10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Things To Do In Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Our 10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan looks at a great city located in the southern part of Michigan. Kalamazoo has endless places that you can be entertained, enjoy and relax. Our 10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo includes several museums, art centers, nature preserves, and parks among others. You can stop at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and view some of the best fine arts of the 20th century. Additionally, if you love vintage and classic automobiles, you can go old-school at the Gilmore car Museum. Have you ever heard of the mummy? Well, a visit to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum will give you a glimpse. Further, the city of Kalamazoo has various nature centers and parks with various trails for hiking, biking, and other activities.

You can go camping and picnic at the Markin Glen County Park which has one of the best and fabulous campsites and beaches. Several wildlife and birds call Kalamazoo home. You can stop at the nature centers to view them. Furthermore, there are various farmer’s markets located within Kalamazoo that you can visit during various times of the week to interact with the natives, buy the local produce or enjoy the local delicacy. This amazing city covers an estimated area of around 65.07 square kilometers. The population of persons in Kalamazoo is estimated to be around 76,019 as per the census of the year 2019. The area code is 269.

This city has several amazing places that visiting during your stay will make your trip worthwhile.

Here are the best ten things to do in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

# 10 – Kalamazoo Valley Museum

We open up our Our 10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan article with a fabulous museum. Have ever seen or touched a mummy? Well, a visit to this family-friendly and interactive museum located at 230 North Rose Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan will give you the opportunity. Kalamazoo Valley Museum has unique and fantastic exhibits that will make you travel to the stars and engage your brain in various ways. This is because the museum is mainly focused on history, science, and technology. Inside this museum, there are over 50,000 artifacts. Additionally, the museum features The Mystery of the Mummy exhibit on the displays. A 2,300-year-old mummy from ancient Egypt is also found in this museum. Besides, there are several artifacts from ancient Egypt, exhibits related to local history and industry plus several branches of science. A visit to the 109-seat planetarium located within the museum will take you to the stars with a range of presentations. The museum has no admission charges.

# 9 – Kalamazoo Nature Center

This nature preserve is one of the best places to visit if you want to spend some time outdoors while in Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Nature Center covers a vast piece of land of over 1,100 acres. Inside this 1,100-acre nature preserve, there are rolling hills and woods. It is a perfect place to go hiking and walking while in the region. Inside this nature preserve, there are 13 different trains with over 9 miles of hiking and walking paths. Additionally, the nature preserve features ponds, prairies, forests, and wildlife. The trails inside Kalamazoo Nature Center are marked depending on the difficulty level. There are butterfly species that flutter from one flower to another and various species of birds that nest within the nature preserve. Last, Kalamazoo Nature Center is located at 7000 N. Westnedge Avenue in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

# 8 – Gull Lake Michigan

Continuing with Our 10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo, Michigan list, we present Gull Lake. This lake is one of the best places to visit if you want to observe fish or go boat sailing while in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During the summer, Gull Lake, Michigan provides a perfect spot to go fishing and boating. It covers a large area of around 2,030 acres. Some of the fish species found in Gull lake include Rainbow trout, Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Lake trout, Smallmouth bass, Land-locked salmon, Yellow perch, and Northern Pike among others.

# 7 – Markin Glen County Park

Kalamazoo is a home of various parks that will make any outdoor enthusiast visit memorable. Markin Glen County Park is located at 5300 N. Westnedge Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan. The county park has hiking trails, fields for sports, a beach, a lake, and campsites. Therefore, making Markin Glen County Park one of the best places to go hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, and picnic while in the region. Additionally, this recreational land has multiple playgrounds where kids can play during the visit in case you are visiting with children. The park also features 38 campsites with a ring fire and picnic table where you can go camping and have get-togethers while in the area.

# 6 – Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Are you an art lover? If you do then you should visit 314 S. Park Street while in Kalamazoo where the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is located. Inside Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, there are over 5,000 pieces of artwork from all over the globe. Additionally, there are various temporary exhibits on display at this institute of arts. Most of the temporary exhibits featured at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts are borrowed from various museums, galleries, and private collections. Collection of art by artists such as Ansel Adams, Mary Cassatt, Norman Rockwell, and Andy Warhol among other artists.

# 5 – Leila Arboretum

Whether you love plants, nature or you want to have quiet moments away from the noisy and busy city life Leila Arboretum is the place to be. Leila Arboretum offers tranquil surroundings to relax your mind while enjoying the view of nature. Leila Arboretum features over 25,000 plants. Various species and types of flowers, trees, shrubs, and succulents are found within this arboretum. Further, the arboretum features breathtaking, beautiful, and bountiful landscapes for taking photos. Walking trails in the gardens within the arboretum are available. If you love birds, several birds nest in this arboretum. It is also a good place to go birdwatching. Lastly, there are small mammals that live within Leila Arboretum. This facility is located at 928 W Michigan Avenue.

# 4 – Gilmore Car Museum

Michigan is home to classic and vintage automobiles. If you love classical and vintage automobiles then you should never fail to stop by Gilmore Car Museum which is located at 6865 w Hickory. This car museum is one of the largest auto museums globally.

Gilmore Car Museum features over 300 vintage and classic cars. Some of the vintage and classic cars on display in this museum include a 1927 Ford Model T, 1913 Rolls Royce, and 1958 Edsel Pacer Four-Door hardtop. Additionally, the museum features the 60s-era firebird, a replica of old-fashioned vehicles such as pedal cars and checker taxis.

# 3 – Al Sabo Preserve

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then Kalamazoo, Michigan, has endless sports that you can visit while in the region. Al Sabo Preserve is one of the places you can visit. This nature preserve covers around 741 acres with multiple hiking trails and boardwalks. Mountain biking, and hiking, are among the common activities in this 741-acre nature preserve. Additionally, Al Sabo Preserve is home to various wildlife. Some species of wildlife that call Al Sabo Preserve home include muskrats, deer, coyotes, turtles, and fish. Besides, if you are into birdwatching, Al Sabo Preserve has over 150 species of birds nesting there. Al Sabo Preserve is located at 6310 Texas Drive.

# 2 – Kalamazoo Public Library

Kalamazoo Public Library is one of the best places to find information about the history of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the entire United States. It is a place where written records and information about the city of Kalamazoo are found. Additionally, the public library features the Hub. At the hub, there are podcasts and vinyl records. This public facility is located at 315 s Rose St, in Kalamazoo. Some of the activities and events offered at Kalamazoo Public Library include classes, lectures, and workshops.

# 1 – Farmers’ Markets

W close out our Our 10 Best Things to Do in Kalamazoo Michigan article with one of our favorite things to do when traveling….visiting farmers’ markets. Visiting and shopping at the farmers market will offer you the opportunity to meet will the natives of Kalamazoo, experience their culture, and learn a lot about the area. The farmer’s markets located in Kalamazoo mostly sell locally grown produce and handicrafts. Some of the markets found in Kalamazoo, Michigan include Fresh on Q! Farmers Market, Husted’s Farm market, Kalamazoo Farmers’ market, and Fresh Thyme Market among others. The markets are open during various days of the week. Some of the local produce sold at the farmer’s market include vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, and baked goods among others. Finally, there are several cafes and restaurants located within the farmers market that you can visit to quench your hunger and taste the local foods.


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