10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Atlanta

Best Mexican Restaurants In Boston

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Atlanta is a big city, and it’s also the capital of Georgia. Understandably, you have never been to a lot of the events and experiences in Atlanta even if you’re a local. There are a lot of experiences that you can do in Atlanta that you can’t do anywhere else. For example, the illuminarium is neat. You get to see space as you’ve never seen it before. It’s an experience where you are surrounded by 3D images of space and you get to take a trip through the galaxy. You wouldn’t want to miss this experience. You might not have dined at a lot of the restaurants in the area. Below, you will find a list of the top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Atlanta.

# 10 – No Mas! Cantina

This restaurant is one of the most recommended restaurants to dine at. Everything about this place is wonderful. Be sure to consider this restaurant if you’re looking for a large space to hold a special event coming up. They have an event room called the tequila room that holds up to 350 people. The event space is elegant, and it’s the perfect place to hold a casual or fancy occasion. The bar is located on the first floor and you can find flavored margaritas or mojitos. The first floor also has a showroom where you can look around before you head upstairs to the main dining area. The main dining area has comfortable seating arrangements, and it’s decorated beautifully with different colors that brighten up the room.

They have a lot of elegant dishes on their menu. One of the entrees is Salmon del Diablo. The salmon is seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked on the grill so it’s a little black. It’s served with a side of mashed potatoes, zucchini that has been grilled, and yellow squash. You will receive an orange butter sauce on the side for dipping. If you love a mystery, order the tacos del dia. You won’t know what you’re getting until you sit down to order. You must ask the wait staff what they’re serving when you come in.

Address: 180 Walker St SW, Ste B, Atlanta, GA 30313

Website: www.nomascantina.com

# 9 – Agave

You will feel cozy and comfortable when you arrive at this restaurant and dine by the open fireplace. Dining by an open fireplace happens a lot in this restaurant, even in the private dining area. The fire burning in the fireplace creates a glow throughout the whole restaurant. Dining by a fireplace creates an elegant atmosphere for the customers joining the staff throughout the day every day. The fireplace isn’t the only item that sets off an elegant vibe. The brick and stone walls inside the restaurant will also make you feel like you’re dining in an elegant setting.

Before you get seated at your table, head over to the bar to order one of their famous margaritas. When you head to your seat, you will notice that they have two menus. One of them is the chef’s menu. On this menu, there is something for everyone. A popular entree is the veggie pasta. This pasta has all your favorite vegetables mixed, such as asparagus, mushrooms, and onions. It’s seasoned with garlic, and it’s served with a side of red chile sauce. Another tasty dish is the shrimp. These large shrimp are grilled for a few minutes, and the shrimp are tossed in a chipotle sauce so it will add a little bit of spice to your meal.

Address: 242 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Website: www.agaverestaurant.com

# 8 – Alma Cocina Downtown

When you walk in, you feel like you’re at a hotel. You get that feeling that you will be staying a while because the staff provides their customers with a welcoming experience as soon as they walk through the doors. There is a nice waiting area at the front in case you arrive during the busiest time of the day and you didn’t think you need to make a reservation. The staff turns down the lights after dark so you can have a feeling of intimacy. It’s a perfect date night restaurant. If you come during the holidays, then you see a giant Christmas tree outside their restaurant for viewing. They decorate their restaurant for the holidays too.

Their fried shrimp tacos are one of the best entrees they have. Don’t hesitate to try something new if you’ve never tried these before. The shrimp is put in the fryer for a couple of minutes so there’s a nice golden brown color to the shrimp, and it has a crispy taste. These shrimp tacos come with lime sauce, repollo, and chipotle salsa. These sauces will come on the taco, but the chef can also leave them on the side if you prefer. If you love tacos, there are more to choose from. The chef puts their signature tacos on the menu and one of the signature tacos that everyone loves is the fish tacos. The fish is cooked the same way as the shrimp is, and it comes with salsa verde, cabbage, radish, and citrus crema. Again, you can request the sauces on the side if you prefer. You can also ask for sour cream for dipping.

