10 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina

 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina

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Our Top 10 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Charlotte, North Carolina article presents a list of the best Tex-Mex food you can find in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Located in the South-Western section of North Carolina, the city of Charlotte has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States for most of the 21st Century. With such a large population the city has become very diverse in its ethnicities which has resulted in a wide variety of restaurants featuring all types of food choices. In this article, we present the best Charlotte Tex-Mex.

# 10 – Superica

This restaurant has a cowboy and western theme. You’ll notice animal heads on the walls of the restaurant. You will also notice some Mexican heritage in the restaurant by looking at the decor. The lamps that are hung from the ceiling look like they are made in Mexico. The dining area as a whole is a casual atmosphere to be in. This restaurant also includes a bar located at the side of the restaurant and customers rave about their beers, but they have several other alcoholic beverages to try with your food. Ask the bartender which drinks pair well with the food you’re ordering, and they can help you out further.

If you’re looking to have a drink with your meal, the smartest choice would be to attend their dinner dining service. One of the items on their dinner menu is shrimp tacos and dorados. These are also known as golden shrimp tacos. It comes with arbol chile salsa, cabbage & avocado. If you’re looking for a surf and turf type of meal, this restaurant sells those dinners too. One of the surf and turf options is the Carne Asada. It’s a bone-in ribeye that’s rubbed with ancho chile so it’s a little bit spicy. It also has papas fritas, morita chile mayo, and queso fresco.

Address: 101 W-Worthington Ave, Ste 100, Charlotte, NC

Website: www.superica.com

# 9 – Que Onda Tacos & Tequila

This restaurant has a unique wall decor with lots of pictures and drawings of a skull and crossbones. The restaurant is set up in a casual atmosphere, and they have unique decor that you won’t find anywhere else. There are also televisions set up around the restaurant in case there are severe weather reports that you need to pay attention to. This restaurant is also surrounded by large windows, which is perfect during the daytime because the restaurant doesn’t need much light. They still have a few lights on the ceiling that are turned on. There’s also a bar with a lot of seating and people can have a drink while they try to figure out what they’re going to order. The kitchen is open and you can see the chefs busily preparing your meals to make sure they are served hot and fresh to you.

There’s an interesting dish on their menu that you have to try, which is Coca-Cola Carnitas. These are tacos that have pulled pork, pickled onions, and cilantro. You will receive three of these tacos with a side of salsa habanero. The salsa is a little bit spicy so if you don’t like spicy foods, you may want to request a different sauce. Another type of taco is their crunchy shrimp tacos. The shrimp is breaded and in a flour tortilla. You may also taste pineapple and Fresno Pico as well as cilantro. This dish also comes with three tacos, and it’s served with a side of Roja salsa. Both of these dishes are served with rice and refried pinto beans. You can also request a lettuce wrap instead of the flour tortilla for an additional charge.

Address: 333 W Trade St, # 101, Charlotte, NC 28202

Website: www.queondatacos.com

# 8 – Chuy’s

The inside of Chuy’s is wild. The first thing you will notice when you walk in is the fake trees in the restaurant. Take a picture of them because you won’t see anything like it anywhere else. You will want to share it with family and friends that may be planning on visiting the restaurant. Lights are hanging all around these fake trees as well as the rest of the restaurant. As you can tell by the decor, the inside of this restaurant has a casual but fun atmosphere. If you’ve never been to this part of Charlotte before, there are other places surrounding the restaurant. You may want to walk around when you’re done eating and see what’s there.

If you have never had a fajita before, there’s no time like the present. Try one here. You can get either beef, chicken, or a combination of beef and chicken in your fajita. The meat is marinated in their signature beer with serrano peppers, lime juice, and their special spices. The onions and peppers are grilled before being placed in the fajita with the meat. It’s served with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, and flour tortillas. You will receive a side of Mexican rice and refried beans. The ground beef burritos are another great choice. The flour tortilla is stuffed with beef, refried beans, and cheese, and it’s topped with one of their signature sauces.

