10 Best Things To Do In Portland, Maine

Things To Do In Portland, Maine

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Our 10 Best Things To Do In Portland, Maine looks at a wonderful city in the beautiful State of Maine. The city of Portland is famous for both transport and fishing. Portland, Maine, is the most oversized foreign inbound transit cargo in the United States. This beautiful city of Portland is home to various museums, state parks, sanctuaries, farmers markets, ports, and breweries that you can visit. You can visit the local markets located in Portland, interact with the locals, buy local produce, and get to know people’s culture. A visit to the various parks located in the city will give you a chance to have some quiet time, admire nature and other activities multiple times of the year.

Additionally, if you like beer or want to know more about beer making, you can stop at the various breweries in Portland, Maine. You can sample the beers in the tasting rooms located within the breweries. You can also visit the old port to shop and view the old buildings. Further, there are multiple museums situated in Portland, Maine. You can visit the Portland museum of art and have a glimpse of over 18,000 fine pieces of art dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. A visit to the only International Cryptozoology Museum will be breathtaking. You can also board the boat, go fishing while in the area, swim at the beaches, and sunbathe.

Portland, Maine, covers a large area of around 179.8 square kilometers. According to the 2019 census, the population of Portland, Maine, is estimated to be 66,595. There are various activities available for everyone in Portland, Maine, during different times of the year. Here are the ten best things to do in Portland, Maine.

# 10 – Portland Museum of Art

We start the best things to do in Portland, Maine, by visiting the Portland Museum of Art. If you are an art enthusiast and would love to see some fine art pieces while in Portland, Maine, then the Portland Museum of Art is your destination. Portland Museum of Art was founded in 1882 as Portland Society of Art, and it is the oldest and the most significant public art institution in entire Maine. This museum features over 18,000 decorative and fine art dating back froth the 18th century to date. Additionally, there are more than 650 works in this museum by Winslow Homer, which include oil paintings, etchings, and watercolor. You will also find works by artists such as Cassat, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Picasso, and O’Keefe in the Portland Museum of Art during your visit. Further, the Portland Museum of Art hosts various educational programs and events such as gallery talks, PMA movies, and special exhibitions multiple times of the year. Portland Museum of Art is located at 7 Congress Square in Portland, Maine.


# 9 – Fore River Sanctuary

Do you love nature, would you like to stretch your muscles a bit, or do you want some quiet time to cool your mind? Well, Fore River Sanctuary is the place to be while in Portland. Fore River Sanctuary is located at 157-169 Rowe Ave; Portland, Maine. Fore River Sanctuary is an 85-acre preserve and the home of the only natural waterfall in Portland, known as the Jewell Falls. Inside this 85-acre preserve, gorgeous landscapes have never been touched or tempered by a human. Fore River Sanctuary is suitable for cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, walking, bird watching, and even running. This sanctuary is a quiet place with modern conveniences such as benches and bathrooms. The trails in this 85-acre preserve have signs for directions and keep visitors from getting lost.

# 8 – Farmers Markets

Farmers’ markets are great places to visit if you want to interact with the natives of Portland, Maine. There are various farmers’ markets located in Portland, which will offer you an excellent chance to buy local produce, taste the local dishes and understand the region’s culture. Farmers markets such as Portland Farmers’ Market started in 1768, a few years before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Other farmers’ markets in Portland, Maine include Winter Farmers’ Market, Cumberland Winter Farmers’ Market, and South Portland Farmers’ Market. Some of the products sold by the vendors in the farmers’ markets in Portland include fruits, vegetables, seafood cakes, meats, jams, fresh corn tortillas, baked goods, honey, and fermented foods. The farmers’ markets in Portland also have events, contests, raffles and live entertainment. There are various markets located in the farmers’ markets that you can visit to catch a bite and taste the local dishes.

