10 Best Amazon Prime Drama Shows To Binge In 2022

Best Amazon Prime Drama Shows To Binge In 2022

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Nowadays, we live in the world of binge-watching, thanks to technology and lots of creativity in the film industry. Don’t be left out. People are having unlimited fun binge-watching their favorite shows. Especially with the new standard protocols, you will likely find yourself indoors, with fewer duties. That’s the ideal time to stream your favorite shows. Did you know that Amazon Prime is also an excellent network with many fantastic TV shows? If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, we have highlighted the ten best Amazon Prime Drama Shows to Binge on in 2022. So keep reading.

#10- A Very English Scandal

Ushering us into the 10th Amazon Prime drama show is “A Very English Scandal.” This TV series is a dramatic show based on a true story from writer Russell T Davis and directors Stephen Frears and Hugh Grant. That’s one of the reasons why the show is currently top ranking in Amazon Prime. Also, there is a likelihood that the show’s success results from the integration of humor, absurdity, and dramatic political scenes. Who wouldn’t want to see all these genres in one film? Since the release of this British TV drama series in May 2018, it has won several awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, British Academy Television Awards, and British Academy Television Craft Awards.

“A Very English Scandal” features the story of a 1970s political dramatic event where Jeremy Thorpe’s ex-lover threatens and blackmails him. In the process, the blackmail compromises Thorpe’s career. He doesn’t take it lightly, as he responds with shoddy threats and violence. It is in its first season, consisting of three episodes. The primary casts include Ben Whishaw, Hugh Grant, and Alex Jennings.

#9 – Catastrophe

If you are looking for something hilarious with lots of dramatic scenes, look no further. At our 9th position, we have “Catastrophe,” a British TV sitcom that features the story of an American man (Rob) meeting an Irish woman (Sharon). Sharon gets pregnant with rob’s child while on a London business trip. That’s the beginning of all the dramatic and hilarious scenes in the show. The pregnancy came as a surprise as none of these two protagonists expected it. Since the release of this drama-comedy show in January 2015, it has been in several awards nominations in various categories. In 2015, the show received nominations in the “Best TV Situation Comedy” and “Best Actor in Television” categories for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards and BAFTA Scotland Awards. In 2016, the show was nominated and won the “Best Writer: Comedy” category in the BAFTA TV Craft Awards.

The first season begins with Sharon meeting alcoholic Rob in a London bar. In the second season, Rob and Sharon argue in the first episode. In the middle of having sex, Frankie, their son, walks in alongside his dog Mabel. The story continues in the third season as Robs becomes suspicious after confronting Sharon about the morning-after pill. The fourth and also the last season features Rob’s conviction for drink-driving. His sentence entails offering community service at a charity shop.

#8- I Know What You Did Last Summer

What comes to your mind when someone suggests to you a TV show featuring teenagers involving themselves in criminal activities? Fun, right? Number eight on our ten best drama shows on Amazon Prime to binge on right now is Kevin Williamson’s “I Know what you did Last Summer” script. The show was first released in 1997 and is still in its first season consisting of four episodes. Right now, this TV show is one of the best in Amazon Prime as it has received several award category nominations. Since its debut season, the show has won the ASCAP Award in the “Top Box Office Films” category. Also, in 1998, it won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award in several categories.

The show features a group of teenagers who hit and killed someone with their vehicle throughout the first season. They then hide the victim’s body and decide never to let anyone else know about their little secret. One year later, a mysterious killer stalks them as he already knows the truth. If you want a cheap scare to entertain you during your binge-watching, go for this show.

#7- Sneaky Pete

If you are a fan of slippery situations and cons, “Sneaky Pete” is the show for you. It is our 7th best, and you can stream it live on Amazon Prime if you already have a subscription. Brian Cranston came up with the idea of this show’s creation from “Breaking Bad’s” still-smoldering ashes. The talented creator just knew how to integrate a con story and a twisty crime drama so that it would later turn out to be breathtaking. For sure, the show took the internet and TV by surprise. The show has been one of the best drama shows in the network since most people love watching desperate criminals wiggle their way out of tight situations. The debut season was a success as it received immense positive reviews and critics. This entertaining piece of art received a 97% ‘Certified Fresh’ rating from Rotten Tomatoes based on 31 critical reviews.

Throughout the first season of the show, Marius becomes affectionate to his new illegitimate family. Marius helps Audrey plan for her money’s comeback after Lance cons her all of it. Season 2 continues as Joe and Frank, the two goons, threatens Marius to uncover Pete’s mother’s whereabouts within 72 hours. Pete’s mother stole Luka’s $11 million. Season three of this American crime drama highlights more on deception, lies, cons. For instance, Maggie pretends to be Lila throughout the season.

#6- Goliath

Are you a Billy Bob Thornton fan? Or do you love watching dad shows? We have incorporated “Goliath,” an American legal drama TV series that still streams in Amazon Studios in 2021. The show has been a significant hit since its release in October 2016 because it uses McBride’s fictional cases to address real-life issues. That saw the show getting a 78% approval rating based on 37 reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes for its debut season. The third season received an 80% approval rating from 5 reviews. That’s not all. This TV show has received nominations in several awards categories like Satellite awards and Golden Globe Awards. In 2017, Billy Bob Thornton won the Golden Globe Awards in the “Best Actor- Television Series Drama” category.

The season begins on a relatively high note where Billy McBride takes the role of a washed-up lawyer. He is also a drunkard who would drink more instead of meeting his estranged family and clients. McBride must return to criminal defense following his friend’s arrest for a double murder case in the second season. The third season is challenging for Billy due to his involvement in a lawsuit against Wade Blackwood, a billionaire. Season four of “Goliath” might be the last, but it is the most emotionally rewarding and visually dazzling. It’s the season where Billy McBride has his last chance to reinvent himself.

