10 Best Water Parks In Canada

10 Best Water Parks In Canada

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The 10 Best Water Parks in Canada factor in all of the ten provinces and two territories that make the Canadian nation what it is. Just like in their neighbors to the north, Canada has a collection of indoor and outdoor Water Parks that stretch across the nation. Some of them are more popular than others, usually due to the fact each of these standout parks has that little extra something going for them than the others. Since I was a teenager, I had a fascination for Water Parks. Speaking as a Canadian, I’m familiar with the parks mentioned as I’ve been to each of them at least once.

I grew up in Alberta and was fortunate enough to have access to three awesome Water Parks, including a rather infamous one that was the first of its kind ever built in the world. For a while, it was also the largest. Among the Canadian Water Parks mentioned in the list, perhaps you’re already aware of some of them. If not, and you happen to be a waterpark enthusiast planning to spend some time in Canada, you might want to go find out what makes them so special.

10 Best Water Parks in Canada

#10 – Fallsview Indoor Water Park (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

The Fallsview Indoor Water Park first opened its doors to the public on May 8, 2006. Sitting on nearly three acres of land, this wonderful edition to Niagara Falls, Ontario, added even more appeal to one of the favorite tourist destinations within the boundaries of the Canadian nation. In fact, Niagara Falls still remains among the top tourist destinations around the world, thanks to the horseshoe-shaped waterfalls that put this city’s name on the map. Located at the top level of Casino Niagara’s parking garage, this awesome indoor park has so much to offer for the whole family. It has seven swimming pools to enjoy, along with an Atlantis-themed aquatic play area.

The kids get to enjoy a jungle-style beach to play in while the adults may take advantage of the beachy ambiance of the park’s restaurant and bar. What’s great about this particular waterpark is the opportunity to engage in water-related sporting activities, as well as an outdoor activity pool that stays open throughout the year. Altogether, Fallsview currently has a collection of eight waterslides that range from kid-friendly to extreme.

Although none of the waterslides really stand out, the opportunity to enjoy a diversified menu of watersport fun is what makes this park appealing to fans of the water that may want to do more than just ride the slides. It should be mentioned, however, the Niagara Tipping Bucket is a major fan favorite, especially among the kids. As soon as one hears the bell that happens to be standing next to the entrance of the Beach House, prepare to get soaked.

The complex housing Fallsview Indoor Water Park also has over one thousand hotel rooms that allow guests to stay close to this watery haven should they decide to spend at least a night or two in Niagara Falls. Although the falls itself is the primary reason why tourism thrives as well as it does in the city, the casino-hotel-waterpark combo places often sweeten the deal for travelers to diversify their visitor itinerary.

#9 – Splash Works (Vaughan, Ontario)

Vaughan, Ontario’s claim to fame in the name of Canadian tourism owes its recognition to Canada’s Wonderland. It stands to reason the nation’s top-rated amusement park would also serve as the home to one of Canada’s best Water Parks. Sitting on twenty acres of land, Splash Works is a waterpark that’s free for visitors of Canada’s Wonderland to enjoy. It’s not unusual for parkgoers to head straight to the waterpark instead of engaging in the collection of rides and attractions Canada’s Wonderland has to offer.

While at Splash Works, enjoy Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool, Whitewater Bay. From May until September, this sixteen-slide waterpark welcomes thousands of visitors per day, regardless if they’re local or from afar. The waterpark was a 1992 addition to an amusement park that already had so much to offer.

The introduction of The Black Hole in 1996 came as four-story waterslides that are enclosed. This has sliders ride in the dark until reaching the pool that awaits them. If you’re ready to take The Plunge, this is a crazy raft ride that lives up to its name with a fifty-foot free-fall drop after experiencing a wild ride at gravity-pulling speeds. If you’d rather go for something tamer, the Waterways interactive tube slide is suitable for all ages. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the fun of Splash Works for hours.

#8 – Bora Parc (Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec)

The size of Bora Parc is over one hundred thousand square feet. This is the indoor waterpark alternative to Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier’s Waterpark at Valcartier Vacation Village. This community is lucky enough not to just have one top-ranked waterpark but two. What makes this waterpark so great is the impressive collection of waterslides, the multi-activity adventure river, its large wave pool, and a family pool that comes with an opportunity to play some water games.

