10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+

10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+

Our 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ list takes a look at the most interesting and compelling shows on AMC+. It is a streaming service that features programming from AMC, Shudder, Sundance, IFC, BBC America, as well as others. It is known for its niche streaming. There’s plenty of streaming services for everyone available to watch so AMC+ has to do its best to provide great programming. The streaming network features a variety of shows and movies. AMC+ started in 2020.

AMC+ has different shows to keep you entertained. If horror shows are your thing, the network has some for you. You may be thinking that horror shows aren’t compelling but give it some thought. If you are scared, it gives you an opportunity to get close to that special someone. If you like compelling dramas, AMC+ has some for you to enjoy. If you find suspenseful shows, the network has shows for you to watch. If you find historical dramas compelling, you are in luck. This streaming service provides historical dramas for fans of that genre.

This 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ list will feature a variety of shows on our list. All of the shows on our list will crave your action fix. Which shows do you think will make the list?

# 10 – Creepshow

The first show on our 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ list is Creepshow. The horror show started off as a horror movie from the 80s. It was turned into a TV Show. The show is an anthology series. It features different people going through horrifying experiences. People in the episodes deal with murder, terror, and supernatural things. In addition to the horror, there is campy humor. The show sticks to the formula of the movie. The only difference is it is a series instead of a movie.

The stories are very compelling and interesting. You wouldn’t expect that kind of storytelling from a horror anthology, but they pulled it off. If you are a horror fan, this show will definitely give you a horror fix. If you are watching it with someone you love, it can be fun. If you get scared during the scary scenes, you can cuddle up with the one you love. Each episode features different actors and actresses. Some of them are known actors while others are unknown. Seeing different actors in each episode gives you a chance to see different types of eye candy.

There is someone for everyone. There is a mix of nationalities on the show. They come in all shapes and sizes which is always compelling. If you prefer blondes, they are on the show. If brunettes are more your style, they are on the show as well. Some of the blondes look like models. Some of the brunettes have exotic features.

# 9 – A Discovery Of Witches

The next show on our 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ list is A Discovery of Witches. The fantasy series is based on the novel of the same name. The show is about a woman named Diana who finds a bewitched manuscript in the library. She tries to figure out the secrets that are in the book about magical creatures. She ends up being dragged into the world of magic.

This world is filled with vampires, demons, and witches. She forms a team with a vampire named Matthew. They work together to protect the book. They solve riddles while dodging villains in the magical world. The show is a mix of Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, as well as other similar movies and shows. The stories on the show are fast-paced. The plot leaves you on the edge of your seat. When the characters turn into vampires and witches, you get a chance to see their good side as well as their compelling bad side.

There’s always something compelling about bad people. They have a compelling mystique about them. Theresa Palmer (Diana) has come hither eyes and a compelling smile. She is a very gorgeous woman. She is very easy on the eyes. She is someone men would want to be with. She is someone women would envy. She has an amazing body. She looks fabulous in her outfits. The rest of the talented cast are easy to look at as well. They have different and compelling looks for everyone to enjoy. The castle is captivating and breathtaking.

# 8 – The Fear Of The Walking Dead

The drama series is the prequel to The Walking Dead. The popular series is about a character named Madison. She is a guidance counselor. She is a widow who is raising two kids. She is involved with a teacher named Travis. Their families blend together while dealing with the apocalypse. It is every man and woman for themselves. The show is very well written and developed. The writers created the plot in a way to make you feel as if you are connected to the characters as well as the action. If you’re not a fan of the apocalyptic plotline, there is still something for you to enjoy. You can enjoy the romance between Madison and Travis. They have a lot of chemistry with each other. They have a forbidden romance because they work at the school together. They mix business with pleasure.

There is always something enticing about mixing business with pleasure. Madison and Travis are not a pair that you would expect to see together, but they make it work. They are both attractive people. They are a couple for mature audiences to enjoy. They are both like a fine wine. They are both physically fit. The other characters on the show don’t need to be slept on. They are attractive as well. They are in great shape. They also have a variety of looks because there are people from different age groups on the show. Some of the characters have exotic looks while others look like the girl or boy next door.

