10 Best Italian Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas

Best Italian Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas

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Whether you live in Fort Worth, Texas or you’re planning on doing some sightseeing in the area, there are several restaurants you can choose from in this great Texas city for a night out or an afternoon out with the family. How do you choose from hundreds of restaurants throughout the city? What food do you like? Italian food seems to be a popular choice among the kids, and grownups love it too. Plus, there are also gluten-free and vegetarian options for people with dietary concerns.

# 10 – Oliva Italian Eatery

The stonework outside the restaurant makes it look elegant and more inviting to people. The inside of the restaurant looks just as nice as the outside. Between the hardwood floors and the curtains surrounding the windows, it makes for a comfortable environment to eat at. The food matches the atmosphere of the restaurant, beautiful and elegant.

One of the food items is ordered so much that the chef has featured it on their menu for lunch. It’s potato gnocchi, which is drowned in a creamy white sauce with a hint of sage as the flavor. Mixed in with the gnocchi, you will find sausage and mushrooms also covered in the delicious sauce. You can purchase this item for $14.99. For dinner, an excellent choice would be the classic spaghetti marinara. The spaghetti marinara has noodles that are drenched to your liking in the marinara sauce and you will find pieces of ground beef mixed in as well. This choice will cost you $10.99 so it’s very affordable if you’re on a budget.

12477 Timberland Blvd Ste 633, Fort Worth, TX 76244


# 9 – Prima’s Pizza & Pasta

The decor and the way this restaurant is set up will give customers a rustic feel to their dining experience. The food is affordable and one of the best-tasting restaurants in Fort Worth. The most popular item on their menu is one that is liked by many children that visit this restaurant with their parents is the traditional cheese pizza. You can purchase this for only $7.99 and you can create your pizza for the same price if you choose to. If you want to take a meal home to the family, a popular choice is the spaghetti and meat sauce meal because everyone loves spaghetti. This meal will cost you $17.99, and it is worth every penny. If you would like to add an item to your order, the garlic bread is delicious and is only 3 extra dollars.

6108 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76133


# 8 – Aventino’s Italian Restaurant

With the candles burning and the hardwood floors matching the hardwood walls, it is a nice place to be on an evening out away from the kids and spend time with your significant other. One of the popular and romantic entrees is spaghetti drenched in olive oil. This option is also one of the healthiest choices on the menu because there isn’t any marinara soaking up the noodles. Instead, the noodles are drenched with olive oil. There is some garlic in the mix, and the meal is topped with cheese and parsley. You’ll notice that it’s only $14.00, and it’s tasty so you won’t regret purchasing this meal for yourself or to share.

5800 Lovell Ave 170, Fort Worth, TX 76107


# 7 – Nizza Pizza

Come on, how could you not love that name? From the outside of the restaurant to the inside, it is casual and a fun afternoon out with the family. Everyone loves pizza, and it’s also easy to talk to your family while enjoying a whole pizza or a slice. If you’re on a budget, purchasing a slice per person may be the best way to go. The most inexpensive slice is the cheese pizza slice for only $2.50. If you eat pizza a lot and you want something different, but your children would rather have pizza, they also have pasta. The Lasagna combo meal is one of the tastiest pasta dishes, and it’s the most popular. It is also not expensive. You can purchase the lasagna for $9.95.

401 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107


# 6 – Mamma Mia Italian Grill

This place is like walking into a restaurant that has been featured in a movie. With the high ceilings and the sunlight shining through the bay windows, it will make you feel like you’re at home. Also, the restaurant is huge and can seat many people. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding a seat when you eat there. One of the most popular choices on the menu is the Francese, which costs $10.95. It’s good to try something new that’s outside of your comfort zone.

There’s a simple explanation for the Francese menu item. It’s chicken that has been cooked in a pan so it’s nice and crispy when you bite into it. There’s also a sauce that has a taste of lemon and is made with a white wine reduction, and it’s poured over the chicken for added flavor. There are a few specials that the chef keeps on their menu, and one of the most popular specials is called The Tour of Italy. This special will cost you $10.95. It’s pretty much a sample of your favorite Italian dishes. You will get a taste of the lasagna, chicken parmesan, and fettuccine alfredo.