During the colder months, locals and visitors escape to an indoor tropical paradise that actually stays open the entire year. So even during the warmer months when weather conditions aren’t so ideal, Bora Parc offers waterpark enthusiasts a great alternative to still engage in some watery fun. For some, they like Bora Parc even more than the waterpark featured at Valcartier Vacation Village.

For extremists, the Capsule and Chute Libre have you stand on a trap door that gives way, causing you to experience a near-vertical drop at an incredible speed before you plunge into the water below. If that’s a bit too much for your stomach to handle, La Riviera serves up a Polynesian-style ride down the river that’s loaded with tropical scenery, including a large waterfall you will pass before entering a huge cave that’s lit up with a dazzling display of lights. This is a great adventure ride that has you travel two different current speeds, from tame to wild, that’s a fun ride for the whole family.

#7 – Super Aqua Club (Pointe-Calumet, Quebec)

About thirty minutes northwest of Montreal, Quebec is Pointe-Calumet and its Super Aqua Club, a massive waterpark complex that has an incredible collection of rides and attractions. From relaxing to thrills and chills, this park has something for everyone. There is even a large natural beach for visitors who’d love to soak up the sun just as much as the water. The community of Pointe-Calumet sits along the northern bank of the Ottawa River. The waterpark itself opened up in 1984 and now has about forty rides and attractions situated on

Moviegoers into horror flicks may recognize Super Aqua Park as this was the waterpark used to film Aquaslash. The Canadian slasher had a group of 2018 high school graduates having to contend with a serial killer in what was a rather unique perspective of how a waterpark became such a gruesome crime scene. In the movie, it was referred to as Wet Valley Water Park. The movie made its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 29, 2019. It was later released at drive-in theaters and video on demand on June 23, 2020. The reviews from the fans and the critics were mixed.

Don’t worry, what happened at Wet Valley Water Park won’t happen at Supe Aqua Park. The security measures the Quebecois puts into this waterpark are top-notch. If you dare, go down the dark tunnel of Diablo before it whirls you around at full speed into the flaming whirlpool before dropping into the refreshing pool that awaits you. This ride is not for the faint at heart but again, no need to worry about serial killers here. However, if you’re too scared to try it, the heated wave pool is fantastic. You can either stick to calmer waters that are safe for everyone or take on the big waves. These two sections of the pool are separated by a black line that’s easy to see.

#6 – Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto (Brampton, Ontario)

When visiting Brampton, Ontario, the Wet ‘n’ Wild offers seven intense rides, a face-first zipline, and a rock-climbing wall. There is also the wave pool that serves as one of the waterpark’s big draws. There is also a rare dark slide that is a must for thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. The Night Rider sends you plummeting in near pitch black darkness that’s bound to send a chill down your spine. If that’s a bit too extreme, the park does have an impressive collection of waterslides that has something for every interest group. If you want a thrilling waterfall experience, go stand underneath The Big Tipper. When the bell sounds, a bucket holding eight hundred gallons of water will pour on top of you and everyone else wanting to get in on the fun.

After this waterpark opened for the first time in 1986, Wild Water Kingdom had been its name until it was rebranded in 2017 by Premier Parks, LLC so it would be recognized alongside other Water Parks sharing the Wet ‘n’ Wild brand name. However, locals still continue calling it “the Kingdom.” Since 1982, this waterpark has continually kept its place as one of the nation’s best amusement parks of its kind through expansion and technological upgrades. Now at twenty-seven waterslides and two pools, this one hundred-acre waterpark keeps the doors open from June until the conclusion of September’s Labour Day weekend.

#5 – Cultus Lake Waterpark (Cultus Lake, British Columbia)

The people of Vancouver, British Columbia can take an hour’s drive to the east to Cultus Lake and its incredibly popular Waterpark. It’s mere minutes south of Chilliwack and it takes about half an hour to travel southwest by car in order to reach Sumas, Washington, USA. This is the number one rated waterpark on the West Coast, thanks to the amazing collection of rides and attractions that welcome locals and tourists during the province’s warmer months.

While here, check out the Valley of Fear, a fun free-fall tube that sends you on a high-speed ride that you likely won’t forget about anytime soon. Aside from the waterpark’s awesome collection of features, the view of the majestic Canadian Rockies should serve as one of the main features that make Cultus Lake and its waterpark so inviting.