Address: 7314 Waverly Walk Ave, Charlotte, NC 28277

Website: www.chuys.com

# 7 – Paco’s Tacos and Tequila

There are lots of colorful lights hanging all around the restaurant. It sets the tone for the rest of the restaurant as a casual atmosphere. You don’t have to drink at the bar but you can also have the waiter or waitress deliver your food to the bar. Behind the bar is organized and all the same bottles of liquor are in their area. There are also several televisions around the front of the restaurant. This restaurant has an outdoor patio in a relaxing atmosphere. The lights on the outside of the restaurant are lit up after dark making it a cool environment. The patio also has a classy look to it because the outdoor tables are nice.

They have a couple of features on the menu that are the top-rated dishes. The fiesta bowl does not have any tortillas. It has layers of cabbage, red rice, black beans, corn, pico de Gallo, mixed cheese, & avocado. You’ll receive a side of sour cream and you can choose from their meat and seafood choices. Your choices include grilled shrimp or salmon, chicken, slow-roasted brisket, and salmon a la Plancha. Another choice is a burrito. Their burritos have a flour tortilla stuffed with caramelized onion, bell peppers, red rice, and grilled chicken. There are two red and green enchilada sauces, and it also has melted cheeses. If you don’t want chicken, you can substitute ground beef or steak for additional charges.

Address: 6401 Morrison Blvd, #8A, Charlotte, NC 28211

Website: www.pacostacosandtequila.com

# 6 – 1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar

When you walk in, you’ll notice that this may be one of the largest Tex-Mex restaurants you’ve been to. To complement the interior of the place, you’ll notice how casual the atmosphere is. Another thing that might draw your attention is the paintings on the walls and the plants at the entryway. It draws you in and welcomes you to their restaurant. Lights may be a weird thing to mention about a restaurant, but these lights are unique. The light fixtures look like they were made in Mexico. You can tell because of the design of the light fixture. It’s got that Mexican vibe.

Before you order, ask yourself one question, how hungry are you? For all the people that are starving when you walk through the door, you can try one of their Gringo Combos. The soft taco combos are the most popular. It comes with a flour tortilla that’s filled with lettuce and cheese. You can choose either a chicken or ground beef taco. You can also choose a shredded beef taco if you would like. You can choose whether you want one, two, or three tacos. Each one is a different price, and all the combos come with rice and beans. You could also choose something from the specialty section of their menu. You can start by trying a burrito chignon. It’s stuffed with rice, sour cream, pico de gallo, and your choice of beans. You can choose to have grilled chicken, carne asada, or veggies in your burrito.

Address: 1523 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

Website: www.1900mexicangrill.com

# 5 – Three Amigos

Here’s another casual restaurant that’s a great place to dine for lunch or dinner. The customers love the drinks made by the bartender and the food that’s prepared by the chef. Many customers prefer to dine on their outdoor patio. It’s a small patio; you may have noticed it when you walked into the restaurant. It’s great because you can eat your meal and breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sound of birds chirping. It provides a peaceful atmosphere.

There are so many delicious items on the menu that it can be hard to choose from. There are a couple of choices that are the favorite choices among the diners. One of the items on their menu is the enchiladas al horno. You will receive three tortillas filled with chicken mixed in with a salsa verde sauce. It’s topped with melted cheese, sour cream, grilled chambray onion, avocado, and cilantro. Another option you could choose on their menu is the tacos autenticos. You get to choose your choice of meat, and it’s served on corn tortillas with onion and cilantro. Lime juice is squirted on time so you get a tangy taste added to your taste buds.

Address: 2917 Central Ave, Ste A, Charlotte, NC 28205

Website: www.threeamigoscharlotte.com

# 4 – Zapatas Cantina Mexican Restaurant

The lights are one of the things that attract the customers to this restaurant. The reason why is because it’s colorful. When the lights are that colorful, it makes you feel comfortable. When you walk into the restaurant, you will feel relaxed. The restaurant is set up in a casual atmosphere, and many customers recommend this restaurant to the people they love the most.