#5 – Da 5 Bloods

If you are a fan of Spike Lee and you like remembering that war is terrible, you are just in the right place as we got one of the best drama shows you can stream on Amazon Prime. “Da 5 Bloods,” Spike Lee’s 2020 American war drama, is on another level due to its sprawling plot that centers on a split between two timelines. First, the show takes us back to the happenings of the Vietnam War. Secondly, the show features the current happenings as the war’s survivors, who are now aging veterans, are on a mission to recover their fallen squad leader’s (Chadwick Boseman) remains.

This show was one of Chadwick Boseman’s last performances, leading to many of his fans streaming the show and making it a big internet sensation in the United States of America and beyond. Besides the show receiving a 92% approval rating according to 295 reviews on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, it has also won several awards. The show won the “Top 10 Movies of the Year” category in the American Film Institute Awards, “Best Action Movie” in the Critic’s Choice Super Awards, to name but a few.

#4- Fleabag

Do you want to watch Olivia Colman become rude? Or, are you interested in a show that features the drama that revolves around rule-breaking priests? Our 4th best drama show “Fleabag” is just what you have been anticipating. This British comedy-drama series is a result of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s innovative creation. It was initially available in July 2016 for its debut season. It is one of the best shows you can ever watch on Amazon Prime since its reception, and critical response tells it all. In Rotten Tomatoes, the show received a 100% approval rating based on 40 reviews for its first season. Its second season received a 100% approval rating based on 95 reviews on the same platform. This drama series has won numerous awards since its debut season.

The first season is hilarious but also features the pain of hidden trauma. However, the second season features Fleabag as she strangely explores her fleeting connection with a Priest. She also tries to mend the complicated relationship she has with Claire, her sister.

#3- Dexter

“Dexter” is in the third position on our top ten best drama shows on Amazon Prime that you can binge on in 2022. It is primarily ideal for fans of lumberjack beards and serial killings with feelings. This show was an instant hit when its first season was available in October 2006. It is an American crime drama TV series that centers on Dexter Morgan. In the film, Dexter specializes in forensic analysis. He works in the Miami Metro Police Department. This show is one of the best crime drama series you can find on Amazon Prime due to its popular reception. In December 2008, “Dexter” gave Showtime its highest ratings since 2004 in its season-three finale after more than 1.51 million people streamed the show. That’s not all. December 2009 was another breakthrough for this television series and Showtime as more than 2.6 million people watched it.

As of now, it is in its eighth season. The debut season was breathtaking as it introduces the audience to the main protagonist, Dexter, as a blood-spatter analyst. In the second season, the show highlights the complexity of Dexter and Rita’s relationship as Rita’s mother uncovers Dexter’s secrets. In the third season, George King is the serial killer and becomes the fictional Miami Metro Homicide’s central target. Dexter suffers from amnesia after his involvement in a car crash in season four. Also, he searches for the lost body of Benny Gomez. The dramatic criminal scenes continue to season eight as Dexter has to deal with his past experiences. These events follow the return of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a psychiatric expert.

#2- Alias

J. Abrams’ “Alias” science fiction and action thriller dramatic show take the second position on our list. The performance is as thrilling, captivating, and surprising as you have always wanted. If you love spy movies and are a fan of Jennifer Garner, this show should be on your priority list this binge season. Although there were some controversies with the show’s original music due to licensing problems, it is still an exciting show to watch on its return series. The show has received several awards so far. In 2002, its lead character Jennifer Garner won the “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series” category in the Golden Globe Awards. In 2003, the show won the “Best Network Television Series” in Saturn Awards. Those are but a few of them, which makes the show one of the best so far on Amazon Prime.

In its debut season, Sydney Bristow realizes the deadly secrets that her occupation as an SD-6 agent holds. These secrets are critical threats to the free world’s security. The second season returned in 2002, featuring Francie Calfo, a close ally to Sydney. Francie’s murder turns out to be a plot where Allison’s transfiguration served to replace her since she looked exactly like her. The third season takes us two years later, where Sydney is presumed dead due to her disappearance. The fourth season is a thrilling piece as Jack, Nadia, Sydney, and Vaughn kill Elena. In the last season, events begin with the abduction of Vaughn. Then, Sydney learns of the possibility that the crash might have been a cover for Vaughn’s extraction.

# 1 – The Americans

At the helm of our ten best Amazon Prime drama shows to binge on in 2022 is “The Americans,” an American spy drama TV show for the lovers and fans of Keri Russell. Also, if you enjoy watching TV series featuring liars, secrets, and spies, look no further. This film is the one for you to binge on today on your Amazon Prime subscription. The reason is that the FX series blends cracking espionage drama and family duty. Additionally, it has received excellent approval ratings of not less than 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. The debut season received an 88% approval rating based on 51 critical responses. The last season received a 99% approval rating based on 32 reviews. The show’s characters have also won several awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards. Also, this TV series became one of the few dramatic shows to receive two Peabody Awards.

In its debut season, Stan Beeman transforms Nina Krilova into an American spy, and Phillip decides to kill Amador, an FBI counterintelligence agent, after catching him with Martha, Gadd’s secretary. The second season follows the happenings of two assailants attacking Jennings while trying to abduct Baklanov. In the third season, Elizabeth and Philip are undercover CIA agents. Their mission is to manipulate Zadran. Towards the end of the series in season six, the world seems to be collapsing on Elizabeth and Philip, but they seem to be extra busy even to realize it.


The good thing about our list is that it consists of new and returning drama shows. So if you want a returning show, we have sorted you out. If you are looking for a new show, we have also sorted your needs. As long as you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you are good to go.


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