Adding to the appeal of Cultus Lake Waterpark is the neighboring Cultus Lake Adventure Park. These two usually attract travelers who are planning to visit the southern border of British Columbia. It’s not uncommon to see tourists visit the adventure park one day and then the waterpark the next.

Sometimes, both are done in a single day among visitors who are trying to cram as much as they can, especially if they’re on a tight vacation schedule overall. Among waterslide enthusiasts into the extreme, Bazooka Bowls has you swiftly swirl around a few turns before dropping into the nine-foot pool below. If that seems a bit too extreme for your liking, there are three classic waterslides that intertwine with each other and are suitable for riders ranging from beginners to experienced.

#4 – Magic Mountain Splash Zone Water Park (Moncton, New Brunswick)

Situated in the Maritime Province of New Brunswick is Moncton’s Magic Mountain Splash Zone Water Park. This is where Canada had its first Skybox drop capsule waterslide built. While at the top, you enjoy a brief view this wonderful park has to offer before the trapdoor you’re sitting out gives out underneath you. As soon as it does, you speedily whip down the slide and into the pool that awaits you.

If this ride seems a bit too extreme for you, there are more stomach-friendly waterslides that can accommodate children of all ages and interests. However, if you are a daredevil by heart, Magic Mountain has an impressive collection of thrill rides that are among North America’s most daring. Since 1987, Magic Mountain has been one of Moncton’s favorite hangouts for locals that take advantage of the greenery and scenery of Magnetic Hill.

Splash Zone belongs to Magic Mountain, an amusement park that has four zones to it. The waterpark is its own entity while Fun Zone, Golf Zone, and Tek Zone have special features of their own that set them apart. While at Splash Zone, the Kamikaze is the fastest and highest slide that takes the rider to a near verticle into a runout. It’s a long hike to the top by stairs to get there but the thrill of speeding as fast as thirty-five miles an hour is exhilarating for thrillseekers.

Should your stomach be up for it, try Torpedo, a slide that has the trap door open up while you’re standing on it. You will plunge at a near-vertical drop rate at a blistering speed before hitting the water below. There is also Turbo Tunnel, a water slide that has riders speed along mostly in the dark in what’s a near figure-eight pattern. For rides that are less intense, there is a flurry of rides ranging from kid-friendly to intermediate thrillseekers.

#3 – Waterpark at Valcartier Vacation Village (Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Quebec)

In French, it’s called Village Vacances Valcartier. This is the crown jewel of Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, a municipality located about half an hour away from Quebec City, Quebec when traveling by car. This is Canada’s second-largest waterpark and is one of the most impressive. When the weather is right, the Waterpark at Valcartier Vacation Village is the place to go. Even the city folk from Quebec, as well as Montreal, will come here to have some watery fun as they beat the summer heat. When I was at this park, I was impressed by how dedicated to beauty and safety it was.

There were so many lifeguards here that if I was a parent, I’d be feeling so much better about my child’s safety. This is where I have to admit, as a province, Quebec is a personal favorite for me to visit. Considering I come from Western Canada that know maybe a handful of French words, this says a lot. I know first hand if all you know is English, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting this amazing province, as well as this equally amazing waterpark. Among folks who work in travel and tourism, English is their second language.

In all honesty, Valcartier Vacation Village is an amazing place to visit. As a waterpark enthusiast, I especially enjoyed its outdoor waterpark and the pirate theme they have going on. The Eldorado is among the park’s newest attractions. Introduced in 2019, this mythical wonderland boasts a bounty of riches and other delights that challenge the most daring visitors to take on its Amazon-themed adventure river. One of my personal favorites is Rock N Roll. Rock is a waterslide that zips you down, head-first on a mat, twisting, turning, and shouting all the way down.

Roll is a waterslide that plunges you down this enclosed ride at top speed, speeding along the curves as you slide down to make that big splash. If it’s your preference to have a groovier waterslide experience that doesn’t cause such an adrenaline rush, Pirate’s Hideout is incredibly fun for children of all ages and interest groups. If you’re up to the challenge, there’s also Mirage at the Arabic-themed obstacle course. I’m also quite fond of Dungeon City and its medieval-themed layout that includes trekking through dark tunnels and magical waterways.