Before you try one of their main dishes, check out one of their appetizers. You can even order one of their appetizers as a meal. Try the super nachos. The nachos consist of chips with beans, melted cheddar, cheese, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and guacamole. You can add chicken or beef for an additional price. When you’re ready to move on to your entree if you’re still hungry, then you can try their enchiladas rancheras. You will receive two corn tortillas that are dipped in a red sauce. It has chicken that’s seasoned and topped with shredded cabbage, oregano, and onions rolled up into the tortilla. It’s served with a side of sour cream.

Address: 15105 John J Delaney Dr, Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28277

Website: www.zapatasrestaurant.com

# 3 – Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant is a mix of elegant and class. Everything is set up in an old-fashioned environment. The staff is friendly and helpful if you have any questions about the menu. They can make a first-time customer feel welcome and ask what they may be interested in.

There are several specialty favorites that the chefs recommend to the customers that walk through the door. One of these specialties includes the tacos al carbon. You will experience a tender beef skirt steak that’s flame-broiled. It’s sliced and folded into soft corn tortillas. It’s topped with salsa Mexicana, fresh cilantro, and Mexican cheese. Another popular item is the Chile Verde. It’s pork loin that’s mixed with a green sauce of fresh Mexican tomatoes. It’s seasoned with pepper and additional spices so it’s full of flavor. This meal is served with tortillas.

Address: 8943 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28273

Website: www.donpedrorestaurant.com

# 2 – Salsas Mexican Grille

Besides the food, the main hit in this restaurant is the drinks the bartenders prepare, and they have different colors. There are blue drinks, green and yellow drinks, and purple drinks. There are a lot more to choose from. Besides the bar, the dining area is a casual atmosphere. It’s a place you want to be in as soon as you walk through the door. Right away the host or hostess will welcome you to the restaurant, and they will ask you if you want to be seated inside or outside. If it’s a nasty day outside, they will have the patio closed. The patio is a huge compliment to the restaurant because it’s nicely arranged. There is a small brick wall around the seating area outside. The tables are in the center with green umbrellas used to shade yourself from the sun.

The Cholula chicken tenders are a tasty dish, but you will have to order them from the appetizer section of the menu. That’s okay though because you can order it as a meal since you get a lot of chicken tenders with it. The chicken tenders are fried and marinated in a spicy hot sauce. You will need to be a fan of spicy foods to order this. You will be served a side of ranch dipping sauce. One of their main meals to try is the pork carnitas. The pulled pork has been cooked in the slow cooker with herbs and spices before it has been placed on your plate to be delivered to you. It’s served with Mexican rice, refried beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado slices, and tortillas.

Address: 2015 Ayrsley Town Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273

Website: www.salsasmexicangrille.com

# 1 – Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill

This is probably one of the nicest restaurants to date. First of all, it’s a large restaurant. Whoever designed this restaurant has done a beautiful job. There’s a wall along the side of the restaurant that has fake leaves with a bunch of plastic butterflies that look like they’re flying across to the other side of the restaurant. There are also plastic flowers on the bottom of the wall. It looks like a plastic garden on the wall. It makes you feel like you can relax and rewind after a long day or a long morning of work or activities. There are also flowers and dragonflies around the rest of the restaurant. It’s nicely decorated and has a casual atmosphere.

If you have had nachos before, you haven’t had nachos like these before. The nachos special consists of a variety of ground beef, chicken, and refried beans. It’s topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. If you’ve been waiting for your food for a while, this meal is definitely worth the wait. If you are a vegetarian, this is the perfect restaurant for you. You can choose between 7 combo meals. One combo meal you can purchase is 2 quesadillas. 1 is filled with mushrooms, and the other one is filled with spinach. This combo meal is served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Address: 7003 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262

Website: www.mipueblomexgrill.com

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