10 Best Pizza Places In Dallas, Texas

Best Pizza Places In Dallas, Texas

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Our Top 10 Pizza Places In Dallas, Texas showcases the 10 Best Pizza Places in the legendary city of Dallas, Texas. There is no simpler form of food that can also be turned into a complex meal. No matter how you like your pizza served, there is an awesome pizza place in Dallas Texas waiting for you.

# 10 – Cane Rosso

When you dine at Cane Rosso, you can expect a casual atmosphere. When you walk in, you are greeted by comfortable couches in the waiting area with a beautiful chandelier hanging above your head. The couches are there for you when you need to sit down to wait for a table. Turn your head and you’ll see a chalkboard menu where you can see what the chefs are preparing for you. If you have been waiting for a while ask them if they have outdoor seating. If it’s open, you will be guided to a peaceful area where you can sit and order. Waiting for your food will seem like time has passed quickly when you’re outdoors. You get to breathe in the beautiful air and admire your surroundings.

If you’re a fan of pepperoni pizza, try the jabroni pizza. Tomato sauce is spread throughout the pizza. The chefs make the mozzarella fresh every day and sprinkle it over the tomato sauce so that every inch is covered. Next, pepperoni is layered over the mozzarella cheese. This pizza is topped with parmesan and pesto. If your children are not big on these kinds of pizzas, this pizza can be just for the adults and you can take a look at the kids’ menu. Kids 12 and under can enjoy one of the most popular dishes that all kids enjoy, such as the classic cheese pizza. All it has is tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It’s a simple dish, but the children love it.

Address: 2612 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Website: www.canerosso.com

# 9 – Pie Tap Pizza Workshop & Bar

Not only is this restaurant known for its pizza, but it’s also known for its bar. They have different kinds of beers on tap that are delicious, and it’s great to sit down with a beer while waiting for your pizza to arrive after working all day. The chefs’ kitchen is open so you can understand how they make your pizza and the other foods they prepare. You can take a look at the fresh ingredients that are topped on each pizza. If this is your first time dining in this restaurant, then you’ll notice they have a huge menu hanging on the wall of the restaurant. The staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you have and what they recommend. The dining space has a casual atmosphere, and it’s even better outside on their patio. You can wait for your pizza outside, and the staff will bring it to you.

The chicken pizza is really tasty and has lots of flavors. This pizza has rotisserie chicken, bourbon bbq, bacon, red onions, pepperoni, cilantro, and mozzarella cheese underneath all of those ingredients. If you’re a vegetarian or you like to eat healthily, then try the veggie pizza. The veggie pizza consists of basil pesto, spinach, oregano roasted tomato, broccolini, goat cheese, and lemon zest to complete the pizza. If you are on a gluten-free diet, be sure to mention that when you’re ordering so the chefs can make a gluten-free crust.

Address: 1212 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207

Website: www.pie-tap.com

# 8 – Eno’s Pizza Tavern

You should see this place after dark. The inside of the restaurant is lit up with extra lights to brighten the place up a bit. The staff keeps the extra lights on during the day, but the lights don’t shine as brightly as they do when it’s dark outside. Outside the restaurant is also lit up with extra lights. It helps to see the place better when you’re trying to drive there after dark. The restaurant has large windows to see outside and people watch or see what’s going on outside. Near the bar, there is a wine list so you can see what the wine specials are for the day.

One of the pizzas is named after the restaurant, called Eno’s Original. This pizza has garlic mushrooms, salami, peppers, and tomatoes. By the look of these ingredients, you may have a spicy taste in your mouth when you taste the peppers. If you don’t like spicy food, especially pizza, then you may want to try this choice. It’s called Meatball and the Goat. The name is cute, and it is layered with goat cheese, sliced beef made in Texas, and boar meatballs. It’s topped with fresh basil to have a little Italian flare. For both of these options and all of the other pizzas the restaurant serves, you can add extra toppings. The extra toppings have an additional charge.

