10 Sexiest TV Shows On Bravo

Sexiest TV Shows On Bravo

Our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo takes a look at the sexiest shows on Bravo TV. Before we go on, what do you think of when you think of the word sexy? Sexy can be described in different ways. It can be about the way a person looks and acts. It can be about the way a person dresses. It can also be about a location. The point is sexy can have different meanings. It doesn’t have to be graphic or gratuitous. We are pretty sure that most people think of the other meaning when it comes to sexy. The shows on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo list will give you an idea of sexy in different ways.

Bravo TV has a lot of shows on its network. It is known for showing reality TV shows as well as scripted shows. The one thing about the shows is there’s always something sexy about them. The cast of the shows display sexiness in their own way. It is either through their physical appearance, attitude or clothes. Even the location of the shows can be sexy. There is nothing sexier than an exotic location. Can you just picture yourself on an exotic location having fun and relaxing? It will take your breath away.

Our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo will feature shows that display sexiness in one way or another. Which shows do you think made our list? Which show do you think will be in the number one spot?

# 10 – Below Deck

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo is Below Deck. This reality show is about young people who work and live on a fancy yacht. Each episode features different yachties who try to meet the demands of their clients. The job takes them to different and exotic places. They get to travel all over the world and get paid to do it. This is a sexy show because the different yachties are sexy. The women are beautiful and have sexy bodies.

There’s no way to deny that they are the epitome of physical sexiness. There is plenty of eye candy for men to enjoy with the females on this show. The men are no slouches either. They are sexy and well-built. They have bodies men would kill to have. The sexiness doesn’t stop there. The yachties visit beautiful places. The areas are breathtaking. It gives you a chance to see what it’s like to live on the other side. Rich people get to live on these exotic islands, but the audience gets to live vicariously through the yachties. You get the chance to see the beautiful aquamarine water and the sandy beaches. What could be sexier than this? You wouldn’t necessarily think that a show about exploring would be sexy, but they found a way to make it happen.

# 9 – Family Karma

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo is Family Karma. This reality show is about several Native American families who are trying to adjust to life in America. It follows several families who relocate to Florida. The show focuses on the different generations of each family. They are trying to adjust to life in America while trying to maintain their Indian culture. The families deal with arranged marriages, generational gaps, homosexuality as well as other topics.

The characters on the show may not fit what people would consider stereotypically sexy, but they have sexiness of their own. Some of the characters’ sexiness are understated. They are sexy without having to show off their bodies. The older generation keep things grown and sexy. They don’t overdo the sex appeal. They wear fancy clothes as well as traditional Indian clothes. The younger generation have bodies to die for.

They embrace their sexiness with the fabulous outfits they wear throughout the show. The men carry themselves with confidence and that is always sexy. The mothers on the show are assertive which could also be sexy. Their attitudes are hot and spicy. The couples on the show are sexy together. They have a lot of chemistry with each other. They make you want to tune in to the show just to see what’s going on with them. Their sex appeal will keep you glued to the show.

# 8 – Spy Games

This competitive reality show is about 10 contestants who live together and must spy on the other players. The contestants get trained by judges who are actual spies. The judges teach the civilians how to spy on other people. They go through intense training to learn about espionage. Spies are sexy in movies and the sexiness was brought to the small screen. The contestants are everyday citizens, but they have incredible sex appeal. They look like they could be models or actors instead of everyday citizens.

The contestants come from different walks of life. They range from a doctor, translator, public relations strategist, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, law student, nursing student, etc. They are not only physically sexy, but they are smart. Sexiness doesn’t just have to be a physical thing. A person with intelligence can be sexy too. This show proves that you can be sexy and smart. The show doesn’t focus on who is the prettiest or hottest contestant. It wants to focus on their mental ability and that is just as sexy as their physical appearance. The contestants aren’t the only ones who are sexy. The judges also have sex appeal.

They all dress in fancy clothes during their missions. This show requires you to think and not rely on your looks to complete the missions. They live in a stylish mansion which gives the audience a chance to know what it’s like to live in a multi-million-dollar mansion.

# 7 – Dirty John

This true crime series explores love gone wrong. The show takes a look at relationships that start off great but end tragically. It makes you question how well you know the person you love. It takes place in sunny California. The location is beautiful and peaceful. It makes you want to run right out and visit the sexy area. If you have never been to the area, the breathtaking view will blow your mind. The characters live in beautiful homes that will make you envious of them.

The characters aren’t all 20 somethings. They range from different age groups. It proves that you can be sexy even if you are not in your 20s. You can be sexy at any age. The characters are physically sexy which will give you something to look at as you follow the plot. Connie Britton plays Debra on the show. She falls for a guy named John played by Eric Bana. Eric Bana is the epitome of sexy so there’s no surprise that she would fall in love with his character.

He has a sexy and mysterious look about him so it’s easy to see why she was able to look past his flaws. He is tall, dark, and handsome so her mind was blown away. The female audience will feel the same way. He looks like he’s hiding something and that adds to the mystique of his character. Connie Britton has understated sexiness. She doesn’t go overboard flaunting her body, but she defines sexiness. She is classy and carries herself in a regal way. It’s easy to see why he fell for her too.

# 6 – Million Dollar Listing

This reality show is about beautiful homes in various parts of the country. This franchise takes place in various states. It is about real estate agents who sell homes to their clients. They have to deal with demanding clients along the way. These agents bring sexy to real estate. You wouldn’t think that selling homes would be sexy, but these agents will change your mind. They don’t look like what you would expect a real estate agent to look like. You would expect real estate agents to look like the good girl and boy next door, but you won’t get that on this show.

