10 Best Greek Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina

Best Greek Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina

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Our 10 Best Greek Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina list presents the best places to find fantastic Greek Food in Charlotte, North Carolina. If your in the mood for some exocyic Greek styel seafood, some charbroiled squid or just your basic lamb gyro, we have some sweet picks for you in finding some tasty Greek food in Charlotte.

# 10 – Ilios Noche

When you walk inside the restaurant you will get an elegant vibe and you will notice wine glasses on each table. You can either order a bottle or have your waiter or waitress pour your favorite drink while you wait for your food to arrive. The first thing that draws your attention to the restaurant is the lights on the walls. They are enclosed in a unique design that creates a unique and cool atmosphere. Since there aren’t that many windows, for sunlight to shine through, it makes the place look brighter. It’s beautiful the way the light reflects off the carpet since it coordinates with the decorations on the walls. Even though this restaurant promotes an elegant atmosphere, it’s still a great place to take your children for a family lunch or dinner.

The children will be most excited about ordering a cheese pizza for themselves. If you have children that are picky eaters, this may be the safest thing to order for them. It’s something you know they will eat, and it’s the most popular item on the kids’ menu. It’s a simple meal. The chef spreads tomato sauce over the dough, and then the chef sprinkles mozzarella over the tomato sauce before putting it in the oven to cook. There are also some popular choices on the adult menu. If you love seafood, then you will love the Atlantic Salmon. This is the dish the chef recommends and a lot of their returning customers recommend it too. Once the salmon is cooked, it is placed on a bed of Kastoria white beans. The salmon is topped with roasted garlic coulis, and the meal is drowned in a herb vinaigrette sauce.

Address: 11508 Providence Rd, Ste I, Charlotte, NC 28277

Website: www.iliosnoche.com

# 9 – Landmark Diner

This is a large restaurant with lots of seating, and it’s surrounded by windows. You will be dining in a casual and carefree environment from the moment you sit down. The lights on the walls demonstrate a calming environment. If you have a sweet tooth, take a look at their display of cakes. You can take one home before you go or you can order a slice of one of those specialty cakes after you finish your meal. Close to the display of cakes you may find a display of different types of bread. Some may be sweet while others may be a bit healthier. You will have to check out the enclosed case to see which ones you would like to take home. This restaurant is set up like a diner so you know eating here will be a good time and an enjoyable experience.

If you’re coming to this restaurant with children, then order them the chicken fingers. The chicken fingers are listed under the appetizer section but you can order them with your meal. Be sure to tell your waiter or waitress so they can relay your message to the chef. The chicken fingers do come with honey mustard. If they don’t like that sauce, they can choose another. A popular entree for the adults in the group is the fried half chicken. This meal will be served to you in a basket with onion rings.

Address: 4429 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Website: www.landmarkdinercharlotte.com

# 8 – The Mad Greek

When you’re walking up to this restaurant, you will have a photo opportunity. You’ll see neat-looking pictures painted on the front of the restaurant, almost like a mural. This restaurant also has a display of desserts for you to choose from. Do you have a birthday coming up? An anniversary? Are you hosting a party? These cakes or any of these sweet treats would be perfect for a party. The restaurant itself is set up nicely with flowers on each table. When you walk into the restaurant and see flowers on the table you’re assigned to, it makes every bad day turn into a good day. It allows you to melt your problems away and enjoy yourself. They have a lovely selection of wine that will also turn a bad day into a good day. They also have a patio where you can sit and enjoy your food or a cup of coffee and just relax.

Unlike most restaurants you visit, this restaurant is open for breakfast. One of their menu items that are hot right now is the gyro feta cheese omelet. This omelet has gyro, tomatoes, onions, and feta cheese. It also has three eggs mixed in, and it’s served with hashbrowns and toast. If you don’t want to get up early to head to breakfast, then wait a few hours and go out to lunch. One of the items that you can order for either lunch or dinner is the gyro pita. On your plate, you will receive pita bread. On top of the pita, you will find lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki. Any of the meals you can order for lunch or dinner will come with fries. If you’re not interested in fries, the staff does allow substitutions so you can trade it in for a different side.

Address: 5011 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217

Website: www.madgreekclt.com

# 7 – Showmars

You will notice that there is a couch when you walk into the restaurant. The couch is for you to sit and wait for a hostess to greet you or you can sit there and wait for a table or booth to open up. The great thing about sitting there is that you can have a headstart to look at the menu. The menu hangs on the wall behind the couch. If you’re waiting for a table, you will already know what you want to order. The dining area is set up with a large assortment of booths and tables with napkins and seasoning on each booth and table. Those come in handy so you don’t have to keep asking for those items. As you walk to your seat, this is the restaurant you should be at. It has a casual atmosphere, and all the customers are smiling as they’re eating their food.

