10 Best Netflix Action TV Shows To Watch Now

Best Netflix Action TV Shows

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We know choosing the 10 Best Netflix Action TV Shows To Watch Now for binge-watching can be tricky, mainly because they are never in short supply. There are hundreds of action films on Netflix that you can watch. Do you need assistance choosing the best? That’s why we are here. In this article, we have narrowed it down to the ten best Netflix action shows of 2022. The likes of “Sky Rojo” from Money Heist’s creators, to the likes of “Money Heist” and “Squid Game.” The best thing about our top 10 Netflix action shows of 2022 is that you can stream them from either the United States of America’s side or the United Kingdom’s side. Without further ado, continue scrolling downwards to discover which show to put on your list.

#10 – Sky Rojo

From the creators of the popular Netflix show “Money Heist,” “Sky Rojo” ushers us into the 10 best Netflix action shows of 2022. Today, the series is high-ranking because it shares its creators with the famous Netflix Money Heist. Therefore, if you love Money Heist, there is no way you will not love Sky Rojo. Additionally, for the lovers of action movies, this show consists of a series of gunfights, sequins, car chases, and confrontations with the police. Sky Rojo currently has two seasons. The first season incorporates eight episodes, with each episode running for twenty-five minutes. The second season is also in a similar format.

During the show’s first season, you will encounter main protagonists like Wendy, Coral, and Gina, co-workers at the Bridges club. The club’s owner is Romeo, and it incorporates a brothel and a strip club. During his wife’s funeral service, Romeo summons all the club prostitutes and strippers to work. Season one comes to an end with suspense as it is unknown whether the girls will leave the island or not. Season two of Sky Rojo premiered on 23rd July, and it follows the plight of the three girls who, against all odds, try to shake Romeo’s cards kingdom.


#9 – Lupin

At the ninth position on our top ten Netflix action shows of 2022 is Francois Uzan and George Kay’s Lupin. This show is a French mystery thriller streaming television series that left netizens talking all over the internet following its release. The show is a killer and a must-watch show due to its adventurous scenes of a classic protagonist and thief, Arsene Lupin. Lupin’s mission is to revenge his father’s death. If you are looking for something captivating that will hook you to your television throughout the night, Lupin is one of the best. The show features a charming style incorporated with a sequence of daring heists.

Lupin’s debut season, first released on 8th January 2022 on Netflix, consists of two exciting parts. The first part of the season, consisting of five episodes, refers to the primary character’s inspiration. Assane Diop is seen as a professional thief and an orphan after his father commits suicide in a prison cell after being framed for stealing an expensive diamond necklace.

The second part of the first season follows the events of the first part—the season centers around Assane’s son’s kidnap and the pursuit of the Pellegrini family. The season ends manifesting Assane’s inimitable wayward charm, spills, and thrills.


#8 – Narcos

Our list of the ten best Netflix action shows would not be complete without the famous Narcos breathtaking show. This American crime drama TV series is a product of Carlo Bernard’s, Chris Brancato’s, and Doug Miro’s creative creations. The series features the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, a drug dealer and a kingpin in this business. The other side features protagonists Pena and Murphy as DEA agents who try at nothing in fighting drugs. The show is high ranking and a global sensation due to how each episode carries several twists and turns of Pablo Escobar’s story. Each episode of the show has different events, which align with the central theme of ‘catching the bad guy.’

The show’s debut season introduces us to the early life of Pablo Escobar as a notorious drug kingpin. Out of nowhere, he becomes a billionaire as he majors in producing and distributing drugs, mainly cocaine. The season also focuses on Escobar’s interactions with multiple other drug lords, several opposition entities, and DEA agents. The second ten-episode season essentially has three varying but interconnected storylines. First, Pablo Escobar deals with the elusive Judy Moncada to keep his drug business afloat. Secondly, the season features the story of the growing American and Colombian tension as they both feel their mutually beneficial relationship and exploitation.

Lastly, the season incorporates Messina’s, Pena’s, and Murphy’s attempts to track Escobar. The third season of the show features the unfortunate death of Pablo Escobar and the following conflicts between the Cali cartel and DEA. Although this show ends at season 3, released on Netflix in 2017, it is still a worldwide sensation in 2021 and thus a must-watch.


#7- Squid Game

The squid game has taken the world by storm as it has become the talk of the town. Our list would not miss this phenomenon Korean action drama series by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The show has had enormous global fame and recognition due to its brutal brushes with death through adult versions of kids’ games. Interestingly, or somewhat, unfortunately, Hwang lost six teeth due to the stress of being at the helm of creating season one of the show. Reports have it that he now weighs the worth of producing and directing more of this genre in the future.

Currently, “Squid Game” has one running season that features the storyline of a group of individuals facing financial struggles. The group receives invitations to participate in a mysterious survival competition. The winners of the competition get to walk away with hefty cash prizes. The competitions consist of a series of traditional games. The action part comes in through the deadly twists where participants risk their lives for approximately $38 million. The show is addictive, and when you start watching, you will not get off the hook.


#6 – Snabba Cash

“Snabba Cash” graces our top ten Netflix action shows of 2022 at position six. The show is a Swedish series that gained inspiration from “Easy Money,” a 2010 Swedish crime drama starring Joel Kinnaman. “Snabba Cash” is one of the favorites for Americans and the rest of the global audience due to its articulate incorporation of crimes through drug trafficking, rival gangs, and deadly threats from the police department. What more would you need in an action TV show if it’s not all these controversies? If you happen to like the suspense in “Ozark-esque” or the intrigue in “Billions,” Snabba Cash is worth and watch.

