10 Best Pizza Places In Houston, Texas

10 Best Pizza Places In Houston, Texas

Our Top 10 Pizza Places In Houston, Texas article serves as a helpful guide in finding the best pizzerias in Houston, Texas. Everyone loves Pizza. There is no quicker and more filling meal than a good old hot slice of pizza. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to feed an entire family with a nice large pizza pie. Our Houston Pizza Places article showcases many different types of pizzerias that offer the traditional slices to deluxe toppings and very original styles of pan pizza. It’s all here in this wonderful Top 10 Pizza Places In Houston, Texas list.

# 10 – Piola Midtown

This restaurant is a fun and colorful atmosphere. When you walk inside the lights are dimmed low and taking their place are the colorful lights hanging from the ceiling. It looks like you’re walking into a colorful wonderland. It’s nice to admire as you’re walking to your table. Don’t worry. There are regular white lights, but they are mostly against the walls to make the walls glow as if you’re in an intimate setting with your significant other. You won’t find this kind of atmosphere during the day. During the day if you need a break from shopping and you’re looking for some pizza to pass the time until you return home or back to shopping, then this restaurant has a casual atmosphere. If it’s not booked, sit outside on their patio and enjoy the beautiful day and breathe in some fresh air. It’s a peaceful environment when you’re outside relaxing.

On the menu, you’ll find out that this restaurant has both pizza and pasta. One of their pizza dishes includes a Regina Margherita pizza. This pizza is layered with mozzarella cheese and some Italian seasoning, such as oregano. Also on the pizza, is some fresh basil to add some more Italian seasoning. Fusilli Bianco Verde is one of their amazing pasta dishes. The chefs saute the chicken in a pan while it’s cooking. The chicken is mixed in with broccoli and is covered with a cream sauce and parmesan cheese to finish off the dish.

Address: 3201 Louisiana St, Ste # 103, Houston, TX 77006

Website: www.piola.it

# 9 – Star Pizza

There’s a lot about this restaurant that attracts customers to keep returning. It’s not just about the food, but it’s about the overall experience. If you are seated at a booth, you may notice that different animated pictures are describing different stories, such as Sherlock Holmes and the family that started this restaurant. This is a two-story restaurant with dining areas on both floors. Each dining area demonstrates a casual atmosphere. Star Pizza also has an option for diners to eat outside. If it’s after dark, they can eat under the stars in a covered area. There are lights and fans outside so you can see your food and feel relaxed. If you eat outside for lunch, the fans may be turned on when it’s hot. The patio provides a lot of shade since it is under the carport-type space.

As you walk into the restaurant for the first time, you can’t help but notice everyone that has food and what they have. Everything looks delicious and everyone looks happy. One thing that current customers seem to order a lot is the create your own Focaccia pizza. You can add up to three toppings, including chicken, but that’s at an additional price. This option is perfect if none of the pizzas on their menu matches what you’re looking for. An option to order that’s different than pizza is their meat lasagna. The lasagna is homemade, and it’s filled with ground beef, sausage, ricotta, and sauteed mushrooms, and you can choose to have either marinara, alfredo sauce, or both covering your entree. The lasagna comes with a salad or breadsticks. Their cheesy garlic bread would go perfectly with either one of these options.

Address: 2111 Norfolk St, Houston, TX 77098

Website: www.starpizza.net

# 8 – Coltivare Pizza & Garden

When you walk up to the building, this place is elegant. It looks like you will be stepping into a fancy restaurant. When you walk inside, it’s just as elegant as the outside. You may not want to wear shorts or t-shirts to this place. Even the waiters and waitresses look nice. The bar is amazing, and it has a large case of alcohol behind the bar to make it easier for bartenders to reach behind them and grab what you’re looking for. The best part about this restaurant is its outdoor restaurant. You’re surrounded by trees, and it’s a garden-type atmosphere. It’s fitting considering the restaurant name. You are sitting in a peaceful atmosphere and are there to eat your meal and drink a glass of wine or two. It’s a large patio, so there’s lots of seating.

