10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV

Sexiest TV Shows On MTV

10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV list takes a look at the most romantic shows on MTV. MTV was known for playing videos when it first launched. You could see romantic videos as well as beautiful singers. The singers were Madonna, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Prince, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake as well as others. MTV’s programming lineup may have changed, but the purpose is still the same.

The channel wants to sell beauty to a new generation of viewers. How does a video channel sell Relationships to an audience? They create beautiful shows. MTV has a plethora of shows to choose from in order to whet your appetite. The channel does have some shows that are out there, but there are some that are romantic. The network has scripted shows as well as reality shows for your entertainment. MTV is a network on cable so the channel can afford to push boundaries. Our job is to find the Best Relationship Based shows.

Our Top 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows on MTV list will feature the Best Relationship Based shows on the network. Which ones do you think will make the top 10 list?

# 10 – The Hills

The first show on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV is The Hills. The reality show is about the lives of several young adults who live in Los Angeles. The show focuses on their personal and professional lives. The show plays out like a soap opera for the younger crowd. The show has interesting storylines. Kristin argues with Audrina and Heidi and she wants to make up with them. Unfortunately, her partying past gets in the way of her getting along with her friends. Kristin is also dealing with her boyfriend Brody. He is attracted to Audrina. This adds to the spiciness of the show. Heidi wants her mother to approve of her lifestyle. She is trying to hold on to her marriage to Spencer.

The rest of the storylines add to the drama of the show. The cast of the show look the way you would expect young adults from Los Angeles to look like. They have All American looks. They don’t look like your next-door neighbor. They look like beautiful movie stars. They have bodies you would kill to have because they are physically fit. Their clothes are stylish. They know how to keep things cute and chic. They also know when to keep it casual. You may not be able to relate to their lifestyle, but it will make you wish you had a fancy life like theirs.

# 9 -Siesta Keys

The next show on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV list is “Siesta Keys.” This reality show is similar to Laguna Beach. The show takes place in Florida. It is about young adults who deal with life’s challenges. They deal with love, heartache, and adulthood. They spend summers together on the seductive island. The location is eye-catching. It will make you long to be on the island. The pool is phenomenal. They make it look so inviting as they party in the pool. We dare you not to be moved by the breathtaking sky.

They have sizzling shots of being underwater on the ship. They make surfing look alluring. It makes you want to get a surfboard. It’s time to talk about the beautiful cast. They all could be supermodels. They have beautiful bodies that are definitely worth admiring. The men have six-packs which make them the perfect eye candy for women. The guys wear hip and trendy clothes. They wear suits as well as casual wear. They are also wearing swimming trunks which gives you a chance to admire their bodies. The women on the show have amazing bodies. They are shapely and fit. They wear clothes that will make men lose their minds. The couples are hot as they heat things up on the stunning beaches. They don’t go crazy with the intimate scenes. They do show enough to hold your attention, but they don’t overdo it.

# 8 – Floribama Shore

This reality show is about eight young adults having fun in Florida. This show was done by the producers of Jersey shore. If you’re a fan of the show, you know what to expect from this show. The cast will be partying and having fun with each other. They will also have juicy drama among their friends. The show deals with people getting together and breaking up. They also learn how to be independent. They want to try to escape what happened to them in the past. This is a drama that you could see in a beach movie, but it happens in real life.

Like the other shows on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTVlist, the location scenes are outstanding. When you see the beach, your jaw will drop. The cameraperson takes excellent shots of the exotic beach. The cast members are hot and sexy. Unlike the other shows on our list, the cast on this show actually looks like normal people. They are not all pencil-thin, but they are proud to show off their curvaceous bodies.

There’s nothing hotter than people who are proud of their body types. With that said, there are a few who fit the stereotypical beauty look. They have muscular bodies are not afraid to show them off. They wear slick, but casual clothes throughout the series. They don’t wear risqué clothes, but it’s enough to keep you interested.

# 7 – Are You The One

This is a dating reality show that uses technology to help people find love. There are 20 men and women who try to find the right one for them. They all have one thing in common. They all have trouble making a relationship last. They go through strenuous games to find out who belongs with each other. They are trying to find out who their soulmate is. If the person they hook up with isn’t a match, they must start their search over again. If they do find the one, they will share a big cash prize. Since money is involved, you know this show will be filled with juicy drama. You can expect a lot of explosive arguments on a show like this one.

They are not just actors and models. They have professional jobs which is always a turn-on. They aren’t just pretty faces. They have good heads on their shoulders because they have to strategize in order to get ahead in the game. Smart and beautiful are two great combinations.

# 6 – Teen Wolf

This show aired on MTV for six seasons. The drama was about a high school teenager named Scott who was tired of being unpopular. His chance to become popular couldn’t have happened in a more awkward way. He walked into the woods and got bitten by a werewolf. His life changed forever after the bite. He becomes a half-human and half werewolf. He is in love with a girl named Alison. He is trying to live a normal life while lusting after Allison. The show dealt with a lot of drama. Scott had a couple of secrets. He was hiding the fact that he was a werewolf. He also knew that Allison’s father tried to kill him. This has the makings of a spicy drama.