Address: 407 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

Website: www.enospizza.com

# 7 – Campisi’s Restaurant

This restaurant is also known as the Egyptian restaurant so if you see a sign out front that says the Egyptian Restaurant, don’t worry you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for an elegant restaurant to have a date night with your significant other, then this is the place to try. There is a lot of seating at the bar. On the bar, there are a lot of red candles shining brightly for an intimate evening. There are also red candles lit up at every table. Above the booths, white lights are bouncing off the walls making the walls glow with a bright light, which makes that side of the room look elegant as well. The pictures on the wall tell a story about how Campisi’s restaurant opened. You can admire those while you’re waiting for your food.

This restaurant has been rated one of the best pizza places in Texas so you know the food is outstanding. There are several house specialties that you can choose from if you’re looking for recommendations. One of the popular items on this special menu is their pasta combo plate. You get a little bit of ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti, and meatball. This entree comes with a salad and bread. They also have specialty pizzas on the menu. One of the popular items is the “All the Way” pizza. You can choose to order a small, medium, or large depending on how big or small your group size is. It comes with sausage, salami, and mushrooms. It’s topped with green onions and green peppers.

Address: 5610 E Mockingbird Ln Marriott Residence Inn Addison, Dallas, TX 75206

Website: www.campisis.us

# 6 – Social Pie

When you walk up to the restaurant, you can catch a glimpse of their outdoor patio but you can see more of it once you’re seated out there. The inside of Social Pie has a casual atmosphere. The bar is decorated with lights all around it, and there are plenty of seats. Customers can choose to sit there and watch a little television while having a drink before they go to their table or they could have a seat when they’re finished with their meal just to relax a little bit more. The rest of the dining area also has a casual atmosphere. The staff puts up a chalkboard daily with a list of their specials and when happy hour is. There are also menus so you can get a glimpse of what you might be ordering. You can be taken to the outdoor patio for seating  The outdoor patio is peaceful, and some umbrellas will provide you with plenty of shade when it’s hot.

If you need some more time to look at the menu, try one of the appetizers first. The pepperoni cheese rolls are fun and creative. You have pepperoni, mozzarella, and parmesan rolled up in bread, and then it’s baked in the oven. You will receive a side of marinara with your food. Next comes the entree. They have a lot of pizzas you may be familiar with and you want to stick with something simple. Their classic pepperoni is served with red sauce on the bottom layer, shredded mozzarella, and pepperoni covering the pizza. If you have a gluten-free diet, you can ask that the chefs prepare it for you, and they will for an additional fee.

Address: 5855 Maple Ave # 160, Dallas, TX 75235

Website: www.socialpie.kitchen.com

# 5 – Fireside Pies

Inside this restaurant, you can see where the chef’s kitchen is and where they prepare their specialty pizzas. That’s also where you can pick up your to-go order if you ordered online or in person. You get a sneak peek of their wood-burning oven where they put the pizza to be cooked. The dining area is nice, and it has a casual and upbeat atmosphere. This restaurant also has great customer service because customers seem to be happy here, and they can’t seem to get enough of this food.

Before we get into the food, you should be aware that they have a peach fest going all day every day. It’s a special menu where there are cocktails and food where something in the food or drinks has peach in it. Before you order your pizza, you can order one of their shareable appetizers, such as garlic bites. The garlic bites are bite-sized pie dough coated in herbed garlic butter and parmesan, and it’s served with their special pie sauce. When it comes time to order your pizza for your table, you may feel like you’re in the mood for something tropical. The Hawaiian has Ragu sauce, prosciutto, balsamic pineapples that have been roasted, jalapeno, smoked mozzarella, reduced balsamic, and to top it off the chefs have added basil for extra flavoring.

Address: 2820 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Website: www.firesidepies.com

# 4 – Serious Pizza

When you dine at this restaurant, you get quite the experience. The chef’s kitchen is open for all the customers to see. While you’re taking a peek in the kitchen, you may see one of the chef’s making the pizza dough. He will put his hands under it and spin his wrist, which will make the pizza dough spin in a circle. They do that to stretch it out a big so it’s bigger. Other than the entertaining atmosphere, the chef brings to the table, the rest of the dining area makes guests feel comfortable and has a casual atmosphere.