The pizza here isn’t your ordinary cheese and pepperoni like you would get at a fast-food pizza place. This restaurant has unique pizza flavorings that are worth trying. One type of pizza is a pizza that has pepperoni and tomato sauce, It is topped with some mozzarella cheese and some healthy greens. You can choose to pour some parmesan cheese on top. Another type of pizza that is a popular kind is one that has chicken, prosciutto, fresh tomato, sage, and saba.

Address: 3320 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Website: www.agricolehospitality.com

# 7 – North Italia

This restaurant has a casual atmosphere with different types of unique decorations on the walls, and the lighting also makes the place feel more casual. The staff can reserve tables if you call ahead for seating. This way the customers walking in will not sit there. While you’re eating or walking to your table, you can look at all the pictures on the walls. If the restaurant isn’t busy, you could strike up a conversation with the staff to get the meaning behind the photos. While the inside has wooden tables and chairs and hardwood floors, their outside patio is set up very differently. When you’re sitting in the red chairs and white tables, it’s a much more peaceful environment. It’s under cover so you have as much shade as possible, and there are plants surrounding you. After dark, the outside lamps are on making it feel brighter and more comfortable.

You can choose to add a little bit of mystery to your meal and order the chef’s pizza. This is the daily special so every day it’s different. The chef will choose the kind of pizza he wants to create. It’s adventurous, but it’s neat to see what the chefs will come up with for you. If you like spicy foods, you can order the spicy meatball pizza. It comes with provolone piccante, house ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino romano, and red sauce.

Address: 1700 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 109, Blvd Plaza, Houston, TX 77056

Website: www.northitalia.com

# 6 – Bollo Woodfired Pizza

The atmosphere is causal inside and out. Inside is bright and cheerful, and you can watch the chefs prepare your pizza or other dishes in the kitchen. The kitchen has an antique feel to it with the way it’s built. The bar is just as nice, and it has liquor bottles surrounding the bar. Feel free to get a glance and see which alcohol you would like with your meal. Bollo Woodfired Pizza has two outdoor seating arrangements. One of them is casual, and it has a couch near the seating area. If you were eating inside and you were done with your pizza, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and sit on the couch for a little bit. Another outdoor patio makes you feel like you’re having a picnic in the park. It’s even more casual than the other outdoor seating area, and it’s just as nice.

This restaurant has been named one of the top pizza restaurants in Houston. When you taste their pizza, you’ll know why. The capriciosa is loaded with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, artichokes, criminis, kalamatas, and local micro greens. If you’re bringing children with you, they may not be familiar with the pizza choices. Another choice is the popular spaghetti and meatball dish. It has di napoli marinara and parmigiano-reggiano. On top of the spaghetti and meatballs, will be fresh Italian parsley to add more flavoring to your meal.

Address: 2202 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

Website: www.bollohouston.com

# 5 – Pizaro’s Pizza

For the first time, you get to visualize what the kitchen looks like in this restaurant. They have a pizza oven that is loaded with firewood underneath so they can make the pizzas themselves without setting a temperature and heating an oven themselves. The top of the pizza oven is dome-shaped with a cow-like pattern. There’s plenty of room to fit a pizza in the oven. It’s right next to the bathrooms so you get a glimpse of what it looks like as you’re walking into the bathrooms. The restaurant is in a casual atmosphere and you’re surrounded by customers having a great time and enjoying their pizza.

The chefs recommend a few of their pizzas for customers to try. One of those pizzas is the Margherita New York Style. This style of pizza is covered in homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and grape tomatoes, and it’s topped with basil. Another one of their specialties is the Motown Detroit Style pizza. This kind of pizza is a double pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni is layered under the mozzarella cheese, and there is more pepperoni covering the cheese, and it’s layered with tomato sauce on the bottom. These two pizzas are two of the best they serve.

Address: 11177 Katy Fwy Ste E, Houston, TX 77079

Website: www.pizarospizza.com

# 4 – Your Pie

From your table, you can watch how the chef makes the pizza or you can come up to the kitchen to get a better view of what they do. The restaurant is set up in a casual environment, and the customers get to walk up to the counter to order for themselves. The staff will either bring the food to your table or you can go up to the counter to pick it up. One thing that customers rave about their experience is the bar. They mention that this restaurant has the best beer. If you’re a beer drinker, you may want to check that out while you’re waiting for your pizza. From the dining area, you will get a gorgeous view of Houston.

