10 Sexiest TV Shows On Paramount+

Sexiest TV Shows On Paramount+

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Are you in the mood for some mature adult-only TV series and wondering if you can find a number of them in Paramount Plus? Don’t worry. If you have a Paramount Plus subscription, you are good to go. There are lots of sexy, romantic, implicit, and explicit content in Paramount Plus. The good news is that most of these romantic shows come integrated into other genres, including horror, dramas, comedies, thrillers, action, soap operas, and supernatural. With that said, we understand that landing on an excellent sexy series can be tricky, mainly because the industry is flooded right now. So, we compiled this list of the sexiest TV shows that you can watch on Paramount Plus. Check out the list, pick several that you feel will get you in the mood, and start your weekend in style.


Although it is a sitcom, this American TV series is romantic and sexy in the way that it focuses on the theme of sexuality, especially among teenagers. Some of the main themes evident in the show include depression, immigration, dating, and LGBTQ rights. Primarily, this show revolves around a Cuban family that resides in the Echo Park Los Angeles neighborhood. It is a good and compulsively watchable series that enlightens you on the challenges that come with modern parenting and addiction struggles. Generally, it explores the typical constitution of a family. So how is it sexy or rather romantic? The theme of sex revolves around Elena, who engages herself in a same-sex relationship as her high school first love. Additionally, Alex’s complex storyline is also evidence of how difficult it is to deal with adolescent issues, primarily sexuality.

The debut season begins with Penelope wanting Elena, the feminist daughter, to have a traditional rite of passage for her birthday when she turns 15. Lydia collapses on the bathroom floor after a fight with her daughter. Season three becomes tough for Alex as her mother grounds her after getting her with pot. Season four focuses on the Alvarez family, reflecting on how they relate to each other, wondering what the future holds for them.


What about you and your friends binge-watch on some legal and political drama? It is an excellent way to usher in the weekend. Talking of legal and political drama, ‘The Good Wife’ is nothing less than that. It is as good as the title suggests. The show features Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a character who has to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s case of cheating with a prostitute. So, Alicia has to return to the workforce, where she starts working with Will Gardner, her old law-school friend who is also very sexy. The fact that Alicia is not your typical ‘stand-by-your-man’ woman makes the show more brilliant and sexy. In each episode, you will encounter family strife, political intrigue, sizzling romance, inner-office jockeying, and compelling legal cases.

The initial season of the seven-season show debuted in September 2009 and the last season aired in May 2016. It begins with Alicia Florric joining Will Gardner, his former law school classmate interested in reviving their former relationship. In season two, Will confesses his sexual attraction and feelings towards Alicia, and she wants to know if he has a plan. Season three begins with Alicia and Will’s affair, and as a result, she gets an office. Gardner and Lockhart face bankruptcy in season four. Season seven starts with Alicia pretending to team up with Louis Canning at work. She then decides to allow Peter to run for the vice-president position.


Imagine this scenario. You have won an offer to join a renowned university to study your dream course, but instead, you decide to follow your boyfriend against your parents’ advice and will. That’s what ‘The Game’ is all about. The storyline focuses on Melanie Barnett, the girlfriend to Davis, a professional football player. After Melanie gets an offer to study in Johns Hopkins University, she declines the offer despite her parents’ advice and decides to accompany her boyfriend to San Diego. The sexy dramas then begin. Life becomes challenging for Melanie as she struggles to keep her boyfriend away from ‘gold diggers.’ She now has to strike a balance between her medical student roles and keeping her boyfriend safe. So, generally, the entire series is about the changing relationships between players and their partners. The plot and the characters make this show one of the sexiest on TV so far.


Why would VH1 ever cancel this creative piece and a gem of a reality show? It was so disappointing to fans of ‘Dating Naked’ that they would watch not more than three seasons of it, although VH1 hinted at a possibility of the series reboot in the future. But, you can still binge on the three seasons on Paramount plus after the streaming network announced on February 2021 that it would revive it. Away from that is that ‘Dating Naked’ is a highly explicit reality show where contestants have to find their match by dating naked, hence the show’s title. It’s both terrifying and sexy. Entertain yourself by watching men and women naked all over the show.

So much happened in the three seasons. We see Wee Wee and Joe as the first daring singles going on romantic and adventurous tropical dates in the debut season. The second season features a volleyball match where the participants are the players. And they play naked—what a show. In season three, the trend is still the same. Daters go on exotic dates while nude in every step.

#6 – EVIL

‘Evil’ is an American supernatural TV drama series that includes multiple sex scenes, thus qualifying to be among our sexiest TV series on the Paramount Plus. Robert and Michelle King co-created this series which later started airing on September 2019 on CBS. The series is currently available on Paramount Plus. According to some viewers, the only complaint they have about this TV series is that they consider it to be sometimes too creepy, a feature that scares them long after the lights are off. Apart from that, watching this show will occasionally bring you to a sexual mood as the characters get intimate in the most expected and unexpected scenarios.

The debut season’s sexiest parts are where Kristen begins showing her sexual attraction towards David. However, George is a demon who is not happy with what Kristen is feeling for David, so he begins visiting and threatening her. The first season also features a heated sex scene between Sheryl and Townsend after Sheryl’s visit. After David learns that he is starting to give in to temptations of his unreciprocated sexual attraction to Kristen in season two, he tries to calm his mind by joining the monks in worship. That’s not all. In the middle of the investigations, Kristen wraps up his sexual relationship with Graham, but the guilt of cheating on her husband torments her.