Address: 191 Peachtree St, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Website: www.alma-atlanta.com

# 7 – Nuevo Laredo Cantina

This restaurant has a unique look. There’s a gate in the restaurant that separates the front area from the dining area. It’s not something you would normally see in a restaurant, but that’s what makes this one detail stand out from the other restaurants in the area. Having a gate inside the restaurant also means the restaurant has a casual atmosphere. The checkered tablecloths and the aid of the comfy chair in the casualty as well. While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, you can check out the front of the restaurant because it has several items to browse around and look at.

If you’re looking to order an appetizer for the table, the Nachos Asada will tie you over until your main dish arrives. You can choose either steak or chicken to go on top of the nacho chips. Spread out over the chips are frijoles, guacamole, and tomatoes. If you love the chicken or steak on the nachos, you can also choose one of those choices to go inside your quesadilla. On top of your meat choice, you will get a taste of cheese, peppers, and onions.

Address: 1495 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Website: www.neuvolaredocantina.com

# 6 – Superica

One of the best features of the restaurant is its patio. The patio is large and carpeted and has plenty of seating for everyone that chooses to sit outside. Everyone knows it can get hot in Texas in the summertime. Their patio is covered and you will be pleased with the amount of shade it has. There are also fans to cool you off and you can look out in the open and see all the trees creating a peaceful experience for everyone. If it’s still too hot for you, you can choose to eat in their air-conditioned main dining room. You can choose to eat in the dining room downstairs or a smaller dining area that’s on the second floor. Either one would be a great choice.

The menu has several options that can be hard to choose, so why not go with a combo? You can order the tampiquena. The steak is marinated and tossed on the grill to get those even grill marks on both sides. The steak comes with two enchiladas that are stuffed with melted cheese and you can have a fried egg on the side. The fajitas are also a great choice. You can choose either a chicken, vegetable, or steak fajita. Guacamole and sour cream are available on the side for dipping. It’s also served with beans, Pico de Gallo, and flour tortillas. Whichever dish you don’t order, you can order it the next time.

Address: 99 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Website: www.superica.com

# 5 – Raging Burrito and Taco

When you walk inside the restaurant for the first time, you may wonder where all the seating arrangements are. The dining room is larger than it seems when you walk inside. You will notice there are more places on the other side of the restaurant. The restaurant has a little bit of class and a little bit of casualty. It’s a great place to rest after a day of activities, and the patio is also relaxing. If you have pets, eating on the patio is perfect because you can bring your pets and have them sit with you. Everyone in your family will have a great time at this restaurant.

If you want something simple, try their basic burritos. The burritos have been steamed so the tortillas will remain warm when it’s served to you. You can choose to have beans, rice, and cheese. You will also receive a side of salsa Fresca. One type of burrito you may not have had is the Tokyo Teriyaki burrito. You can choose your meat, such as chicken, tofu, or steak. The meat is sauteed in a pan and mixed with teriyaki sauce, mushrooms, broccoli, and onions. All of those ingredients are rolled into a burrito with cheese, rice, and beans.

Address: 141 Sycamore St, Atlanta, GA 30030

Website: www.ragingburrito.com

# 4 – Bone Garden Cantina

If you bring your children to this restaurant, be sure not to allow your children to touch the decorations. The decorations that are displayed against the wall of the restaurant are adorable. You will find a skeleton family with skeleton kids and skulls. It also has skeleton parents holding up a bottle of alcohol. There are small flowers around the display. You will see more similar displays around the restaurant. As you’re sitting in your seat, look up. You’ll see a large star lit up with strings of lights hanging from the star. A lot is going on in this restaurant but you won’t be bored. There are lots of things to gaze at.