One thing that the staff advertises is that you can build your pizza. You can create your pizza and put up to 35 toppings on it if you wish. If you would rather order one of their pizzas instead, you can choose one of their signature pizzas. The BBQ chicken pizza is a popular one. Instead of tomato sauce, it’s layered with BBQ sauce. Mozzarella cheese covers the BBQ sauce and chopped-up chicken is covering those two layers. It’s also topped with cilantro and red onions.

Address: 1625 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Website: www.yourpie.com

# 3 – Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

The restaurant looks very classy and casual. With the red checkered table cloths, diners will feel comfortable. The lights are hanging low from the ceiling to give you the impression that the restaurant has low ceilings. Their bar is set up in an organized manner with glasses lined up for easy access, and they’re ready for customers. There are also televisions in the bar so you can feel comfortable while you’re having a couple of drinks. The owners have hung their menu up in the front so everyone can see the entrees, appetizers, desserts, and drinks they serve. You may find a separate menu in the bar. After dark, the outside of the restaurant has trees that are decorated with lights, and it makes you feel welcome to enter the restaurant.

Just like the previous restaurant mentioned, you can build your pizza. This special may not have 35 toppings that you can add, but you can choose from several different varieties to make your creation. You can order the pizza in either a 12-inch, 16-inch, or 18 inches. You can also choose the kind of sauce you want. You can choose from traditional, which is the classic marinara sauce. You can also order white sauce with garlic and pesto seasonings. Another choice is to choose the chef’s specialties. One of the chef’s specialties is the Brooklyn Bridge. The red peppers are roasted in the oven. It has creamy ricotta cheese and handmade Italian sausage topped over its traditional pizza sauce.

Address: 12848 Queensbury Lane, Ste 101, Houston, TX 77024

Website: www.grimaldispizzeria.com

# 2 – Luna Pizzeria

This restaurant provides a fun atmosphere for children of all ages. They have a small table against the window that has a sign posted on the table saying free play. It’s a great way to keep children occupied while waiting for their pizza. The rest of the dining area has a casual atmosphere and an open kitchen where you can see that the chefs are busy preparing your food. Their menu is hung up at the front for you to look at when you’re ready. When you sit in the booths, you will feel comfortable because they have throw pillows in each booth to make sure you feel comfortable and restful.

One of the items on their menu you’re sure to be familiar with. Their pepperoni pizza is layered with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. On top of the cheese, the pepperoni is layered. It also comes with provolone and parmesan. If you would like to try something different, then try their Margherita pizza. It’s almost the same as your classic cheese pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella covering the pizza. The only difference between a cheese pizza and a Margherita pizza is that the Margherita pizza is topped with fresh basil so you can get all of those Italian flavors.

Address: 3435 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Website: www.lunapizzeria.com

# 1 – Pomodoro’s Pasta & Pizzeria

The outside of the restaurant is very nice and inviting. As you walk up to the door, you’ll notice the small patio in front of their restaurant. It has an umbrella over each table so you will be shaded by the sun. When you step inside the restaurant, you will be provided with a casual dining experience. You are surrounded by people taking pictures of their food and showing it off to friends and family. This restaurant is one of the best pizza restaurants in Houston and provides a positive environment for guests to enjoy.

One of their pizzas is the Vegetable pizza for all of you that are vegetarian. This pizza consists of mushrooms, onion, artichoke, spinach, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and homemade pizza sauce. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you should try this pizza. Another one of their most popular items is the build your pasta meal. You’re in charge of this dish and you can order it however you want to. You can choose from several different types of pasta, such as angel hair, fettuccine, linguini, and several more. You can also choose the sauce that you want on your pasta, such as arrabbiata sauce, alfredo, tomato cream, or a couple of other different kinds. The last thing that you can choose is the toppings, such as grilled chicken, meat sauce, shrimp, and a few other different kinds.

Address: 1303 Nasa Pkwy, Ste 100, Houston, TX 77058

Website: www.pomodorosnasa.com

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