# 7 – Deering Oaks

Deering Oaks is a beautiful park in Portland, Maine, featuring fields, ponds, playgrounds, and ball fields for everyone, whether you are a kid or an adult. It is an excellent place to visit with kids while in the region. Deering Oaks is a venue for all kinds of events that change now and then; hence, you will find something new each time you visit. Farmer’s market and movie festivals are among the activities hosted at Deering Oaks. You may also find activities such as guided nature walks, bachata dance classes, and ice-skating activities during your visit at different times of the year. Deering Oaks is located at Park Ave, in Portland, Maine.

# 6 – Southworth Planetarium

If you visit Portland, Maine, with kids and wonder what fun activities to have in the region, then Southworth Planetarium is the place to be. You will be able to travel to the star and have a wild ride around the solar system with the kids. Southworth Planetarium is located at 70 Falmouth Street, Portland, Maine. This planetarium features a dome theatre, where astronomy shows. Traditional stargazing astronomy shows are offered in Southworth Planetarium. Additionally, the 360-degree screen in Southworth Planetarium will take you to Mars and the solar system.


# 5 – International Cryptozoology Museum

Portland, Maine, is the home to the only cryptozoology museum globally. If you like looking at skeletons that could be yetis or mammoths or if you are intrigued by shadowy pictures of dragons, mermaids, and sea serpents, then 4 Thompsons Point is your destination while in Portland. International Cryptozoology Museum features a combination of specimens, models, artistic impressions, documents, and accounts of multiple legendary creatures. Some of the exhibits on display in the International Cryptozoology Museum include Jersey Devil, the Montauk Monster, thylacines, Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, and a Yowie. International Cryptozoology Museum is open daily except on Tuesdays.


# 4 – Victoria Mansion

Have you ever wondered how life was in the 1800s? Well, you should never fail to visit Victoria Mansion if you want to have a view of life in Portland in the 1800s or the true expression of decadence in the pre-Civil War era in Portland, Maine. Victoria Mansion was constructed between 1858 and 1860, and it was designed by Henry Austin, a well-known architect. Victoria Mansion is an Italian villa-style mansion. Inside this mansion located at 109 Danforth Street, Portland, Maine, there are decoratively painted walls and ceilings, rich textiles, wood carvings, detailed plasterwork, gilded surfaces, a large stained-glass skylight, unique carpets, and silver porcelain.


# 3 – Old Port

There is something for everyone at the Old Port. There are old streets, buildings, and fishing piers at the Old Port. You can visit Old Port to take a stroll near the waterfront. Additionally, it is one of the places you can go swimming while in Portland. There are ferry rides and leisurely food tours, among other activities in Portland. There are also restaurants along the harbor where you can eat and drink when hungry. Old Port is located at Commercial St, in Portland, Maine, and it is a must-visit place if you want to know more about Portland and fishing activities in the region.

# 2 – Breweries

If you love beers, then there is something for you in Portland, Maine. Portland, Maine, is home to various breweries that you can visit. Some of the breweries in Portland, Maine, include Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, Allagash Brewing Company, Rising Tide Brewing Company, and Foulmouthed Brewing Company. You can take a tour of the breweries located in Portland during various days of the week and learn more about beer making and sample the beers in the tasting rooms located in the multiple breweries in the city.

# 1 – Eastern Promenade

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and would like to spend some time outdoors, Eastern Promenade is the place to be. Eastern Promenade is a 68-acre public park located at 510 Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine. It is a perfect place for a picnic while in Portland, Maine. There are trails and excellent vantage points in this 68-acre public park. Additionally, there is a public beach in Eastern Promenade where you can visit to sunbathe and swim. Water-related activities such as boating, canoeing, and kayaking are available. There are plenty of activities available at Eastern Promenade if you want some fun outdoors, whether alone, as a family, or when traveling with kids. During the winter, activity such as sledding is available in Eastern Promenade. Further, more than 200 bird species nest in Eastern Promenade, making it a perfect place to visit if you are into bird watching.


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