What’s different about this restaurant is that the chefs make empanadas. If you have never had an empanada yet, they are pastries that are stuffed with some delicious ingredients inside the fried pastry. With the Mejor Pollo, the chicken is shredded and marinated. It’s served with guajillo peanut sauce. If you’re allergic to peanuts, order this entree without the sauce. Many customers order the Al Pastor tacos. The pork is chopped up so it will fit in the tacos, and it’s marinated in the pan while it’s cooking. Don’t forget to order these tacos without the peanut sauce if you’re allergic.to peanuts. It’s also fresh cabbage, cilantro, and onion.

Address: 1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Website: www.bonegardencantina.com

# 3 – Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

If you’re out and about in Atlanta and doing activity after activity, you will want to visit this restaurant after going to the Georgia aquarium because it’s only about a mile and a half away from Tin Lizzy’s. The patio is impressive. It’s a large area with portions of the patio covered by an awning so you can feel cool while you’re sitting outside on some of the hottest days of the year. Some of the tables have beautiful orange umbrellas for some extra shade. It’s a peaceful setting and you can gaze outside of the fenced-in area to watch people walking by. The entrance to the inside of the restaurant makes you feel welcomed with plants outside. The inside of the restaurant is casual, and the staff makes you feel comfortable so you will stay a while.

Tacos are the main dish they have in this restaurant, but they have several different types so it won’t get boring ordering the same thing. If you love some old-fashioned southern cooking, then you will love their southern comfort tacos. It comes with chicken that has been grilled and chopped up into bite-size pieces. On top of the chicken are cheese, grilled onions, and fried pickles. There will be a side of honey-chipotle bbq sauce so you can dip your tacos in. You must try the fish tacos at some point. The fish is breaded and cooked in the fryer until it’s golden brown. It’s shredded and placed in the tacos. Layered on top is the lettuce, jalapeno tarter, and pickled jalapenos.

Address: 77 12th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Website: www.tinlizzyscantina.com

# 2 – La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant decorates its establishment for the holidays. You will see garland all over their restaurant during Christmastime, and they celebrate Cinco de Mayo day on their welcome sign in the front of their restaurant. Their restaurant has a casual feel to it and you can tell they are looking to sell Corona Light at the bar with all the advertisements in their restaurant. If you love relaxing in the fresh air, take a walk outside and enjoy a cool breeze during the winter and spring months. You will feel the shade from the covered patio during the summer and fall months. It’s a peaceful place to eat your meal.

They have all your favorite Mexican foods. The Fiesta salad is a great choice but you don’t have to order it as an appetizer. You can order it as a meal but be sure to mention that to the wait staff. You can order either salmon, grilled chicken, or steak. Think about what you’re craving before you order. The meat is on top of a spring mix of lettuce and cabbage. It’s topped with cheese and a mango vinaigrette. The chefs also prepare combinations. For example, you can purchase La Uno. This entree has one taco, and two enchiladas with your choice of meat. This entree is served with rice and you can add extra ingredients for an additional price.

Address: 2945 N Druid Hills Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

Website: www.laparrilla.com

# 1 – La Fonda Latina

Just like many of the other restaurants mentioned, this number 1 restaurant also has a casual atmosphere. There are lots of items on the walls to look at out of curiosity and match the atmosphere of the restaurant. The lights go dim in the evening hours to make the place a little more elegant. It’s a smaller restaurant than most Mexican restaurants in the area, but it is worth visiting because the food is outstanding.

Don’t worry if you can’t speak Spanish. Their menu has English and Spanish translations for their headings so you know what everything is. Be adventurous and try something new. They have a section on their menu that has several Spanish traditions that you would love. One of those traditions is the paella. The paella is yellow rice that is cooked in a skillet. There are several other things mixed in with the rice, such as calamari, shrimp, baked chicken, and Spanish sausage. Green peppers, onions, pimentos, and clam juice are also included in the mix. Another tradition that’s a little more basic but also delicious is the Arroz Con Pollo. This dish consists of half of a chicken with a side of yellow rice. It’s mixed with a white wine sauce and seasoned with paprika. Tomatos, onions, peppers, pimentos, and cilantro.

Address: 1025 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Website: www.lafondaatlanta.com

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