9 Best Women’s Slippers That Feel And Look So Good

Best Women's Slippers

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Our 9 Best Women’s Slippers That Feel And Look So Good article is a wonderful guide to help women choose the Best Women’s Slippers in the market. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always have to have something on my feet. In the summertime, it’s flip-flops, and in the wintertime, it is slippers. Nice comfy, cozy memory foam slippers. With the right pair, I could live in slippers forever. In fact, in the winter months, I usually do. Unless it is wet or snowy outside, I wear my slippers to the store. During summer, it’s flip-flops. During fall and winter, it is slippers! Slippers make my feet warm, cozy, and I stay relaxed throughout the day. Some slippers that I have purchased over the years have been amazing, and others, not so amazing. If you have just the right pair of slippers with the right amount of fluff, memory foam, and support, it is like walking on an extra fluffy marshmallow.

The history of the slipper goes back to the 12th Century. The Vietnamese began wearing slippers during this period. In 1478 people in the West began wearing slippers, and in China, men and women wore slippers in 4700 BC. Slippers were normally made of woven or cotton rush, had a leather lining, and adorned as a symbol of power. Native Americans wore moccasins that had detailed beadwork and fringes. Moccasins are still a very popular shoe/slipper all over the United States. They are not just for Native American’s, they are for everyone. Some of the beadwork is absolutely stunning and some are super simple yet beautiful. There are many different slippers available; open heels, closed slippers, slipper boots, and sandal slippers.

Just click on any of the brand names to take you to the websites where you can purchase there amazing women’s slippers.

# 9 – WATMAID Women’s House Slippers

We open up our 9 Best Women’s Slippers That Feel And Look So Good article with “My kind of slipper!” They are fluffy, soft, comes in great colors, and they have memory foam. Memory foam is my best friend! Whether it is my tennis shoes, flip-flops, or slippers; I have the memory foam. The WATMAID has a breathable cotton upper and a cozy faux fur lining. You are safe to wear this for light use outside. They have a non-slip sole, so if there is water on the kitchen or bathroom floor you are not going to slide and fall. They are super affordable and they are the first pair on this list that I am going to purchase this fall.

# 8 – Women’s Nakiska Slide II 

Best Women's Slippers

Continuing with our 9 best pairs of women’s slippers we look at a pair made with a faux fur lining and suede upper. These slippers are cozy and warm. The Nakiska has a removable EVA footbed and a rubber outsole. The outsole gives you the perfect traction for any surface in your home. I love that they are affordable and easy to slide your foot right into. They look amazing with a pair of leggings and would work great with a pair of jeans, or even a pair of shorts to go out and check the mail or walk the dog.

# 7 – Dina Slipper by Minnetonka

Women's Slippers

Women love slippers that are soft, cozy, comfortable, and warm. The Dina Slipper by Minnetonka ranks high on our list of cozy. Based in the frigid state (and terribly cold temperatures) of Minnesota, Minnetonka knows how to produce an extremely warm slipper. The Dina slipper has a memory foam footbed, soft and warm fleece lining, and comes in 3 popular colors. These slippers also have synthetic soles to light outside wear is okay. You have the option of tank knit, black knit (my favorite), and cream barber. The Berber selection looks equally fuzzy on the outside and the inside. These slippers are true to size fit and range from size small (5/6) to size X-Large (9.5/10.5).

# 6 – UGG Coquette Slipper 

Women's Slippers

These are one of my personal favorites because the sole is made of cork-infused rubber, so I can wear them inside the house and also to the grocery store. These UGG slippers are lined with shearling, which will keep your feet nice and toasty, with or without socks. They run a little small in size with the thick lining, so please order the next size up. The rubber soles provide great traction on wood floors and any slippery surfaces outside. The Coquette slipper is also water-proof, which is a huge plus. This UGG slipper is available in a few different colors; black, chestnut, sand, grey, pink (grapefruit), or June Bloom (blue). Wear these amazing slippers around the house or with a pair of jeans to run errands in town. Either way, your feet are going to stay warm and cozy.

# 5 – Parachute Classic Slippers

Women's Slippers

These slippers are versatile and comfortable, even in the warmer months. They do not have the thick wool or fleece lining like a lot of other slippers. These classic slippers are made from 100% cotton terry, so your feet will not get overly hot, allowing you to stay more comfortable. The Parachute Slipper is available in two colors, five sizes, and can be put in the washing machine, but it is not recommended that you put them in the dryer. They will slide on and off of your feet easily, and they have a ribbed rubber sole. I prefer these in the summer months, if I’m not wearing my flip-flops, because they are lightweight and breathable. I wouldn’t say I like walking around without something on my feet, it is a must, and it has to be more than just a pair of socks.

# 4 – Tempur-Pedic Windsock 

Women's Slippers

Many of us sleep on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, so why not have Tempur-Pedic on our feet? Can you imagine how ultra-comfortable that would be? Like your mattress, your Tempur-Pedic Windsock slipper will mold to your feet, relieving pressure point and temperature. Mad with terry cloth upper and terry cloth lining, your foot will stay relaxed and warm, no matter what the temperature is. The Windsock also has a durable rubber sole, which can withstand light outdoor use. This slipper comes in 7 sizes and 8 colors, allowing for the perfect fit and your personality. These Temper-Pedic slippers are something that I will invest in to give my feet 16+ hours of comfort a day.

# 3 – Fluff Yeah Slide by UGG

Best Women's Slippers

Yes, another pair of UGG slippers. I love all things UGG. No matter what product you buy for your feet, UGG’s are stylish, comfortable, and they go with anything in your wardrobe. These overly fluffy slippers have an open toe and an elastic strap to help keep them on. These slippers have a similar look to some sandals that you wear in the summer. The Fluff Yeah Sliders are made with super-soft sheepskin, and they have a sturdy rubber sole. You can wear them around the house, of course, or you can be unique and daring. Pairing them with jeans or a mini-skirt. The Fluff Yeah Sliders come in 7 solid colors, 3 multi-colors, and 1 leopard print.

# 2 – Coface Plush Flip Flop Slippers

If you are like me and love your slippers around the house, and you love your flip flops during the summer months, then I have found you the ultimate pair of slippers that combine the two. Soft, comfortable, and fluffy flip-flop slippers! I would not recommend wearing them outdoors, but they are perfect for around the house. Plush and warm, they feel like you are slipping your feet under a super cozy blanket. But with the flip-flop style, your feet will not get too hot. These Coface slippers are perfect for Spring and Fall.

# 1 – UpWest Fireside Slipper

Best Women's Slippers

These are a little bit more expensive, but we can wear them inside and outside. They have beautiful hand-stitched detail, and the inside is soft shearling. The outside of the Fireside Slipper is made of suede material. I would definitely purchase these and literally live in them. I am a huge fan of moccasins, and these would be per for our Oklahoma winters. Not so much in the summertime, as it gets too humid here, and my feet would become extremely hot. But in the fall and the winter, I would live in them, almost even sleep in them.

Just like an over-sized, comfortable hoodie slippers are a must-have. Especially in the wintertime if you live in a state that has frigid temperatures. It’s doesn’t get overly cold here in Oklahoma, but I still like to have something on my feet at all times. So from about October until the end of May, I live in a nice cozy pair of slippers (and the over-sized hoodie). I will go out to the mailbox in my slippers and I will go to the store in my slippers. If I could get away with it, I would probably sleep in my slippers. Through all of my research on women’s slippers, I am definitely going to invest in a couple of pairs that are on this list. No one can have too many pairs of slippers, pajama pants, or hoodies!



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