10 Sexiest TV Shows On FX

Sexiest TV Shows On FX

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Our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX list will take a look at the sexiest shows on the FX Network. The FX Network was launched in 1994. The network features critically acclaimed dramas, comedies, and original documentaries. It also features theatrical releases as well as sitcoms. The channel is owned by Twenty First Century Fox. The network strives on competing with premium channels by airing mature and high-quality programs. The network is available to over 89 million households in America.

If you feel like staying up and watching a sexy TV Show, FX has plenty to choose. You can choose a good sitcom or a spicy drama. Whatever you want to watch, FX has something for you. This Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX list will feature the sexiest shows on the FX network. Some of the shows are still on the air while others are shown in repeats.

# 10 – The Americans

The first show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX list is The Americans. The show stars Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Holly Taylor and Keidrich Sellati. The drama is about two KGB spies named Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell). They are in an arranged marriage. They are posing as a couple from Washington, D.C. The show takes place in the 80s.

They have two kids named Paige (Holly Taylor) and Henry (Kiedrich Sellati). They don’t know what their parents do for a living. Philip and Elizabeth end up falling for each other the longer they stayed together. If you are into watching spy shows, this show will appeal to you. There is a lot of action involved in each episode. Men may enjoy the aspect of the show. It is not just about spy work or espionage. There is a love story between Philip and Elizabeth that women will enjoy. Philip and Elizabeth don’t want to be together at times as they begin to develop different attitudes to what they are assigned to do.

The audience gets to see them fall in love. They have sexy chemistry with each other so it’s great to see them fall in love. The show takes place during the Reagan era, so you get the chance to see retro wardrobe. The spy aspect of the show may be a little confusing to some people, but the romance between Philip and Elizabeth makes up for it. The writers do an excellent job providing a sexy romance story to balance out the show.

# 9 – Atlanta

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX list is Atlanta. The comedy stars Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Standfield, Zazie Beetz, Kris Davis and Emmet Hunter. Atlanta is one of the hottest cities for rappers to make names for themselves. Alfred (Bryan Tyree Henry) is a new artist who is trying to figure out the line between real life and street life.

His cousin Earn (Donald Glover) manages his career. Earn gets caught up in Alfred’s career. Earn does anything he can to make sure that Alfred is a successful rapper. Darius (LaKeith Standfield) is Alfred’s go to guy. When Earn isn’t busy helping Alfred, he is spending his time with his best friend Vanessa (Zazie Beetz). Vanessa is the mother of his daughter. The writers created an ensemble show. Everyone gets to have their own storyline on the show. Atlanta gives you an inside look on the sexy world of the music industry.

The stories are cleverly written and make you feel as if you are a part of the show. The show is funny and dramatic. The cast looks as if they would be in the music industry. They have a sexy Hollywood look about them. Donald Glover is the standout character on the show. Women will go crazy over him because of his sex appeal. Men may go crazy over Zazie Beetz because she is sexy and attractive. Her voice is also seductive.

# 8 – Better Things

The comedy stars Pamela Adlon, Mikey Madison, Olivia Edward, Hannah Alligood and Celia Imrie. The show is about a woman named Sam (Pamela Adlon) who is a single mother and actress. She is trying to raise three daughters in Los Angeles. Her daughters’ names are Max (Mikey Madison), Duke (Olivia Edward) and Frankie (Hannah Alligood).

Sam looks out for her mother named Phil (Celia Imrie). She approaches life with love, humor, and honesty. She wants to raise her family and have fun with her friends. She also wants to take some time for herself. This dramedy is geared towards women and everything they go through in life. The story is told about life in a realistic way. Sam is a character that mothers can relate to. She is a woman who cares for her family, but she wants something for herself. The writers made a wise choice in making the show about a middle-aged woman who wants to be famous.

There aren’t too many shows like this one, so the plot is very original. Sam is a sexy woman who wants to make a life for herself and her family. The show isn’t just about her being a mother. She does get to have a romantic side. Throughout the series, Sam has different relationships. The show is targeted toward women, but men can enjoy it too. If men want to make their women happy, they can watch the show with them.

