10 Best European Water Parks

10 Best European Water Parks

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When measuring up the 10 best European Water Parks, it doesn’t come down to size. It’s determined by how much splash you get for your cash. When the park can stand out as a favorite attraction among locals and travelers, this speaks volumes. As tourists visit various European nations and their landmarks, significant attractions such as amusement parks and water parks often find their way on the itinerary list of things to do. This is especially the case when it’s a whole family that chose Europe as their vacation destination.

What’s really cool about some of these parks is the natural backdrop that allows visitors to take in the fantastic views that surround them. The exhilaration of standing on top of a tall observation tower, even if it’s in the form of an amusing ride, is an incredible experience. With a continent as incredibly beautiful as Europe, the scenery it has to offer is in abundance. It’s even better when they come from a popular park that’s been designed to cater to specific interest groups who’ve spent good money to be there. The ten best European Water Parks we’ve chosen for our list take all these factors into consideration.

10 Best European Water Parks

# 10 – Aquapark (Druskininkai, Lithuania)

One of Aquapark’s biggest highlights is the rocky island that rises in the middle of the pool that features a collection of palm trees that grow directly from the water. This is a contrast to Druskininkai, Lithuania’s European landscape, making it an ideally themed Water Park for visitors to leave the harsh realities of the world behind for at least a few short hours. Within Aquapark, guests have access to an impressive variety of water activities that include jacuzzis, saunas, swimming pools, and waterslides that range from kid-friendly to extreme.

The Water Parks sits near the bank of the Nemunas River and offers an opportunity to enjoy its tropical setting throughout the year. Take on the park’s river torrents or the incredible collection of waterslides. When the need is there to relax, soak it up in the whirly waters of the hot tubs. For couples looking for a bit of romance and relaxation, there are nineteen bathhouses built for adults to enjoy some time alone together. For family-friendlier gatherings, the children’s area is loaded with adventurous opportunities and watery entertainment that will keep everyone entertained for hours.

# 9 – Aquariaz (Avoriaz, France)

Situated in the French Alps, Aquariaz Water Park belongs to Avoriaz, France. Situated near the community’s world-class ski resort, this serves as an ideal escape for locals and tourists alike with its beautiful resort setting. Designed with caves, grottoes, and tropical forests as a Cambodian-style theme, the idea is to enjoy an exotic experience while enjoying the rides and attractions Aquariaz has to offer. Among families visiting France, spending time at this Water Park is an absolute must.

This is an indoor aquatic paradise that offers a gentle flowing indoor river, as well as an adrenaline-pumping aquatic halfpipe known as Slidewinder. For toddlers, they have their own paddling pool and a water playhouse. If you’re into climbing, challenge yourself on the natural-looking walls. If you don’t want to stay indoors, the outdoor jacuzzi offers an incredible opportunity to soak up the bubbly waters while taking in the magnificent scenery of the valley. While at the Water Park, you can also engage in various aquatic-style sports and games.

# 8 – Lalandia (Billund, Denmark)

One of the biggest Water Parks in Europe is situated in Billund, Denmark. The Lalandia is more than just an extraordinary Water Park. This is an entertainment complex that caters to every visitor, regardless if they’re a fan of waterslides or not. The beauty of Billund alone is worth the visit, as well as Legoland Park. If you’re visiting Denmark with kids, Lalandia deserves to be on the itinerary list. Lalandia also operates as a theme park hotel. As a guest, you exclusively have access to the pools before it opens up to the general public at lunchtime.

Billund’s Lalandia first opened to the public in 2009, twenty-one years after its older sister, Lalandia Rodby opened up. Both feature a collection of indoor and outdoor watery playgrounds that feature body slides and lazy rivers. They both feature the Aquadome, which is another major highlight, especially for families who take advantage of the numerous watery activities available. Lalandia also has an impressive collection of entertainment, games, pools, and waterslides. What’s great about both Lalandia locations is that they’re not limited to strictly serving as Water Parks. They also offer a series of sports activities such as badminton, miniature golf, soccer, and tennis. The key difference between Billund’s Lalandia and Rodby’s Lalandia is Billund is the biggest of the two with more to offer. It’s also the largest Water Parks of its kind among the Scandinavian nations.

# 7 – Fasouri Watermania (Limassol, Cyprus)

As a Water Park, Fasouri Watermania looks like a flower garden. Located in Limassol, Cyprus, this French Polynesian-styled Water Park features an impressive collection of exotic plants and wooden gazebos. It’s also regarded as one of the best theme parks in Europe. Surely, you’ll be impressed by the canopies that are made of palm leaves. Aside from its massive swimming pool, Fasouri Watermania has six different types of artificial waves to keep watersport enthusiasts entertained.

