Top 5 Pizza Places In Vancouver, Canada

Best Pizza Places in Vancouver

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If you love pizza and come to Vancouver to visit, at no point will you ever run out of options for where you can go to grab a slice. There are dozens of pizza places scattered all around the city, everything from small by the slice pizza delis to sit-down restaurants, fast-food pizza, food truck pizza, they’ve got it all. You can find authentic Napoletana Style pizza, deep dish options, New York style, and many others.

If you want great pizza while visiting Vancouver, then you’ll definitely want to check out these 5 fantastic and popular pizza places listed below.

5. Rocky Mountain Flatbread

This is an award winning pizza restaurant that’s received many glowing reviews online for their impeccable food and service. They are a family-owned restaurant that are a favorite pizza place for many, offering delicious combinations like brie and fig pizza with caramelized onions, and much more.

At Rocky Mountain Flatbread they strive to purchase their ingredients from local suppliers and farmers and they create everything right on the premises. When you choose to eat here you can expect that they will be ready to serve the freshest pizza you might have ever tasted in your life. They use only organic flours for their crust, Canadian cheese, and quality free range meats. They serve forno fired pizzas along with salads, pasta options, and dessert too. Here, you get quality for your dollar and food that you can really feel good about eating.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Vancouver

4. The Parlour

The Parlour is a trendy pizza restaurant that is located in Vancouver that’s a great place to go with a group because they offer a variety of delicious share plates, along with incredible pizza options too. It’s located in a district that has a wide range of shopping and entertainment options, so you won’t run out of things to see and do. It’s easy to get to The Parlour if you’re coming from the airport, or even if you are starting from another downtown region. The prices range from $4 for olives to $23 or more for prawn pizza or something like the Yaletown pizza special. Going with a date or a small group isn’t going to be too expensive and the food is well worth it. Here you’ve got the food, great outdoor patio space, top service, fair prices, it’s become a favorite pizza venue in Vancouver not only with locals but with many tourists as well and for good reason.

3. Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

Uncle Fatih’s offers a wide range of delicious pizzas to choose from and is a go-to favorite for many locals. You can stop in for a bite to eat or order take-out, or even access them through a through a third-party delivery app. They have a growing number of locations because their product is just that good, it’s quickly become a neighborhood staple that offers fresh ingredients, fair prices, and awesome service.

Here you can find many different specialty pizzas including chipotle chicken, BBQ chicken, beef and blue cheese, BBQ pulled pork, roasted eggplant, and much more. You can get those along with the favorites like Hawaiian and pepperoni. Here, it’s not so much about the atmosphere as it is about the delicious pizza, you can definitely find good value if you’re coming to Uncle Fatih’s.

2. Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza has made a name for itself as becoming known for being the number one casual dining brand in the country and they’ve now got hundreds of restaurants located throughout the different provinces. They are a fantastic location to come to for any occasion, whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or if you just want a meal out with the family to have a night off of cooking, they’re great anytime. They offer a huge selection of food items, not just pizza, they’ve got steak, salad, and other options too. It’s been regarded as one of the best managed companies in the country and you are surely to have nothing but the best service if you go here for a meal.

1. Via Tevere Pizzeria

Via Tevere Pizzeria offers great patio seating options and delicious wood-fired pizza pies. The owners here learned their pizza making skills during summers spent in Naples and they’re now sharing their talent with the Vancouver region, serving some of the best pizza you’ve ever tasted. The prices are great, with main dishes running between $10-$18, it isn’t going to cost you much to have lunch or dinner here. Sit back on the patio and have a glass of wine, and enjoy a delicious slice of Margherita pizza to get the most out of your trip to the Vancouver region. This is one memorable and local pizza favorite that you don’t want to miss.


Whether you are coming to visit Vancouver with some friends, if you are here on a business meeting, traveling with a loved one, or taking a family vacation with kids, there are so many options for where you can go to grab a bite to eat in Vancouver. Especially if you are looking for pizza, there are many places to choose from. After you grab your pizza you could take a stroll around Queen Elizabeth Park or go for a drive and grab dessert; a scoop of ice cream from the iconic Vancouver La Casa Gelato ice cream parlor that offers more than 200 flavors.


If you want to find a great option for pizza and you select any of the 5 mentioned above you are surely to not only receive good service, but you’ll also be getting quality food for your money. You do not want to miss the chance to try some of the very best pizza that Vancouver has to offer.

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