#2 – World Waterpark (Edmonton, Alberta)

Canada earns the nickname “The Great White North” for a reason. Due to demographics and how the earth’s idea of how climate control really works, when Canadians are hit with winter it can literally feel like a knockout punch. In 1986, the owners of West Edmonton Mall opened up the world’s first indoor waterpark. Up until 2004, it held this title. The park was dethroned by Germany’s Tropical Islands Resort but still held its ground as North America’s largest indoor waterpark until the Triple Five Corporation built and opened up DreamWorks Water Park in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Triple Five are the same corporate giants who own and operate West Edmonton Mall and its prized waterpark. Triple Five is also headquartered in WEM’s home city, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

World Waterpark sits on five acres of land and is strictly an indoor haven for water slide enthusiasts to escape the bitter cold of Edmonton’s frigid winters. It was also a favorite hangout during the summer for locals and tourists alike. At the time, the idea of spending hours of watery amusement inside a giant shopping mall without having to so much as step outside was a big thing back in the mid-1980s.

World Waterpark was big enough to start a trend that would see shopping malls and indoor Water Parks come together as a one-stop shop, so to speak. It isn’t, however, a waterpark resort. It doesn’t need to be considering all someone has to do once they’re done with the park is turn to their left and walk past a collection of the mall’s shops and then turn left again. Right there, the themed Fantasyland Hotel gives visitors a place to stay. Since 1985, West Edmonton Mall has been a favorite tourist destination that welcomed travelers from all over the world.

Speaking as someone who once upon a time lived in Edmonton and worked in West Edmonton Mall on two separate occasions, I can personally vouch that one of the biggest draws to the mall was the indoor waterpark. Among the locals, this remained just as popular now as it did when it first opened up. Even though it’s no longer the world’s largest indoor waterpark, it still has the world’s largest indoor wave pool. While inside World Waterpark, up to five thousand guests can enjoy the tropical climate.

Annually, over half a million visitors take the opportunity to access the waterpark’s seventeen waterslides and its giant wave pool. For the kids, there are two play areas designed with them in mind. For thrillseekers, Cyclone, Nessie’s Revenge, Sky Screamer Extreme, and Tropical Typhoon are the slides designed for waterslide enthusiasts who feel the need for speed. Among visitors who prefer watery fun alternatives, there is Flowrider, which is a surf simulator designed to cater to bodyboards and surfboards. There’s also Sky Flyer Zipline, currently the world’s largest indoor zipline measuring 450 feet in length.

#1 – Calypso Waterpark (Limoges, Ontario)

In 2010, Limoges, Ontario added Calypso Waterpark to its landscape as Canada’s largest themed waterpark. It also has the nation’s largest wave pool. This awesome park has thirty-five waterslides, two lazy rivers, and one of the largest pools in North America. it also happens to have Summit Tower, the continent’s tallest freestanding waterslide tower. From here, there are ten slides to choose from that range from mild to extreme. Limoges sits just over twenty miles east of Ottawa, Canada’s political capital city.

When open for business, usually from late June to September, over twenty thousand visitors pour into the park per day. As an outdoor waterpark, Calypso is the place to go, especially if you’re looking to escape the summer heat. Although Canada is known for some pretty extreme winter temperatures, it can get pretty darn hot in the summer, too.

Famous worldwide devil, Sarah Max, recognized Calypso Waterpark’s Summit Tower as a top choice when it comes to finding the world’s fastest water racetrack. Known as Accelerators, the waterslides earning their claim to fame include Blue Rocket, Orange Bobsleigh, Stroboscope, and Toboggan Alley. If you’re game, try them all and learn for yourself which one of these four is the fastest. However, if you truly believe you have nerves of steel that can take the rush of G-force speeds, then take on the Aqualoops.

Speaking as a waterpark enthusiast, the chill hit my spine the moment the cabin door closed shut and the countdown was on. When the trap door suddenly swings open, the laws of gravity push the limits as you are pulled down at thirty-seven miles per hour. This means you go from zero to 2.5 Gs in less than two seconds. If you feel you can’t stomach this intense sensation, the Family Twisters collection of Aqua Snake, Mellow Yello, Pigtail, and Twist & Shout are waterslides designed for the entire family to enjoy. They’re incredibly colorful and fun to ride, with or without the kids in tow.

Calypso’s popularity is incredible. When the doors are open and the weather is favorable enough, it’s not uncommon to see this place packed with visitors. Among folks who have dual citizenship between Canada and the US, it’s not uncommon to see Americans and Canadians having so much fun together in the same park. During one particular summer’s day, while I was there, I found I was actually encountering more visitors from overseas than North Americans.

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