As mentioned previously, the chef stretches out the pizza by spinning it in his hand so the pizzas are pretty big. They have a few different specialty pizzas, and one of those is the Deluxe pizza. The deluxe pizza has pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bell peppers. It’s topped with red onions and mushrooms. Another specialty pizza you can order is the blue buffalo. This is a great choice if you like a little bit of spice added to your food. The blue buffalo comes with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and mozzarella. With both of these pizzas, you can purchase the large, which is 18 inches, the extra-large, which is 24 inches, and the seriously large pizza, which is 30 inches.

Address: 2807 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

Website: www.seriouspizza.com

# 3 – Olivella’s

This is a smaller restaurant than all the others that have been previously mentioned It has an antique feel to the place. It kind of makes you feel like you’re in a cellar, especially with the wooden barrel by the wine case. As you walk inside, you can’t help but notice the different wines and see which brand you want to try. Again, just like the other restaurants previously mentioned, this pizza kitchen has an open kitchen where guests can kind of glance over from time to time to see what they’re doing. The chefs are focused, and they are determined to make sure all your food comes out hot and just as you ordered it.

This restaurant has been rated three times as the best pizza in Dalla so the food is delightful, presented well, and tasty. One of the popular pizzas of choice is the five cheese, chicken, and artichoke pizzas. This type of pizza does not have any sauce on it because with all the flavorings added, it won’t need extra coming from the sauce. The mozzarella is homemade and made fresh every day. There is also provolone, gorgonzala, parmigano, pecorino,and chicken. It’s topped with artichoke hearts for decoration. The Snow White is another popular pizza among all the guests. This pizza also does not come with any sauce. This pizza also comes with homemade mozzarella. It also comes with ricotta, oregano, garlic, and olive oil.

Address: 3406 McFarlin Blvd, Dallas, TX 75205

Website: www.olivellas.com

# 2 – CiboDivino Marketplace

This is a unique kind of restaurant. When you walk in, you will notice a marketplace where you can buy things to take home. You can walk around the space when you first arrive or you will have the chance while you wait for your food to arrive. This restaurant also has an amazing selection of wines and you can’t find these wines anywhere else except for this restaurant. If you like to have a glass or two after a long day, then you should try their unique selection. The restaurant also has a nice patio next to a grassy field so if you bring your children with you, they have a place to run around and entertain themselves instead of asking you a hundred times when their food will be ready. The patio also has some shade so you can block some sun rays from your face. The inside of the restaurant has an elegant and classy atmosphere. It’s worth checking out.

Their food is picture-perfect. The Ortolana pizza is a delicious choice. It’s a cheese pizza, and it’s topped with tomatoes. It’s also topped with zucchini, black olives, roasted peppers, arugula, shaved grana, and EVOO. If you’re the only one in your group that doesn’t want pizza or maybe someone else might not want pizza either, they have other options. Their paninis are also delicious. The turkey and swiss panini are the most popular. It comes with herb-roasted turkey, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers that have been spread throughout the panini, mixed greens, and a tomato.

Address: 1868 Sylvan Ave, Suite #D100, Dallas, TX 75208

Website: www.cibodivinomkt.com

# 1 – Pizzeria Testa

Customers have rated this restaurant the most popular pizza restaurant in Dallas. The inside of the restaurant is a mix of an elegant and casual atmosphere. If you’re interested in having a get-together here, a family reunion, or any other kind of event, they have a private seating area made for these types of gatherings. There are flowers around the dining area letting you know that you are welcome at any time to have a drink at the bar, eat their delicious food or both. No one makes any judgments.

One of their pizza dishes is named after the restaurant, and it’s the one customers order the most so you should try it too. The Testa Rossa pizza has tomatoes made from San Marzano, Fior di Latte, and sausage that has been prepped in the oven before it has been put on your pizza. The pizza is topped with basil, spianata, and EVOO. You can also choose to order a white pizza. They have many selections and one of those is the Quattro Formaggi. The Quattro Formaggi pizza is a four-cheese pizza with Fior dI Latte, fontina, parmigiano, and smoked mozzarella.

Address: 3525 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Website: www.pizzeriatesta.com

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