Why Winsome Is Such A Go To L.A. Restaurant

Winsome Restaurant

Winsome Restaurant – Photo: Winsome Restaurant Facebook Page ©Winsome

Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood is teeming with trendy eateries, but one of its biggest standouts is hiding a few blocks away from the hustle and bustle. Located in the eastern part of the neighborhood just off Sunset Boulevard, Winsome is an all-day eatery offering everything from delicious breakfast pastries to satisfying dinner cocktails and everything in between. They’re also known for their beautiful decor – their bar setup makes for the perfect Instagram post, and there’s a brightly colored mural on the back wall that is guaranteed to brighten your day. There’s also a large patio area, so you can enjoy the Los Angeles sunshine.

Both the quality of the food and the range of options available make this an excellent spot for a group night out or a date night. There are plenty of choices available for vegans and vegetarians, and there are many healthy options as well. However, if you are looking for something a bit more indulgent, you can find plenty of delicious choices on the menu as well. Winsome also offers to-go service, so you can take food home with you if you are in a hurry.

The all-day menu, which is available from 9 AM to 2:30 PM on weekdays, consists of classic pastries, breakfast items, and lunch choices. Many of the dishes are twists on old favorites using unique ingredients. Standouts include the buckwheat seminola cake, which is an airy twist on a classic pancake served with fresh preservatives, and the speck and comte grilled cheese, which is a well-seasoned twist on this classic lunch favorite. There’s also a similar brunch menu that’s served on Saturdays and Sundays.

The dinner menu at Winsome takes a similar approach, serving healthy twists on classic dishes. There are multiple grassfed burger options, as well as lighter choices like risotto, soups, and salads. The cocktail program is a standout here with options like the Calm Before the Storm (a twist on the classic Hurricane) and Violet Fields, which features gin and egg whites combined with vilette, ginger, and lemon for truly fresh flavors. In addition to the cocktail selection, they offer a rotating selection of wine and beer. The beers are from local breweries and the wine is made completely naturally. If you want to finish up your meal with dessert, they have a rotating selection of pies and cakes, as well as classic treats like cobbler, sundaes, and pudding that pair excellently with the dinner options.

Winsome was designed to be a versatile community gathering place, and it really lives up to these intentions. It opened in 2016 and was created by the people behind the Spare Room, a popular cocktail bar and upscale bowling alley in Hollywood. There’s something available here for every meal, and although the decor and atmosphere are stunning, the restaurant is still casual and welcoming. It works equally well for dinner with the family as it does for a romantic date night or even a lunch meeting. The staff is friendly and always willing to give recommendations for a better eating experience.

Since Winsome is so community oriented, they host a variety of events and deals throughout the year that are worth checking out. Spaghetti Sundays offer pasta, salad, and a dessert for just $20, making it a great way to finish off the weekend. They also do a tasting menu on Wednesdays for $30, which consists of three chef-recommended courses and a wine pairing. There’s also happy hour running Wednesday through Sunday from 4 to 7 PM. The happy hour menu offers some great deals, like $8 cocktails, $6 grilled cheese, or $5 tacos, just to name a few. It’s the perfect opportunity to sample some truly incredible food at affordable prices.

If you are looking for an excellent restaurant option that’s slightly off the beaten path, Winsome is worth a visit. Everything from the decor to the menu to the service is approached with care, and the neighborhood feel of the restaurant ensures you won’t feel overcrowded or be surrounded by tourists. The pricing here ranges pretty widely, with the meat items being the most expensive. Everything feels very Californian in a stylish, effortless way, and whether you live in LA or are just visiting, Winsome makes for a great reminder of how incredible the city is.

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