Speaking of the food, you may catch a glimpse of what some of the customers have ordered as you walk to your seat. There is a popular item on the menu. The chef will prepare this item for a limited time. They want to get the customers’ feedback before the chef decides whether or not to leave it on the menu so hurry up and order it before it’s gone. It’s called the Pepper Jam. It has pepper jam that comes from Charlotte, bacon, gouda cheese, and tzatziki pita sauce, and it’s served with a side of arugula. You can add a side and a drink to make it a combo meal if you want to. The chicken pita is a classic, and it’s the go-to choice because it’s so delicious. The chicken breast is marinated with tzatziki pita sauce after it has been cooked on the grill. You will also receive lettuce and tomatoes in the pita. You can also make this dish a combo if you choose to.

Address: 115 McCullough Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262

Website: www.showmars.com

# 6 – Park Place Restaurant

As you’re walking up to the restaurant, you can tell you’re going to be faced with a casual dining experience. Everything on the outside of the building demonstrates casualty. When you walk inside, it’s the same thing. You will notice large windows so the sun will come through creating a brighter atmosphere for the customers. As you pass by each table, one thing comes to mind. All the customers are laughing and joining the clean plate club. If you have never been to this restaurant before, it’s comforting to know that people are enjoying themselves.

This restaurant is a great place to bring the family. The menu has a lot of specials so you can share them with your family. One special that you would like is the cheeseburger family dinner, and it will feed a family of 4 people.  You will receive 4 cheeseburger plates, french fries, and a large salad with dressing to share. Everyone loves chicken tenders, especially the children so you can order something that everyone will love. You will receive 16 chicken tenders, french fries, and a large salad with dressing and dipping sauces. You can either enjoy these meals in the restaurant or from the comfort of your home.

Address: 10517 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210

Website: https://m.facebook.com/parkplacecharlotte/

# 5 – Wrapway

This restaurant is set up like a fast-food restaurant. You can go up to the counter and place your order. There will either be a chef or a cashier to take your order. There’s also a menu hanging down from the ceiling so you can take your time deciding what you want. When you go up to the counter, you will see the chef prepare the meals for other people that have been waiting. As you watch the chef work, it may help you decide what you want. Since the chef will be there, you can ask for recommendations as long as he doesn’t look busy. This restaurant has long tables, perfect for large groups of people to sit down to have a meal together. This creates a casual atmosphere, and even the counter where you’re ordering looks neat. It has a cheetah print on the front making the restaurant fun and exciting.

The Mediterranean chicken wrap is a great lunch or dinner option if you love chicken plus it’s a healthier meal. The chicken is seasoned with Mediterranean flavors, and it has rice in the wrap. Mixed in with the chicken and the rice are lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and roasted red peppers. All of these ingredients are wrapped in Lapita bread with garlic sauce for dipping or you can ask the chef to put it in the wrap. If you have already visited this restaurant before and you have tried the Mediterranean chicken wrap, how about this time you try it in a bowl. The Mediterranean chicken bowl brings out the flavor of the dish. You will get the same thing in the previous dish in this entree. The only difference is that it will come in a bowl with the bread on the side.

Address: 10221 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28213

Website: www.wrapway.com

# 4 – Crown Point

Here’s another casual atmosphere for a restaurant. When you walk into the lobby of the restaurant, you’re greeted with a smile from the hostess. That’s all it takes for this restaurant to have a welcoming vibe when you walk in. Another detail that demonstrates a welcoming feeling is the pots of flowers. You will also be welcomed by a sign on a chalkboard welcoming you to the restaurant. If there aren’t any tables or booths to sit at that will fit your family or just yourself, then you can wait on the comfortable couches in the foyer. This restaurant is a fun environment to be in, and the staff goes out of their way to make sure you’re having a positive experience including decorating the glass and walls behind the booths for the upcoming holiday. If you’re waiting for a table, you can look at the menu that’s on the wall. This will give you a head start by the time you sit down at your table. It’s a great idea if you haven’t been here before. This restaurant is also at a great location close to the Big Air Trampoline Park.

They have a variety of different food items at this restaurant and one of those types is the pasta dishes. The cajun chicken pasta is a delicious dish to try for the first time. The chicken is marinated in spicy flavors as it’s cooking in the oven. It’s placed over a bed of noodles with alfredo sauce covering the dish. The fried shrimp platter is also a good choice, especially if you love seafood. The shrimp are cooked in the fryer and are tossed around so all sides are cooked thoroughly. You can choose either fries or hushpuppies to go along with your meal.

