10 Best Amazon Prime Action Shows To Binge In 2022

Amazon Prime Action Shows To Binge

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Do you love watching action shows and are looking for the best one on Amazon Prime to binge on this weekend? Worry no more. There are tons of action TV series on Amazon Prime to watch right now. Returning or new, epic or modern, which way do you like them? We know the shows are in plenty, posing a challenge in choosing the best ones that will be worth your precious binge period. Therefore, we have carefully gone through all of them and selected the best. From epic history, action shows like “Vikings” to modern action shows like Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan,” our ten best Amazon Prime action shows might be the perfect way to start your extended holiday. So keep reading.

#10- Vikings

The tenth on our list is Michael Hirst’s “Vikings.” This television series will be valuable if you love intersections between fantasy, historical fiction, and action. The show is a close analog of “Game of Thrones.” The 13th-century Norse warriors and the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok, the Viking, are the accurate depictions of this show’s inspiration. Many people have come to love this TV series due to its full-packed action scenes and breathtaking drama. That makes it one of the best so far and why we had to incorporate it into our list. Its premiere season attracted six million viewers in the united states of America alone. In Canada alone, the premiere season had an average viewership of 1.1 million views.

The debut season is a mere introduction into the Viking Age, with particular highlights of the Lindisfarne raid of 793. Then, the story follows Ragnar’s quest and pursuit to head west and raid England. In the second season, Ragnar is optimistic about becoming a king. He leads his Vikings crew to the west, where they are offered a settlement land. The third season begins with the journey to Wessex to claim the settlement land that Kind Ecbert had promised. The fourth season majors on Ragnar’s death following a brutal defeat of his army. Lagertha imprisons Harald following his arrival to Kattegat in season five. The last season of this epic TV show focuses on Harald and Bjorn, who usher themselves in a truce after realizing the importance of working together.

#9- Utopia

How would you like the integration of science fiction, drama, and action? That sounds like a deal. The show is a new TV series based on Dennis Kelly’s 2013 series, an original British series bearing a similar identification. “Utopia” is currently in its debut season, containing eight episodes. It was first aired on Amazon Prime Video in September 2020. Although many criticized the show for its inaccurate release timing, we still find it incredible because it spins around conspiracy, truth, friendship, bunnies, courage, and violence. What more would you want to see in an action movie?

Throughout the eight episodes, it focuses on a group of comic book nerds. These nerds come to believe that the existence of a mysterious graphic novel may be the solution to the world’s problems. According to Gillian Flynn, the series showrunner, “Utopia” is a “Marathon Man meets the Goonies.”

#8 – The Tick

“The Tick,” a live-action adaptation that partly integrates laugh-out-loud comedic scenes, is at the eighth position. So, if you love action and comedy all in one package, “The Tick” is an excellent binge-watching choice that will keep you entertained for the rest of the day into late-night hours. This two-season show is one of the best in Amazon Prime Video partly because of creator Ben’s live-action, representing a fresh air breath in the superhero world. Additionally, you can’t get enough of star Serafinowicz’s transformation of the clunkiest lines into absolute hilarious and breathtaking lines. That’s not all. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a 90% approval rating based on 63 critical reviews. Furthermore, it has received several award nominations, including the Emmy and Saturn Awards for the “Main Title Music” and “Best New Media Superhero Series,” respectively.

The show’s debut season begins with Arthur going through trauma due to The Terror’s actions that led to his father’s demise. Arthur vividly remembers this incident as he was one of the witnesses. Fortunately for Arthur, The Terror dies, but there is a conspiracy theory that he might still be alive. Arthur pursues any available evidence of this conspiracy theory. The second season is rather promising for Arthur and Tick as the AEGIS recognizes them after battling bank robbers.

#7- Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is an American supernatural teen TV series that incorporates several genres, including action, supernatural, romance, horror, and teen drama. The developers of this teen series loosely created its plot based on Michael J.Fox’s 1985 show with a similar name. At first, when news of the show’s launch was made public, it received criticism, with people laughing it off. However, its debut season on MTV starred Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey proved everyone who thought it would be a joke wrong. Today, after successful six seasons and 100 episodes, “Teen Wolf” is one of the best shows streaming on Amazon Prime Video, likely to give you nightmares due to its unending horrific action scenes. Besides receiving category nominations in multiple awards, this thrilling action, supernatural action show has won many of them, including ALMA Awards, Saturn Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and many more.

The Alpha bites Scott McCall in the first season. He then turns into a werewolf. In the second season, Derek bites Victoria since she learns that Allison and Scott are still in a relationship. The third season is more captivating and thrilling as Kate’s visions start to haunt Allison. In the fourth season, McCall, an agent, learns that Violet is one of the Orphans, a group of teenagers involved in serial killings. Mason and Hayden narrowly escape death in the fifth season while Theo kills Tracy, a fellow chimera. Malia and Scott are on a mission to look for a unique bullet’s owner in season six. They are afraid of a possible invasion of a new werewolf breed into Beacon Hills. “Teen Wolf” is the TV series that offered people O’Brien’s, Void Stiles. If you cannot comprehend that statement’s meaning, head to Amazon Prime and start binge-watching it.

#6 – Jack Ryan

Would you mind binge-watching an action film that is an intense thriller incorporating some political intrigue? If yes, “Jack Ryan” is the show to binge on in 2022. It is an American political action film that first came into the airwaves of Amazon Prime Video in August 2018 with its first season. Following a successful first season, Amazon Prime decided to renew the show for its second season which premiered in October 2019. Although it is a two-season series, “Jack Ryan” has maintained its relevance to date, making it an ideal binge choice. It incorporates the pulse-pounding action and high stakes drama making it stand out from many other action shows. The fact that this film stars John Krasinski as the titular CIA analyst makes it iconic.

