10 Sexiest TV Shows On Starz

Sexiest Shows On Starz

Our 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Starz list showcases some of the hottest and Sexiest Starz shows on the cable tv streaming service. Starz Network used to be known for just premiering movies on the channel. They would show big-budget films as well as indie movies. If you can name it, it was on there. It is a premium channel, so they have the freedom to show more things. You can watch a movie anytime during the day.

Over the years, Starz Network has branched out to give audiences a variety of things to watch. They decided to add TV shows to the lineup. There are a variety of scripted shows. It is a cable channel, so they have the freedom to show sexy programming. We aren’t talking about gratuitous sex, but they do leave little to the imagination.

Starz Network has soapy dramas, period pieces, science fiction as well as other genres of shows for you to enjoy. The shows on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows on Starz will fill your sexiness quota. Which shows do you think will make it on the list?

# 10 – The Girlfriend Experience

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Starz is The Girlfriend Experience. The scripted series is a legal and political thriller. It is about a law student named Christine who works as an intern at a successful company. She wants to establish herself as a lawyer, but things get in the way. Her personal life is interfering with her professional life. She has a steamy secret that she doesn’t want to get out. She has intimate relationships with men and women. The show doesn’t go overboard showing the passionate sex scenes. They do show enough to arouse the viewers to keep their attention.

The actress doesn’t fit the stereotypical sexy look. She looks like the girl next door. This adds to her sex appeal. She has a mysterious look about her which is always appealing. She wears professional clothes during the day and provocative clothes at night. Her body is physically fit which allows her to seduce the men in her life. The writers found a way to make a woman who is practically living like a prostitute look sexy. She is getting paid to have sex. Ordinarily, prostitutes aren’t considered sexy and classy. They manage to make Christine look sexy and classy. The rest of the cast look like everyday citizens. They are proof that you don’t have to look like supermodels in order to be sexy.

# 9 – Heels

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Starz is Heels. If you’re a fan of wrestling, you know what a heel is. If you’re not a fan of wrestling, a heel is the bad character in a wrestling match. They break the rules in order to win the match. A heel is someone the crowd boos. The sports drama is about two brothers named Jack and Ace who work as wrestlers. One of the brothers is a heel while the other is a “face.” A “face” is a good character.

They try to follow the rules in order to win a match. The crowd usually roots for the “face” character. The brothers battle over their dead father’s wrestling promotion. The brothers are on opposite sides. They turn against each other. The actors who play the brothers have in-your-face sex appeal. They are physically fit and have amazingly sexy bodies. They have bodies men would strive to get. In addition to the fighting, there’s a romantic story. One of the brothers falls in love.

They have a sizzling chemistry with each other. They are in love so watching them spend time together is romantic. Their love scenes aren’t graphic, but they are enticing. The other wrestlers on the show have sexy and muscular bodies that are worth checking out.

# 8 – Now Apocalypse

The sexy comedy takes a look at sexuality and artistry in Los Angeles. There is a character named Ulysses who is struggling to become successful in life. He is having trouble making it, so he wonders if there is a conspiracy going on keeping him from succeeding in life. He could be on to something, or he could be smoking too much weed. His friends also want to be successful. The show is fast paced and filled with exciting adventures. It mixes sexiness and comedy.

The location looks like a movie set. The view is exotic and breathtaking. It feels as if you are watching a movie instead of a TV show. It makes you want to be on the location with them. The actors on the show look like model types. They look like someone you would see in a movie. The characters represent different ethnicities. They are the epitome of sexy and make excellent eye candy for viewers. The clothes are vibrant and colorful.

They make you want to go out and buy clothes. You may not be able to afford the clothes, but it makes you want to wear them. The show does focus on sexuality, so you do get to see erotic scenes. They aren’t too graphic, but they do show a lot. It will definitely fill your need for erotic scenes.

# 7 – Survivor’s Remorse

The comedy-drama centers around a twentysomething basketball player named Cam whose life changes when he signs a multimillion-dollar contract with an Atlanta team. He is excited to get his new career off the ground. He does have to deal with distractions as he reaches for stardom. He falls in love and has to deal with his over-the-top relatives in the process. Who wouldn’t find a show about stardom sexy? There aren’t too many shows that are about basketball that are funny and sexy.

The show does have its share of drama. He finds out who is loyal to him and who is only around because he wants to be a star. Don’t let the title fool you. The comedy is sexy. The cast members look like they would come right from a photoshoot. Most of them are in fantastic shape. They will make you envious and wish you had their bodies. They aren’t all twentysomethings so the writers want to show the audience that you can be sexy and attractive at any age. The show is about basketball, but there are alluring sex scenes to put you in a romantic mood. Cam has fiery chemistry with all of the females on the show. He could be paired with any of them, and they would make an attractive couple.

# 6 – Sweetbitter

This soapy drama is about a woman named Tess who moves to New York. She doesn’t have any friends or direction. She doesn’t have any goals besides looking for a job. Her charm and observation skills make it possible for her to get a job at a trendy restaurant. She thinks it will be a short-term job, but she is intrigued by the people she meets there. She learns what happens behind the scenes at a restaurant. Her co-workers become the friends she was searching for all her life. This show makes working in a restaurant look sexy and trendy.

Who knew the restaurant business could be a turn-on? The show has a lot of sex and drama. If you like sex and drama, this is the show for you. The co-workers fall for each other. There is a lot of bed-hopping going on. There are forbidden romances going on that are intriguing. The chemistry among the characters is on point. They look as if they were made for each other. The characters don’t look like everyday citizens, but they don’t look like models either. Their looks are sexy but understated. They wear trendy and fashionable clothes.