The show features Leya as the main character and also a single mother. The show premiered on Netflix in April 2022, with its first and only season so far. In her quest for wealth, Leya, the entrepreneur, meets Thomas, an investor. Thomas is ready to invest in her company. However, the condition is that Leya pays off the previous investors. That’s where all the action and drama begins. Her drug trafficker brother-in-law lends her a loan that she uses to pay off the earlier investors. She slowly steps her feet into the criminal world, where she has to deal with cruelty and brutality as she finds a long-term solution.


#5- Ganglands

Here is another epic, outstanding action show that had to find its way into our top ten best Netflix action shows of 2022. The show is now out on Netflix from its creators Julien Lecleqcq and Hamid Hlooua. Since it is a new series on the network, it is currently on its debut season, consisting of six episodes. The show is a thriller, and you will love its incorporation of many gunfire and action scenes which start right from the first episode to the last episode. The show accurately depicts an ideal action series, from rivalries, fights, betrayal, drug trafficking, killings, guns, and violence. That’s one of the reasons it has been successful on Netflix so far.

The show features skilled thief Mehdi and his friends who pull themselves into deadly war encounters. The mission of the main protagonist is to protect his family from the wrath of an influential and powerful drug kingpin. The following episodes follow the previous occurrences as Liana finds herself trapped between escaping or facing the drug lord’s wrath after stealing their drugs for some quick money. The show becomes more intriguing due to Mehdi’s and Liana’s determination to save Shainez. They are ready to face what it takes to ascertain their safety.


#4- Dealer

When it comes to action crime dramas, “Dealer” is the best deal. This French show is still running on Netflix with a global audience. The first and only season of the show was released on 10th March 2022. It is one of the best shows to include in your binge-watching list since it incorporates excellent characters and a captivating storyline. If you love drug trafficking action drama combined with a music obsession, this show is a must-watch. The debut season features Franck as a music video director and Thomas, his friend. The two attempt to film Tony, who is an aspiring rapper and also an unpredictable drug cartel. Tony is on a mission to break into the rap scene. However, Franck’s and Thomas’ attempts to film Tony end up in a bloody gang war. Fortunately, Franck records it all.


#3 – The Walking Dead

At the third position on our list is Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Apart from being the creator of the series, Robert is also the writer and executive producer of the show. Apart from the curb-stomping zombies improving the show’s graphics and making it a great piece, the show also solves life’s puzzles. For instance, it focuses on complicated personal relationships, reconstruction of society, and how a healthy community functions. The most beautiful part is how Robert tries to show us the possibility of a post-apocalyptic age of humanity. That’s thrilling. The action in the show is still alive, although the zombies are dead.

The show incorporates eleven captivating and breathtaking seasons. The first season introduces us to the beginning of a global zombie apocalypse. Throughout the rest of the seasons, the zombies or the walkers crave to eat human beings and other living creatures. They easily get attracted to noise like gunshots. They are also attracted to human scents. It takes too much effort to eliminate them since they sometimes overpower humans.


#2 – Queen of the South

The second position of our ten best Netflix action shows of 2022 is Miller’s and Fortin’s thriller show “Queen of the South.” The show is an American crime drama TV series that is a blend of different genres, including crime, thriller, drama, and action. The show became popular due to its association with “La Reina del Sur,” a famous telenovela. The show incorporates five seasons that feature the story of the main protagonist, Teresa Mendoza. She quickly rises from poverty to riches through drug trafficking. She becomes an international drug cartel, making her ruthless as she handles her business and anyone who tries to bring down the business. That makes the show even more fun to watch.

Season one introduces us to the life of Teresa Mendoza, who falls in love with the son of a successful drug dealer. Events unfold as Teresa thirsts for success through her boyfriend, who unfortunately gets killed. She has to flee to an American state, where she seeks refuge and teams up with an old friend to destroy those who are after her. In the second season, Teresa Mendoza has to prove her loyalty to Camila as Camila strives to keep her business safe from her husband. The third season is about Teresa standing on her own feet as she tries to build her empire. The fourth season of the show still majors on Teresa expanding her drugs business to NYC. There, she meets a Russian mafia and works with him despite several setbacks back home. The final season still follows Teresa’s life as she makes her NYC Empire solid and gains access to some European markets. However, an old CIA enemy disrupts her dream of becoming the most prominent and invincible drug kingpin.


#1- Money Heist

From Alex Pina, “Money Heist” takes the lead on our ten best Netflix action shows of 2022. The show is a Spanish import that has grown to become a global sensation. Currently, the show is one of the most popular Netflix non-English series. The show has been a success because it has influenced and inspired its fans to dress like the characters. For sure, it is only a few shows that have had that kind of influence on fans. With that said, the show is about a group of robbers who come up with an elaborate way of heisting the Royal Mint of Spain and the bank of Spain.

Also known as La Casa de Papel, the show begins its debut season by introducing us to Tokyo. Tokyo is a code name of a youthful lady who is a fugitive after getting involved in a botched robbery that left her boyfriend dead. Tokyo reaches out to her mother through a phone call, which turns out to be a trap to persuade her to return home where police were on the wait. Luckily, she escapes the police trap after a stranger, the professor, intervenes and warns her of the impending ambush. He then asks her to join his team that will perpetuate the most elaborate historical heist. The show proceeds to the following seasons, where the robbers take hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain to buy time as they print and steal money. Each unfolding event turns out to be exhilarating throughout the five seasons as the robbers hide behind their unique signature masks and aprons.


We hope that our top ten best Netflix action shows of 2022 will take you a long way throughout your binge-watching experience. Still, there are lots of other action shows that we may not have included on our list. Therefore, if you feel we have left out your favorite, feel free to add.

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