Address: 2518 Sardis Rd N, Charlotte, NC 28227

Website: https://www.crownpointcrabhouse.com/

# 3 – Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

At this restaurant, each table and booth has a menu for you to look at while you wait for your waiter or waitress to come by to take your drink order. It’s always better to order everything at once, and it’s easier for the staff too. Speaking of the staff, each employee that comes to your table will serve you with a smile. You feel welcomed when you see a smile on their face. The restaurant has huge windows. Even though there are lights all over the restaurant, it makes the space seem brighter in the daytime with the sun shining through the windows. After dark, you will get a more intimate setting because the lights will be dimmed a little bit lower for a cozier atmosphere. There are lights that the employees turn on overhead, but there are smaller lights on the walls to get a glowing effect on the walls.

No matter what food you order, everything is very colorful with lots of reds and greens on your plate mixed with other colors. This restaurant has something for everyone, even for the pickiest eaters. One of the tasty options they have is the grilled chicken roll-up. The chicken is grilled to perfection with grill marks on both sides. Tomatoes and feta are mixed with the chicken rolled up in a flour tortilla. Once the chef cuts it up, you will receive about four wraps on your plate, and it comes with a side of fruit, a salad, and a dish of fresh salsa on the side. If you have walked into the restaurant starving, you should try one of their feast meals. It’s a bigger plate with more food than the other choices. The grilled shrimp is perfect if you love seafood. The shrimp are grilled and cooked with special seasonings, including salt and pepper. Lemon juice is drizzled over the shrimp to add a sour flavor to your dish. The shrimp is placed over some rice, and you will receive a salad with your meal.

Address: 205 S. Kings Drive, Unit 100, Ste 100, Charlotte, NC 28204

Website: www.tazikiscafe.com

# 2 – Nefelie’s

This restaurant is in an excellent location. From the outside, it looks like a strip mall with all kinds of different restaurants and stores surrounding Nefelie’s. You may not know about it until you’re walking past it. They have advertisements that will stand out from the rest of the restaurants. It will say Gyro in huge letters letting you know that’s one of the items they have on their menu. If you love Greek food, Gyros are very popular in Greece heritage. Under the name of the sign, it lets you know that this is a Greek restaurant. The sign will also mention that it includes a bar inside. You can choose to eat outside and you don’t have to worry about your children crossing the street or playing in the street when you’re eating outside. This is not a street that cars drive on so there’s no danger, which is perfect for family outings. After dark, the restaurant is lit up with extra lights so you can see better if you’re eating outside and you can tell where the restaurant is if you’re trying to find it.

If you’re out and about along the trip and want to stop at this tasty restaurant for a bite to eat, then you could order a lunch special. The restaurant has lunch specials for every day during the week. For example, if you are in the area on Monday, you can choose between their lemon pepper chicken with two sides or an American burger with all the fixings. For the burger, you can choose one side off of their sides section. The Kota Blue is an excellent entree choice whether you’re heading here for lunch or dinner. The chicken is grilled how you like it, and it has ham, mozzarella, and feta cheese. You will receive a pita and you can choose two sides with this entree and the other entrees.

Address: 145 Brevard Ct, Charlotte, NC 28202

Website: www.nefeliesrestaurant.com

# 1 – Greco Fresh Grille

This is another restaurant that has a fast-food-type feel to the place. You have to order at the counter and you will pick up your food at the counter. Their menu is along the counter so you can go up to look at the menu if you’re not familiar with what they serve. This restaurant is a bit smaller than some of the others previously mentioned, but the customers eat in a casual atmosphere. We have to mention the lamps that hang from the ceiling and how neat they are. The lamps hang low from the ceiling, and they look like lava lamps. The blue color goes well with the rest of the restaurant. Everything seems to work as far as the atmosphere goes and now let’s move on to the food because that’s why you’re visiting.

This Greek restaurant has hot items mixed with cold items on its menu. The first one we’ll take a look at is the chicken kebobs. They charge you per skewer so you can choose as many as you want. Just know that there is an additional fee for each one you order. Once the chicken has been cooked on the grill, it is placed in a bowl so it can marinate in olive oil while the chef prepares the rest of the dish. The chicken is chopped up and put on skewers. Once it’s on a skewer, it is seasoned with Greek herbs and spices. If you’re vegetarian, you can choose their Greek salad. You can purchase either a small tray or a large tray. The salad is mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, and their’s feta cheese sprinkled on top.

Address: 9820 Rea Rd, Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28277

Website: www.grecofreshgrille.com

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