# 7 – Snowfall

The drama stars Damson Idris, Angela Lewis, Carter Hudson, Emily Rios, Isaiah Brown and Amin Joseph. The show is about a woman named Lucia (Emily Rios) who sells marijuana throughout Los Angeles. She realizes that the cocaine business can be lucrative, so she manipulates her family into selling cocaine. She ends up dealing with a man named Franklin (Damson Idris). He is a drug dealer. He works with a crime family. Franklin isn’t the only one involved in the drug business.

A man named Teddy (Carter Hudson) is also involved in the cocaine business. He works for the CIA, but he is dealing with his own personal demons. He gets involved in the drug cartel for his own personal reasons. The show is cleverly written. The writers manage to make criminals endearing and rootable. It is a cautionary tale about what the drug industry has done to South Central. Ordinarily, there is nothing sexy about selling drugs, but the show is character driven.

Franklin is an innocent man who gets caught up in a world of drugs. He is a sexy and good-looking man who doesn’t look as if he would be involved with drugs. He has a warm and sexy smile that will melt your heart. His sexy looks will have you forget that he is involved with drugs. The rest of the cast looks good as well. Lucia is a beautiful woman. She has exotic looks and a sexy body women would love to have. She is another one who doesn’t look as if she would be involved in the drug industry.

# 6 – Mr. Inbetween

The comedy stars Scott Ryan, Justin Rosniak, Brooke Snatchwell and Nicholas Cassim. The show is inspired by the movie The Magician. The show is about a character named Ray (Scott Ryan). He has quite a few things going on in his life. He is dealing with a relationship, parental responsibilities, a sick relative and friendships. If this isn’t enough, he is a criminal. He handles people by collecting debts, relieving them of drugs and guns and killing people. He wants respect and doesn’t tolerate people challenging his code of ethics. This sounds like a plot of a movie. The writers wrote a unique tale about a hitman. Viewers don’t normally get to see what goes on in a hitman’s life.

The writers managed to make Ray human instead of a stereotypical bad guy. He is more than just a killer. He is also a family man who cares about people. This sexy comedy combines criminal activity with loving relationships. Ray loves his family and his girlfriend. Ray is a criminal with a heart of gold. He doesn’t have in-your-face good looks. He is sexy because of his bad boy persona as well as his heart of gold. It is always sexy to see a man taking care of his family. It is sexiness personified. The rest of the cast look like your next-door neighbor. They look like people you would see in your everyday life.

# 5 – Fosse/Verdon

The next show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX is Fosse/Verdon. The drama stars Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams, Norbert Leo Butz and Margaret Qualley. The drama is about the romance and partnership between Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. Bob (Sam Rockwell) is a filmmaker and one of the theaters most influential choreographers of all time. Gwen (Michelle Williams) is one of the greatest Broadway dancers of all time.

Bob is the only director who could create shows that allow Gwen to shine as a dancer. Gwen is the only one who understands his vision. They want to change American entertainment. Fans of Broadway and dance will love this sexy drama. The show is passionate because it is filled with love and lust. Fosse and Verdon have a fiery relationship. The sexy chemistry between the characters oozes off the screen. They were made for each other. Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams have sparkling chemistry with each other.

They are always there for each other despite their egos clashing. The love scenes are some of the sexiest scenes on FX. They aren’t too graphic, but they are steamy. The cast plays real-life Broadway stars. They don’t look like the actors they are portraying, but they are attractive in their own right. There is a mix of people of different ages and races so there is someone for everyone to appreciate on the show.

# 4 – Trust

The drama stars Donald Sutherland, Harris Dickinson, Brendan Fraser, Hilary Swank, Michael Esper and Laura Bellini. The drama is inspired by the Getty family. It is inspired by one of America’s wealthiest families. John Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson) gets kidnapped by an Italian mafia. His captors want millions of dollars in order to give him back. John Paul Getty Sr isn’t able to give the money because he is living his life with his harem of mistresses. John Paul Getty Jr (Michael Esper) doesn’t want to answer the phone. John Paul Getty III’s only option is his mother Gail (Hilary Swank). She wants to help him, but she doesn’t have any money.

