Top 5 Coffee Shops in Savannah, Georgia

Coffee Shops In Savannah

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If you are a coffee lover who happens to be living, working, or visiting the Savannah, GA area, we have just the guide for you! We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best coffee shops in Savannah in the area. We chose coffee shops based on location, price, flavor, specials, and high levels of customer satisfaction. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best places in Savannah to indulge in the local brew and historic culture.

Coffee Shops in Savannah

5. Savannah Coffee Café

Opening up our top 5 Coffee Shops in Savannah article is the great Savannah Coffee Cafe. Savannah Coffee Roasters has been in operation in the Savannah area since 1909, which has given them plenty of time and practice to perfect a cup of coffee. The Savannah Coffee Café is one of the oldest coffee houses still operating in the area. The historic shop offers home-brewed drip coffee, espresso, a variety of lattes, cappuccinos, and smoothies.

Savannah Coffee Cafe Has two locations in the area. One location is in the heart of the historic district that offers Southern hospitality, leisurely riverboat cruises, on the historic River Street along the Savannah River. The other location is conveniently located near shopping and entertainment on Mall Drive.

4. Bitty and Beau’s Cafe

This locally owned, highly rated cafe promises to provide you with more than just a delectable cup of coffee. Bitty and Beau’s places a high value on the local Savannah community and gives back by operating this specialty coffee shop run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CNN named the owner Amy Wright hero of the year in 2017. This locally owned yet nationally renowned coffee shop serves up signature blends with names like Beaus’ Blend to support its ongoing commitment to serving excellent coffee while providing education and employment of people with special needs.

Bitty and Beau’s also operates a coffee cart that travels to local area schools as an extension of it’s coffee and education program. The Coffee Cart program promotes acceptance and awareness for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as it serves coffee to selected schools and venues.

This non-traditional coffee shop will warm your belly and your heart while providing you with a strong sense of community and giving back that Savannah’s small-town culture has to offer.

3. Henny Penny Art Space and Cafe

This local coffee hotspot simultaneously operates as an art museum and studio. On one side of this unique cafe, patrons order locally brewed coffees and pastries. On the other side, Henny Penny offers specialty art classes and projects for children and families who frequent this local artist cafe.

Henny Penny is located within the historic Savannah River Street district that provides a rich history of the culture of this cobblestone covered city. This family-friendly coffee shop consistently receives above-average ratings for serving delicious coffee.

Coupled with its specialty art classes and take home projects for kids, Henny Penny is hard to beat for families who love coffee. Parents and kids alike love hanging out at the Henny Penny Cafe as there is something to offer for all age ranges. For us locals, Henny Penny easily earned a spot on our best Coffee Shops in Savannah list.

2. Cup to Cup Café

In the heart of downtown Savannah, GA, you’ll find a hidden gem by the name of the Cup to Cup Cafe. This locally owned specialty coffee shop boasts blends grown locally and worldwide. Keeping in line with historic Savannah culture, Cup to Cup Cafe is within walking distance of the historic Owens-Thomas house constructed in 1819.

Cup to Cup provides a laid back atmosphere with a communal social environment in one of the richest historic districts in the city. This culture-rich cafe provides patrons with breathtaking park views and is one of the top coffee spots in Savannah.

Not only does this shop delight by providing park views, and roasts their own coffee, Cup to Cup has training for coffee professionals serious about getting to know their blends and brews. Customers delight in the great service and a variety of fresh-roasted blends that Cup to Cup has to offer.

Cup to Cup Cafe consistently receives rave reviews from its regular and first-time customers alike and tops the list as a local favorite for its high-quality premium brews and blends. Visit for specialty fresh-roasted brews to drink on site or grab a bag of fresh-roasted coffee to brew from the comfort of home. Either way, the feeling you get from Cup to Cup feels just like home.

1. Foxy Loxy Cafe

Closing out or top 5 Coffee shops in Savannah article is one of the most outstanding coffee shops in Savannah. The Foxy Loxy Cafe in Savannah’s historic district that runs along River street does an outstanding job of combining flavorful coffees with local history and culture. When you think of Savannah, you think of Southern charm, cobblestone streets, and delicious coffee. The Foxy Loxy Cafe doesn’t disappoint. This highly rated cafe covers all bases for local coffee lovers. Coffee drinkers can indulge in their favorite brew any time of the day while bathing in the local culture of the historic district, cobblestone streets, and moss-covered oaks.

This foxy cafe serves more than just culture and coffee. The Foxy Loxy also serves Tex Mex fare and has an on-site bakery that serves a variety of fresh pastries. Along with fresh-brewed coffee, Foxy Loxy sells branded merchandise like totes, coffee mugs, and their own signature special brews. Locals and travels can take home your very own blend of Loxy’s famous Black Fox Cold Brew.

Foxy Loxy serves locally brewed PERC coffee and apparel and their trendy hashtagged shirts that boast the foxy name. This top-notch coffee shop combines entertainment with coffee. The Foxy Loxy Cafe acts as a venue where talented local artists perform live and unplugged while customers sip coffee and bask in the glow of warm fire pits.

Serving specialty local brews earned the Foxy Loxy membership with the Specialty Coffee Association and the Barista Guild of America. Locals take comfort in roaring campfires every Saturday night. Foxy Loxy epitomizes the Old Town Savannah feel and features an outdoor patio for soaking up the Savannah sun and coastal breezes. If you happen to be passing by or you’re looking for a great coffee spot in the Savannah historic district, Foxy Loxy Cafe is a top-notch contender.

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