10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS

Sexiest TV Shows On CBS

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Our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list takes a look at the sexiest shows on CBS. The network started off on radio before it branched into television. CBS is also known as the Eye Network because of its logo. It’s also been referred to as the Tiffany Network because of the high standard programming. CBS has been known for showing comedies, dramas, reality shows, soap operas, etc.

CBS has been dominating the television industry for years thanks to the shows that air on the network. They wanted their shows to appeal to a certain audience. Don’t let the network’s reputation fool you. They want to cater to a certain type of audience, but they do have sexy programming. How do you define sexiness? Do you think smart people are sexy? Do you think heroic people are sexy? Do you think clothes make a person sexy? Are love scenes sexy to you? The network has something to satisfy what you define as sexy while remaining classy.

This Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list will feature shows of different genres. They will be shows that are currently on the air as well as shows from the past. Which shows do you think will make the list?

# 10 – Good Sam

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list is Good Sam. The medical drama is about a doctor named Sam who is good at her job. She becomes chief of staff when her boss slips into a coma. As luck would have it, he comes out of his coma and wants his job back. Sam is stuck with the unwanted job of babysitting her boss. He never appreciated her skill as a doctor. Her boss wasn’t just her chief of staff. He is also her father. Robert questions every move she makes as chief of staff. Will they be able to coexist as colleagues and repair their relationships the way they are able to save lives?

There is a lot of drama on this show. The show has intriguing plot twists with the father/daughter competition. Robert and Sam want the same position, but only one of them can have it. You would think a show about surgery would be serious, but there is spicy drama to keep you interested. In addition to the heated battles between Sam and Robert, Sam has a heated romance with her boyfriend Malcolm. Sam and Malcolm have sizzling chemistry. They make a sexy couple. What makes them sexy is that they must hide their relationship with everyone because they work together.

They are not supposed to be together on the job so watching them look at each other is hot. Sam is a beautiful woman. She exudes sexiness. She has beautiful brown hair. She has a sexy come-hither voice. Robert is like a fine wine. He is a distinguished and sexy gentleman. He has a sexy body and looks good taking care of people. Malcolm is also good looking. He is tall, dark, and handsome. The show has a variety of nationalities on it. There is a candy for everyone to enjoy. There are different body types from thin to full figured. There are also a variety of ages on the show. Some are older while some are younger.

# 9 – MacGyver

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list is MacGyver. This is a reboot of the 80s drama of the same name. It is about a hero named Angus MacGyver. He has knowledge that can help save lives. He works with the government to take on dangerous missions around the world. He prevents disasters from happening with the help of Agent Jack Dalton. This exciting drama makes you feel as if you have gone along with them for the ride.

The suspense will leave you at the edge of your seat. It is a smart show that is filled with adventure. In addition to the action and adventure, there is room for romance. Angus has a relationship with Desi. It is sexy watching Angus completing his dangerous missions. He is really easy to look at. You could get lost watching him coming up with different ways to escape. He has a great body that women will love to look at. He is a genius so it’s not just about the eye candy.

A smart man is also a sexy man. He is an ideal man because he is smart, tall, and likable. He also risks his life to help other people. If that isn’t sexy, nothing is. Jack isn’t a slouch. He is easy to look at as well. He has an amazing body that is worth looking at. He brings his character to life. He is a good-looking actor. Desi is a beautiful woman with exotic looks. She has a physique that women would love to have. Her tattoos give her a mysterious look. If you liked the original MacGyver then you will enjoy this one.

# 8 – FBI

The exciting drama is about the FBI. The show takes place in New York. The agents put their skills to good use as they investigate different cases. The cases include terrorism, organized crime, counterintelligence, as well as other cases. Their primary job is to keep New Yorkers safe from harm. The show is from the creators of Law & Order so you know it will be action-packed.

Each episode is cleverly written and manages to be different from each other. The episodes are filled with mystery and suspense. The storylines are realistic. It gives an inside look on what the FBI agents go through on a daily basis. The action will leave you on the edge of your seat. The action scenes are perfectly choreographed. They are stunning to watch. It makes you feel as if you are a part of the action.

