5 Best Restaurants In Bonners Ferry, Idaho

5 Best Restaurants In Bonners Ferry

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We all eat out from time to time. Some restaurants are drab and dark, others barely leave a memory let alone a good impression. There always seems to be those select few places that just make you fall in love the second you walk through the door.

Qualities that make a spectacular restaurant in my opinion are the quality of service, the atmosphere of the room, the lighting, and of course the quality of food delivered. Exceptional eateries are hard to come by anymore, so I am going to share a few of my absolute favorites with you. These places will take your breath away and the town they reside in will make you never want to leave. I will be bringing you the best of both worlds in this article, with my top five favorite places to dine.

I would like to start off by telling you just a little bit about this small mountain town. Bonners ferry is located about 14 miles south of the Canadian border in the Kootenai Valley. This town started out as a small mining town with a Ferry Boat that would transport people across the river. The Ferry was actually located where the bride is today. The town is located in boundary county, and when it comes to sight seeing this town will not disappoint. There are numerous mountain hiking trails to hidden lakes, River trails and boat launches.

The Wildlife Refuge is just 5 miles out of downtown and it is absolutely breathtaking, as it sits in the bottom of the valley and you can see for miles. One of two rivers that come together just northwest of town are a big eye catcher for those looking to do some sight seeing. The Moyie river meets the Kootenai river at the Twin Rivers Resort and then becomes one as the Kootenai river and from there it continues north into Canada. This town is full of history, and many interesting sites and activities. Bonners Ferry also is home to many great quality restaurants. Here is our picks for the best 5 restaurants in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.


5. Mugsy’s Tavern And Grill

Opening our 5 Best Restaurants in Bonners Ferry, Idaho list is a place called Mugsy’s. Now how could you not wasnt visit a place called Mugsy’s? Mugsy’s is a bar and grill that is also located on Main Street in Bonners Ferry, next to the library and very near the visiting center. This bar and grill is a tad more expensive than most of the others, but it is money well spent. Their burgers are well known, and they have been voted best in the town multiple times. They have friendly staff and dimly lit table settings that provide a more private place for you to enjoy your meal. There is a lot of stonework in the building and natural wood as well. It really represents the surrounding nature of the town well. As far as my recommended dish from Mugsy’s goes, The Jalapeno Burger is at the top of the list.

Mugsy’s has been in business here for 23 years, and of course locally owned. Having a burger at Mugsy’s is a tradition for town people living in Bonners Ferry. Stop by and come join the tradition.

4. SoulShine Bistro

The SoulShine Bistro defines the term local restaurant. I have always been a fan of small local restaurants in small towns that portray the local culture in every aspect of the dining experience. The Soulshine Bistro serves home cooked style food in a relaxing charming atmosphere.

The SoulShine Bistro focuses on breakfast and lunch. For breakfast we would recommend Maggie’s Farm Scramble which host a beautiful plate of roasted potatoes, fresh farm eggs, ham and cheddar all served with some incredibly tasting sourdough toast. For lunch, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to devour some of their signature rice bowls including our favorite the Funky Monkey.

C;all it soul food, comfort food or whatever you want, I simply just call it good food.

3. Mi Pueblo’s Mexican Restaurant

Located on main street in downtown Bonners Ferry, this little restaurant is one you won’t want to miss out on if you are a fan of Mexican food. The staff is very friendly and the service is fast. All the dishes are cooked authentically and they are all very good. If you are stopping by I would highly recommend trying either the Seafood Chimichanga or the Chicken Fajitas. The Fajitas come out on the pan still sizzling. One more plus to this place is the prices. Most dishes are very reasonably priced, for two people you will spend an average of 25-40 dollars depending on your selections.

2. Northwoods Tavern and Grill

The next place on my list might catch you off guard. This place is completely off the map. Located just outside of the city limits. This cozy little stop is called The Northwoods Tavern and Grill. This Tavern has a 5 star google rating, and they earn it without a doubt. This small backwoods tavern serves beer and wine only, but that’s not what I keep going back for. The owner’s wife Lori makes the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. The homey atmosphere of the bar is inviting and relaxed. They treat you like one of their own, some are a tad rough around the edges but they are all amazing people.

The pizza that is to die for is called the Lori’s special. It is a handmade, oven baked pizza with alfredo sauce, flame grilled chick, spinach, jalapenos, and artichoke hearts with a little roasted garlic. I am not over exaggerating when I say this pizza is massive. It is thick and delicious and incredibly messy, and I promise if you try it once, you will be back for more.


1. The Springs in the Kootenai River Inn Casino and Resort

This particular restaurant is settled within a resort that includes a casino and a Best Western Hotel as well. The entire location is owned by The Kootenai Tribe of Indians. The dining area is decorated in a dark blue color scheme with purple and teal accents. There is an abundance of stone and wood, and a small fountain of water flowing over rocks which provides a relaxing sound that connects one with their surroundings. The light is kept pleasantly dim, which keeps the mood peaceful. In the evenings the tables are topped with a single candle that lets off the warmest glow.

You are met by a greeter and led to your seat. There are three levels of seating in the dining area. There is an upper level of tables with booths and stained glass lights hanging above followed by a middle level with standard chairs and table seatings but a better view of the river. The bottom rows by the windows are seated literally right on the bank of the river. You feel like you could dip your feet in while you enjoy an incredible meal. The menu offers a wide variety of food, from a spectacular prime rib dinner, to the ever sweet and addicting Kootenai Log Dessert dish. This is a roll of coffee ice cream drizzled with chocolate, pecans, whipped cream and Oreo on the ends. Its big enough to feed an army but I can just about guarantee you won’t be wanting to share.

The service here is fantastic and the employees all treat you like family. If you are looking for a genuine North Idaho dining experience you will not soon forget, I highly recommend the Springs in the Kootenai River Inn Casino and Resort. Your taste buds will thank you for paying a visit, and so will the staff.

Whichever option you choose to visit while passing through this scenic little town on highway 95, would be a good choice. Maybe try them all if you are feeling adventurous. One thing is for sure, you can find many quality places to eat in Bonners Ferry, and you won’t regret making the stop.

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