3124 E Belknap St, Fort Worth, TX 76111


# 5 – Italy Pasta & Pizza

Once the sun goes down, this place looks elegant with the lights hanging from the ceiling and the tables and chairs lined up in an orderly fashion. During the daytime, the restaurant gives a cool vibe and is great for any occasion. The taste of the food matches how beautiful the restaurant looks. If you’re struggling to decide what you want to eat because all the choices sound appetizing, try the cheese ravioli, cheese manicotti, and lasagna. This sampler platter will cost you about $12.50. Another popular option that people choose is the baked ziti, which will cost you $12.50. Ziti is a type of pasta that is covered in cheese and tomato sauce, and it’s put in the oven to bake before it arrives at your table.

800 E Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76112


# 4 – Joe’s Pizza Pasta & Subs

As you pull up to the restaurant, you will immediately feel warm and invited in as if the employees are your family members. When you walk inside for the first time, the first thing that you see is how clean the place is. In addition to the cleanliness, the place makes you feel heartwarming like you’ve just stepped into a diner. When you go out to eat, you may be looking to save some money especially if you have a big family you have to pay for. One of the lunch specials includes 2 slices of pizza with a salad and a drink for $7.25, which is a great deal. If you would rather have pasta because you don’t eat it very often, then you can also get a pasta combo with a salad and a drink, which will cost you $8.95. There are several different kinds of pasta you can choose from, such as lasagna, baked ziti, spaghetti, and others.

7832 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX 76134


# 3 – NY Joe’s Pizza and Pasta

The outside of the building will give you a fresh outlook and new beginnings before you enter for the first time. The inside is just as nice as the outside, and it’s warm and inviting. The staff is nice and helpful, and the cook prepares delicious food so you can enjoy your full experience. Most of their customers enjoy the lasagna, which will cost you $10. It’s a simple dish that consists of meat and cheese, but it tastes much better than you can make at home. The grilled chicken alfredo dish is also a fan favorite dish among the customers. The chicken is grilled with alfredo sauce draped over the chicken and the noodles are buried underneath everything else. This makes a tasty dish where you will get a bite of everything in one bite.

750 Alta Mere Dr. Ste 200, Fort Worth, TX 76116


# 2 – Pie Five Pizza Co.

The outside of the building looks nice, and it will make you curious to see what the inside of the building looks like. The silver tables with brown chairs will give a unique look to the place. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing, and the food is just as nice. This is one of the top pizza places in the city of Fort Worth and you’ll see why once you taste their food. One of their pizzas that will be familiar to you would be the High-Five Meat pizza. This pizza is for you and you alone since it’s an individual pizza, and it consists of pepperoni, sausage, or bacon. It’s all yours for $9.99. Another popular choice is their kid-friendly option. Your children will get their pizza plus a dessert, and a drink for only $8.99 per child.

3000 Texas Sage Trl, Fort Worth, TX 76177


# 1 – Tuscany Italian Bistro

As you find a parking spot, you’ll notice that the front of the building will catch your eye. After dark, it’s surrounded by eye-catching red lights that will draw you in. When it is light out, the big letters on the building will let you know you’re at the right place. The inside of the building looks amazing and people all around you are smiling and laughing and having a good time. You’ll feel confident that you have chosen the right place to eat at.

There are several choices to choose from out of this long menu, but the top choice is the baked lasagna for $7.99. People like it because it’s affordable, and it’s familiar. The chefs prepare the lasagna by putting noodles, then beef, and then cheese, and then repeating the process to add another layer. It’s put in the oven so it will be fresh for you. Since all the choices are equally delicious, it may be hard for you to choose. That’s where we get to the next popular dish, which is the pasta trio. You will be served a little bit of their lasagna, cheese ravioli, and baked manicotti for only $7.99. It’s worth it.

6060 Rocky Point Dr. Unit 500, Fort Worth, TX 76135


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