Agents Omar and Maggie have a will they or won’t they relationship. They have amazing chemistry with each other. They are made for each other. They make you want to see them together. Omar and Maggie are very attractive and have excellent bodies. The show has a mix of different nationalities which is always a refreshing change. The characters are likable and enjoyable. Their sexiness is best described through their heroism. It is incredibly sexy to watch heroes at work. They are also easy on the eye which is a bonus to watching them. The agents are smart and sexy. They look like models instead of federal agents.

# 7 – Magnum P.I.

This is the second reboot on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list. This is a reboot of the 80s drama of the same name. Thomas Magnum is a former Navy SEAL who wants to use the skills he learned in the war to be a private investigator. He has a sidekick named Juliet Higgins who is there to keep him in line. He also has POW buddies to help him on the job. This isn’t an exact replica of the original MacGyver because they changed the gender of Higgins.

Higgins’ character in the original was a man and is now a woman. They also changed the nationality of Magnum. Magnum is now Hispanic. Roger E. Mosely was on the original MacGyver but plays a different character on the reboot. The show takes place on an exotic island. You get to look at the breathtaking scenery. It makes you want to relax on the island. The lead actors are sexy.

Tom Selleck looked incredibly handsome when he was playing Magnum so Jay Hernandez had big shoes to fill. Jay Hernandez managed to make the role his own. He is also incredibly sexy and handsome. He has a sexy smile that will melt your heart. Perdida Weeks has exotic looks. She looks completely different from the actor who originally played Higgins. She has an amazing body that will make women envious, and men want to be with her. The rest of the characters have different looks and builds that will please a variety of audiences.

# 6 – S.W.A.T.

This drama is about a S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is assigned to a unit where he grew up. His loyalty is torn between dirty cops and his allegiance to the force. He also has loyalty to his old neighborhood. The team deals with racial profiling. Hondo’s goal is to rebuild his childhood neighborhood. It is a realistic look at what goes on in the police force. It showcases the animosity of the police force against African American citizens. The storylines are compelling and true to life.

They are very well written. The police deal with different cases such as drug dealers, murderers, robberies, bombings as well as other cases. Cops usually look sexy in their uniforms, and it happens on this show. Shemar Moore is the lead character on this show. He is one of the sexiest men on television. In fact, he might be one of the sexiest men alive. It is no surprise that he was voted sexiest man alive. He has an enticing body that you could stare at all day.

He has a cool swag about him which is also sexy. His good looks might distract you from his acting. The rest of the cast aren’t slouches. They look good in their uniforms as well. This show isn’t known for having love scenes so you can get your sexy fix by looking at the sexy people.

# 5 – Big Brother

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list is Big Brother. This reality show is the only one on our list. It is one of CBS’s longest running reality shows on the network. It debuted in 2000 and has been going on ever since. There is also a Celebrity Big Brother. The reality show is about people from different walks of life who share a house together. There are cameras watching their every move. They compete in different challenges to see who gets to run the house for a week.

They are together for three months and eliminate each other weekly until there are two remaining contestants. The houseguests reunite to vote for the winner. The winner receives a $500,000 prize. This competitive reality show is filled with a lot drama. The houseguests have heated arguments with each other. Some of the houseguests get involved in showmances. If you don’t know what a showmance is, it is people who get together during the filming of the show.

The showmances are steamy and sexy. Some of them are known to the other houseguests while others sneak around with each other. Some of the romances end up in the bedroom. The powers that be are very good not showing too much of the love scenes. It is basically left up to your imagination. It’s not hard to figure out what they are doing even though they don’t show the love scenes. The houseguests are a variety of nationalities and body types. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

# 4 – Knots Landing

This nighttime soap opera is a spinoff of Dallas. It originally aired in 1979. The show lasted for 14 seasons. The spinoff was based on Gary Ewing’s character from Dallas. He and his wife moved to Southern California to get away from dirty deals that happened in Dallas. He worked for a car dealer named Sid. Sid’s wife became friends with Gary’s wife. Sid’s sister Abby moved to the neighborhood and made it her goal to destroy marriages.

There were other storylines to keep the viewers interested. This show helped launch other nighttime soap operas. It may have been a spinoff of Dallas, but it managed to last a year longer than its predecessor. When you think of one of the best nighttime soap operas, this one comes to mind. They dealt with the business aspect as well as the personal aspect of the show. It dealt with infidelity, health scares, rape, kidnapping, murder, drug smuggling, corporate intrigue and criminal investigations. They lived in a neighborhood with different couples. It was the original Desperate Housewives.