While there, nothing beats the exploration experience of the entire Water Park than floating along its Lazy River. If you’re up for a physical challenge, try Crossover Pool. The objective is to cross it by using the inflatable orange pieces that stretch across it. You’re also more than welcome to take on the Wet Wall Climb. However, if you’re there to ride, the Water Park has an impressive collection of waterslides that cater between family-friendly fun and thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies.

Fasouri Watermania opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1999. The developers were keen on making sure the construction progress minimized the impact it had on the land. Even as it expanded to the twenty-five acres this Water Park sits on, the integration it made with Limassol’s natural landscape has been nothing less than spectacular.

The designers involved refused to compromise quality for the sake of saving a buck or two when it came to taking both environmental and public safety issues. Thousands of visitors seem to appreciate the workmanship that has gone into Fasouri Watermania as it attracts thousands of visitors every single year. Consistently, Fasouri Water Park earns awards and accolades as one of the best parks of its kind in Europe, as well as the world.

# 6 – Aquaworld (Budapest, Hungary)

Aquaworld is one of Europe’s biggest and best-known Water Parks. Located in Budapest, Hungary, it features both indoor and outdoor pools, making it one of the ideal spots for locals and visitors to hang out for some watery fun. Upon entering this amazing Water Park, it feels like you’ve stepped into a whole new world. Instead of Hungary, you’re now in Cambodia. In the name of realism, an identical replica of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat is situated here, along with the largest waterslide measuring just over fifty-five feet. If you’re into extreme adventuring, Mountain River is surrounded by sheer cliffs as an incredibly wild ride.

If you dare, let the Tornado pick you up for a ride experience you’re unlikely to forget. As for visitors opting for something a bit more relaxed, the family slides are suitable for everyone to enjoy. There are eleven huge waterslides to choose from, along with seventeen indoor and outdoor pools. There’s also a collection of jacuzzi pools that will help the body relax in between those wild rides. For small kids, Jungle and Wave are two attraction sites made especially for them. Before calling it a day, check out Sauna World. While there, take the opportunity to enjoy the saunas and steam bath options that are there.

#5 – Caribe Aquatic Park (Tarragona, Spain)

When Caribe Aquatic Park became the latest edition of PortAventura in 2013, the Water Park was a major hit from the get-go. This Caribbean Sea-style park includes Pirate Galleon, perfect for aspiring young pioneers and their parents. A pirate ship manned by famous Sesame Street characters serves as one of these children’s play areas and is one of the biggest highlights. Among visitors considerably closer to the age of grown-ups, maybe there are some who’d dare to take on Europe’s biggest waterslide, King Khajuna. It also happens to be the tallest.

The park itself has a collection of sixteen rides and attractions and is loaded with beaches and palm trees. While here, it’s hard not to get into the groove as Latin and reggae music play on to keep the festive spirit that comes with enjoying a vacation alive and well. I’m especially fond of Bahama Beach and its massive collection of sun loungers. This is where you go to relax after taking on the wild rides, either in the Caribe Aquatic Park or what PortAdventura offers as a whole.

#4 – AquaShow Water Park (Quarteria, Portugal)

From early May to late September, AquaShow Water Park becomes a favorite hangout for locals and tourists alike. It is Portugal’s biggest Water Park and is consistently rated as one of the “it” parks to visit, at least according to the reviews shared by past visitors who’ve already been there. I certainly won’t argue as I’m in agreement this is a phenomenal park for people who love playing in the water. It’s a great way to beat the heat while in the vicinity of Quarteria, Portugal.

The community is a short trek from Carveoiro, one of Portugal’s premier vacation destinations that offer so much to tourists who pour in from all over the world. While Carveoiro is conveniently located within easy driving distance to several Water Park, it’s really worth driving a few extra miles to reach AquaShow Water Park. However, you could always play it smart and simply stay at the AquaShow Park Hotel. Smack in the heart of the Algarve, this beautifully decorated hotel offers guests an all-inclusive invite to take advantage of its outdoor Water Park. When the weather isn’t so great, it does have an indoor Water Park that’s designed to keep visitors entertained.

# 3 – Tropical Islands Resort (Krausnick, Germany)

Once upon a time, Tropical Islands Resort from Krausnick, Germany, was the world’s largest indoor Water Park. It sits at over 710,000 square feet and still holds its ground as the largest freestanding building in the world. It can hold up to eight thousand visitors a day inside while offering them a wonderful variety of rides and attractions. It also has its own indoor beach as a great way for visitors to escape unfavorable weather conditions outside, especially if it’s still in the middle of winter. Tropical Islands Resort sits just over thirty miles south of Berlin and is housed inside a former airship hangar known as the Aerium.