This is the first scripted show on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV list. Scott made being a werewolf look stunning. He would not be what you would consider being a typical outcast. He looks like he could be one of the popular kids. He is good-looking and has a good body. He also has a brain. Women love a man with a brain especially if he has a gorgeous body to go with it. Allison has stunning and exotic looks. She has beautiful olive skin that will be the envy of women everywhere. She has pouty lips that are enticing. The rest of the cast is attractive as well.

# 5 – Ex On The Beach

The next show on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV list is Ex On The Beach. This dreamy reality show is about people who are in paradise. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Some dreams can turn into nightmares because they are not in paradise to have a good time with strangers. They are in for a shock when they find out they are sharing the beach with their exes. The goal is for them to get back together. The cast consists of singles who are looking for love only to be blindsided by their exes.

There’s nothing more salacious than being in paradise with your ex. This show has all of the makings of a soap opera. There is enough drama for everyone. The show represents all orientations. They want everyone to be represented. The show keeps the romance scenes provocative, but tasteful.

The cast on each season looks like supermodels. The singles and the exes look like supermodels. Perhaps this was done so the decision would be harder to make. They flaunt around in scantily clad clothing to seduce their former lovers. The cast members are in great shape. They can be comfortable wearing next to nothing on the show because they have the bodies to do it.

# 4 – Jersey Shore

This reality show is about a group of friends who hang out together on the Jersey Shore. This show lasted for several seasons. The group of friends stays in a beach house together in New Jersey. They also lived in Miami Beach for a couple of seasons. They spend their summers partying. If you are a fan of Jersey Shore, you know what to expect with the scintillating reality show. It is the show that made Jwoww, Snooki, Pauly D, and Mike the Situation household names. They had sizzling storylines that kept fans glued to the show each season. It was the most popular show on MTV and it’s not hard to see why.

The show had a lot of spicy drama. They liked to have racy parties. They wore slick clothes when they partied. The females on the show wear a lot of provocative outfits. They leave nothing to the imagination. They had the bodies to pull off their outfits. Their confidence makes them beautiful. They were proud to show off their figures and had no inhibitions. Confident women are a turn-on for men as well as women. The men have tight bodies. They were not afraid to show off their muscles. They didn’t wear suggestive clothing like the females, but they did like to take their shirts off. The men had swag on the show which oozed beauty. Women like men who are confident in themselves without being too stuck up.

# 3 – Laguna Beach

This dramatic reality show aired for a couple of seasons. The show was about eight high school students who dealt with the drama that happens in high school in Orange Country. They had to deal with relationship issues, graduation, and friendship. Don’t let the fact that the cast was teenagers fool you. They knew how to bring beauty to the small screen without being adults.

Temptation was on the rise with the hot triangle between Lauren, Kristin, and Steven. The controversial triangle was the highlight of this potboiler. The love scenes were suggestive without being graphic. There’s only so much they could be allowed to do and show since the cast members were teenagers at the time of the episodes. The females had stunning looks for high school teens. They had in-your-face beauty. They were confident in their own skin which will always be cool. They weren’t afraid to have fun and let loose.

They dressed like teenagers without being too grown. They kept it cute and simple. The guys also displayed confidence. They had in shape bodies to them considering they were teenagers. They didn’t dress too old for their ages either. The location scenes were to die for. The scenes were inviting and exquisite. You would definitely want to relax on the beach.

# 2 – Jersey Shore Family Vacation

This is a reboot of the original reality show Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore was a hit on the network so the powers-that-be decided to bring back the show. The cast had moved on to do other reality shows, but they decided to reunite. On this version of the show, they are grown up. The gang still parties at swanky beach houses, but they are older and have families.

They aren’t going to let something like family life stop them from having fun. They are back and on vacation. They go to different spots to have fun. The majority of the cast have children, but they prove that they are still the same party animals they were on Jersey Shore. They still like to keep things romantic. They proved that romance never dies. It just grew up. Now that the women are mothers, they have curvier bodies. This adds to their beauty appeal. When they go out to clubs, they let it all hang out. When they are hanging out at the beach house, they keep it casual, but stylish.

The men on the show are more muscular than they were before. They dress casually and don’t wear the provocative clothes that the women wear. They keep it grown and sharp. The location shots are stunning. There is no way to watch these shots without your jaw-dropping. You will be envious because they are living a fantasy life.

# 1 – The Challenge

The number one show on our 10 Best Relationship Based TV Shows On MTV list is The Challenge. This reality competition show is a spinoff of The Real World and Road Rules. This reality show has been airing for many years. The contestants are from different reality shows. They have to compete in different challenges to avoid getting eliminated. The winners of the challenge share a large sum of money. The contestants come from different walks of life.

The majority of the contestants have athletic bodies. They need to be physically fit to do the grueling challenges. The show isn’t based on their looks. It is based on their physical ability. In addition to completing the challenges, some of the contestants found love and romance. They hook up with each other during the competition.

The scenes are tastefully done. Watching physically fit people get through difficult challenges is alluring. Most of the contestants on the show are in great shape. They are eye candy for men and women. The location shots are amazing. They will mesmerize you while you are watching the contestants complete the challenges. The clothes they wear during the competitions are form-fitting and may entice you to keep watching them complete the challenge. It may be hard to take your eyes off some of the contestants because their bodies look so good while they are completing the challenges.

Feature Photo: CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com

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