10 Best Things To Do In Warwick, Rhode Island

Things To Do In Warwick, Rhode Island

Photo: Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / “Warwick (Rhode Island, USA) — 2006 — 6” / CC BY-SA 4.0

Warwick is a city in Rhode Island located in Kent County. This beautiful and unique city is located around 63 miles southwest of Boston, Massachusetts, 171 miles northeast of New York City and 12 miles south of downtown Providence. Warwick city is home to museums, farmers markets, state parks and beaches that you can visit while in the region. While in the city of Warwick, you can stop at the farmers’ markets located in various parts of the city to interact with the natives, buy local produce, and have a taste of the local dishes.

Additionally, you can visit the Warwick museum of art if you are an art enthusiast. If you want to spend some time outdoors, you can visit the various state parks located in the city. You can also visit the various state parks to stretch your muscles and have a view of various parts of the city with young ones and your four-legged companions. Do you want to sunbathe? Well, while in Warwick city in Rhode Island, you should never fail to visit the Oakland beach. You can visit the beach to swim, picnic and sunbathe. A visit to the various ponds in the city will give you a chance to go fishing and see various fish species.

Warwick city covers an estimated area of around 128.9 square kilometers, and it has an elevation of 11 m. As per the population census of 2019, the number of people in this great city is around 80,993, and the area code is 401. The city of Warwick has unique and fantastic places that you can visit and enjoy some quality time.

Here are the best things to do in Warwick, Rhode Island.

# 10 – Goddard Memorial State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park is one of the most popular Metropolitan Parks in the entire state of Rhode Island. If you are visiting Warwick, Rhode Island and wondering which activities and places you can visit and have fun with the young ones, Goddard Memorial State Park is the place to be. This state park is located at 1095 Ives Road in Warwick, Rhode Island. Goddard Memorial State Park features fields, a spacious lawn, and forests. The forests in the incredible state park have different species of trees from various places around the world. There are over 19 evergreen and more than 60 deciduous species of trees in Goddard Memorial State Park. Additionally, the state park features a performing art center, over 350 picnic tables, eighteen miles of bridle trails, an equestrian show area and a 9-hole golf course.

# 9 – Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum

A visit to Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum will give you an insight into the life of Warwick and the entire Rhode Island in the 1800s. Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum is located at 4157 Post Road. This house was built in 1872 for Elizabeth Ives Slater by her father, William Smith Slater; on her marriage to Alfred Augustus Reed Jr., inside this house, there are still original furnishings, family collections and various displays. Additionally, there is a small collection of wagons and carriages in the circa 1906 carriage house. Generally, Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum is one of the hidden treasures of Rhode Island, and it is a perfect place to visit to learn more about the region.

# 8 – Oakland Beach

Suppose you want to relax and have some fun outdoors while in Warwick, Rhode Island, then Oakland Beach Avenue is your destination. This is a saltwater inlet beach on the shores of Greenwich Bay. Oakland Beach has boat ramps, marinas and restaurants, among other facilities. Initially, in the 1800s, Oakland Beach was being used as a training campground for Rhode Island Militia, making it a historical beach. You can visit Oakland Beach for various outdoor activities such as swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, and many more in the modern day.

# 7 – Warwick Museum of Art

There is something for everyone at Warwick, Rhode Island. Art enthusiasts have something to smile about during their visit to this fantastic city. Warwick Museum of Art is located at Post Road in Warwick, Rhode Island, and it is housed at the former Kentish Artillery Armory building. A wide array of artwork is showcased inside this museum representing different cultural experiences like comedy, poetry, music and theatre performances, among other things. Additionally, monthly exhibitions highlighting national, regional and local contemporary artists are hosted in Warwick Museum of Art. You will be able to view new works by unique and talented artists in the changing exhibits after every four to six weeks.

# 6 – Rocky Point State Park

Outdoor enthusiasts have a place to have some fun. Rocky Point State Park is one of the fantastic outdoor places that you can visit with young ones. Rocky Point State Park covers an area around acres. Initially, for over 150 years, Rocky Point State Park used to be a perfect place for concerts, swimming, games, rides, nature trails and clambakes, among other things, before being closed for around 20 years. It was opened again in 2014. Currently, this state park is a passive use area with an open space. You will find a handful of amusement parks structures in Rocky Point State Park during your visit. Rocky Point State Park is located at 33 Rocky Point Avenue in Warwick, Rhode Island. You can visit this State Park for picnics, hiking, jogging, strolling with or without a four-legged companion or taking a view of Narragansett Bay.

# 5 – Warwick Historical Society

If you want to get knowledge relating to the historical background of Warwick, Rhode Island, then Warwick Historical Society is your destination. Warwick Historical Society main aim is to preserve the topography, antiquity, and natural, civil and ecclesiastical history of Warwick city. Inside the Warwick Historical Society, a collection of buildings, furniture and household items are representing over 100 years of family life in this great city. During your visit, you will find a collection of photographs, historical and personal items, farming equipment, vehicles and machinery on display on the multiple buildings in Warwick Historical Society.

# 4 – Warwick Pond

Located at Wells Avenue in the middle of Warwick, Rhode Island, is the Warwick Pond. The pond spans around 85 acres. If you are in Warwick, Rhode Island, and you would love to go boating and fishing, Warwick Pond is the best place to visit. Some of the species of fish found in Warwick pond include largemouth bass, yellow perch and common carp, among other fascinating types of fish. You can also visit Warwick Pond to swim during certain times of the year.

# 3 – Farmers Markets

A visit to Warwick, Rhode Island, without stopping in any of the farmer’s markets, will not be complete if you want to interact with the locals and enjoy the traditional delicacies of the city. There are multiple farmers markets located in Warwick. Some of the farmer’s markets include West Warwick farmer’s market, Pawtuxet Village farmers market and Goddard State park farmers’ market. The multiple farmers in Warwick have several vendors selling items such as fresh produce, eggs, maple syrup, meats, fruits and baked goods and many more. Additionally, there are various restaurants around the farmer’s markets that you can visit to have a taste of the local delicacies. The farmer’s markets in Warwick, Rhode Island, are open during different days of the week and month.

# 2 – George B. Salter Memorial Grove

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then George B. Salter Memorial Grove is a perfect place for you. George B. Salter Memorial Grove is also one of the places in the city that you can visit with kids and four-legged companions. George B. Salter Memorial Grove is located at Narragansett Parkway in Warwick, Rhode Island. You can visit this memorial park to relax and cool off your mind while in the city. Multiple events take place in this small park.

# 1 – Village Centers of Warwick

Village Centers of Warwick is one of the places in the city if you want to glimpse the life of the early settlers of the city. Some of the village centers in Warwick, Rhode Island include Apponaug Four Corners, Apponaug Village, Conimicut Village, Pawtuxet Village (the oldest village in Warwick and new England), Pontiac Village and Potowomut.


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