The Water Park opened to the public on December 19, 2004, becoming the new record holder as the world’s largest indoor Water Park. The appeal of enjoying a tropical climate as a means to escape Germany’s winter conditions had visitors enjoy the biggest indoor rainforest in the world. It comes with a beach and a number of swimming pools, bars, and restaurants. With the exception of Christmas Eve, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, Tropical Islands Resort keeps its doors open at all times.

What’s cool about this Water Park is visitors have the option to visit one of the two types of parks that sit inside this giant complex. Each of them has its own admission price, as well as sold as a combo if visitors wish to visit both areas. Tropical Islands Resort also features The Amazonia, an outdoor area that comes with two large pools, a sunbathing area, a kiosk, a beach volleyball court, and a beach soccer field. This takes up almost four hundred thousand square feet of space. Going back indoors, The Bali Lagoon features a current canal, fountains, whirlpools, and two family-friendly waterslides. The Rainforest shows off about fifty thousand plants, some of which are rare. The Tropical Sea is a pool that looks like something belonging to a coral island and its sandy beaches. The Tropical Village features replicas of traditional buildings belonging to Bali, Borneo, Samoa, and Thailand.

One of the latest additions to Tropical Islands Resort is the world’s longest double racer waterslide, measuring over six hundred and fifty feet long. For thrillseekers who have a competitive edge, this is definitely worth a go. When visiting Jungle Splash, this watery playground comes with eight waterslides and a variety of family-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. What’s really great about Tropical Islands Resort is a visitor doesn’t necessarily have to be a waterslide enthusiast to make the most out of it.

# 2 – Suntago Waterworld (Warsaw, Poland)

With more than 721,000 square feet to work with, Warsaw, Poland’s massive Suntago Waterworld became the world’s largest indoor Water Park after opening up its doors to the public in 2020. It slightly nudged Germany’s Tropical Islands, which first opened in 2004. It can hold up to ten thousand visitors at one time as it offers accessibility to over thirty waterslides, eighteen swimming pools, ten hot tubs, and ten saunas. As impressive as this is, this is only the first phase of Park of Poland, which is still in development. By the time this nearly 200-acre complex is finished, the Water Park will be connected to a theme park, hotel, shopping center, and conference venues. It’s currently on course to become Europe’s second-largest entertainment facility.

Set in a tropical-style setting, along with a warm climate to match, the garden itself proudly displays a collection of palm trees that were imported from Costa Rica, Florida, and Malaysia. One of the highlights of this Water Park includes Jamango Water Jungle. This is the main area for families as it has its own collection of swimming pools, a wave pool with a retractable roof, an artificial surf park, and twelve waterslides. It also has its own lazy river.

Another highlight is Relax Suntago, thanks to the heated thermal pools and swim-up bar. What’s cool about this area is the main pool has a semi-submerged revolving door that can lead you to a heated outdoor pool. If you’re into spa-style baths, take advantage of Suntago’s import of Dead Sea salt, along with the collection of minerals, to let the curative properties they possess sink in. Relax Suntago is an area designated only for guests that are at least sixteen years of age.

If you’re into saunas, steam rooms, and sunbeds, Saunaria Suntago is the place for you. In this area, there are sections that are individually themed according to culture. There is Egyptian Village, the Korean Leisure Room, and the Maldives Beach Sauna. Rooms featuring handmade artifacts help enhance the cultural experience. This area is designed with relaxation in mind. Beauty treatments and massages offer opportunities for guests at least sixteen years old to book a sensational spa experience.

#1 – Siam Park (Tenerife, Spain)

When the scenery of a Water Park works with the beauty of natural wonderment as if the two went together in perfect harmony, this already earns a two thumbs up. On the Spanish island of Tenerife, Siam Park does exactly this with its Thai-themed layout. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the protracted Jungle Snake slide serves up a fantastic ride experience as you ride through an aquarium with sharks. If that’s a bit too much for you, check out Siam’s lazy river. It is the longest one of its kind in Europe. For kids, there are two massive playgrounds, Lost City and Sawasdee. They’re bound to be entertained for hours, as well as their parents. If there’s the intent to simply have a good swim in the pool, be sure to say hello to the cute fur seals there. Among fans of windsurfing, the artificial waves from the Palace of Waves are definitely worth your time.

As far as reviewers from Tripadvisor are concerned, Siam Park is the “it” European Water Park for them. This has been the case for seven years in a row and has played a key role in family trip planning as a tourist destination. It also happens to be one of the largest Water Parks in Europe. What Siam Park did was make good use of all that space with an incredible design scheme that includes the Tower of Power, a waterslide monstrosity that stands nearly ninety-two feet tall. If you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, this is definitely the ride for you.

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