There was a lot of bed-hopping going on during the show’s heyday. The love scenes were never too graphic despite all of the bed-hopping that was going on. They had a lot of sexy vixens breaking up marriages all over town. It was sexy and dangerous at the same time. The characters were sexually appealing. They were mostly physically fit. The chemistry among the cast was sizzling hot. They always wore glamorous clothes that were fashionable.

# 3 – Dallas

This is another nighttime soap opera on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list. The show originally aired in 1978 and lasted for 13 seasons. This is the show that kicked off all of the nighttime soap operas from the 80s on. The show was centered around the Ewing family. They were wealthy Texas millionaires. They were involved in the oil business. They had a company called Ewing Oil. Jock and Miss Ellie had three sons.

J.R. was the bad boy of the family. He was the CEO of the company. Gary was the outcast of the family. Bobby was the nice one. He married the daughter of the family’s rival. The show had a lot of spicy drama. J.R. was responsible for a lot of the drama that took place on the show. He did anything he could to get what he wanted. He was not above blackmailing and manipulating people to get what he wanted. He was so evil that he was shot. It was a big deal at the time. Even though J.R. was evil, he had a sexiness to him.

He was devilishly sexy and appealing. He had movie star looks and a great body. People loved to hate him and that was part of his appeal. Patrick Duffy was a heartthrob with boy-next-door looks. He looked as if he could have been a model. Victoria Principal had model looks. She had beautiful hair and an enviously sexy body. The rest of the characters had glamorous looks. They looked like they could have been movie stars. The show had a lot of love scenes. They were steamy at the time, but they weren’t too gratuitous. The clothes might be dated now, but they were fashionable at the time. There’s no way you can’t think of Dallas when you think of nighttime soap operas.

# 2 – The Young And The Restless

This is the first daytime soap opera on our list. This is one of the longest running soap operas on CBS. The show is centered around the Newmans, Abbotts, Chancellors and Winters families. They live in Genoa City. They are powerful business families. Victor Newman is the head of the Newman family. He runs Newman Enterprises along with his family. The Abbotts run Jabot. John Abbott was the head of the family until he passed away. Now Jack is the head of the family.

The families have battles in the boardroom and the bedroom. The storylines are about business mergers, affairs, corporate takeovers, illness, dementia, rape, mysteries, etc. There is nothing sexier than watching a soap opera. They give you love and sex in the afternoon. Unlike the other soap operas, this one is about the business world. Don’t let the business side fool you. There is love and romance on the show. The characters fall in love with each other. Victor and Nikki are one of the most popular supercouples on the show. They are a couple you want to see together.

Their chemistry jumps out at you. The rest of the characters do a lot of bedhopping and mate changing. They don’t overdo it with the sex scenes, but they do hold your interest. The characters wear a lot of fascinating clothes. The men and women wear tailored suits. The show is business based so it’s not a surprise that they dress this way. You may not be able to afford the clothes, but it’s nice to look at them.

# 1 – The Bold And The Beautiful

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On CBS list is The Bold And The Beautiful. This soap opera is a spinoff of The Young And The Restless. This show deals with the fashion world in Los Angeles. The show is centered around the Forresters, Logans and Spencers. The Forresters have a fashion company called Forrester Creations. The Logans work for the Forresters. The Spencers work at Spencer Publications.

The storylines deal with the fashion world, infidelity, alcoholism, murder, who’s the daddy, amnesia as well as other juicy storylines. There is plenty of bedhopping to whet your appetite. The characters fall in and out of love with each other all of the time. You will never know whose relationships will end and which one will start. The characters have multiple marriages.

They have passionate love scenes with each other. You will get your sexy fix with this show. Unlike The Young And The Restless there is plenty of love scenes on this show. The show is only 30 minutes, but they cover a lot in a short time. The cast members are in great shape. They would have to be because they have to take their clothes off a lot. The background characters are models, so they also have to be in great shape. The location scenes are mind blowing.

They are so visually appealing and exotic. The wardrobe is trendy and sophisticated. Most of the characters are involved in the fashion industry so they should have trendy clothes. The show is popular internationally because of all of the romance and infidelity that is shown. Watching a steamy soap opera isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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