# 7 – The Fall

This psychological thriller is about two hunters. One of them is a serial killer named Paul who kills his prey in Northern Ireland. The other is a detective named Stella who is hunting him down. The police have no experience in the type of murders Paul commits. Luckily Stella does have experience in those types of cases. She heads the task force so they could solve the crimes. If you’re not helping to solve the case, then you are part of the problem.

Paul leads a double life. In addition to being a serial killer, he is a husband and father. He is the type of character who hides in plain sight. The story is dark and intense. The show is addictive. It is a show that gives you a chance to see things from the serial killer’s point of view. This makes the show unique. You will get to know the main characters very well. There is something intriguing about a serial killer who leads a double life. It adds to his charm that he is a bad boy. Women like bad boys so he fits the bill.

Jamie Dornan is the same actor who was in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. If you are familiar with that movie, then you have an idea of how appealing the actor is. Stella’s character is strong and independent. She does have a flaw. She is obsessed with younger men. Women would have to be very attractive for younger men to be with them. Gillian Anderson fits that bill. .

# 6 – Better Call Saul

This show is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The drama is about a lawyer named Jimmy who changed his name to Saul. Jimmy helped his low-income clients avoid jail. He was an underdog who dealt with ethical issues. His ethics clashed with his ambition to be a better attorney. He works with a private eye named Mike. Mike helps Jimmy get out of different situations. When the story fast forwards, Jimmy changes his name to Saul. He defends a notorious drug dealer. Once he defends the drug dealer, his ethics go out the window.

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you will enjoy this show. This show has brilliant storytelling. Every plot hits you like a bullet. It’s entertaining to watch the characters change throughout the episodes. We watch them go through their struggles. It leaves the viewers breathless and always wanting more from the show. Most of the cast features older actors. They are proof that you don’t have to be 20 something in order to be compelling. They are all distinguished looking which is always compelling. There are a few young actors to attract a younger audience.

They are compelling as well. Most of the actors are in great shape and makes you wish you had bodies just like them. Saul and Kim have amazing chemistry with each other. They look as if they were made for each other. They make you want to root for them to be together. They are a pair you want to see together.

# 5 – Kin

The next show on our 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ is Kin. The drama is about a boy who gets murdered. His family deals with an international cartel. The family has something the cartel doesn’t have. The family has a close bond that can’t be broken. If you like crime and gangster shows, this one will be right up your alley. It is a moving drama that doesn’t have any dull moments. The story is written perfectly to keep the audience interested in the show. The shocking storylines include drive by shootings and murders. The cast is visually appealing. The majority of them look like they could be models or actors.

They look very distinguished. The cast ranges from a variety of ages so there is something for everyone. They have incredible bodies that are to die for. They make you want to tune in to the show just to check out their bodies. They even have cool accents that will melt your hearts every time they speak. If you like shows like The Soprano, Sons of Anarchy, Power or The Wire this show will be perfect for you.

# 4 – Rag Doll

The thriller is about an unstoppable killer known as the Rag Doll killer. The show is based on a book. It is about a team of investigators who desperately try to find the victims of the serial killer. Nathan Rose decides to start his own investigation into the Rag Doll killer. The Rag Doll killer has killed several people. The killer sews the bodies of the victims together to form another body. This is a unique show that is unlike anything else on television.

If investigative series are for you, then this show is for you. This nailbiter will have you and that special someone holding on to each other. It will create compelling atmosphere because you will be comforting each other. This show has gruesome moments that will thrill horror fans. Despite the gruesomeness of the show, it is well-written. The plot is intense and addictive. Some of the killings are brilliantly done. They are also very creative. It is not your typical thriller. In addition to the killing, the writers manage to add humor to the show. There is also eye candy for you to enjoy. Lucy Hale is best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars.