The first season begins with Jack Ryan as a low-level CIA financial analyst. Ryan believes that Suleiman, a new Yemeni terrorist, has something to do with the $9 million weird transactions. In the second season, Jack Ryan is on a mission to identify the truth behind the transactions between Venezuela and several World Powers.

#5- Hanna

From creator and writer David Farr, “Hanna” takes the fifth position on our ten best Amazon Prime action shows to binge on in 2022. This film is based on a 2011 show bearing a similar name. However, what makes “Hanna” one of the best action shows to binge on is that you don’t need first to watch the 2011 film to understand its plot. So far, this American action drama TV series features two seasons that focus on the life of Esme Creed-Miles, a titular teen assassin. If you are into action shows, you will love this show’s adrenaline-infused and bone-crunching action scenes, as they are the best on TV right now. That’s not all. The show’s spy intrigue will have your eyes glued on your screen for the better part of the day.

The show’s first season is introductory to Esme Creed-Miles, who plays the role of Hanna. We also get to know her father, Erik. The introduction is intriguing as Hanna and Erik are living all by themselves in the wilderness. Erick teaches Hanna the modes of survival in the wilderness. The second season introduces us to Clara, an extra Ultrax assassin. Hanna has got Clara under her wing. They try to escape capture.

#4 – The Expanse

” The Expanse” is an American sci-fi action television series that comes at number four on our ten best Amazon Prime action shows you can binge on in 2021. People have come to love this mash-up of space politics and science fiction critically. According to critical reviews, the show has had a massive following due to its unique plot set in the future. It focuses on possible future occurrences of the human race colonizing the solar system. The incorporation of protagonists like Chrisjen Avasarala (member of the United Nations Security Council) and Josephus Miller (a police detective) makes the show even more fun to watch. Not forgetting James Holden (the ship’s officer) and the rest of the crew. The show’s character development, visuals, and political narrative are on another level.

The show’s first season begins with Chrisjen Avasarala preventing the emergence of war between Mars and Earth. In the second season, Bobbie Draper, a Martian Marine, engages himself in a fight with an inhuman figure on Ganymede. He later becomes Avasarala’s protégé during Mars and Earth peace talks. There is a UN declaration of war in season three. Mars and Earth start investigating Venus by the use of science vessels. It all gets messy in season four with the opening of the other habitable solar systems. There is a lethal conspiracy against Earth in season five.

#3 – Bosch

“Bosch” is an Amazon Original TV series that bases its storyline and plot on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels. It features one of the greatest TV stars, Titus Welliver, who plays the role of Harry Bosch. Harry Bosch works for the LAPD homicide department as a detective. If you have lots of binge time, this is the television series for you to watch. It is currently in its seventh season, thus a Solid binge-action show, one of the reasons we find it one of the best. Also, the combination of detective fiction, action, and drama makes it worth your investment. Its seventh and last season was released on Amazon Prime in June 2021. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show’s debut season received an 83% approval rating from 30 reviews and an average rating of 7.1/10. It only gets better for its subsequent seasons as the second season received a 100% approval rating from 14 reviews.

The first season begins with Bosch tailing a suspect, cornering him in an alley, and eventually shooting him. Events in season two take place six months later with Bosch’s return from a suspension. Sixteen months later, the third season begins with new leads on the murder case of Bosch’s mother. The fourth season begins three months later as Howard Elias, a civil rights lawyer, represents a black resident claiming that LAPD is extremely brutal. The show’s detective fiction, actions, and drama continue to the seventh season as Harry Bosch makes extreme sacrifices to ensure justice is served following the death of a ten-year-old girl.

#2- Carnival Row

Travis Beacham and Rene Echevarria’s “Carnival Row, second on our list, is an American fantasy and action television series. This Amazon Original show premiered in august 2019 on Amazon Prime Video for its debut season. Suppose you don’t find the likes of Vignette Stonemoss and Rycroft Philostrate as immediate scares, then you might want to try “Carnival Row.” It is a perfect binge TV series as it incorporates great TV stars Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom. It shifts from romance to fairytale fantasy perfectly, without forgetting the murder mysteries with good action scenes. It has also received a nomination in the Satellite Awards in the “Best Genre Series” category.

In its first and only eight-episode season, this TV series features faeries, creatures that humans are afraid of to the extent of forbidding their existence in all ways possible. However, there seems to be hope living between a faerie and a human detective as they rekindle a dangerous affair in the darkness. The city experiences a series of murders that reveals an unimaginable monster. You may begin your binge-watching with this thrilling first season as you wait for its return for the second season.

#1 – Dom

Ushering us into the top action show on our list today is “Dom,” an Amazon Original Brazilian crime and drama TV series. From director Breno Silveira and Vicente Kubrusly, this show’s inspiration is based on a real-life story of an infamous father and son. They end up on opposite sides in the story as the father fights drugs while his son becomes a notorious drug addict. “Dom” is one of the best new shows on Amazon Prime due to how it deals with interval shifts of adventure, drama, and action.

This thrilling film premiered for the first time on Amazon Prime in June 2021. It is currently in its first season that focuses on the life of Victor Dantas and his son Pedro Dom. During his teenage years, Victor Dantas explores the sea’s bottom and identifies a significant discovery. He then reports it to the authority, then lands into a lucrative deal; he starts working for the police intelligence department. Victor’s son, Dom, introduces himself to cocaine in his teenage years and later becomes the leader of a Brazilian drug gang.


There are lots of other action shows that you can binge on Amazon Prime in 2022. We hope this list has introduced you to some of the best action shows you probably didn’t know. If we didn’t mention one or two of your favorites, you can add them and make this list more extensive and better.


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