7 Reasons To Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

Photo: Harvey Barrison from Massapequa, NY, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Virginia is home to many attractions that bring visitors from around the world. History buffs will likely recommend Colonial Williamsburg as a spot to mark on the Virginia tour. Included in the historic triangle-Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown are a few of the last cities that still showcase colonial life. The smells, conversation, and personal experience mimic that of the days when pioneers settled in America. In Williamsburg, you can easily delve into life in the 1600’s though today in a matter of one trip. There are also many other things to do that will appease many types of visitors. Art, water adventures, theme parks, even a short drive to reach Washington D.C. is only a few of the extra perks Colonial Williamsburg offers.

# 1 – History

Founded in 1699, life in Williamsburg included many differences from today. Aside from the obvious lack of electricity, the citizens found themselves making life about founding a nation. The hard work and determination can still be observed today. Ladies dressed in colonial dresses explain firsthand to curious onlookers how she is preparing an entire meal using only the technology available at the time. Horse drawn carriages and gentlemen in colorful attire line the streets to greet the modern tourist.

Colonial Williamsburg

Harvey Barrison from Massapequa, NY, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Experiences in the preserved village show how life was much harder yet still a little simpler. Beautiful gardens that would supply a family’s yearly needs can be seen tended to by the common workers. Inside the historic homes, life of the upper class can be viewed. The differences between the social classes are explained throughout many different stations. Blacksmiths, farmers, politicians, laborers, and religious figures were all part of the core that Williamsburg was founded on. The community drives the authenticity in real time clothing and speak in early American tongue. It is truly a marvelous experience.

# 2 – Multiple Theme Parks

Those that travel to Williamsburg with the expectation of only a history lesson or mandated field trip, are in for an enormous surprise. The location offers a huge variety of history, but it also houses many places of fun. Most well known in Williamsburg, is Bush Gardens. This theme park literally lets you explore the world without leaving Williamsburg. Designed to showcase some of the well-known lost cultures, tourists will find themselves with an entire weekend of fun just trying to see this one park. A plethora of foods can be enjoyed as you pass from civilization to civilization in this global adventure. Water rides, top rated roller coasters, and lively shows will make any visit one to remember. Bush Gardens prides itself in accommodating all walks of life. Kids, parents, single adults, or parties of friends can all find the park to be a great way to spend any day.

bush gardens roller coaster

myself (User:Piotrus) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Another great idea when visiting Williamsburg is the Water Country USA waterpark. With more water slides than you can imagine, this is the ideal place for escaping the Virginia heat and continuing the fun. With an older genre of music selection, the entire park can hear loudspeakers playing tunes that keep everyone in a great mood. Kids, teens, and adults can all find the enjoyment they are seeking as they glide down unique slides or enjoy refreshing frozen citrus beverages. Often combined with Busch Gardens, tourists can find package deals that include a 3-day pass to all these parks and some that also provide motel stays.

# 3 – Hotels and Camping

As Williamsburg is an international attraction, there can many great lodging opportunities when trying to see everything. Beautiful campgrounds that let you really connect with the Virginia landscape’s beauty, or even a nice bed and breakfast that is directly in the colonial part of the adventure. Motels and hotels also appreciate the many guests they receive and provide most tourists with more than expected service. Finding somewhere to sleep while in Colonial Williamsburg will never be an issue but leaving may be.

# 4 – Food, Food, Food

Where a person must sleep, they must also account for food. Williamsburg offers tourists an amazing variety of options to fill up. A unique store, The Peanut Store, gives the visitor a feeling of old-time stores. Hand roasting their peanuts for 40 years, this store offers many selections of your favorite nuts. King’s Arms Tavern is also a unique place to enjoy a good meal. With the seasonings of the 18th century, this tavern was originally opened in 1772 and the atmosphere is completely authentic. Other amazing restaurants can be found to enjoy a good dining break. The parks and attractions also serve rare treats that are highly recommended to try. There is also a great market for those that enjoy ale. The facilities for Anheuser-Busch is in Williamsburg and offer tours and tastings. A visitor may even be lucky enough to view the legendary Clydesdales.

# 5 – Colleges

People may also visit Williamsburg for the educational and artistic acknowledgements. Home to three schools, Williamsburg houses the College of William and Mary. This is the second oldest school in the nation, preceded by Harvard. Here you can visit the Wren House. The most notable building at the college, the Wren Building can be dated back as far as 1695. The structure has fell victim to fire three times in history and now resembles the renovation of 1732. The building contains a lengthy story that tells of lack of funding and other obstacles that made the life of the building quite problematic. It served as a French hospital during the battle of Yorktown. Confederate soldiers would later use it for a hospital as well. During the Civil War, Union troops burnt the building to the ground to prevent snipers from using the location. Today the building is back to life and hosting dinners and receptions. There is also a wedding chapel and the community colleges are additionally given the permission to use the building for special occasions.

# 6 – Museums

A variety of museums await to be explored when you visit. Those interested can learn a great deal about English and American lifestyles in the earliest of the development of the nation. They can also explore early Americana folk art. Both exhibits can be found in the public hospital building. The Bassett Home is another exciting museum to explore. Home to the late John D. Rockefeller and his wife, Abby, this estate is preserved to showcase the life they lived as they were to reside here in the 1920s and ‘30s. Built in the 18th century, it allows the visitor to get a feel of the revolutionary experience of homes as well as the later generations that would make them original to their time as well.

# 7 – Shopping

One last thrill Colonial Williamsburg offers is the vast amount of shopping available. Gift shops are everywhere and much of the merchandise is unique. Merchants Square offers many shops and restaurants and is in walking distance to the historical section. Furniture, fabrics, snacks, novelty items, and even Christmas ornaments are only a handful of the custom shops available to visit.

Colonial Williamsburg offers a vast array of experiences to all walks of life. The history behind the location adds to the unique realization of how ancestors overcame obstacles to preserve a time period forever. The visitor can not think that history is all that Williamsburg offers though. Only through a personal visit will someone see that modern technology and memorialized locations create the perfect tourist environment. Tourists can experience a range of three centuries and an international travel experience without leaving. Great food, beautiful homes, and real education to the earliest days of colonial life, make Colonial Williamsburg one of the most eccentric and enjoyable places to plan any family vacation.

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