They look as if they are wearing clothes that they probably couldn’t afford. The restaurant they work in is elegant and classy. It is a place that makes you want to eat out. There are beautiful shots of the buildings at night. It gives you a chance to see how breathtaking the scenery looks at night.

# 5 – P-Valley

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Starz is P-Valley. The drama centers around a strip club. A woman named Autumn meets Mercedes and Uncle Clifford. She’s finds out that Mercedes is a stripper and Uncle Clifford owns the club. You would expect a show at a strip club to be erotic. If you thought this show would be erotic, you would be right. Since this show airs on Starz, it has the freedom to show nudity.

This show does take advantage of their freedom to show certain things. The show isn’t a skin flick, but they aren’t limited to what they can show. They create sensual fantasies. The characters on the show exude sexiness. They have incredible bodies that were made for stripping. The dancers’ moves are hot. It’s hard to believe that they are actresses and not dancers. The women are beautiful. The men are fine too. They look like they would grace the covers of a magazine. The men are eye candy for the ladies.

The characters wear scantily clad clothes that cling to their tight bodies. The women are strong and independent. A strong woman is always sexy. They face different obstacles while trying to maintain their dignity. They get exploited, but they take it in stride. They do a job that many people wouldn’t want to do without looking for validation and that is always appealing.

# 4 – Run The World

This comedy is about women who want to run the world. They live and work in Harlem and want to run the world. They deal with relationship issues as well as friendships. It is sexy to see four women getting along with each other. There are plenty of shows where the women are stabbing each other in the back. It is refreshing to see a show where women get along with each other. This show isn’t just about hand-holding relationships. There is also plenty of drama to keep you interested. The women are African American.

They represent different shades of African American women. The show doesn’t just feature light-skinned women. It also has dark-skinned women. They are all beautiful and sexy in their own way. The women aren’t the perfect size 0. They are curvy and vivacious. The women’s hairstyles are stylish. They don’t all have long flowing hair. The men on the show are physically attractive. They have sexy six-packs that they aren’t afraid to show off. Their bodies look so good that you could stare at them all day. There are intimate scenes that are sizzling hot.

They make you wish you could be romanced the way they are on the show. The location scenes are out of this world. Harlem gets a bad reputation for being a bad neighborhood, but it never looked better on this show. It looks like a place where you would want to live.

# 3 – Drop Dead Diva

This show originally aired on Lifetime, but now comes on Starz. This comedy/drama is about a beautiful and arrogant model named Debbie who dies in a car accident. She gets reincarnated in the body of a plus-sized lawyer named Jane. She is a smart and likable woman. Jane is the opposite of Debbie. Debbie must get used to idea of living as a plus-sized Jane instead of sexy Debbie. It is a battle between looks over brains. Debbie is a superficial character who was evil to other people.

She thought because she was beautiful it was okay to treat people badly. Jane is a nice person who isn’t considered “beautiful.” What the writers got right is that they wrote the smart and full-figured woman as a good character while the thin one was the evil one. Jane is actually a sexy woman. She has a voluptuous and curvy body. She is very shapely in the right places. She also has a beautiful face. Debbie has in-your-face beauty. She is thin and has long and beautiful hair. She is sexy physically, but she isn’t a good person.

The show is filled with twists and turns. Debbie has to live her life through Jane’s body. She can’t tell her fiancé the truth about who she really is. She has to learn in order to live her life as Jane. Debbie has to watch her rival Kim go after her fiancé Grayson. Grayson is physically attractive. He has supermodel looks. He has a full head of hair and seductive eyes. He is eye candy for the ladies. Kim is beautiful and has in-your-face sex appeal. She looks like she could be a model. There is enough to keep the audience peeled to the sexy comedy/drama.

# 2 – Power Book II: Ghost

This is the sequel to the series Power. The story follows Tariq as he is on his own for the first time ever. He tries to live his life on the straight and narrow. He wants to avoid living the same life as his father. He is pressured to help save his family. Tariq gets tangled up in a feud with the Tejada family. He is trying to balance the drug business with his love life. He has to be a hustler to help pay for his mother’s criminal defense attorney. He has to balance being a hustler and trying to live a good life.

There is a lot that goes on with this show, but we couldn’t be happier. There is a lot of spicy drama going on with the show. Tariq looks like the boy next door. He has All-American looks. He looks more like a model than a hustler. His body is definitely worth checking out. The rest of the characters look like real people. They didn’t cast people that had supermodel looks. They look like people you would actually know. The show represents different ethnicities which is always sexy. The clothes are very stylish. The fancy clothes fit the characters.

They all wear their outfits very well. The show does incorporate love scenes that are lustful and tasteful. They don’t go to the extreme with the love scenes. The love scenes are a way to get a break from all of the hustling that takes place on the show. There are other chapters for this show that are worth watching.

# 1 – Power

This is the show that started off the Power series. The show lasted for six seasons. The show is based on a character named Ghost. He has a perfect life. He has a beautiful wife, a place to die for, and an exciting career. Who could ask for anything more than that? Everything isn’t as perfect as it seems.

He lives a double life. When he isn’t doing his day job, he is a drug dealer. He has a drug empire that caters to rich people. He wants to get out of the drug game and live a normal life with his family. The problem is his family will be in danger if he gets out of the hustler game. The show has a lot of exciting drama. Watching Ghost live his double life is exciting. Speaking of Ghost, he doesn’t fit the stereotypical hustler. He looks like a model. He has a chiseled body and wears three-piece suits. His wardrobe is very stylish and classy. If he weren’t in the drug business, he would look like a model.

Most of the cast is physically fit. They look like models or actors. Their clothes are cool and trendy. Like Power Book II: Ghost, different ethnicities are represented. It gives you a chance to see a variety of attractive people. In addition to the drama of the show, there are love scenes. They are sexy without being too graphic. The scenes are sexy and seductive and worth checking out.

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