10 Sexiest TV Shows On Netflix

10 Sexiest Shows On Netflix

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We can describe the sexiest TV shows as a combination of films that give pleasure and are challenging to the mind but very easy on the eye. With some of them, you can only enjoy them in the comfort and privacy of your innermost rooms or when the kids are asleep. You can only find this satisfaction of the mind through the thrilling, spicy, and stimulating shows on Netflix. Upon completing our survey of the best explicit and implicit discourse in the form of imagery and arousing performances, below are the ten of the sexiest TV shows on Netflix that are also yummy and kindling to watch. Reading through will give you the drama of your taste, not forgetting to watch at a convenient time and place, for they are all sweltering.


‘The L Word’ is an enticing show at position ten with only six seasons and accommodative episodes. The show aired from 2004 to 2009. Old is gold. Despite the old release date, it still gives the feeling one needs to get from a suggestive show. It originates from the United States, where there is no limitation for the LGBTQ community. So, this TV show fits females desiring new tricks and styles towards the same gender. Therefore, it is a must-watch show, keeping in mind that you will find yourself hooked up once you start watching. THE L WORD stood out in a period when lesbianism was virtually invisible elsewhere on TV shows.

The debut season begins with Bette Porter and Tina Kennard, a seven-year relationship couple, giving a trial to have a kid. You cannot fathom how many times they enjoy the natural gift of sex and the complex, unpaid labor they have to endure. But the two can never bear kids for reasons well described in the show. The second season features Tina’s pregnancy after the second insemination. The third season begins six months after Tina gives birth to their daughter. Season six features a whodunit storyline that focuses on Jenny’s murder.


Continuing with our 10 Sexiest TV Shows On Netflix article we turn to the series Valeria. With only two seasons, a cup of steaming coffee is ideal to accompany the intriguing show at position nine. Valeria is a character who is in an emotional crisis, like many of us. The distance between her and her husband raises the temptation throughout the seasons. The absence of her husband in the house means no sex games. Valeria is presumed to be as wise as any human being, taking refuge in her three best friends Carmen, Lola, and Nerea. She and her friends get into carry-away emotions about love, friendship, jealousy, infidelity, mistrust, and wives’ sexual dissatisfactions. The flow is sweet as the drama unfolds slowly in season two. Valeria tries to fix the issues at hand. As it appears, nothing as sweet as sexual attraction and love-making to a man that is not of yours. Watch this drama on Netflix and attest to its horrific sex drama. It may appear as theft with all the drama and pleasure, but the ending is not pressing, so to say.

#8 – AFTER

‘After’ is one of the best shows on Netflix featuring the admission of a virgin girl to college. A VIRGIN. Will she make it through college? Will she get a lover? Will she achieve concentrating on her studies? ‘After’ was released in April 2019 in the United States. Tessa’s mother, Carol, takes her to school. Noah, Tessa’s boyfriend, also accompanied them. In the debut season, she meets Steph, the roommate, and Tristan, the girlfriend. Tessa’s friends persuade her to attend a party. As young and energetic, she accepted her friend’s request. Little did she know she had joined hands with perverts. While playing a truth or dare game, the friends dared Tessa’s virginity for a kiss to Hardin. She refused as most of the normal innocent virgins can do.

The drama flows through the remaining seasons of attempted sex with the main character and other protagonists. By the show’s ending, Tessa finally falls for men’s tricks. She learns how to swim with body massage following and eventually loses her virginity to Hardin. Please watch full seasons from Netflix to stimulate your mind.



As the heading dictates, this American comedy-drama TV series that premiered on Showtime is still tasty from all angles. It has all the drama and comedy you would expect in a sexy TV series. The series incorporates lots of relationship triangles. Beginning with an American family, the Gallaghers, ‘Shameless’ is a sweet and sweltering drama for all of us. Frank is a drunkard and is always in the wrong. The movie stands out since it gives us another view of how sex can generate income, though shamelessly. In a family of six kids, Fiona (the eldest) has a responsibility to take care of the other, with the mother having left years ago in season one.

Fiona seems to involve herself in more than one relationship, cutting across the episodes and seasons. With a young lady’s energy, she sexually entertains men for survival. However, Fiona is in love with one man. Philip, the family’s eldest son, trades his physically earned skills for sexual favors from neighboring girls. Growing up with sexual skills, he makes his way to college, where he hooks up with a teacher, and it’s pretty great! The middle son is gay. What a scattered family of different sexual orientations! Watch the show on Netflix, for we may not detail everything in writing.