The show gives an inside look on what happens to families whether they are rich or poor. The show has the makings of a movie. It is sexy to watch what goes on in a wealthy family. Viewers can see how the other half lives. John Paul Getty Sr. gets to enjoy being with his mistresses. He is proof that an older man can get any woman he wants. He has steamy sex scenes with his mistresses so he is proof that you can have sex at any age. The rest of the cast look as if they come from a rich background. They look like would grace the covers of fashion magazines. They have sexy and exotic looks. They are worth watching. The casting directors did a great job casting these actors on the show.

# 3 – You’re The Worst

The comedy stars Chris Geere, Aya Cash, Desmin Borges, Kether Donahue, Brandon Mychal Smith and Desmin Borges. The show is about love and happiness. The show is told from the perspective of two people who haven’t been fortunate enough to find love and happiness. It is about a woman named Gretchen (Aya Cash) and a man named Jimmy (Chris Geere). Gretchen and Jimmy are opposites. Gretchen is a people pleaser who is self-destructive.

Jimmy is egotistical and stubborn. It is a different take on love and romance. The show takes a look at opposite people falling in love with each other. If you find it sexy to see polar opposites falling in love with each other, this is the show for you. This is the perfect show to watch with the person you love. It will make you appreciate your relationship. The writers write the characters in a way that makes you want to see them together.

The relationship between Jimmy and Gretchen is worth investing in. They have incredible sexual chemistry with each other. They are made to be together. The rest of the cast has a variety of looks. They range in different ages so there is eye candy for everyone. The writing on the show is pretty good. The show should have lasted longer than it did, but you will get a chance to enjoy the sexy show through reruns.

# 2 – The Riches

The primetime soap opera stars Eddie Izzard, Minnie Driver, Shannon Marie Woodward, Noel Fisher, Aiden Mitchell, Todd Stashwick and Gregg Henry. The show is about two people named Wayne (Eddie Izzard) and Dahlia (Minnie Driver) Malloy. They are criminals. They do their criminal acts with their kids. They get into an argument with another family of criminals.

The Malloys get in a car accident. Two people get killed in the accident. The Malloys want to have a better life, so they steal the identities of the two victims who died in the accident. They move in the mansion and take over their lives. The Malloys have to deal with getting caught and getting exposed by people from the past. The show is unique. There aren’t any shows like this on the air. The characters aren’t perfect, but the writers write them in a way that makes them relatable.

They are criminals with the heart of gold. This is a show that men and women can enjoy. You can get close with the one you love while you watch the show. Minnie Driver is one of the stars of the show. She has a sexy figure that will make men want her and women want to be her. She has a gorgeous and infectious smile that lights up her face. She looks like a model. The rest of the cast look like people you would know. They are proof that average looking people can be sexy.

# 1 – Sex&Drugs&Rock & Roll

The number one show on our Top 10 Sexiest Shows On FX is Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. The comedy stars Denis Leary, John Corbett, Robert Kelly, Elizabeth Gilles, John Giles, John Ales and Elaine Hendricks. The show is about a 90s band called the Heathens. They live the rock band life. They party hard and use drugs. They were on the verge of becoming successful by releasing their first album.

The group breaks up on the day their album was released. The group breaks up because Johnny (Denis Leary) slept with Flash’s (John Corbett) wife. The band tries to get back together again. Johnny is now out of work and money. He is hooked on drugs. A singer named Gigi (Elizabeth Gilles) wants to get the band back together. She wants to be the lead singer of the group. The sexy show has the makings of a soap opera and a movie. The show has a juicy affair. The affair makes friends turn into enemies.

The plot is interesting and will hold your interest. It is hard to believe that anyone would cheat on John Corbett because he is a sexy man. He looks sexy beyond belief on this show. He looks like a fine wine. He has dreamy looks. He has beautiful eyes that make you want to stare into them all day long. The women are attractive and sexy. They have amazing bodies that they aren’t afraid to show off.

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