At the fifth spot is this TV series that will successfully bring out your emotions at once. It is an American family drama TV series from creator DJ Nash. The stars in the show include Romany Malco, David Giuntoli, and Allison Miller. So why do we say it is one of the sexiest TV shows on Paramount plus? Here is the thing. Most family dramas never lack some sexual controversies. And with this show, the integration of romance into the serial and family drama will make you want to watch it twice. Its storyline focuses on a group of friends that decide to involve themselves in activities they have never done before and live better lives after the sudden death of one of them.

With cumulatively four seasons with 61 episodes, this TV series is a wholesome sexy binge-on-show. The show’s first romantic and sexy scene is between Eddie and Delilah. It was the day Eddy finally decided to listen to the voicemail that Jon left before he died. In the voicemail, Jon says, ‘Love each other.’ In the second season, Eddie confesses to Katherine that he is the baby’s father when Delilah is close to giving birth. Season three’s sexy scenes mainly feature Florence and Walter, who have their romantic signals crossed until they receive advice from Regina and Rome at a family dinner. Darcy and Gary part ways in season four.


Where there is love, there is romance. And where there is romance, there is sex. Reality dating shows have never disappointed, especially those that feature dating relationships. They are full of life and glamour that shifts your body, soul, and mind into a whole different world. AYTO is an American reality TV series that features young singles trying to find love. For us, the fact that it is a reality show makes it one of our favorites. It is a wild dating competition which ultimately tests compatibility. The rules are simple. There is a perfect match for each contestant. So each contestant is tasked to find their ideal match successfully with a million-dollar prize in waiting. So, will lust or greed win? Find out by streaming the eight-season show on Paramount Plus today.

The first season begins with 20 individuals, ten men and ten women, residing together in a tropical destination. The aim is to find their perfect love match. Ryan Devlin hosted the second season. Filming took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and as usual, there were lots of drama as each contestant was trying to secure their match. The series goes on to season 8, where there were some changes. A contestant’s match could be a man or a woman.


If you love watching TV shows, you know that anything to do with drama revolves around sex scandals in one way or the other, implicit or explicit. And ‘Twin Peaks’ is one American mystery drama TV series with lots of psychosexual drama. Apart from that, ‘Twin Peaks’ is a detective story that narrows down to a small town of Twin Peaks towards investigating the mysterious murder of a youthful woman. It uncovers the weirdness buried beneath Anytown’s surface, including the psychosexual drama that looks more of soap opera and various oddball characters, the likes of the Log Lady. It is an excellent dark-romantic TV series that you can binge on a night out with friends.

The season begins with Pete Martell, a local logger discovering a naked corpse in a plastic bag on a riverbank outside the Twin Peaks town. The second season is full of murder cases but still drives us into the romantic world when Cooper has an affair with Caroline, Earle’s wife. Cooper then falls in love with Annie Blackburn, a new arrival in town.


Suppose the name didn’t give it away, would you think that apart from being a comedy TV show, ‘Five Bedrooms’ would also integrate some of the best romantic scenes ever? It all begins with five characters in a wedding sitting at a singles table. After sharing a few drinks, their lives transform entirely into something else. ‘Five Bedrooms’ is an Australian comedy-drama TV series that premiered in May 2019. It is a returning TV show and is currently in its 2nd season with 16 episodes. It sounds sexy when five strangers decide to purchase a five-bedroom house together as a solution to their problems. Doesn’t it? That explains why it received an IMDB rating of 7.7/10.

The debut season begins with a highlight of five strangers at different times of their lives attending a wedding and finding themselves seated at a singles table. After a few drinks, they realize that the solution to their problems is buying a five-bedroom house, thus the show’s title. The second season is now a feature of the five individuals enduring the challenges of living together in the new house. From an injury, a DIY renovation, an ex-husband, to an unexpected tragedy involving losing and finding love, this is a must-watch show.

#1 – BEVERLY HILLS 90210

If you love soap operas and teen drama, ‘Beverly Hills’ is the show to brighten your moods and turn the atmosphere into a sizzling romantic atmosphere. ‘Beverly Hills’ is an American teen drama TV series from creator Darren Star and producer Aaron Spelling. It includes an interestingly sexy plot right from the beginning to the end. The storyline centers on a group of friends who are residing in Beverly Hills, California. They transition from high school together to college and finally soldier into the adult world as they strive to satisfy their desires. The show’s primary focus is on the characters’ romantic relationships and friendships but also addresses societal issues like date rape, sex, drug abuse, homophobia, alcoholism, domestic violence, racism, teenage pregnancy, teenage suicide, and AIDS. It is more of a soap opera-like show.

The debut season begins with a general introduction to Brenda and Brandon Walsh’s lives in high school, dealing with issues that an average teenager deals with every day. In the second season, Emily slips drugs to Brandon during a wild night out. Season three follows a new romantic relationship between Navid and Silver and Adrianna’s sudden rise to fame. The gang joins one college in season four, and their freshman year introduces them to sex, drug abuse, relationships, marriage, abortion, and crime. Dylan becomes addicted to drug use and alcohol in season five. In short, the show proceeds to season ten with the gang now in adulthood, dealing with several adult-related issues like sex, pregnancy, cheating, and murder.


In conclusion, with Paramount plus subscription, you can be sure of binge-watching on some of the sexiest TV shows. However, the recommendation is to avoid watching some explicit or even sexually suggestive content in the company of children.


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