5 Best Hotels In Chicago, Illinois

Best Hotels In Chicago

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Our 5 Best Hotels In Chicago guide takes a look at on of the best cities in the United States to visit. Chicago is also one of the largest cities in the United States.. They might be known for their  Chicago Style Pizza, but you can find a lot more than that. The city hosts various festivals, parades, art shows, and concerts. It is the home of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, and other teams. Chicago also happens to be just one of ten U.S. cities that have teams from the five major American professional team sports. That’s important, because many of the best hotels in Chicago play host to major league sports teams when visiting the great city of Chicago.

From dining to entertainment the city has it all, you will have so many options to choose from. If you want a great hotel to stay at while you are here then consider one of any of the top 5 best hotels in Chicago listed below.


5. Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel

We open our 5 Best Hotels in Chicago guide with with a wonderful legendary Chicago hotel. The Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel has everything including a pool, 24/7 customer service, a spa, restaurant, clean rooms, top service, and the very best location because it’s right downtown. When you stay at Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel you will be right next to many different shops, cafes, restaurants, and it’s only a short walk to see Millennium Park or Willis Tower.

The rates are reasonable and many sites offer free cancellation too if you book a stay here. The location is near transit options so it’s easy to explore the area and it is only 30 minutes or so from the O’Hare International Airport or the Chicago Midway International Airport. The location and classy environment that this hotel provides are what really make it a top choice to go with if you are staying in Chicago.

4. Silversmith Hotel Chicago Downtown

The Silversmith Hotel Chicago Downtown is clean and chic, offering an arts and crafts design with a lounge that serves incredible handcrafted cocktails. The location is perfect as it’s only a 5 minute bus ride to Millennium Park or a 5 minute walk, you are also close to Cloud Gate, Willis Tower, and The Art Institute of Chicago. If you are looking to explore downtown Chicago and see all that the city has to offer, then the Silversmith Hotel Chicago Downtown would make a great starting point.

At this boutique hotel you can find a restaurant and lounge that serve dishes like doughnut puffs, fried jumbo shrimp, and chicken sliders. But if you are looking for something more there are many other places nearby to visit. Trustworthy service and always great rates, it’s one of the best hotels to consider in the city.

3. Hilton Chicago

The Hilton is a well-known establishment where you can trust that you are going to be given top service and get a comfortable sleep. At this polished hotel you can find sleek rooms, as well as an Irish pub, a grill restaurant, and an indoor pool. This is a perfect venue no matter what the vacation occasion might be and the rates are always reasonable, at less than $200 per night.

The Hilton Chicago is centrally located in the downtown area so you are going to be close to many different shops and museums, public transportation options etc. It is also only a 30 minute drive from the airport making it easily accessible. The restaurant and pub here really provide a comfortable atmosphere and this would make the perfect hotel for any couple looking to have a romantic getaway.


2. Loews Chicago Hotel

At the Loews Chicago Hotel you will be only a 10 minute walk away from popular places like Navy Pier and Millennium Park. It’s close to the water so it’s a perfect place to start off if you want to have a great view to explore Chicago. The rates are better than you’ll find anywhere else, usually $200 or less for a room per night. They’ve got clean and sleek rooms, as well as a chic restaurant and even a rooftop bar. You can also find a spa too if you are looking to relax and have a massage while on your stay in the city.

The rooftop bar is unique and would make for an unforgettable experience. If you are coming in the summer then you won’t want to miss the chance to stay at a beautiful hotel like Loews Chicago Hotel because it is one of the best to consider. The service is impeccable, the rooms and overall vibe are luxurious, and there is a pool if you want to take a dip. It’s easily a top venue to consider a stay with in the city because they have got everything.

1. Omni Chicago Hotel

The Omni Chicago Hotel is one of the best because they have a stunning venue with elegant rooms, a great location, and have been consistently rated as a top hotel in the area. You can find a pool here, many entertainment and food options nearby to check out, and this is a venue that is very popular with families, making it the perfect vacation location for your stay. It’s easy to get to, only 30 minutes from the airport, located right in the heart of Michigan Ave. If you want luxury accommodations then Omni Chicago Hotel is the one to choose.

This hotel has received a variety of different awards and accolades, it’s truly one of the best. They have a restaurant, a bar and lounge, and a fitness center. At their restaurant, 676 Restaurant & Bar, they’re serving delicious dishes like bacon wrapped dates, deviled eggs with smoked salmon, and salmon with cauliflower mash.

They have everything to provide you with a comfortable stay right at the hotel so that you never have to leave, but if you want more entertainment and food options etc, it’s not hard to find a great deal nearby. It might be a bit more pricey to stay here, a little more than $200 per night depending on when you visit, but it’s well worth it for the overall experience that you get. You are truly going to feel like you are being well taken care of because the staff here are there to serve you and make sure you enjoy your stay. For any trip to Chicago, the Omni Chicago Hotel would make a great choice.

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