At the sixth position is this 1986 American black-and-white sexy comedy-drama TV series. Nola Darling is an activist and a sex-positive polyamorous pansexual in the show. On top of that, she has three unmerciful, emotionally unstable delicate, and volatile boyfriends. She is the show’s main character. The show became a Netflix series in 2017, salivating and raising our desires, more particularly because of a black woman character with a severe sexual comedy. The main character portrays a carefree, sexually liberated lifestyle which creates the show’s content right from season one. With her well-curved body, she enjoyed sex with her three suitors until they noticed and later came to an agreement.

Nola has been sexually satisfying Greer, Mars, and Jamie for quite some time. So, upon discovering this messy truth, the three boyfriends decided to request her to choose only one of them. Jamie tabled his demands with no fear of losing Nola. He seemed to be the bravest of them all. After that, Nola decides to invite him over for casual sex. While having rough sex, he decides to force her to reject the other two suitors leaving him the man standing. After a sweet life of sex and pleasure, the show ends with Nola going to bed alone. Find what transpired after that by watching the complete seasons on Netflix.


‘Outlander’ is a historical drama TV series based on Diana Gabaldon’s ongoing novel of a similar name. It started airing in 2014 and is still an ongoing series on Netflix. The show gives us tips on natural beauty and pleasure without pressure. The series also highlights the path to heroism from the beginning to the end. The show’s palpable love scenes and the sensual romance ranks it at the fifth position.

The story develops when a nurse Claire Randall is kidnapped by Highlanders and meets an injured man. As usual, when a man and the opposite gender meet and get attracted to each other, they tend to experience sexual fantasies. Ultimately, the outcomes are apparent. They start an intimate relationship. This case is similar between Jamie, the patient, and Claire, the nurse (the show’s main characters). So the better part of this series revolves around a patient-nurse sexual relationship. Tragedy, romance, and comedy are served hot throughout seasons one to five.

#4 – ELITE

Just as the show’s title suggests, this thriller Spanish teen drama TV series is a jet-set and well-established sexual performance among the best on Netflix . Since the fans eagerly anticipate the pending season’s release, it indicates its juiciness. With the presentation since 2018, ‘Elite’ has a flow of well joined dramatically presented events. It’s a teen drama based on a wealthy private high school in Spain.

When three working-class teens join an elite private school, the conflict between them and the rich student’s love affairs leads to killings. A juicy murder mystery plot manifests throughout the entire four seasons. That’s not all. The story also includes an obscene display of wealth and too much sex. The themes that keep the show afloat are the stigma of HIV due to irresponsible sexual behaviors, xenophobia, and social inequalities, which spices the reason for sex making the show. Stream on Netflix and experience the first-hand pressure desired by the rich from the poor through a film.


Back in the 19th century, the number one priority for most women was marriage. During the creation of ‘Bridgerton,’ the developers picked hot characters over the so-called wilting characters. It is only on the ‘Bridgerton’ show where you will find discussions about hot characters for sexual satisfaction. The American TV drama series also brings everything to do with fan-making with the unexpected to light from season one. So, considering such factors, we have all the reasons to believe this show deserves to be on the top three sexiest TV series on Netflix .

It all began in season one, from finding love in unexpected places to soothing love to a level of no turning back. The season also highlights breaking families, eliminating pregnancies for more sex, and heartbreaks simultaneously. The season ends with great suspense. What will happen to Anthony Bridgerton, one of the main characters? This TV series has more to show us with more seasons still cooking. So after watching the first season, watch out for the second season on Netflix.


You may develop hate or love for this show, but we assure you it is a show for adults that’s purely sex for fun. It features very arousing scenes that are clear. Be careful not to get a yearning sexual desire while watching this film. Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos, Mike Vogel, and Margaret Odette are starring in the show, making it a hit throughout the U.S. The plot revolves around a woman’s sexual past colliding with her married present, with kids. With the presentation of the so-called bad boy, her ex, she cannot prevent herself from fantasizing about crashes back in her life as a wild child. The scenes are nothing short of sexual dramas. We can assure you it is no sugar coating. Spare a day and watch the entire season on Netflix.

#1- EASY

The record-breaking, outstanding, and sexiest show, ‘EASY,’ has it all. Since its debut season in 2016, the show is still unbeatable. It explores diver’s characters, modern romance, and technology attracting the highest number of viewers and sparking what many romance shows have never achieved for the longest time in the film industry. An 85% approval rating from 26 critical reviews tells it all. Being the best, a brief highlight of scenarios will serve right.

The show tells the story of a couple wishing to reignite their sex life in the first season. The second and third seasons tells more about the couple looking for spice, middle-aged dating, new hooking up, and much more. As the title suggests, it is easy to follow and learn a few things.

Final Word

Netflix will always serve the best when it comes to sexy TV shows. Most of these series are yummy, juicy, entertaining, top cream, and above all, educative. So don’t miss out on the avalanche of entertainment on Netflix.

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