TX 77070

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