10 Best Things to Do In Pasadena, California

10 Best Things To Do In Pasadena

Photo: Oleknutlee / Public domain

Pasadena is a city found in Los Angeles County in the State of California in the United States of America. This city is a home to various museums, famous bridges, national parks, and entertainment centers that you will enjoy while visiting or touring. Here are the 10 best things to do in Pasadena. The city is a great place to visit during the summer months as it gets very little rainfall during the summer season. Pasadena is located about eleven miles southwest of the city of Los Angeles.

# 10 – Rose Bowl, Pasadena

The Rose Bowl hosts a wide variety of events, and therefore it appeals to different kinds of people. While visiting Pasadena, if you are a football fan during the post-season, Rose Bowl, you can watch both the local and the national college football games. Additionally, you can attend major concerts that have featured bands as big as The Rolling Stones. It is one of the most famous stadiums in the world based on their annual College Rose Bowl game. This venue also hosts the LA Galaxy football club occasionally. Finally, every second Sunday of the month, this venue hosts the unrefuted largest flea market on the West Coast.

# 9 – Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL)

The JPL is found along the Oak Grove Drive in Pasadena just a few minutes from the downtown. Since the founding of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1936, it has been one of the leaders in technological developments in the aviation and space fields. Every Thursday and Friday evening, free comprehensive lectures are being offered to everybody; hence if you like the science-fiction aficionados to buffs, you can visit the JPL. However, if you want to tour the lab, you will be required to reserve in advance.

# 8 – Old Pasadena

The well-preserved 19th and 20th-century architecture and buildings in this historic town reflect on its past. You can participate in the popular Old Pasadena Walking Tour, which is a historical and architectural tour of the town. The Pasadena Heritage Society organizes it. It takes place every first Saturday of every month except in July and October. Additionally, you can enjoy the Bikes & Hikes LA excursion while visiting this city. When hungry, you can visit the Melting Pot Food Tours and enjoy the organized 3.5-hour Old Pasadena Food Tasting Walking Tours that happens every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

# 7 – Eaton Canyon Nature Center

The attraction is spread across almost 2000 acres along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. While visiting Pasadena with or without your family, this is a must-visit place. You will enjoy spending your outdoor time in this area without the stress of driving halfway across the state. You will enjoy and interact with different exhibits and live animals when visiting the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. Besides, while touring, you will see a diverse variety of native plants and wild animal species and habitats. For easy access and entertaining walk for people of different ages, the grounds of this nature center are crisscrossed by a network of well-marked trails.

# 6 – Norton Simon Museum

This museum is home to one of the Golden State’s impressive collections. While visiting the museum, you will be able to view over 10000 individual collection features that have been there for over a century. The collections were gathered by a wealthy industrialist known as Norton Simon, who the museum is named after. Moreover, the museum features permanent and rotating exhibits that you will enjoy viewing. On a regular basis, there is a variety of classes, workshops, and lectures hosted by the museum’s staff. Finally, you will be able to view the original paintings by Picasso, Vuillard, Rembrandt, and van Gogh, among others found in this museum.

# 5 – The USC Pacific Asia Museum

A visit to the USC Pacific Asia Museum is going to give you a variety of things that you can learn about. When you visit Pasadena, you should visit this historical museum located along the North Los Robles Avenue. The museum has over 17000 different work objects, artwork, and artifacts ranging from the Japanese folks’ paintings, Chinese ceramics, and Buddhist art, among others from all over Asia. Further, for maximum and enjoyable viewing, the over 17000 exhibits rotate nationally. The museum organizes lectures, guided tours, and workshops regularly. Finally, you will also be able to entertain yourself with Asian festivals that are organized regularly in this museum found in Pasadena.

# 4 – Pasadena Museum of History

This museum has a 2000 square foot gallery space that features rotating exhibitions for maximum and enjoyable viewing. Additionally, this museum has over a million artifacts, including books, photos, and maps, among others dating back as early as 1834. You will be able to enjoy viewing the displays of the regional artwork. For document-led tours, the museum has authentically preserved the Fenyes Mansion on the Millionaires Row. On a regular basis, the museum hosts different types of exhibitions and tours around the Pasadena historic buildings.

# 3 – Pasadena Ice Skating Center

During the hot  summer seasons, you may need to cool off while enjoying yourself. You can visit the Pasadena ice skating center to do this. The center has been operational for over 30 years and i has been providing tons of fun entertainment to visitors and residents. People of different ages, cultures, and skill can visit and enjoy themselves during the hot summer seasons. Don’t know how to skate? Do not worry. The skating center has an ice rink for beginners. Additionally, this ice skating center in Pasadena hosts various in-house ice hockey leagues for individuals of different ages.

# 2 – Descanso Gardens

This garden is located on the northwest edge of Pasadena. The garden features nine different meticulously landscaped spaces for easy transportation. While in the garden, you will be able to view over 1600 varieties of different flowers. Additionally, the garden has blossoming cherry trees of the Japanese garden that you will enjoy viewing. The Descanso Gardens is a home to the largest collection of North America’s camellia flowers that you will have the pleasure to see during your visit.

# 1 – Garfield Park

Planning a picnic with friends and family? Look no further; this park has over seven acres of wholly-improved park with a variety of amenities like tennis courses and playground equipment, among others that you will entertain yourself with while touring. Additionally, you can soak yourself up the sun in the meadow lawns. When the sun is too hot, you can perch yourself under the oak trees to shade.

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