They look like actors and models. In fact, one of the agents was an actor. They are physically fit. They will give you the eye candy you may be looking for while you are watching the show. They wear sexy clothes to complete the look. The clients are millionaires, so they wear stylish and fancy clothes. They also look like actors and models. The show isn’t just about attractive people. It is also about glamorous homes. They will take your breath away. These are homes you would only see in your dreams or on a movie screen. It gives you a chance to get an inside look at how rich people live. It also gives you a chance to watch attractive people sell beautiful homes.

# 5 – Southern Charm

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo is Southern Charm. This reality show is about life in South Carolina. It follows a group of friends as they pursue their careers and personal lives. They also want to maintain their families’ names. If they mess up, it will be an embarrassment to their families.

The show is about southern aristocrats. Most of us can’t relate to living a life like these friends so it gives us a chance to know what it’s like to live like the aristocrats on this show. The group of friends are sexy without being in-your-face sexy. They range from different ages. Their clothes are sexy and classy. They don’t wear revealing outfits. Their clothes are glamorous which is also sexy. They are in the south, but the location is amazing. It could easily be on an island instead of the south.

The sizzling storylines are sexy as well. One person is seeing two women. A guy is concerned that his girlfriend is pregnant. A couple is dealing with a long-distance relationship. The couples on the show have amazing chemistry with each other. In addition to the enticing storylines, they want to pursue their careers without ruining their families’ name. There is enough intrigue to keep you glued to the show. The show is worth checking out if you want to see sexy in the south.

# 4 – Summer House

The reality show is about rich people who want to have a good time in a summer house. The show takes place in a beach house in Montauk, New York. A group of friends want to go to the summer house to get away from the pressure of city life. The sexy friends share a house together. They want to party and cut loose. In addition to partying, they go to charity galas. The friends deal with drama and romance. The people on the show fit your idea of what would be considered sexy.

They are beautiful and in great shape. They have that in-your-face sex appeal. They are the type of people you would expect to find in sexy clothes. They look like model types. When they are partying and having fun, they wear revealing outfits. When they are doing their charity work, they keep it classy and sexy. The friends get drunk, so they do act crazy on the show. They look like they are having fun. It makes you wish you were there with them having a good time. The summer house takes place on an exotic beach. It will make your mouth water to look at the hypnotic and exotic beach. You may not be able to relate to a show like this, but you can have fun watching them as they live their life.

# 3 – Vanderpump Rules

This reality show is a spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hils leads this reality show. It is about her restaurant called SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant). She tries to balance motherhood with her career. She has to control her employees. Her employees are dating and breaking up with each other.

This show gives us a look at what happens behind the scenes at a trendy restaurant. If you’re a fan of reality shows about restaurants, then you know most of them are about chefs learning to cook. This show is about the employees and their personal lives. Needless to say, the employees look like models. They don’t look like they would work in a restaurant. They look like they could be TV and movie stars. They have the in-your-face sex appeal.

In addition to their sex appeal, they wear fashionable clothes. They keep up with the fashion trends. You wouldn’t think that a show about what goes on in a restaurant would be glamorous or sexy, but they pulled it off. Lisa Vanderpump also displays sexiness as the take charge boss. She proved that you can be sexy at any age. Her employees are younger than she is, but she is still an attractive woman. She gives them a run for their money. She wears stylish clothes and looks spectacular.

# 2 – Married to Medicine

This reality show is about female doctors and wives of doctors. Medicine has never been sexier. The friends deal with juggling their careers and their family lives. They also keep up with what is going on in Atlanta. When you think of doctors, you don’t necessarily think of them as provocative. They are usually serious and wouldn’t be defined as sensual. The female doctors on this show prove otherwise. They wear fashionable clothes and have fancy hairstyles.

They aren’t all a size two. They have voluptuous figures which are eye catching. They look like actresses instead of doctors. You could easily forget that they are doctors based on how they look. Another thing that adds to their sex appeal is the fact that they are smart women. Like Spy Games, this is another show that proves smart can be sexy. They keep up with the latest fashion trends. Their clothes are fit for models and not doctors. The women aren’t the only appealing ones on the show. The men on the show are sexy as well. They look like men you would actually meet in real life. They wear stylish clothes.

They don’t have six-pack stomachs, but they are realistically sexy. These doctors can teach everyday citizens how to dress seductively and know it. The show also features drama which is always enticing and will have you hooked. You won’t want to take your eyes off the show. You will want to check out every season just to keep up with the doctors.

# 1 – Real Housewives

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On Bravo is the Real Housewives franchise. This reality show is the epitome of sexy. There are numerous versions of the show. It ranges from Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, D.C., Potomac, Beverly Hills, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Dubai. The show deals with life in all of these places. It is about wives and single mothers raising their families.

They also try to maintain their careers. Anyone who is a fan of any of the franchise know that the women on these shows are gorgeous and attractive. They ooze sex appeal. They are always very stylish and glamorous whenever they appear on screen. They are arousing when they hang around each other having fun. They are glamorous when they are going out and socializing with other people. They know how to keep it cute and they know how to keep it classy. Their hairstyles are also on point. Their hairstyles are always chic.

It doesn’t matter what they are doing, they always look fierce. If that’s not enough, they go to fancy places when they travel to different cities. The show has become so popular that others are trying to imitate it. Nothing screams sexy like the Real Housewives franchise. It doesn’t matter which one you watch; you will be in for a treat. The women prove that you can be sexy and sleek at any age.

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