The raven-haired beauty proves she could play a cop in a different series. She has sizzling chemistry with Henry Lloyd-Hughes who plays Nathan. They have a will they won’t they relationship. Henry Lloyd-Hughes is very attractive. He has a cool mustache. He is like an English version of Tom Selleck. He is proof that a mustache can make a man. The rest of the cast look like they could be detectives. They are compelling without looking glamorous.

# 3 – 61st Street

The drama is about a boy named Moses who gets caught up in the criminal justice system. He is accused of being a gang member after a police officer dies. The police officer died because a drug bust went wrong. A man named Franklyn works as a public defender in Chicago. He promises his wife that he will stop being an attorney, but he breaks that promise. He decides to accept Moses’ case because it could change the Chicago judicial system.

Franklyn wants to put a stop to racism and corruption in the legal department. The storyline is riveting and stirring. It is something you would see in a movie. It has a movie plot. There are plenty of crime dramas on television, but this one is different. The story is told from the public defender’s and victim’s points of view. The show deals with African American men and women being killed by the police. It also tackles racial stereotypes, drug dealing and murder. This is realistic because this is what is happening in the world today.

The cast looks like people who live in your neighborhood. They don’t have in-your-face looks, but they do have appeal. The most compelling thing is watching a man who is battling his own issues help someone in trouble. Franklyn is dying from cancer but is taking the time to help Moses. As we have said in previous articles, heroism is always compelling. The show gives you a chance to see an African American couple who love each other. It doesn’t happen in too many shows with this type of plot. Their chemistry is electric. They look as if they were married forever. The rest of the cast is attractive in their own way. They wear trendy clothes that are appealing and worth wearing.

# 2 – Killing Eve

The thriller is about a spy named Eve who is basically assigned to desk duty. Her life changes when Villanelle enters her life. Villanelle is a very skilled killer. She loves her job of killing people. Eve and Villanelle spend their time chasing after each other. Each woman is obsessed with each other.

The show is refreshing and entertaining. Shows like this usually feature men in these roles so it was a nice change of pace to see women in the lead roles. It gives them a chance to utilize their acting chops. It’s a show that believes in having strong female lead characters. This is the type of show that you will want to binge watch. The writers entice the audience by having Villanelle fall for Eve. It is different because Eve is trying to put Villanelle away. Eve can’t seem to resist Villanelle’s charm. She ends up falling for Villanelle.

There aren’t too many shows on TV that feature the hero and villain falling in love with each other. It is mind blowing to see a psycho and a detective collide with each other. The actresses have sizzling hot chemistry with each other. They scream appeal. Everyone may not be comfortable with females falling in love with each other, but they make it look compelling. They are both physically fit and look glamorous in their wardrobe. There are people of different racial backgrounds on the show. We commend the writers for creating an Asian American as the lead character on the show. She is proof that they can handle lead roles and look good doing it.

# 1 – The Walking Dead

The number one show on our 10 Most Compelling TV Shows On AMC+ is The Walking Dead. The drama is about people who are living their lives after a zombie apocalypse. The survivors are looking for safety and security. They are constantly looking for secure homes for their families. They deal with a lot of pressure to stay alive. Some of the survivors can’t handle the pressure. Their fear of each other can be worse than the zombies who are chasing them.

The show deals with inner conflict. They are battling each other when the real enemy should be the zombies. When this show first started, there was nothing like this on television. It is very popular. It is one of the most successful shows on the streaming network. The show has gripping storylines. The action is good. It is cool to watch the characters fight each other. They have a lot of adrenaline which makes it compelling. This is the type of show men and women can enjoy. In addition to everything else going on, the cast are worth checking out. Norman Reedus in particular screams cool. He is enough of a reason to watch the show.

This is a big cast so there’s plenty of eye candy to go around. You can take your pick at which one catches your eye. They have a variety of looks. Some of the characters are young and good looking while others are older and more compelling. The acting is very good. You may be intrigued by the special effects and makeup. This show is original and creative.

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